Star Odyssey Chapter 2232


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For the time being, the situation is favorable for Lu Yin. He hopes that Four Way Balance will be hostile for as long as possible, and he will try not to expose it.

Long Tian said solemnly, “Xia Xing Sect Master can be led out by Yuhao, what about uncle? Maybe Cold Immortal Sect will find a way to lead you out”.

Wang Zheng shook his head, “Nothing can lead me out.” As soon as this was said, the three of them thought of one person at the same time, “Wang Xiaofan”, “Wang Xiaofan”, “Xiaofan”.

The three looked at each other. If anyone can lead Wang Zheng out, only Wang Xiaofan.

Wang Zheng is extremely fond of Wang Xiaofan. Originally, Wang Xiaofan did not call him by this name, but on the day he was born, his ancestor came and looked like he liked it, so he called him Wang Xiaofan, otherwise no one would dare to give him this name.

As soon as the name Wang Xiaofan came out, he immediately became the most important person in the entire Wang Family. After all, his name comes from his ancestors, who is close to his ancestors, and the probability of becoming Patriarch in the future is great.

Wang Zheng also loved this son very much.

If something happens to Wang Xiaofan, Wang Zheng is impossible to stay on the Wang Family continent.

“Come here, please report me all the recent whereabouts of Xiao Fan”, Wang Zheng shouted.

Someone came soon and reported what Wang Xiaofan had done for nearly a year. Wang Xiaofan always has expert protection by his side. As long as he leaves Evoking Virtuous College, he will keep up. It is natural that there is no place in the academy. Chairman also does not allow students to bring bodyguards to school.

Wang Xiaofan stayed at Evoking Virtuous College for the most part in the past year, nothing special, only the abnormality of the past two days made Wang Zheng complexion is gloomy like water.

In the past two days, people have been provoking Wang Xiaofan outside Evoking Virtuous College. They called Wang Xiaofan to compete, and they clamored, like courting death same.

Wang Family didn’t care about this kind of thing, but it’s different now. Xia Xing disappeared because Yuhao went to Central Level Boundary. If Cold Immortal Sect is really like Divine Martial Heaven guess, maybe Wang Xiaofan is their target, they want to bring Wang Zheng Lead out.

“Uncle, obviously someone is targeting Xiao Fan”, Long Tian spoke immediately.

Lu Yin also said, “With Wang Xiaofan leading Senior out, and those who challenge Wang Xiaofan must have nothing to do with Cold Immortal Sect, there is absolutely nothing to do with Cold Immortal Sect, but as long as Senior walks out of the Wang Family continent, Cold Immortal Sect will have countless Means to deal with”.

Wang Zheng ordered to inform Wang Xiaofan not to leave Evoking Virtuous College for half a step, and he immediately went to Cold Immortal Sect.

Lu Yin is afraid that he will turn his face with Cold Immortal Sect.

Wang Zheng said solemnly, “I’m not that stupid yet. It’s not so easy for them to get the ban. Long Ke won’t say it so easily. I will take Long Ke away now. It should be too late.”

“Uncle is not afraid that Cold Immortal Sect will take action against you?” Long Tian is worried. Of course he is not worried about Wang Zheng. Even if something happens to Wang Zheng, he will have to rescue Long Ke.

Wang Zhengdao, “I just and honorable to visit Cold Immortal Sect, and at the same time, to my ancestors, who dares to take action to me?” After speaking, he walked out of the Wang Family continent and moved towards Cold Immortal Sect.

As for Lu Yin and Long Tian naturally stay.

“Hope Wang Zheng Patriarch can save your father”, Lu Yin sighed.

Long Tian’s complexion is low.

Wang Zheng gave instructions before leaving that Wang Family treats Lu Yin and Long Tian as guests.

After finally coming to Wang Family continent, Lu Yin naturally wanted to stroll around.

Wang Family continent is not big for Star Envoy, because Star Envoy can tear and move void, but for ordinary people, let alone the entire Wang Family continent, it is just a lake, and one cannot walk in a lifetime.

As an outsider of Lu Yin, some places cannot be visited, he can only take a look in open places.

“Where is the front?” Lu Yin asked. He is at the corner of the Wang Family continent. The Wang Family continent is in the shape of a palm. His orientation is the index finger second test section, and his direction is the index finger first test section. , There are a lot of people there constantly digging for something, because the distance is too far, and there is invisible power to cover, Lu Yin can’t see clearly.

The Wang Family cultivator who was in charge of receiving Lu Yin said, “I have some ore resources specializing in Wang Family continent, and they are all mining.”

Lu Yin clicked on nods, “so that’s how it is”. He held the identity of Xia Yuan, so he didn’t dare to ask more to prevent being seen through.

Four Way Balance knows each other. With Xia Yuan’s status, if Wang Family Continent really specializes in certain minerals, it is impossible to know. If he asks, this person must doubt it.

Lu Yin has never underestimated Four Way Balance, he dared not show even a little weak spot.

Just about to leave, suddenly, he saw a familiar silhouette. Is that, Xiao Can?

The crowd digging far away from his stare is densely packed, estimated to be millions. The reason why he saw Xiao Can is because he was being beaten.

Lu Yin lifted his foot to go.

The cultivator who received him by Wang Family quickly stopped him, “Senior, Patriarch asked Junior to show you the continent, but you can’t enter this place.”

He didn’t say that, Lu Yin also planned to stop, because he felt a certain kind of chill, as if there was some power, the closer to that place, the more it threatened him.

It’s just ore, but it has defensive power that can make him chill, which is extraordinary.

“Can you bring that person out to see me”, Lu Yin pointed to Xiao Can.

Wang Family is embarrassed by his host.

Lu Yin’s face sank, “trifling miner, can’t I even meet one another?”.

“Like this, let Junior report it,” said the Wang Family cultivator who received him.

Lu Yin waved impatiently.

The man hurried to the side to report to who.

Shortly after, he asked Lu Yin to wait where he was, and went to the mining area to take Xiao Can out. At the same time, the power that made Lu Yin chilling shrouded him, as if he had a pair of eyes stare at him, staring at him. .

Lu Yin eye light flickered, haven’t moved, quietly watching Xiao Can be brought.

Xiao Can covered his shoulders in pain, just recently, he was not lightly beaten. If he hadn’t had the experience of the back battlefield, he would have been unable to hold it at this moment.

Seeing Lu Yin, Xiao Can is confused, he doesn’t know this person.

“Senior, this person, do you know?” the Wang Family receptionist asked Lu Yin. Seeing that Lu Yin’s eye light was not good, he quickly said, “Senior, please don’t be angry. The miners on my Wang Family continent must not leave forever. No matter who meets them, my Wang Family must be there to record. Please don’t take offense to Senior.”

Lu Yin is strange, it’s just a trifling miner, is it so important? He haven’t asked more, but looked towards Xiao Can, Xiao Can also looked at him in confusion.

“Don’t you remember me?” Lu Yin asked.

Xiao Can shook his head, “We’ve seen it?” His voice was much more hoarse than when he met Lu Yin on the back of the battlefield, and the whole person has experienced a lot of vicissitudes. At that time, he was very young. Now, he is already close to middle age. I can’t straighten my waist, and I have hadn’t improved a little with a cultivation base, which looks extremely miserable.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “We met in the second base formation, and I followed Commander-in-chief Xia Yan.”

Xiao Can eye light stared wide, “Second base formation? I have only been there once.”

Lu Yin nods, “It was for Lu Family that Lu Xiaoxuan Wisdom Root. I met you behind Commander-in-chief. I remember your name, Xiao Can?”.

Xiao Can eye light is bleak, he thought it was an old friend, it’s possible to save him, at least to make him feel better, didn’t expect or Four Way Balance person, “You should be from Xia Family, find me what’s up?”.

“Why are you here?” Lu Yin asked.

Beside, Wang Family’s receptionist raised his eyebrows, but haven’t interrupted.

Xiao Can laughed at himself, “Why are you here? Of course it’s a good thing your Four Way Balance did.”

Lu Yin was puzzled, “How do you say?”.

Xiao Can looked towards Lu Yin, with deep ridicule and deep hatred in his eyes, “What do you ask this for? All my value has been squeezed out by Wang Family, only this life can serve them Mining, to you Xia Family, I already haven’t valued, there is no need to waste time on me”.

Lu Yin couldn’t help looking towards Wang Family who received him.

The person’s eyes were slightly cold, and Xiao Can’s attitude made him unhappy, so he would have to exercise more discipline when he returned.

“Senior, this person is not submissive, and talking to him is just a waste of time, so why not throw it back”, Wang Family cultivator said.

Lu Yin frowned, “It has nothing to do with you”.

Wang Family cultivator didn’t dare to say more, but glanced at Xiao Can more coldly.

Lu Yin looked towards Xiao Can, “I’m just curious, when you were already able to leave the back of the battlefield, why are you here? Did you offend Wang Family?”.

Xiao Can sneered tiredly, “Don’t talk nonsense, you Four Way Balance are the same, anyway, I will always die in this place, there is no difference between saying and not saying”, after speaking, he turned around and went back.

“Perhaps I can help you”, Lu Yin said suddenly.

Xiao Can pauses.

Wang Family cultivator complexion changed, “Senior, he is my Wang Family miner. Historically, the miners on my Wang Family continent are not allowed to leave. Life and death are in this area. Please also Senior not to interfere.”

Lu Yin frowned, “Trifling is just a miner. I will talk to Wang Zheng Senior and take him away. Anyway, he has any value to you Wang Family already haven’t”.

“No matter what has the value of haven’t, this person is impossible to leave here. There has never been a precedent. Senior should know”, Wang Family cultivator has a bad tone.

If he was outside, he wouldn’t dare to speak to Xia Yuan even if he was killed by an Enlightenment Realm, but this is the Wang Family, and Lu Yin’s request is basically impossible in his opinion, and he can refuse it without having to be gifted.

Lu Yin was even more curious, and said slowly, “I know the rules of your Wang Family, but sometimes the rules may not be broken.”

Wang Family cultivator frowned, but haven’t said anything, any miner is impossible to leave this area anyway.

Xiao Can turned his back to Lu Yin, his eye light flickered, I don’t know what I was thinking.

“Tell me, maybe I can help you”, Lu Yin said again.

Wang Family cultivator hasn’t refuted this time, and he didn’t want to say more. This Xia Family person is too impudent, let alone him, even if Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master is impossible to take this miner from the Wang Family continent.

Xiao Can looked back towards Lu Yin, “Why are you helping me?”.

Lu Yin said, “I didn’t say that I would definitely help you. I was just curious about why you are here. And, I remember correctly, the Wisdom Root you traded out was.”

Xiao Can smiled and shook his head, “I said, Wang Family already squeezed all my value, and they took everything from me, including the Wisdom Root that I hid. You have to help me if this is the condition, sorry Up”.

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