Star Odyssey Chapter 2231


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Lu Yin and the three people walked out of the beam of light and looked around. It was no different from the following. Same is a jungle with mountains and rivers, but it should be a haven’t city. Some are just each and everyone Pang Great Family courtyard.

“Wang Family continent lives on hundreds of millions of people, all of them are the branch disciple of the Wang Family who have reproduced for countless years and have spread their branches and leaves, as well as those cultivators and their descendants who have contributed to the Wang Family and are qualified to live here. Of course, there are also some criminals arrested by Wang Family. This is the core civilization of Wang Family,” Lei Wu said briefly.

Long Tian indifferent, “Let’s go, go directly to Wang Zheng Patriarch”, after speaking, moved towards one direction.

They used Lei Wu to just board the Wang Family continent. This level is easy to be noticed by Cold Immortal Sect. As long as they board the Wang Family continent, there is no need to hide it. If Cold Immortal Sect is here, someone will stare them, right It is better for them, as long as they find out, they are not afraid that Wang Family will not unite.

Wang Family continent is not big, at least for Star Envoy.

Lu Yin and Long Tian found the location of the main house easily. Long Tian had been there after all, and Lu Yin pretended to be injured and followed him to prevent being seen that no place was found.

Long Tian did not doubt that, after arriving not far from the Wang Family main line, he contacted Wang Zheng.

Lu Yin looked up towards the ball of light, this ball of light burned to death in Ancestral Realm powerhouse, really? The most powerful person in the history of Wang Family should be Wang Fan from Nine Mountains Eight Seas, isn’t this Wang Fan’s method?

The two haven’t talked. In silence, the Wang Family came, a Star Envoy, and led them into the main gate.

Wang Family’s main family is Wang Zheng’s branch. It has never changed. Wang Zheng is also a descendant of Wang Fan. As long as Wang Fan lives for one day, his main family will always be this branch, including now in Evoking Virtuous College. Wang Xiaofan who is studying is the son of Wang Zheng, the youngest son.

In Four Way Balance, White Dragon Sect has the most unstable main line and branch line. Their foundation is the shallowest. Whoever is strong will be the main line. The other three Family Owner lines are very stable because they all come from the descendants of the ancestors, among which Divine The main vein of Martial Heaven is the most ruthless to deprive branch veins, and Wang Family and Bai Family are fine.

Lu Yin saw a lot of Wang Family cultivators on the way when he was brought into the Wang Family Mountain Gate to meet Wang Zheng. Impossibles are all direct descendants, mostly collateral.

I have to say that Wang Family deserves to be a strong Great Family that has reproduced since the days of Heavenly Sect. Even the branch disciple has many elites, which White Dragon Sect can’t compare.

Not long after, they met Wang Zheng in the main hall.

“Meet Uncle”, Long Tian respectfully salutes.

Lu Yin saluted in the same way, “Meeting Senior”, he stood in the identity of Xia Yuan, and he didn’t know how to call Wang Zheng, can only say so.

Wang Zheng looked at Long Tian with eye light, “You are here for your father’s business.”

Long Tian said, “Yes.”

Wang Zheng said solemnly, “I just told what I saw and accidentally framed your father. If your father is innocent, Cold Immortal Sect will let him go, otherwise Dragon Ancestor will not agree, you go back Right”.

Long Tian and Lu Yin looked at each other and handed the letter to Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng is puzzled.

“What doubts does Uncle have, will know when you see it”, Long Tian said.

Wang Zheng took the jade stone and checked, his face suddenly changed, and then he checked the jade stone of Divine Martial Heaven.

Lu Yin has seen jade stone, which contains a detailed record of Divine Martial Heaven’s guess. I believe that the jade stone of White Dragon Sect is similar, and Wang Zheng will have this reaction.

After Wang Zheng finished reading the jade stone, he facial expression grave, looked towards Lu Yin, “Is this the guess of Xia Xing and Xia Ziheng?”.

Lu Yin nods, coughed twice, “All the signs confirm the speculation of Sect Master and the ancestor Ziheng. Senior can think about it, if it weren’t for Cold Immortal Sect, why did Bai Teng disappear? That’s the God of Cookery in front Of one’s eyes, the God of Cookery is me. Starry Sky Tree is the Half-Ancestor that is closest to Ancestral Realm now, and can be side by side with White Dragon Sect Ni Huang Great Elder. Such a character, unless Ancestral Realm powerhouse, no one can silently catch Bai Teng”.

Long Tian also said, “My father has no heart to deal with Bai Teng. In fact, my uncle in White Dragon Sect knows clearly that our foundation is too shallow, and the main vein is withered. If it weren’t for me to be there, and the branch veins and haven’ t can rival me, father is not necessarily Patriarch, father is always concerned about the family’s internal affairs, why suddenly take action against Bai Teng Sect Master?”.

Wang Zheng is pondering.

Lu Yin continued, “Yu Hao of Evoking Virtuous College is backed by Heavenly Master Gu Yan. Cold Immortal Sect keeps Bai Weiwei close to Yu Hao. I don’t know what promises he has made, Yu Hao and Cold Immortal Sect are getting closer and closer. If the speculation is true, Cold Immortal Sect not only wins Heavenly Master Gu Yan, but also wants to get Star Union. Once it succeeds, we will be at a disadvantage under Ancestral Realm’s combat power.”

Wang Zheng raised his eyebrows, “Even if Star Union joins Cold Immortal Sect, they are also impossible to completely overwhelm us.”

“Uncle also said, it is our tripartite, we guessed the purpose of Cold Immortal Sect, so this uncle came secretly, united as tripartite, what if we didn’t guess it?” Long Tian proposed a hypothesis.

Lu Yin couldn’t help but glance at him, this guy is quite good at talking.

Wang Zheng was brought in by Long Tian’s imaginary. Once they didn’t know the purpose of Cold Immortal Sect, Heavenly Master Gu Yan and Star Union were all under the control of Cold Immortal Sect, and a single family was absolutely impossible to be the opponent of Cold Immortal Sect.

“Even if Cold Immortal Sect forces the three of us at the Star Envoy and Half-Ancestor levels, what about Ancestral Realm?” Wang Zheng still does not believe, “Cold Immortal Sect can still overwhelm our three ancestors by strength of oneself ?”.

Long Tian frowned, “We haven’t figured it out either, perhaps Cold Immortal Sect doesn’t think we will guess their purpose, and secretly take away the Star Union first. Besides, uncle, don’t forget how the Lu Family was exiled.” .

Wang Zheng’s heart sank, browsing tightly frowns.

Lu Yin eye light awe-inspiring, Long Tian knows the truth about Lu Family being exile? It’s impossible. He asked about Xia Xing avatar. He didn’t know about Xing Xing avatar. Even Xia Yingxiong didn’t know. Even if the king was precisely Patriarch, he shouldn’t know because of his strength. After all, Long Ke didn’t know, otherwise he would have been After reading the memory, what does Long Tian know?

Wang Zheng sat down and stared at Long Tian, ​​”You said so much but you want me to help you rescue your father.”

Long Tian said, “I don’t deny it, but if the guess is true, does Wang Family want to be the next Lu Family?”.

Wang Zheng’s fingers trembled unconsciously.

Lu Yin said at the right time, “Regardless of whether the guess is true, the three of us should resist Cold Immortal Sect, Cold Immortal Sect is too strong, especially, she”, he hadn’t deliberately pointed out who it was, but he didn’t If you know who to point, just let these two people guess. He is not the real Xia Yuan, and he doesn’t know much about Four Way Balance. You can only talk until you click.

But his words are still very effective.

“Once she leaves the customs, no one knows exactly what she will do. No one wants to experience what happened to Lu Family at the beginning”, Wang Zheng muttered to himself, then looked towards Lu Yin and Long Tian, ​​”All guesses It’s just speculation, but since you are here, I promised to form an alliance with you for the time being. The purpose is only to contain Cold Immortal Sect, not other, let alone take the initiative to deal with Cold Immortal Sect. You must be clear that the greatest enemy of mankind is always Eternal Clan “.

Lu Yin two nods.

Wang Zheng rubbed his head, “Actually, whether Bai Teng is missing or not, even if he is dead, it has nothing to do with me. I will find a chance to go to Cold Immortal Sect again to find a way to rescue Long Ke.”

“many thanks, uncle”, Long Tian is grateful.

Long Ke was imprisoned in Cold Immortal Sect because he was suspected of being related to Bai Teng’s disappearance. If White Dragon Sect does not want to turn his face with Cold Immortal Sect, can only ask Wang Zheng to come forward and change his testimony, otherwise only war will begin.

The war starts, the probability is not great. Bai Teng is nothing to Cold Immortal Sect, and Long Ke is nothing to White Dragon Sect. Although White Dragon Sect the foundation is shallow and the expert is less, it is after all one of the Four Way Balance. , As long as we recruit outsiders, there will always be experts who go for it.

The only person in the entire White Dragon Sect who wants to save Long Ke is Long Tian.

“Senior, forgive me to speak bluntly, how many people in the Wang Family know about the prohibition method of Star Union?” Lu Yin asked, entering the topic.

Wang Zhengdao, “Four people, ancestors, me, Wang Si elder and Wang Xun Half-Ancestor on the back of the battlefield.”

Wang Xun, the third base formation coach, Wang Family Half-Ancestor powerhouse.

“The ancestors didn’t think about it. Wang Si elder is now chasing the remnants of Lu Family in the Fifth Continent. As long as I don’t leave this continent, Cold Immortal Sect is helpless”, Wang Zhengdao.

“So the only thing left is Wangxun Commander-in-chief”, Lu Yin interface.

Wang Zheng laughed, “Impossible, no one dares to plot Commander-in-chief on the back battlefield, causing internal strife. Once this is done, Four Way Balance will punish Four Way Balance. This is the iron rule, so Jue Yi will secretly manipulate the back battlefield supplies. Once something is exposed, we will take action and pull them up by the roots.”

“According to the speculation, Cold Immortal Sect already caught Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master Xia Xing and detained my father, which is equivalent to getting two bans, plus their own, the ban has already won the third, leaving only the uncle’s Wang Family , Cold Immortal Sect will definitely find a way to take action to uncle, and can only take action to uncle,” Long Tian said.

Wang Zheng sneered, “As long as I don’t leave this continent, no one can help me.”

Lu Yin suddenly said, “Don’t forget how our Sect Master disappeared.”

Wang Zheng narrowed his eyes.

Xia Xing’s disappearance is in the Central Level Boundary. No one didn’t expect Xia Xing to go to the Central Level Boundary suddenly, but he just went.

“Why did Xia Xing go to Central Level Boundary?” Wang Zheng asked.

Long Tian also looked towards Lu Yin.

About the disappearance of Xia Xing, they know some news, but they don’t fully understand it. After all, it’s about Yuhao, which can be regarded as the scandal of Divine Martial Heaven. They used the Yu family to intimidate Starry Sky Tree, but instead they wanted to win over Yuhao. It doesn’t sound good to go out.

Only Cold Immortal Sect understands that Bai Weiwei and Yuhao are too close.

Lu Yin was embarrassed, but still explained the reason why Xia Xing went to Central Level Boundary.

Wang Zheng frowned, “Heavenly Master Gu Yan is indeed worthy of wining. Xia Xing went to the Central Level Boundary for him to make sense. Then this Yuhao is haven’t suspicious?”.

“For the time being haven’t, Sect Master was assassinated by an Unbounded killer. The reason for going to Central Level Boundary was apart from us at that time. Only Yuhao and Wen Chairman knew about it, but ancestor Ziheng guessed that Bai Weiwei was not ruled out. You can also know that Bai Weiwei and Yu Hao are too close,” Lu Yin said.

All signs began to drift towards Cold Immortal Sect again, and Lu Yin began to push the boat along the water. It would be best if these three companies could be hostile to Cold Immortal Sect, but this hostility will disappear after Yuhao’s identity is exposed, because many Suspicion, the origin lies in Yuhao.

Once it is revealed that Yuhao is himself, Four Way Balance is not stupid. Many things will not be established. Naturally, the so-called three alliances will also collapse.

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