Star Odyssey Chapter 2233


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After listening to Xiao Can’s words, Lu Yin eye light flashed, “You were caught here, related to Wisdom Root?”.

Xiao Can was already numb, and said tiredly, “I am stupid, I am selfish, afraid of death after entering the back battlefield, and exchanged Wisdom Root for the opportunity to leave in advance. In the back battlefield, he also exchanged Wisdom Root for Wang Xun Commander-in. -Chief’s shelter, if it weren’t for being timid and afraid of death, how could I be targeted by the Wang Family, caught here for a lifetime, I can’t leave, everything is my having only oneself to blame”.

Lu Yin got it, it turned out to be Wang Xun.

At the beginning, Xiao Can did say that in exchange for Wisdom Root for the third base formation Commander-in-chief asylum, and can get the opportunity to leave the back battlefield in advance, he is leaving the back battlefield, but he has Wisdom Root this one The matter was also known by Wang Family.

Wang Xun will not take action against him on the back battlefield, but takes action after he leaves the back battlefield.

At that time, Xiao Can was anxious to leave the back of the battlefield, perhaps Wang Xun was more anxious than him.

This is fate. If Xiao Can is not greedy for life and fear of death, he tries to leave the back of the battlefield earlier, maybe he will have a life that is not the same, of course, maybe he will die on the back of the battlefield, but for him today, even if he died On the back battlefield, it is better than here.

Lu Yin suddenly thought of the term karma, is there really karma?

Looking at Xiao Can’s back, if it’s possible, Lu Yin still wants to save him, not because of Wisdom Root, but because he wants to know his relationship with Ancestor Hui.

How does a loose cultivator will have that many Wisdom Root? If this person is really an descendant of Ancestor Hui, no matter what he is, Lu Yin wants to save his life.

On the other side, Wang Zheng came to Cold Immortal Sect.

Now Cold Immortal Sect’s agent Sect Master is a person named Bai Su, not a direct line of Bai Family, but a branch. This person is far inferior to Bai Teng. No matter how Bai Teng becomes the Master of Cold Immortal Sect Sect, he at least There are five Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, and Bai Su, but three Origin Tribulation.

It is a powerhouse outside, but in Cold Immortal Sect, it is not sufficient to become a Sect Master.

If it wasn’t for Cold Immortal Sect to be left unattended temporarily, it would be impossible to be his turn.

Bai Su received Wang Zheng, looking confused, “Wang Zheng Patriarch, I heard that you remembered any details about the disappearance of Sect Master in my Sect?”.

not only Bai Su, many senior leaders of Cold Immortal Sect have gathered, and there is Wuyao Half-Ancestor.

The face of Wang was solemn, suppressing Cold Immortal Sect’s possible suspicion about Wang Xiaofan’s take action, and said, “I remember that when Long Ke returned to Wangyu, his eyes were dull, and the whole person seemed to be controlled by the same.”

Bai Su was surprised, “Are you sure?”

“Wang Zheng Patriarch, why didn’t you say it before?” Wu Yao asked loudly.

Wang Zhengdao, “I never thought about this possibility, and Long Ke himself kept saying that he had forgotten how to return to Wangyu. It seemed to me more like a quibble, but when I went home, someone could be in front of the God of Cookery One’s eyes stealing Young Ancestor star resources and controlling Long Ke is not impossible.”

Bai Su and Wu Yao looked at each other, and the surrounding Cold Immortal Sect executives looked at Wang Zheng, also full of doubts.

Wang Zheng’s statements were somewhat contradictory, but they saw that Wang Zheng’s purpose was to prove Long Ke’s innocence. Why did he do this? In such a short time, does White Dragon Sect give Wang Family any benefit?

There are some things, Bai Su, the agent Sect Master, is hard to say, but Wu Yao screams, “Wang Zheng Patriarch, what is the reason for your inconsistent testimony? Does White Dragon Sect give you any benefits for Wang Family?”.

Wang Zheng was furious, “Wuyao Half-Ancestor, do you know what you are talking about? You are slandering the two families in Four Way Balance. Don’t think that if Cold Immortal Sect protects me, Wang Family can’t do anything to you?” .

Wu Yao’s eye light was cold, “It is obvious that you are here for Long Ke. There must be a reason to change the testimony in such a short time.”

“I said, but I suddenly figured it out. Long Ke’s eyes were dull at the time, and it was indeed possible to be controlled. As for what you do to Long Ke, I can’t control, I just tell what I know”, Wang Zhengdao.

Bai Su is tricky. This Wang Zheng previously accused Long Ke and gave them a reason to imprison Long Ke under pressure. Now they are helping Long Ke. They have hadn’t reason to imprison Long Ke again. He feels very passive. Whether to catch Long Ke is between Wang Zheng’s words. When did Cold Immortal Sect become so passive.

Of course, he doesn’t care too much. After all, he is only acting as the Sect Master, and without the ambition to compete for the main line, the ancestor Bai Wangyuan is still there, and there is also a powerful Bai Xian’er among the main line. He just does it well. A puppet will do.

Wang stayed in Cold Immortal Sect for two full days, and finally left at the same time as Long Ke.

Cold Immortal Sect can’t help it. Wang Zheng only needs to change his testimony. With the pressure given by White Dragon Sect and the concerns about the balance of Four Way Balance, they must release Long Ke. As for the track of Bai Teng, you can continue to check.

Long Ke was only imprisoned in Cold Immortal Sect during this period. Cold Immortal Sect still dare not do anything to him unless there is concrete evidence that he has dealt with Bai Teng.

“Many thanks Brother Wang to return my innocence”, Long Ke said gratefully, watching Wang Zheng’s eye light is quite complicated. He was arrested because of this person, and now he was released because of this person. He is somewhat unfathomable mystery.

“Brother Long doesn’t think it’s weird?” Wang Zheng asked.

Long Ke is puzzled, “What does Brother Wang mean?”.

“The person who proved that you are involved in Bai Teng’s disappearance is me, and the person who helped you today is also me” Wang Zhengdao.

Long Ke shook his head, “I am grateful that Brother Wang spoke for me, but Cold Immortal Sect will not really confirm that Bai Teng’s disappearance has nothing to do with me just because of Brother Wang’s testimony.”

“Of course I know this, so I want to ask Brother Long, what trouble did you have had hadn’t suffered in Cold Immortal Sect during this period?” Wang Zheng asked while looking at Long Ke.

Long Ke shook his head, “Apart from necessary inquiries, the rest is no different from being a guest Cold Immortal Sect, and you can even move around freely within a certain range.”

Wang Zheng is surprised, did Cold Immortal Sect haven’t let Long Ke hand over the prohibition?

He asked Long Ke a lot of questions, and Long Ke’s answer was only one, which was that he was in Cold Immortal Sect haven’t anything unusual.

Long Ke intended to return to White Dragon Sect directly, but learned that Long Tian is in the Wang Family, and Wang Zheng also told Divine Martial Heaven and White Dragon Sect’s guess about Cold Immortal Sect.

Long Ke looked ugly after hearing it, “I said that who can make Bai Teng disappear inexplicably, and is still in front of one’s eyes, unless Ancestral Realm powerhouse, otherwise everyone is impossible, even Ni Huang Great Elder is impossible, If it is Cold Immortal Sect doing the play by himself, it can be explained.”

“And Brother Long just recently said that Cold Immortal Sect didn’t do anything to you, I don’t think it is necessarily”, Wang Zheng said.

Long Ke said abruptly, “I was indeed controlled. I don’t remember how I returned to Wangyu. So, I was controlled in Cold Immortal Sect.”

Wang Zheng didn’t know that Long Ke had hadn’t been controlled. What he said in Cold Immortal Sect was just to bring Long Ke out quickly, but it seems that Long Ke like this has been controlled the same. If It is true, then he must have been controlled in Cold Immortal Sect, which also explains why Cold Immortal Sect did nothing to him, because they did it, and Long Ke himself didn’t know it.

It also explained the reason why Cold Immortal Sect was willing to release Long Ke, because the value of Long Ke to them was already exhausted.

Once a certain guess is verified to a certain extent, the rest of the guesses will move in that direction.

Lu Yin deeply understood this sentence, and Wei Rong said this sentence to him. Lu Yin haven’t thought about it at that time, but now he deeply believes this sentence.

Watching Wang Zheng, who returned to the Wang Family continent, discussed with Long Ke, and put all the guesswork on Cold Immortal Sect, he didn’t even need to speak.

“If only Wang Family prohibits Haven’t get Cold Immortal Sect, they will definitely do everything possible. What are you going to do with Divine Martial Heaven and White Dragon Sect?” Wang Zheng asked.

Long Ke looked towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin coughed, “This is an upper-level business, I am only responsible for delivering the letter.”

Long Ke said, “There are many Star Envoys in Star Union, apart from those on the back of the battlefield, and Starry Sky Tree has no less than 20 people. We can first find a way to transfer these 20 people to Cold Immortal Sect. Wherever they go, it is useless even if they have restrictions.”

Wang Zheng agreed, “Yes, the right to use Star Union belongs to our Four Way Balance, Cold Immortal Sect can be transferred, and my Wang Family can also, in any case, find a way to hide the Star Union cultivator that can be transferred so that Cold Immortal It’s useless for Sect to be restrained. Once we have evidence to confirm that Cold Immortal Sect took action on Xia Xing, the rest will be left to the ancestors.”

Listening to their conversation, Lu Yin also thought of a serious problem. Yes, even if it is banned, if the people in the Star Union are hidden, he will not be able to save it.

This is troublesome.

They guessed that Cold Immortal Sect wanted Star Union, so they tried a way to deal with it, but they were actually dealing with him.

Lu Yin meditated. Fortunately, he now has the identity of Xia Yuan, so he can know something.

He wanted to use the identity of Xia Yuan to find out where Wang Zheng and Long Ke wanted to hide the Star Union cultivator, but they never mentioned it, but wanted to contact Xia Xing.

Lu Yin eye light flickers, is Xia Xing itself?

Long Ke didn’t want to stay on the Wang Family continent for a long time to prevent Cold Immortal Sect from knowing that they already guessed part of the truth. Just when he was about to leave, a message came that made Long Ke furious.

The White Dragon Sect branch cultivator in the city below was heavily wounded.

This news made Long Ke furious, and he took Long Tian to go down immediately, Wang Zheng also followed closely, the matter happened in Wang Family, he couldn’t leave it alone.

Lu Yin followed.

Soon, several people came to the Lei Family courtyard and saw the White Dragon Sect cultivator lying on the ground. He was extremely injured, but hadn’t lost consciousness before he could send news to Long Tian.

Long Tian helped this person up, “Who did it?”.

Long Ke, Wang Zheng and Lu Yin are all there.

White Dragon Sect cultivator coughed up blood and wanted to bow when seeing Long Ke.

Long Ke raised his hand and pressed it down, “Who hurt you?”.

White Dragon Sect cultivator shook his head, “I don’t know, I was in the courtyard, but I was suddenly caught by heavy wounds, and the person who took the action didn’t see it at all.”

The gap is too big, and four words appear in several people’s minds.

At this moment, Lu Yin is six meters away from Long Ke, and Long Ke is no more than one meter away from Wang Zheng at this moment, and there is a Long Tian watching. Not only that, Lu Yin looked up towards all around, yes, there is Wang Family expert stare, this timing is very rare, it depends on whether Wang Zheng can be captured.

His eye light shone, and he stepped out, approaching the five meters of Long Ke, and instantly merged into Long Ke within the body. He hadn’t immediately took action, but looked for the memory of Wang Family continent.

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