Star Odyssey Chapter 2235


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Listening to their threats, Bai Su narrowed his eyes, “Long Tian, ​​don’t forget, after all, it is Long Ke who took the action to Wang Zheng. Why are you sure that Long Ke must be controlled by someone? Maybe it’s possible It’s your White Dragon Sect acting, and it’s White Dragon Sect taking action on Wang Family.”

“Wang Family, don’t be deceived. You are just guessing. Perhaps everything is deliberately set up by others to guide you against my Cold Immortal Sect. My Cold Immortal Sect must haven’t take action to you.”

No matter what Bai Su said, Xia Xing and the others have hadn’t replied. After all, they also feel weird. After all, Long Ke has hadn’t controlled. Why is Xia Yuan able to stun Long Ke? And why did Long Ke take action against Wang Zheng? This is the biggest doubt.

However, before the truth of the matter hasn’t been found out, they must join forces to press against Cold Immortal Sect. Whoever makes Cold Immortal Sect’s family stronger, finally decided to let Ancestral Realm powerhouse speak.

Wang Zheng and Long Ke are missing, and they are directly sealed off at the top of the upper realm. No entry or exit is allowed. However, for Lu Yin haven’t any use, he cannot be blocked by an ordinary cultivator.

Lu Yin easily leaves the upper boundary and returns to Evoking Virtuous College.

After arriving at Evoking Virtuous College, he was surprised to find that the college was actually covered by a towering tree, which almost covered the entire Yixian District.

That is the Yixian area, which can be completely covered. Sufficient means that the tree is huge and can carry stars.

Lu Yin crossed the branches and quickly approached Evoking Virtuous College, but was stopped by the Academy’s Origin Treasure Formation. Evoking Virtuous College announced the student experience and did not accept visitors and no one was allowed to enter.

Lu Yin wanted to use the power of Ancestor Wu to get in, for fear that Liu Shaoge would be dismantled, but Kui Luo found him.

“Boy, you are finally back.” After seeing Lu Yin, Kui Luo triumphantly pointed to the towering tree, “How about it? Old fogey, my masterpiece?”

Lu Yin is strange, “Your masterpiece? You made this tree?”.

“Of course, the old bastard of the God of Cookery dare to ridicule old fogey me, so let him taste the pain this time”, Kui Luo became more and more proud as he thought about it.

Lu Yin was at a loss, “A tree, how do you want to avenge the God of Cookery?”.

Kui Luo rolled his eyes, “Do you think this is an ordinary tree? Tell you, this is the biggest secret of Evoking Virtuous College. Do you think Origin Treasure Formation is guarding the Academy? Wrong, this tree is actually guarding.”

“How do you know? What is the use of this tree?” Lu Yin became more curious.

Kui Luo said, “old fogey I have studied here, and I am very interested in the secrets of the academy. When I was young, I spent most of my energy here. What can this broken academy hide from me? But what does this tree have? I really don’t know how to use old fogey. It’s already pretty good to be able to make it. Now the old bastard of the God of Cookery must hang themselves in a hurry, hahahaha.

Lu Yin glanced at Evoking Virtuous College sympathetically, offending who is not good, but offending Kui Luo, this Old Guy is famous for seeking revenge for the slightest grievance, and he is small-minded, but also by fair means or foul.

No wonder Kui Luo has done nothing since he entered Evoking Virtuous College. He has forgotten that Kui Luo is going to avenge the God of Cookery. I dare to believe that the Old Guy has been doing this.

“You don’t know what is the use of this tree, why do you get it out? Maybe the God of Cookery is happy,” Lu Yin asked.

Kui Luo sneered, “Why don’t you do it yourself if you’re happy? Wen Lai’s old fellow has a way to get it out, but I don’t do it, old fogey, I’ll help them, go, go in, if it’s not waiting for you, old fogey, I’m early Just go in.”

“Can you go in?”.

“Crap, how else do you get it out?”.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, followed Kui Luo, saw the loopholes in Evoking Virtuous College Origin Treasure Formation, and entered smoothly.

After entering, he saw huge branches hanging down, covering Evoking Virtuous College. Many of the places where classes were held in the college were destroyed by branches, including lakes, but the stone pillars were haven’t damaged and the location was avoided, as if Designed long ago.

Many students were gathered in the middle of the Academy stone pillar surrounded by their tutors. Lu Yin saw Mr. Wei, saw Mr Zheng and the others, and also saw Liu Shaoge’s disguised Yuhao, but he didn’t see Wu Taibai and was not there. I saw several people among the students, Xia Shenfei.

Turning his head and looking, he saw the mountains faintly discernible. Below the mountains was the ocean, which once submerged Evoking Virtuous College in a large area of ​​jungle. There were mountains and seas. Why are they so familiar? Is this, Mountain Sea?

“old fogey, this is not a Mountain Sea mastered by the legendary Evoking Virtuous College, right” Lu Yin asked.

Kui Luo shook his head, “I don’t know. Anyway, Evoking Virtuous College must have something that attracts Four Way Balance. Either Secret Technique or Confucian Classics. Or, there may be Mountain Sea. That’s it. If it is Mountain Sea. , I don’t know who owned it once.”

Lu Yin a thought flashed through the mind, took out the mirror, and called out Ancestor Wu.

Ancestor Wu wanted to lose her temper when she came out of the mirror. Her research on Refining Blood Technique has made progress, but she is always disturbed by Lu Yin.

However, after I came out, I immediately found that something was wrong, and said in surprise, “Mountain Sea?”.

Lu Yin and Kui Luo both stare Ancestor Wu, “Is this really Mountain Sea?”.

Ancestor Wu nods, “Can’t be wrong, this is the feeling of Mountain Sea”.

“Whose Mountain Sea?” Lu Yin asked.

Ancestor Wu rolled his eyes and said, “How do I know that I am again impossible to visit someone else’s Mountain Sea”.

Speaking of this, Lu Yin asked, “Does the Senior know the tactics of Nine Mountains Eight Seas corresponding to inheritance?”.

Ancestor Wu thought for a while, “I know part of it, but most of it is hidden. Some people try to hide even in battle. It’s very insidious, just like the old talisman. No one knows what his Mountain Sea tactics are, Hui Wen’s Mountain Sea’s tactics are related to fire, but I don’t know exactly what it is. Xia Shang shows up everywhere like a rich man, but also only shows one kind. He masters Two Mountains One Sea, and there is another kind of tactics that nobody know”.

“Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan are all insidious, and they don’t say anything.”

“Where is Lu Tianyi Patriarch?” Lu Yin asked.

Ancestor Wu shook his head, “Lu Tianyi Senior is not in the same era as us, and it is even more impossible to know. With the strength of Lu Tianyi Senior, it is difficult for anyone to force his tactics. A Will Ignition Platform adds a title. God’s catalog is enough”.

Lu Yin suddenly remembered, yes, until now, he didn’t even ask what the Fengshen Catalogue is. For Fengshen Catalogue, many people mentioned, Four Way Balance, Seven Heavenly Gods and Dao child from the Heavenly Sect era and many more.

“Senior, what is the power of the Feng Shen Catalog?” Lu Yin asked.

Ancestor Wu is strange, “Didn’t you meet your Lu Family? Why, didn’t you ask?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “forgot”.

Ancestor Wu looked towards Kui Luo, “Isn’t this Old Guy also your Lu Family vassal? He doesn’t know?”.

Lu Yin looked towards Kui Luo, he has always had no problem with the catalog of the gods, Kui Luo also haven’t actively mentioned that, in fact, Kui Luo should understand.

Unexpectedly, Kui Luo shook his head, “old fogey, I have seen the catalog of the gods, but I don’t understand or understand”.

“What do you mean?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Kui Luo said, “The so-called Fengshen Catalogue is a roll of cloth. Open the will have people to assist the Lu Family who owns the Fengtian Catalogue to fight. I also saw old fogey on the back battlefield, but also just watch Up to so many, I can’t understand at all.”

Lu Yin looked towards Ancestor Wu.

Ancestor Wu recalled a moment, and said with amazement and admiration in his tone, “The Envelope of Gods can be regarded as the second form of your Lu Family Will Ignition Platform, or one of the powers of your Lu Family Belief Concept. Look How did you use it? As the name suggests, the Catalog of Gods is the scroll of your Lu Family.”

“The Fifth Continent Lu Family is heaven, God, and ruler. The Lu Family can control the entire Fifth Continent. Whoever belongs to the Fifth Continent can be controlled by the Lu Family and can be enshrined in the catalog of the gods. , Being close and ignoring the distance, assisting in the battle, it is not the main body, but it has the same strength as the main body. If the Will Ignition Platform points to the dead and the catalog of the gods, it is the living people.”

Lu Yin eye light widened, “Seal, alive?”.

Ancestor Wu nods, remembering something, “I have also been enshrined. Nine Mountains Eight Seas were enshrined and used by Lu Tianyi Senior. Senior was blocked in front of Eternal Clan by strength of oneself. At that time, Senior faced I don’t know what it is, but it is definitely not something that any one of us at Nine Mountains Eight Seas can face alone, even Xia Shang, Lao Fu can’t face it.”

said, she looked towards Lu Yin, “Lu Family is not the Will Ignition Platform or Belief Concept that is most jealous of. It is precisely this catalog of gods. With the authority of Lu Family in charge of Fifth Continent, Conferring gods at will, with the help of its strength, a Lu Family person who both awakens Will Ignition Platform innate talent and awakens the innate talent catalog is Unsolvable. You are not only facing one person is a country, but one person, a continent.” .

Kui Luo took a deep breath, “No wonder that guy Lu Qi dared to rush to New World alone on the back of the battlefield. As long as he appears, Eternal Clan Twelve Seasons will follow at least four, stare him, that guy has Will Ignition Platform, there is also a catalog of the gods, with Belief Concept on his head, wearing countless foreign objects on his body, it is simply abnormal. At that time, he was not Half-Ancestor, but Haven’t Half-Ancestor was willing to challenge him alone.”

“Yes, by the way, Lu Qi is your father”, the last sentence, Kui Luo said to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin speechless, “You can tell me earlier.”

“I remember saying it”.

“I don’t remember”.

Lu Yin is really curious about how Four Way Balance exile Lu Family? Will Ignition Platform, the catalog of the gods, plus the Lu Family retainers, he has no doubt that Lu Family possesses the terrible strength of oneself to destroy Four Way Balance, but in the end he was exile by Four Way Balance, how he thought it was wrong.

It’s too fast. When he rescues Star Union and Safflower Garden and returns to Fifth Continent, the new empty corridor should be repaired soon. When the time comes, he will bring the Fifth Continent power and Four Way Balance. After all, in Starry Sky Tree, he is definitely not an opponent of Four Way Balance. After all, there are several Ancestral Realm powerhouses, but Four Way Balance’s determination to kill him is sufficient to lead them to Fifth Continent, and he also has many hostages in his hands.

“Let’s go and see whose Mountain Sea it is,” Ancestor Wu said.

Lu Yin immediately moved towards the mountain.

Although the Mountain Sea is big, but at the speed of Lu Yin, they also quickly approached the mountain.

In front of the mountain, they stopped. Above the ocean, three silhouettes guarded three directions, blocking everyone who was approaching the mountain.

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