Star Odyssey Chapter 2234


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The memory appeared quickly. In Long Ke’s memory, there was no detailed record of the light ball on the top of the Wang Family continent. What he knew was almost the same as Elder Qing Xing. They all heard that the light ball burned to death. I have passed the Ancestral Realm powerhouse, but I don’t know who burned to death and how.

Apart from this, Long Ke also has a record of Wang Family continent Origin Treasure Formation in his memory.

Just like Dragon Mountain is covered by Origin Treasure Formation, the Wang Family continent is also covered by Origin Treasure Formation, but only the Wang Family continent is covered. As for the city below, haven’t covered, and Long Ke is the Wang Family expert He also browsed through the memory of Long Ke. In Long Ke’s memory, Wang Family also has the surname Half-Ancestor, which should be on the Wang Family continent.

Four Way Balance is enshrined by foreign surnames, but there are more or less, White Dragon Sect has two foreign surnames, Half-Ancestor, one is sent to the back of the battlefield, the other stays behind the Dragon Mountain hidden trail, even Long Ke does not know He can’t publicize it to the outside world, and the other three are both enshrined on the back battlefield, and some are left behind.

Lu Yin took a quick look at Long Ke’s memory, and Wang Zheng’s voice heard, “Brother Long, my Wang Family will definitely explain this to you”.

Lu Yin withdrew from the fusion, took out the slippers from the Congealing Space Ring and threw them to Long Ke, then once again merged into Long Ke within the body, grabbed the slippers, and faced Wang Zheng’s head just once. The action is in one go, seemingly complicated , It was only an instant, Wang Zheng didn’t react at all, so he fell straight to the ground.

If it is Lu Yin who takes action by himself is not so troublesome, he can get it with a punch, his power is not Wang Zheng can resist, but his own take action also gives Wang Zheng reaction time, after all, Wang Zheng is a Wang Family family, cultivation The base is extremely high, Long Ke is different. His take action is completely outside the scope of Wang Zheng’s consideration. Unfortunately, Long Ke is not strong enough and can only use slippers.

Long Tian looked at Long Ke blankly.

Lu Yin controlled Long Ke’s body and smiled at Long Tian, ​​then grabbed the fainted Wang Zheng and his body and fled.

Long Tian also held the cultivator seriously injured by White Dragon Sect and stared blankly, unable to figure out how his father suddenly took action on Wang Zheng. Suddenly, he remembered a word-control, his eyes were suddenly bloodshot, “Stop” , Said chased up.

Above the head, the mighty power presses down, and a weird silhouette appears, followed by the void is isolated, countless whites are like human figures, and like the shadows of water entwining towards the escaped Lu Yin.

Lu Yin eye light stunned, it was Half-Ancestor, he knew it was not that easy to leave, but fortunately, there was Ancestor Wu.

Returning to himself within the body, Long Ke was awake for an instant, then was knocked out by Lu Yin with a fist, took out the mirror, “Senior, there is a problem.”

Ancestor Wu appeared, looking to the rear, “Half-Ancestor? Interesting Inner World, interesting person.” After finishing speaking, I didn’t see her anymore. Lu Yin only felt the world spinning, and then Wang Family continent disappeared. His Half-Ancestor and those cities were gone, and disappeared in a flash.

Under the Wang Family continent, the pupils of the Half-Ancestor performing Inner World shrink sharply, what about people?

Below, Long Tian is also dumbfounded, how about people?

Don’t talk about them, Lu Yin himself doesn’t understand what just recently Ancestor Wu did, “Senior, how did you do it? You are Ancestral Realm, right”.

He used the raised needle to break through the fog. I don’t know how much the fog has broken. Anyway, Ancestor Wu’s strength is a bit exaggerated. A Half-Ancestor can’t even be seen from behind.

Ancestor Wu proudly, “Guess it myself”, after speaking, he saw Wang Zheng and Long Ke captured by Lu Yin, “Are you arrested again? Who?”.

“Four Way Balance, Wang Family Patriarch and White Dragon Sect Patriarch”, Lu Yin said, said, take out Supreme Mountain, and lock these two people first.

Ancestor Wu speechless, he saw that Lu Yin eye light was full of weirdness, “You are ruthless enough, Four Way Balance Family Owner was arrested by you, there is no one left.”

Lu Yin is also a little proud, but it’s all coincidence. He designed apart from Xia Xing, Bai Teng was just right, and Wang Zheng was just right. Who would let him integrate into Long Ke within the body, otherwise he would still I really don’t know how to catch these three Family Owners.

“You’re so insidious, already can compare with Hui Wen”, Ancestor Wu despised.

Lu Yin said sternly, “Junior just wanted to rescue his own people in Star Union, but he didn’t think about what to do with them.”

“What if Lu Family is destroyed by Eternal Clan?” Ancestor Wu asked rhetorically.

Lu Yin is silent. He always believes that Lu Family is only exile and they are still safe. But if Lu Family is destroyed by Eternal Clan, Four Way Balance will be the driving force. They exile Lu Family and let Lu Family perish. At that time , Can he still say that?

Will his attitude towards Four Way Balance still be like this now?

The first time he learned that Four Way Balance destroyed Lu Family, he was full of hatred. Witch Spirit God saw it, so he had a conspiracy and was willing to help him. Now, as time goes by, he convinces himself My own Lu Family is definitely fine, so the hatred of Four Way Balance will become less and less, and the methods will be softer, instead of killing very ruthless, but if Lu Family is over, will he still like this?

Ancestor Wu looked towards the distance, “No one can really ignore hatred, you can take revenge, you can do everything you want, but remember one thing, the overall situation is important, this is the original saying of Hui Wen”.

Lu Yin looked towards Ancestor Wu, the overall situation is more important? Can he do it?

If Lu Family is over, Four Way Balance will have to be buried. This is what he thinks, but to resist Eternal Clan, Four Way Balance is the main force. This is an insoluble contradiction.

Four Way Balance can disregard the overall situation of exile Lu Family. If he treats Four Way Balance in the same way, wouldn’t it be the same as Four Way Balance? Unless, he can replace Four Way Balance against Eternal Clan.

Lu Yin eye light is awe-inspiring, I want to replace Four Way Balance, easier said than done, and Ancestral Realm powerhouse is not enough.

No matter what, it’s not the time to think about those. Lu Family has hadn’t been destroyed and haven’t concluded. He just wants to save Star Union, save Safflower Garden, and trouble Four Way Balance by the way. Really wanting revenge on Four Way Balance is not something that can be done now.

At least this time I come to Starry Sky Tree, which is impossible.

Lu Yin captured Wang Zheng and Bai Teng at the same time, shaking Four Way Balance, and anyone who knew about it first reacted not to believe it.

Who can capture Wang Family Patriarch and White Dragon Sect Patriarch under the Wang Family continent? But the person was indeed taken away.

Four Way Balance immediately contacted the Cloud Communicating Stone, and Long Tian told the truth about everything he saw, including Long Ke told Wang Zheng’s take action. There is the area of ​​Wang Family, and there is Half in secret. -Ancestor watch, he dare not hide.

“Long Ke takes action on Wang Zheng? Use slippers to faint? Are you sure you didn’t read the joke?”, Cold Immortal Sect Bai Su was shocked. Is there such a thing?

The most important thing is, what are slippers? Even if Long Ke wants to take action against Wang Zheng, where are the slippers? Can slippers also stun Wang Zheng?

“Obviously, my father was controlled by someone, and the person who controlled him was Xia Yuan. Xia Yuan controlled my father and captured Wang Zheng Patriarch, and then stunned my father,” Long Tian said.

Xia Xing’s voice came out, “Xia Yuan is also nearby?”.

“To be precise, Xia Yuan is the most suspicious”, Wang Family’s Half-Ancestor who took action said, “Wang Zheng Patriarch informed me to protect secretly before leaving continent. Maybe it was expected, but he haven’t I told me too many. At that time, I saw the Xia Family approaching Long Ke Patriarch. The Xia Family took out the slippers from their Congealing Space Ring and threw them to Long Ke Patriarch. The Xia Family did indeed attack Long Ke during the escape. Patriarch take action and knock it out”.

“Where can Xia Yuan deal with Wang Zheng’s slippers?” Xia Xing was puzzled.

White Dragon Sect was the only one who appeared in Long Tian. I have to say that White Dragon Sect the foundation is indeed the worst. Ni Huang Great Elder was in the Fifth Continent, Long Ke was captured, Long Quan died, and Old Monster Long was on the back battlefield. There are only a few Star Envoys in the entire White Dragon Sect, and the only person who is eligible to temporarily replace the White Dragon Sect Patriarch is Long Tian.

“My father can be controlled, so can Xia Yuan naturally, or is he an exchange appearance?” Long Tian asked.

Wang Family’s Half-Ancestor said, “No trace of exchange appearance can be seen.”

“Impossible”, Xia Xing denies, “Xia Yuan has no reason to join Long Ke to deal with Wang Zheng”.

“My father haven’t dealt with Wang Zheng Patriarch, I was controlled, Xia Yuan still father took action with me, and we were all discussing before then”, Long Tian stopped halfway through his words.

Bai Su was surprised, “What to discuss?”.

Long Tian and Xia Xing are silent, and the Wang Family Half-Ancestor has no idea.

“There is no need to secretly unite until now, Bai Su, all this is done by your Cold Immortal Sect. My identity, Long Ke, and Wang Zheng are all captured by your Cold Immortal Sect”, Xia Xing He opened his mouth and directly questioned Cold Immortal Sect.

Bai Su was stunned, “What do you mean?”

Long Tian sternly said, “You Cold Immortal Sect sent someone to monitor Wang Family long ago. After discovering Xia Yuan, and knowing our purpose, beating somebody at their own game pretended to be him, and joined the White Dragon Sect to make Wang Zheng Patriarch and my father led down together and took it away. It was all done by your Cold Immortal Sect for Star Union.”

Bai Su reacted with an ugly face, “Don’t talk nonsense, I’m also missing Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master Bai Teng.”

“That’s your own acting. If not, how could Bai Teng disappear in front of one’s eyes in the God of Cookery? Long Ke was controlled and just recently controlled and attacked Wang Zheng same, and said that you didn’t do Cold Immortal Sect It’s all done by you Cold Immortal Sect”, Xia Xing said solemnly. He is almost certain that Long Ke is definitely controlled. Xia Yuan is also fake. He has no reason or ability to take action. He is also impossible to fight with his strength. Halo Longke.

Bai Su was completely at a loss, not understanding how all the spearheads were directed at Cold Immortal Sect.

Listening to Xia Xing and Long Tian linking up everything that happened recently, Bai Su felt that they were reasonable, yes, if it wasn’t Cold Immortal Sect who did it himself, who has the ability to do it all?

“Wait”, the Wang Family Half-Ancestor suddenly said, “I don’t know what the facts are, but to be sure, they fled, with the help of the power of Ancestral Realm, at least infinitely close to the power of Ancestral Realm.”

Xia Xing said to Bai Su screams, “Your Cold Immortal Sect has a hidden expert. Is Bai Xian’er taking action?”.

Bai Su retorted, “haven’t evidence, don’t talk nonsense, otherwise I will tell the ancestors.”

“I’m already telling the ancestors that things have developed so far that it is already beyond our control. Is it your Cold Immortal Sect’s play in vain to get Star Union to deal with the three of us? It was found out that you Cold Immortal Sect did everything, wait for the war to begin,” Xia Xing said.

Long Tian also said, “I’d better hope that my father is okay, otherwise my White Dragon Sect won’t mind having another White Dragon turn over.”

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