Star Odyssey Chapter 2227


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Looking at Xia Shenfei, the text Chairman indifferently said, “For the sake of your contribution to the starry sky, forget it. I don’t want to happen unpleasant things in the academy, whether it is to you or to them.”

Xia Shenfei sternly said, “Junior understands.”

Wen Chairman took Nong Si Niang away. Xia Shenfei hiccuped. He saw Liu Que and Nong Si Niang fighting. He also wondered why Nong Si Niang made Liu Que get out of Second Sword. The gap between them was too big. It’s too big to be able to make up for Combat Technique.

Unless Nong Si Niang has seen someone who farms the land, someone can skipping grades to challenge Liu Que with her ability similar to her, and this will make Liu Que turn around and leave Second Sword, and this person is definitely not a seed garden person, Liu The lack of curiosity means that Nong Si Niang was impossible before, and now that she can do it, it should be related to the people in the academy. He also wants to know who it is.

Playing skipping grades to challenge Liu Que’s combat power with the same strength as Nong Si Niang is not simple, even he was impossible at the beginning.

But since the Chairman interrupted, forget it.

He came here to look for Yuhao. He always felt that this person appeared a little strange or abrupt. Once he appeared, many things happened. Although it may be a coincidence, in Xia Shenfei’s dictionary, it is a coincidence. There are not many things.

Not long after, Xia Shenfei found Lu Yin, and Lu Yin was preparing for the afternoon class by the lake.

Seeing Xia Shenfei, Lu Yin expression was surprised, “Xia Shenfei?”.

I should know Xia Shenfei as Yuhao.

Xia Shenfei’s mouth curled up, “You and I, I have never met each other.”

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “Four Young Ancestor, who doesn’t know anyone, and we have seen it”.

Xia Shenfei stare Lu Yin eyes, “When and where?”.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and stared at Xia Shenfei. Xia Shenfei looked at him like that, waiting for his answer.

Suddenly, a silhouette approached extremely quickly. Lu Yin and Xia Shenfei looked at it at the same time. The person came was Liu Que, stare Xia Shenfei tightly, and the eye light brought excited and fighting intent, “You finally appeared”.

Xia Shenfei laughed, “It looks like a martial idiot, some trouble”, after finishing speaking, looked towards Lu Yin, “Yuhao, we will meet again”, after finishing speaking, the body tore and void left.

Liu Que’s eye light was awe-inspiring, “Xia Shenfei, don’t go”, after speaking, he chased up.

Lu Yin stood quietly on the spot, his face sank, Xia Shenfei just recently was testing him, has Yuhao haven’t seen him? He doesn’t know, and Kui Luo certainly doesn’t know, because Xia Shenfei has always been in the top realm, and Yuhao must be in the top realm even if he saw him, and it was decades ago.

He didn’t know that Yuhao had hadn’t met Xia Shenfei, so he took a bet and was sure he had seen it. From the results, it should be a bet. They did see it, but when? where?

Lu Yin hurriedly returned to the stone pillar, then took out the Supreme Mountain and entered, he was looking for Xia Taili.

Xia Taili was surprised, “Yuhao? How do you know this person? Have you returned to Starry Sky Tree?”.

Lu Yin said, “Yes, I’m back to Starry Sky Tree”.

Xia Taili was excited, and Lu Yin hit directly, “But I won’t let you go, even if I’m in Divine Martial Heaven, you don’t want to slip.”

Xia Taili gritted her teeth, “Do you want to keep me forever?”.

“It can’t be closed for a lifetime, but several decades, hundreds or even thousands of years are normal. Many cultivators have been closed for so long,” Lu Yin said.

Xia Taili wants to do it, but think about the gap with this guy, forget it.

“However, as long as you tell me about Yuhao, I can let you go”, Lu Yin made a condition.

Xia Taili sneered, “When I’m stupid, it doesn’t make any difference to shut me down for a few years.”

“Up to two years”, Lu Yin made a promise.

Xia Taili looked at him with eyes wide open, “Two years?”.

Lu Yin nods, “Yes, I will let you go for up to two years and let you be free.”


“As long as what you say is true”.

“it’s a deal”.

“You can speak”.

Xia Taili pursed her mouth, a little distressed, “I have to think about it, this Yuhao is not a celebrity, but one of my Xia Family, if it’s not that look is too good-looking, I don’t remember, he is from …”.

Xia Taili didn’t say much. She didn’t understand Yuhao either. Lu Yin haven’t urged him to prevent Xia Taili from seeing what he really wanted to know, and deliberately not telling him.

“By the way, this guy almost bowed to my big brother once”, Xia Taili suddenly remembered something.

Lu Yin eye light lit up, “Your big brother? Xia Shenfei?”.

Xia Taili nods, funny, “My big brother loves wine as one’s life. I’m drunk all day long. Even when I enter the Domination Boundary, I have to carry it on my back. He likes to drink and the wine is not good. As long as the other person has the merits that he valued, like Wu Taibai, my big brother said that this guy has a long-term eye light, and he dares to do whatever he believes, even if that thing is rebellious, so my big brother pulls him to bow. But Wu Taibai refused.”

“There is another Seed Garden called Fruit Organism. It looks like a peach. My big brother said it was cute and insisted on observing, but was rejected by the Nong Family. As for Yuhao, because of his good looks, he is considered the best in Starry Sky Tree. A good-looking man, so my big brother wanted to take him to worship, but was stopped by Xia Ziheng Half-Ancestor.”

Lu Yin blinked, “So in the end Yuhao didn’t form a bow with your big brother?”.

“Haven’t, of course, that guy is just a gang member, the slut man of Xia Zhitong, who deserves to be worshipped with my big brother”, Xia Taili disdain.

Lu Yin was curious, “Apart from this matter, what else does your big brother have with Yuhao?”.

“It should be haven’t. Since then, Yuhao has never been to the top realm, let alone Divine Martial Heaven. He and Xia Zhitong are both my shame to Divine Martial Heaven.” Xia Taili is very dismissive Yuhao.

After speaking, she looked at Lu Yin suspiciously, “How do I feel that you are more concerned about my big brother and Yuhao?”.

Lu Yin put one hand on Xia Taili’s shoulder, and said in Xia Taili’s confused eye light, “Thank you”, after that, leave Supreme Mountain.

Xia Taili stayed, she thought she was fooled.

That afternoon, when the class was over, Xia Shenfei came in and asked the same question, “When and where?”.

Lu Yin was angry, “I know you Xia Family can’t look down on me, but now I am already changed, even if Xia Ziheng Half-Ancestor believes that it won’t stop you from bowing to me, do you want to try?”.

Xia Shenfei raised her eyebrows, and it was really Yuhao. Only four people knew about this. He, Yuhao, Xia Ziheng and Xia Taili were just a joke. Ziheng Half-Ancestor impossible said, Xia Taili went. Abandoned Land, this person knows this, the only possibility is that he is really Yuhao.

In Unbounded that many years, Xia Shenfei has developed the habit of not looking on the surface, he will consider certain things in the worst direction, such as this person in front of him is not Yuhao at all, maybe it is a Half-Ancestor Disguise, so I can avoid Xia Ziheng Half-Ancestor’s see through.

But even if it is Half-Ancestor’s disguise, it is impossible to know about it.

This person is definitely Yuhao.

Looking at Lu Yin deeply, Xia Shenfei took a sip of wine, “Hope one day, you can take me to visit Heavenly Master Gu Yan.” After speaking, he turned and swayed away.

Lu Yin only breathed a sigh of relief after Xia Shenfei leave. This level was passed, but Xia Shenfei could doubt once, and then doubt the second time. He felt that he would not be easily dispelled from doubt, and some things must be quickened. .

The more you do, the greater the exposed probability. This time Xia Shenfei came to test, and the next time, it may not be a test.

He haven’t underestimated Four Way Balance, Four Way Balance is easy to be clever but be mistaken by cleverness, and he is the same.

The hole card must be strengthened.

Lu Yin leave Evoking Virtuous College, went to find Yuchuan, but found that Yuchuan was taken away, so he immediately contacted Xia Ziheng, and Xia Ziheng would contact him when he left.

“Star Union is not part of my Divine Martial Heaven family. The personnel report and call must go through Four Way Balance. Tamagawa has left Star Union for too long and must come back, but you can rest assured that we will not let him have an accident”, this is Xia Ziheng’s answer.

Lu Yin asked about Xia Shenfei again, and Xia Ziheng didn’t know that Xia Shenfei had come to Evoking Virtuous College.

This made Lu Yin breathe a sigh of relief again. Whether Xia Shenfei’s arrival was suspected or on the way, it was temporarily dealt with, and as long as Divine Martial Heaven didn’t suspect him.

And just recently talked to Xia Ziheng, he finally warned him not to get too close to Bai Weiwei. It seems that he deliberately led the disappearance of Xia Xing to the effect of Cold Immortal Sect, but it seems that the effect is very good, Xia Zi Heng’s tone was not a suspicion, it was more like he was sure that Cold Immortal Sect did it.

Bai Teng has just disappeared, how could he be like this?

Lu Yin is also a little puzzled, forget it, as long as he doesn’t doubt him, no matter how jealous he is at Four Way Balance, he now wants to comfort Ancestor Wu.

In the mirror, Ancestor Wu is weird, “Let me poke myself with a needle, and you can think it out.”

Lu Yin was helpless, “Kui Luo is not there, Senior Brother doesn’t know where it is, and Junior’s strength can’t break too many micro”.

Ancestor Wu rolled his eyes and held the needle. The fog in front of stare slowly raised his hand. On the right hand of Snow White, the fog continued to entangle, more and more, more and more, the endless fog gathered in the hand, and it was boiling near.

Lu Yin eye light widened. From the moment he saw Ancestor Wu, he hadn’t seen Ancestor Wu take action, at most it was to help him conceal, sneak attack and so on. To say destructive power, he didn’t know Ancestor Wu How strong, this is the first time.

Lu Yin can’t see through the micro, but feels the deep cannot measure power in Ancestor Wu’s hand, like the starry sky in his heart. With a white light shining, the needle penetrates into the mist and breaks open continuously. The fog moved towards spreading on both sides, and finally stopped, Ancestor Wu eye light was bright, “not bad”.

Lu Yin was curious, “Senior, your strength?”.

Ancestor Wu glanced at Lu Yin, his mouth curled up, “Guess”.

Lu Yin speechless, “Junior can’t guess”.

“Forget it,” Ancestor Wu stretched, “Unfortunately, it’s a lot worse. After all, it’s a dead thing. Impossible to help me out.”

“Why don’t Junior try to lift the slippers?” Lu Yin tentatively.

Ancestor Wu disliked, “I don’t want it. Don’t touch my Wei with anything.”

Lu Yin licked his face and smiled, “Senior, you see, Junior is very dedicated to you, can you ask Senior for a favor?”

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