Star Odyssey Chapter 2228


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“What are you doing again?” Ancestor Wu squinted at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin said, “Well, Junior wants to go to the upper realm. Can you use Micro to replace Junior to retreat at the Academy?”.

“Of course, little things,” Ancestor Wu said.

Lu Yin coughed, “That’s right, don’t get caught, such as Chairman and them.”

Ancestor Wu said, “If it was before, the strength shown by my Half-Ancestor was indeed impossible and easy to be found, but now it’s not the same. Don’t worry, they can’t find it. Unless you deliberately destroy your retreat, then It’s a solution.”

Lu Yin frowned, yes, what if you deliberately destroy the retreat? They don’t know the Chairman, but the people at Divine Martial Heaven don’t necessarily. Once Xia Ziheng doubts himself, they may not be able to do anything. Retreat is definitely not possible. Every time something happens outside, they are either on the spot or in retreat. What a coincidence.

Lu Yin pondered for a moment and looked towards Ancestor Wu, “Senior, can you help Junior disguise a person as Junior now?”.

“Little things, for the sake of your making an all-out effort to help me, you can do this favor for you,” Ancestor Wu said.

Lu Yin took out Supreme Mountain and found –Liu Shaoge.

He thought about several people, none of them had Liu Shaoge suitable. This guy was born with disguised materials, maybe he disguised better than himself.

Liu Shaoge also readily agreed, he hasn’t the right to refuse.

Of course, there is also Death God seal in him within the body, otherwise Lu Yin would not worry about him.

Looking at Liu Shaoge being disguised as Yuhao, Lu Yin told him everything that happened during this time, “The only trouble is the Language of Interpretation, you can refuse with physical discomfort.”

Liu Shaoge smiled, “rest assured.”

I have to say that this guy is far more like Yuhao than Lu Yin. He laughs more naturally and even more hypocritically, at least in Lu Yin’s eyes like this.

There is an unwritten rule of Four Way Balance at the top of the upper boundary, that is, high consistency.

The clouds of Cold Immortal Sect, the peaks of Dragon Mountain, the jailbirds of Divine Martial Heaven, and the light ball above the Wang Family continent. If you put a plane on the top boundary, this plane is absolutely horizontal and is balanced by Four Way Hold it up, not high, not low.

Wang Family continent is the most difficult to enter, because Wang Family lives on a palm, or a palm-shaped land, floating in the sky. Anyone who wants to land on that palm land is better than entering It is a thousand times harder to reach the upper boundary.

Not everyone is qualified to be on the Wang Family continent.

Lu Yin came to the top boundary smoothly, crossed a mountain range of lakes and oceans, and saw cities. These cities are not forces. The top boundary can only have Four Way Balance these four behemoths, and the city lives in Xiang The cultivator enshrined by Four Way Balance provides resources, mining, food, etc. for Four Way Balance.

Looking at the huge palm on the top of his head in the distance, Lu Yin was amazed, “It should be a real palm, but I don’t know who this palm comes from. Only big giants have such a large palm.”

Wang Family’s palm-shaped land is not too big. It is a Wang Family cultivator. Lu Yin wants to get Wang Family’s ban on Star Union, at least to board that palm.

He hasn’t figured out how to get the ban, he plans to come first, and then take a step.

side of the body, Elder Qing Xing said, “I have accompanied Young Ancestor Bai Shaohong to the Wang Family continent. What impressed me the most was not the land, but the shining ball above them.”

Lu Yin looked up and saw the sphere like the sun.

“It is said that the ball burned to death in Ancestral Realm powerhouse”, Elder Qing Xing said.

Lu Yin eye light changed, “Is Ancestral Realm powerhouse burned to death?”.

Elder Qing Xing said, “It is so legendary, no one knows how, in fact, Four Way Balance has its own the foundation. Even the White Dragon Sect with the worst foundation can wake up Ancestral Weed after desperately. , Cold Immortal Sect, Divine Martial Heaven, Wang Family, who haven’t the hole card”.

Lu Yin knows that he is warning himself in disguise not to go to the Wang Family continent. He has gone. If there is any danger, everyone will have bad luck.

Elder Qing Xing said that, Lu Yin was really a little confused, looked at the ball again and again, “Let’s go, look for Lei Wu.”

Lei Wu precisely at the time Lu Yin blended into that killer within the body, the people from the Hidden Organization that I saw outside Dragon Mountain, originally belonged to a city under Dragon Mountain, but they competed for defeated, and also haven’t from White Dragon Sect received asylum, so he came to Wang Family, because one of the senior leaders of Wang Family is Diyin, at least it can protect them well.

In the White Dragon Sect, there was originally a hidden person who was in a high position. Although he could not control the trend of the White Dragon Sect, it was still possible to help a Lei Wu. The bad luck was that the person died in the battle of Dragon Mountain. Lei Wu has no choice, can only come here.

Lei Wu, precisely Lu Yin’s key to enter the Wang Family continent.

He can’t force it, and Wang Family, a behemoth with Ancestral Realm powerhouse, does not intend to use Ancestor Wu’s power to get in to prevent being detected and forsaking all previous efforts.

At this moment, he exchange appearance again, not Yuhao, but a very ordinary man, and after finding Lei Wu, he is a member of Lei Family.

Just far in front of Lu Yin, directly below the Wang Family continent, there is a huge city cluster, dozens of cities are connected in the same place, and the people living here are more or less related to Wang Family. Either it is to escape disaster, as long as you can enter the city, you are safe, and private fights are not allowed under the Wang Family continent.

In one of the city clusters, Lei Wu has a tired face.

Defeated when fighting for control of the city, he went to Dragon Mountain to seek help from someone from the Hidden Organization, but encountered a killer. If it hadn’t been for the killer’s unfathomable mystery to commit suicide, he would not have survived.

As for the person who was able to help him but died because of Dragon Mountain, Lu Xiaoxuan is to blame. He had to suffer from untold hardships and spent more than ten years before he came to the Wang Family area and was in the interior of the Wang Family. The hidden people contacted and exhausted Lei Family’s wealth to get the opportunity to freely enter the Wang Family continent.

He came to the Wang Family continent from the Dragon Mountain region, and the hardship of the process was beyond calculation. The clansman nine deaths and still alive, the upper boundary was too big and too dangerous.

Now it’s hard to get a chance to enter the Wang Family continent freely, and it’s possible to be arranged in a certain city in the Wang Family area, and to re-control a city, but suddenly there is an accident. The high level in the ground actually asked him to help , Arrange a person to enter the Wang Family continent.

Lei Wu was stunned when he got the news. The idiot knew that there was a problem with that person, so he went to him. Once he was found out, let alone that person, he was also finished.

Even if Good Luck is not liquidated by Wang Family, he will not be able to go to another Four Way Balance area, and Lei Family has really hadn’t financial resources.

He wanted to refuse, but the high-level Hidden Hidden hadn’t given him the opportunity to refuse, and the person who wanted to enter the Wang Family continent did not find Wang Family. The high-level Hidden Hidden only looked for him, in the final analysis, because he was insignificant. .

The hidden earth still exists in the Starry Sky Tree, because it is both secretive and helping each other, but it does not mean selflessness. Compared with the member of the Hidden Organization who has already reached the top of the Wang Family, he is naturally easily sacrificed.

“grandfather, someone is coming.” Lei Wu’s grandson, Lei Yan, walked over with a heavy face.

When he was assassinated in Dragon Mountain, he was still a little boy. Now he is already a Hunting Realm cultivator, and he looks stable and mature.

Lei Family’s experience over the years has left Lei Wu exhausted physically and mentally, and Lei Yan is also the same, too many experiences.

The Lei Family is very large. They can enter and exit the Wang Family continent freely after management. They also have a good position in this city. They live in a large area and include a corner of the city.

At this moment, outside Lei Mansion, two strangers looked towards Lei Wu’s direction, their eye light looked at Lei Wu through the void, and smiled.

Lei Wu’s heart sank, the one who should come is here, he said tiredly, “Please come in”, and after that, he ordered to make tea. Whether he wants to help or not, work is still to be done on the surface.

Soon, the two strangers came in.

Lei Wu said with a smile, “The distinguished guest comes to the door, excuse me for not going out to meet you, and I hope to forgive me.”

One of the strangers said with a smile, “Ray Family Owner knows us?”.

Lei Wu said, “I don’t know this, but since it was introduced by the organization, I am a friend. I don’t know who is going to be on the Wang Family continent?”.

The two strangers looked at each other in surprise, “We are all going to board”.

Lei Wu complexion changed, “I agreed with the organization to bring only one person, but two people really can’t bring it.”

“Organization? What organization?” another stranger asked curiously.

Lei Wu was just about to speak, and suddenly he thought of something, these two people have nothing to do with Di Yin.

His eye light flashed, and his complexion quickly returned to normal. “Naturally, it is an organization formed by people in the surrounding city who secretly want to cheat on Wang Family. Every once in a while, I can help them bring someone to the Wang Family continent, good luck. I stayed, with bad luck, and even the corpse will not come back. Why, the two were not introduced by the organization?”.

“No, but we also want to be on the Wang Family continent”, said the stranger at first.

Lei Wu directly refused, “In that case, I can’t help, please leave both of you.”

“What nonsense, don’t talk nonsense with him.” Another stranger’s tone was low, and the horror imposing manner suddenly enveloped Lei Wu and Lei Yan. They turned pale and looked at him in fear, “Star, Star Envoy?” .

The stranger who spoke first shook his head helplessly, “Sometimes, don’t do things so simple and rudely. After all, we have to use him to get on the Wang Family continent. If they don’t want to expose a weak spot, can you afford this responsibility?”.

“hmph”, the imposing manner converges.

Lei Wu and Lei Yan breathed a sigh of relief. Their backs were soaked and troubled. Two uninvited guests arrived.

“Two, two seniors, why are you looking for my Lei Family? This area has many families that can freely enter and exit the Wang Family continent. My Lei Family is only the bottom.” Lei Wu puzzled.

“When we do things, we don’t need to explain to you. If we don’t take us into the Wang Family continent, we will have to have the Lei Family in the future.” The stranger said, although the language was plain, it made Lei Wu chill. He believed that the other party was not cracking a joke.

“Yes”, Lei Wu can only be helpless.

“We want to be with you and the others. During this time, everything will be business as usual. We will not hinder you from what Lei Family does, just as if we don’t exist”, the stranger said, then let Lei Yan take him to the guest room to rest .

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