Star Odyssey Chapter 2230


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“The decision of your ancestors of Divine Martial Heaven?” Lu Yin asked again after hearing what Xia Yuan said.

Xia Yuan said, “This is not understood, all I know come from the ancestor Ziheng”.

“What about the letter? Show me” Lu Yin said. He found that he underestimated the internal contradiction of Four Way Balance. He got close to Bai Weiwei, and left traces of the Life Spirit Palm at the scene of Xia Xing’s disappearance. He also made it almost impossible. The missing of Young Ancestor star resources and the missing of Bai Teng led to so many associations of Divine Martial Heaven.

Actually, if you didn’t do these things yourself, you can calculate it normally. It’s true that it’s possible that Cold Immortal Sect has become obsolete. Otherwise, why should Bai Teng disappear?

The timing of Bai Teng’s disappearance was too coincidental. It happened to be Long Ke who was bad luck. Whether it was stealing resources from the God of Cookery in front of one’s eyes or taking away Bai Teng, Half-Ancestor was impossible. There was only one explanation. , Is acting, and all of this just fits Divine Martial Heaven’s conjecture, or in other words, it fits Divine Martial Heaven’s conjecture.

Lu Yin exhales, unintentional positive outcomes, he doesn’t have that many plot against, and he can’t be considered as clever against being mistaken by cleverness. He can only say that no one thought he could do all this with a Star Envoy, even if Half-Ancestor It is impossible, and it also proves from the side that the internal plot against Four Way Balance is almost on the bright side.

Lu Yin looked at the record in jade stone. The above was written by Xia Ziheng, who wrote all the guesses about Divine Martial Heaven, and stated that already and White Dragon Sect formed an alliance to deal with Cold Immortal Sect.

Whether Wang Zheng will form an alliance with them Lu Yin is not sure, but at least he is very wary of Cold Immortal Sect.

Lu Yin pondered, what role should he play in this matter?

The identity of Yuhao always has a feeling of fueling the flames. In the final analysis, it is because of the Heavenly Master Gu Yan behind it. Once Yuhao’s identity is too influential, Four Way Balance will inevitably contact Heavenly Master Gu Yan, and he will be exposed. .

The identity of Yuhao must be calmed down.

Looking at the letter that Divine Martial Heaven Xia Xing wrote to Wang Zheng, not only told their guesses, but also reminded Wang Zheng to be careful of being plot against Cold Immortal Sect.

If all speculations are true, Cold Immortal Sect has already been banned by Divine Martial Heaven and White Dragon Sect, only one Wang Family is missing.

Lu Yin eye light flashes, only one Wang Family is missing, which means that if someone takes action on Wang Family, as long as that person is unidentified, it must be Cold Immortal Sect.

For Wang Family take action, isn’t this something you have to do?

“Senior, dare to ask me if Divine Martial Heaven is old?” Xia Yuan asked, stare Lu Yin, this person looks very young, but he must be Old Monster with this kind of strength, and exchange appearance is not excluded. Probably, what he is most afraid of right now is not that this person is from Cold Immortal Sect. If this person is really sent by Cold Immortal Sect, they hide without meaning.

He is afraid that this person will get close to Cold Immortal Sect and cause Cold Immortal Sect to be alert. Of course, the premise is that Cold Immortal Sect hasn’t noticed that they have already guessed the truth.

Lu Yin looked at Xia Yuan, “I am not familiar with Four Way Balance”.

Natsuhara’s eye light flashed, “Senior’s strength is definitely not an unnamed person. Junior dare not ask Senior’s surname. Only wish for Senior will let me wait once, Divine Martial Heaven must remember Senior’s kindness.”

“White Dragon Sect is still coming,” Lu Yin asked.

Natsuhara haven’t concealed, “Yes.”


“Junior didn’t know, it was ancestor Ziheng who contacted White Dragon Sect”.

“Why didn’t you Divine Martial Heaven directly contact Wang Zheng through Cloud Communicating Stone? Instead, use this method?” Lu Yin asked, remembering this.

Natsuhara was surprised, “Senior doesn’t know that Cloud Communicating Stone conversations can be intercepted?”.

“How to intercept?”, Lu Yin really didn’t know.

Xia Yuandao, “Cloud Communicating Stone uses the internal resonance frequency of the two stones to achieve the purpose of dialogue and even to see each other. In fact, the Cloud Communicating Stone itself is a material that can be transmitted in the void. In essence, this connection method and Space-related, as long as there is an expert proficient in Space Power can intercept, and in Cold Immortal Sect, some people cultivate Domain to Empty God Realm, wanting to intercept the entire Starry Sky Tree Cloud Communicating Stone dialogue is naturally impossible, but it can be targeted, such as Wang Family “.

Lu Yin doesn’t know much about Cloud Communicating Stone. He didn’t expect like this, but Empty God Realm Domain cultivate can detect it. Wait, he suddenly remembered one thing. Back then, he contacted the Cloud Communicating Stone in the academy. Unbounded, will Mr. Tang notice it?

“Is it easy for an expert from Domain cultivated to Empty God Realm to intercept the Cloud Communicating Stone conversation?” Lu Yin hurriedly asked.

Xia Yuandao, “As far as Junior knows, it is actually not simple. After all, it involves spatial transmission, but for us, even if there is a possibility that we will not take risks.”

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. That’s good. Unless he is being monitored, Mr. Tang is unlikely to intercept the Cloud Communicating Stone conversation, but he does not rule out that he is really monitoring himself.

However, Mr. Tang is a college instructor. Even if he knew that he was pretending to contact Unbounded to take action on Xia Xing, he was unlikely to tell Divine Martial Heaven, otherwise Divine Martial Heaven would not doubt Cold Immortal Sect.

Of course, Mr. Tang doesn’t know the best, he doesn’t know.

Everything Xia Yuan could tell Lu Yin said, Lu Yin imprisoned him and another person in Supreme Mountain and found Lei Wu.

“I am from Diyin”, Lu Yin said.

Lei Wu breathed a sigh of relief, “very good, I thought it was from Cold Immortal Sect.”

Lu Yin looked at Lei Wu, “You’d better forget everything just recently happened.”

Lei Wu hurriedly said, “Senior don’t worry, Junior doesn’t remember anything.” After a moment of silence, he asked, “When does Senior want to go to the Wang Family continent?”.

“and the others are here together”, Lu Yin said.

Lei Wu is puzzled.

Lu Yin exchange appearance directly in front of Lei Wu as Xia Yuan.

Lei Wu and Lei Yan are surprised.

Lu Yin looked at them, “Your mission is just to take us to the Wang Family continent. Everything else has nothing to do with you. Just do what you need to do, just be normal.”

Lei Wu dare not ask more, “Junior understood”.

Lu Yin clicked on nods. He decided to pretend to be Xia Yuan and approach Wang Zheng as Xia Yuan. Seeing that there is a haven’t chance to be restricted, it is better than entering the Wang Family continent in confusion.

Elder Qing Xing all said that the ball of light on the Wang Family continent burned to death the Ancestral Realm powerhouse. He didn’t think he had the ability to break into the Wang Family.

The White Dragon Sect people arrived only two days later, and the person who came was beyond Lu Yin’s expectation and turned out to be Long Tian.

He thought it was clansman, who was the collateral of Xia Yuan same, but he didn’t expect it was Long Tian.

The original four Young Ancestor, Bai Shaohong died, Wang Su was locked up in Fifth Continent, Xia Shenfei and Long Tian left in Starry Sky Tree, Lu Yin actually saw them all.

apart from Long Tian, ​​there is also a White Dragon Sect collateral expert, which is almost three Origin Tribulations. The cultivation base is very good, comparable to Xia Yuan, and Long Tian’s cultivation base is the same as Xia Shenfei, both of which are Origin Tribulation. .

Starry Sky Tree Four Young Ancestor is an Origin Tribulation cultivation base. Wu Taibai, the former Sixth Continent The Three Heavens of Taoism Origin, is infinitely close to Star Envoy, and the Fifth Continent is swallowed by the Star Origin universe, making Yuhua Mebius those The elite cannot cultivate, otherwise it should be similar to Wu Taibai. According to the era wheel, the most powerful is still Dao child in the Heavenly Sect era.

Those Dao children are all two Origin Tribulation or even three Origin Tribulation cultivation bases.

I don’t know what it would be like to draw Dao child from the Heavenly Sect era to Starry Sky Tree and compare these superb Heaven’s Chosen.

Long Tian’s innate talent is for grabbing and can seize the space, similar to Domain cultivate to Empty God Realm, and Lu Yin really wants to see his expression when he faces Chu Yuan’s innate talent.

“Brother Xia, meet again.” The White Dragon Sect collateral cultivator met Natsuhara and said hello.

For fear of omission, Lu Yin coughed, “Go as soon as possible, some injuries, inconvenience and delay.”

Long Tian frowned, “Since you are injured, why would Divine Martial Heaven still let you come? No one is available?”.

Lu Yin showed dissatisfaction at the right time, but he looked a little aggrieved, “I have many Divine Martial Heaven experts, but I have to guard against some people. Isn’t this also the purpose of your coming here?”.

“Even if Cold Immortal Sect wants to take action on the three of us, it is impossible so fast. They have an overwhelming strength. The ancestors are still watching, your Xia Family is becoming more and more cautious”, Long Tian is welcome.

Good-sounding is cautious, bad-sounding is timid.

Lu Yin didn’t know why Long Tian was so rude to the people of Xia Family. He just said coldly, “I’m hurt and inconvenient. When I arrived at Wang Family, I hope that Long Young Ancestor would say a few more words so that Wang Family can see the current situation. Threat”.

Long Tian doesn’t say much anymore, there is a natural reason why he is so rude to Xia Family.

At the beginning, Lu Xiaoxuan’s alias Long Qi was named by Ni Huang Half-Ancestor to marry Xia Taili. Not only did he ignore his younger sister Long Xi, but he also gave up his father Long Ke, which was equivalent to giving up his this lineage, and Xia Family agreed If it is not found that Long Qi is Lu Xiaoxuan, even if he returns safely from Domination Boundary, the main channel may not be the main channel.

Long Xi is still alive and dead, and father was captured by Cold Immortal Sect. He was in a bad mood. In addition, Xia Shenfei was undercover Unbounded, and he made great contributions to Starry Sky Tree. Fame completely overwhelmed him and made him quite depressed. .

Long Tian now desperately needs to rescue father Long Ke, to restore the dignity of the main line, and wants to do meritorious service even more, and he does not want to be left behind by Xia Shenfei too many.

This is also the main reason why he came to Wang Family continent.

He wants to lead the alliance of White Dragon Sect and Wang Family against Cold Immortal Sect.

“Divine Martial Heaven is the only one coming to you?” asked the expert of the White Dragon Sect branch.

Lu Yin said, “It’s useless to come too much. Lei Family can bring up to two people to the Wang Family continent.”

Long Tian looked towards Lei Wu outside, “Don’t waste time, let’s go”.

From the city below, board the Wang Family continent and either fly directly up or pass the beam of light.

There are dozens of beams of light under the Wang Family continent, and Lei Wu took Lu Yin and Long Tian along this path.

Not who can join the Wang Family continent, apart from Wang Family collateral cultivator, and those who join the Wang Family and become vassal cultivators, and only some small family forces that are responsible for purchasing for the Wang Family continent can board .

Lei Wu can come and go freely because he is arranged to be responsible for sourcing seasonings for Wang Family continent.

The seasoning is not an important material, so Lei Wu can pay the price to get this job, otherwise it will not be his turn.

Lu Yin and Long Tian successfully followed Lei Wu on the Wang Family continent. Haven’t was blocked, and another White Dragon Sect branch cultivator stayed in Lei Family.

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