Star Odyssey Chapter 2230


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Wang Zheng is still unwilling to believe, “Don’t think you can force me to tell you the prohibition by saying this.”

Lu Yin frowned, “It seems you still don’t believe that I can control Wang Su’s life and death.”

Wang Zhengjin stare Lu Yin, “Lu Xiaoxuan, I admire you very much. Really, a person who has lost his memory has walked back from Abandoned Land step by step. Even if the name of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas remains in history, it may not be done. I get it, I really admire you, because I am actually haven’t hostile to you, but unfortunately, my position is different.”

Lu Yin and Wang Zheng looked at each other, “I can keep you, even let you go, and I can let Wang Su and Wang Yi them in the future.”

Wang Zheng shook his head, “I don’t believe that you really caught the expeditionary army. You can control Long Ke. You may not be able to control other people in the expeditionary army to learn something, but even if you control the expeditionary army and arrest everyone I won’t tell you to ban.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “You are not afraid that Wang Su will die because of you?”.

“That’s better than the whole human being being subverted”, Wang Zhengscreams.

Lu Yin eye light shone, “You tell me the righteousness?”.

Wang Zheng sighed then said, “Regardless of whether you are believing or not, the plan of exile Lu Family, I don’t know it beforehand. Four Way Balance exile Lu Family is a big sin for Starry Sky Tree, regardless of whether Lu Family is in Fifth Continent No matter what the reason, Lu Family should not be exile. They are the most powerful force to resist Eternal Clan.”

“It doesn’t make sense to say it now,” Lu Yin’s tone was cold.

Wang Zheng smiled bitterly, “I know you don’t believe it, and you don’t need to believe it. All I have to do is not let you know the prohibition, so that you can’t save Star Union. I sympathize with Lu Family and those people in Star Union. , But you must never be allowed to rescue them, otherwise, as your Lu Xiaoxuan, Starry Sky Tree will be in chaos and will only give Eternal Clan a chance.”

“Wang Zheng, you are too ridiculous”, Lu Yin screams, “You are inferior to Bai Teng. They at least admit to exterminating my Lu Family, but you uphold human justice, too hypocritical.”

Wang Zheng and Lu Yin looked at each other, “believing or not with you, in short, even if my Wang Family is dead, you are not allowed to destroy the Starry Sky Tree balance. Lu Xiaoxuan, Lu Family is my Four Way Balance. Sorry You, revenge from your standpoint is correct, but you have to think clearly, my Four Way Balance is gone, who will resist Eternal Clan, Star Union is rescued, Four Way Balance is suspicion of each other, mankind will be in chaos, and the benefit is Eternal Clan”.

Lu Yin clenched his fists. This is something he has always had a headache. It is Witch Spirit God’s conspiracy.

He didn’t know that Wang precisely didn’t really think that way. If it was a disguise, this person was too hypocritical. If it was true, it would be difficult for him to learn the prohibition from Wang Zheng, which is the most troublesome.

He doesn’t know what kind of person he hopes Wang will be precisely, hypocritical? Upright?

Lu Yin has a grudge against Four Way Balance. Many people in Four Way Balance are aloof and remote, looking down on everything, but it doesn’t mean that everyone likes this. They also have heroes who want to give everything to mankind and regard death as home, and they also have integrity. people.

Lu Yin can be regarded as experiencing what it’s like not to see through others. Few people can see through him until now, and now, he can’t see through Wang Zheng.

In desperation, he sealed Wang Zheng once again and found Wang Dashuai, “Wang Zheng, what kind of person is it?”.

Wang Dashuai saw Lu Yin subconsciously preparing for a flattering and compliment, but when he heard Wang Zheng’s name, he was so scared to stop in place, with his hands still raised in the air, looking embarrassed.

“Wang, Wang Zheng Patriarch?” Wang Dashuai thought he had heard it wrong and repeated it.

Lu Yin looked at Wang Dashuai, “How much do you know about Wang Zheng?”.

Wang Dashuai swallowed saliva and said, “Seven brother, how do you think of him?”.

Lu Yin said, “Just let you talk, less nonsense.”

Wang Dashuai gave a smile that was uglier than crying, “Wang is precisely Wang Family Patriarch, and I understand him impossible, Brother Seven, you have to ask Wang Su and Wang Yi about this question.”

“For Wang Zheng, you have hadn’t the least impression?” Lu Yin looked cold, Wang Dashuai looked cold, and quickly said, “Yes, impression, old-fashioned, vicious and merciless, to others Ruthless, ruthless to myself, looks personable, in fact I heard that he killed several families when he was young, Wang Family didn’t like him in fact, even Wang Si Half-Ancestor also said in public that if He is not a direct line, and it is impossible to become a Patriarch.”

“Wang Si doesn’t agree with him?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Wang Dashuai nods, “My Wang Family seems to have a distinct lineage, but in fact there is another division, namely the elder line and the lineage. The elder line is headed by Wang Si elder, and the lineage is naturally based on Patriarch Wang Zheng First, I can’t see it at ordinary times, but at some point, the two factions can see the difference. The most obvious thing is to hunt down Lu Family’s survivors.”

Lu Yin listened quietly.

In order to show, Wang Dashuai tried to tell everything he knew as much as possible, “The elder family killed the Lu Family survivor by mistake, but let it go, and the Patriarch family also hunted down the Lu Family’s survivor, but the method is far away. The elder system is so ruthless. Many of the Lu Family’s deceased officials were to be executed by the elder system, but they were saved by the elder family and went to the back battlefield.”

“But sometimes the Lu Family’s survivors are treated more ruthlessly than the elder family. Many people don’t know the reason.”

Through Wang Dashuai’s description, Lu Yin’s impression of Wang Zheng is beginning to become clear. This person is not about maintaining Lu Family. It’s more like, how to say, making the best use of things. Yes, he’s more like making the best use of things. , He wants to use every bit of strength to achieve the balance he thinks.

He believes that Four Way Balance exile Lu Family is guilty because Lu Family is the strongest force to resist Eternal Clan. However, once Lu Family is exile, he will try to prevent Lu Family’s power from regaining. Human civil strife.

He would rather die than disclose the prohibition, because he doesn’t want Lu Yin to use Star Union to do anything to Four Way Balance.

The feeling Wang Zheng gave to Lu Yin is just two words-pure!

Wang Dashuai looked at Lu Yin carefully, “Seven brothers? What I said, useful?”.

Lu Yin looked towards Wang Dashuai, “okay”.

Wang Dashuai smiled, “Seventh brother is satisfied, and Seventh brother has any instructions, don’t hesitate to tell me if there is any task of running errands, I will do it right away.”

Lu Yin said, “It will be there soon, and you will soon be free.”

Wang Dashuai eye light shines, “Really? Very good, thank you Seventh Brother”.

Lu Yin left and came to Wang up ahead. He was slightly trapped and could not see Lu Yin outside.

This person may be as pure as Wang Dashuai said. This kind of person is in trouble, and it is almost impossible to get a ban from him.

Apart from He took the initiative to explain the prohibition, is there any way to get it?

Lu Yin thought about Ban Tian but couldn’t think of it, but helplessly, he took out the mirror and asked Ancestor Wu on his head.

“This kind of dead brain is indeed Wang Family’s style. The original Wang Yi was like this. The more dead the brain, the more paranoid. Her daughter, Wang Si, who was killed by you with a single sword, is more paranoid. Evil, it will be a big trouble”, Ancestor Wu said with emotion.

Lu Yin thinks of Wang Miaomiao and Wang Xiaoyu, one of the Twelve Seasons. These people are very paranoid, otherwise, why would they take refuge in Eternal Clan?

Human beings have inferiority, but this is human nature. Haven’t human beings are perfect. Because of imperfection, life is life.

“Senior, is there any way to get ban from him?” Lu Yin asked for advice and was knowledgeable. He was far inferior to Ancestor Wu. Instead of thinking about it alone, it is better to ask Ancestor Wu for advice.

Ancestor Wu rubbed his chin and walked around Wang Zheng, looking towards Lu Yin, “The prohibition is divided into four, do you master three?”.

Lu Yin nods.

“That’s not easy? Use the restriction you control directly on him, people are instinctive, just like you cut at me with a sword, I will subconsciously resist the same, as long as he can restrict, so will subconsciously Rebel, when the time comes, you can see how he uses the prohibition. After all, you already have three masters, and the last one should be the same,” Ancestor Wu said.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Is it almost?”

“Well, almost”, Ancestor Wu barely.

Lu Yin speechless, believe her to have ghosts. How could it be the same? It is almost the same. Someone at Four Way Balance has already mastered the complete ban. He has no confidence to see through the ban by Wang Zheng.

Ancestor Wu is weird, “Not confident in yourself?”.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “Senior, the tactics you inherited are thinking, smartness, perception, no one can compare to you, you are the biggest Goddess under the stars, but Junior is different, I, I’m just a mortal.”

Ancestor Wu floated, “Yes.”

“Why don’t Junior give the prohibition to Senior, Senior can help?” Lu Yin probed.

Ancestor Wu coldly snorted, “I don’t look at a man’s body.”

Lu Yin startled, who made her watch this?

“Don’t you have Wisdom Root, use it”, Ancestor Wu reminded.

Lu Yin patted his head, “Yes, there is Wisdom Root.”

Ancestor Wu rolls his eyes, “If you let you play with Hui Wen, you can’t be played by him, it’s stupid.” After speaking, he returned to the mirror.

Lu Yin was ridiculed, but it doesn’t matter, as long as there is a way, he eye light looked towards Wang Zheng.

Wei once again in front of Wang Zheng disappeared. He looked at Lu Yin in amazement. It was only a few hours before, but he was looking for him again?

“I’m very surprised. In the Four Way Balance Family Owner, Wang Zheng Patriarch has a very high cultivation base. Why didn’t you take action on me just recently?” Lu Yin asked Wang Zheng when he looked at Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng calmly, “The moment I left Wang Family continent, I told Chai Half-Ancestor stare to prevent White Dragon Sect from being injured and related to Cold Immortal Sect. I want to lead us out of the continent. It turns out that although it is not Cold Immortal Sect take action, but some people really want to lead us to leave continent and wait for an opportunity to take action.”

“You caught me, Chai Half-Ancestor must have taken action, but I was still brought by you. You can escape from Chai Half-Ancestor, there must be Half-Ancestor behind, it’s Kui Luo.”

Lu Yin is funny, “You are still very sane, why, do you want to meet a puppet?”.

Wang Zheng blinked his eyes, “Are you confident Kui Luo can let me say the prohibition?”.

“That’s not the case. I just recently learned about Wang Zheng Patriarch’s personality. Whether it is pretend or true, it seems unlikely that you will tell me the prohibition based on your character,” Lu Yin said.

Wang Zheng haven’t spoken, that’s what he thought.

“Kui Luo is not here”, Lu Yin said suddenly.

Wang Zheng was surprised, “What did you say?”.

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