Star Odyssey Chapter 2236


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Wu Taibai, Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan, Bai Weiwei, and Mr. Tang and the others were all stopped. Among the three, one was Wen Chairman, the other was God of Cookery, and the other was guarding Shuge. old man.

Lu Yin and Kui Luo haven’t showed up, Ancestor Wu naturally followed the side of the body, looking into the distance.

“Chairman, why can’t you get close to the mountains?” Xia divine light was dissatisfied.

Chairman Wen said, “This is the place of the academy, no need to explain to you, go back to the Academy”.

Xia Divine Light frowned, “Since it is the place of the academy, students can be approached.” He has been here for several days, but he can’t persuade the Chairman to let him approach the mountain. The others are also the same.

Wen Chairman stopped telling him more, the power of Half-Ancestor swept Xia divine light and the others all to the academy, “Go back, here, it shouldn’t appear for the time being”.

“It’s all the ghosts of Kui Luo, the Old Guy, apart from him is no one else.” The cook has a headache.

Wen Chairman was helpless, “Why did you provoke that rascal? When he was staring at him, the college had no good life.”

The old man guarding the book pavilion on the other side said, “Let’s find him out. Get out of here this time. I don’t know what to do next time.”

“The Old Guy stayed in the academy when he was young, and the brothers were opened apart from because of their misconduct. They know the academy very well,” Wen Chairman sighed.

In the distance, Lu Yin heard it and looked towards Kui Luo weirdly, “Are you fired?”.

Kui Luo gritted his teeth, “Fart, my brothers are wandering around the world, disdain this broken academy, who was opened apart from?”.

Lu Yin said, “Actually, the academy treats you well. The fact that you are the brothers, the academy has always known, but never said it out, otherwise you may not be safe and sound under the hunt of Four Way Balance.”

Kui Luo is the most notorious Half-Ancestor in Starry Sky Tree’s history. Four Way Balance and other Great Influences have been surrounded and suppressed, including Lu Family, but they never caught it because they are not alone, but Lu Yin thought that apart from Lu Family was not understood by others, and Evoking Virtuous College had known it for a long time, but he never mentioned it.

Kui Luo coldly snorted, “Do you think they are kind? They dare not. Many people have studied at Evoking Virtuous College. They will not tell anyone’s secrets, otherwise who would trust them? What are they doing? Remain neutral? It has been disintegrated long ago.”

That’s right, Lu Yin looked towards Wen Chairman and the others, and then looked towards Ancestor Wu, “Senior, if this is the Mountain Sea, can Junior get close to that mountain and see if he can accept the inheritance of the tactics? The tactics can tell to whom this Mountain Sea once belonged.”

Ancestor Wu said, “No, this Mountain Sea now has a master”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “There is a master? Who?”.

Ancestor Wu rolled his eyes, “How do I know, I only know that there is a master now, just recently tried it by being slightly close to the mountain”.

“So even if they don’t block the Chairman, it’s useless for others to approach? Then why are they blocking?” Lu Yin puzzled.

Kui Luo laughed strangely, “Don’t let people find out that Mountain Sea has a master, or the owner of Mountain Sea is not seen, or they want to maximize the value of Mountain Sea. Why does this broken academy always attract Four Way Balance? This Mountain Sea, if the Mountain Sea has a master, would Four Way Balance still be scrupulous? They must find out who the owner is. If it is not pleasing to the eye, kill it and inherit it by themselves.”

Lu Yin took a deep breath, “The academy is so solemn, the owner of Mountain Sea and Four Way Balance are definitely not the same way”, his eye light is bright, since it is not the same way with Four Way Balance, then it is the same with him, and I must not let Four Way Balance gets involved, if you conceal it, you must conceal it.

Since Mountain Sea already has an owner, Lu Yin does not need to approach the mountain.

Ancestor Wu returned to the mirror, Kui Luo left Mountain Sea, and Lu Yin met Liu Shaoge smoothly and disguised himself as Yuhao.

Wen Chairman and several Half-Ancestors are all outside the mountain. With his strength, no one can detect.

Xia divine light and the others were not reconciled. They kept walking out of the academy and approaching the mountains, but they were thrown back by the Chairman again and again, until half a month later, when the towering trees disappeared, the incident did not end.

Lu Yin returned to the stone pillar and recalled what happened. Now Four Way Balance must be very lively, but just by guessing how impossible made them make a fuss, there is an Ancestral Realm powerhouse suppressing it.

like this, it’s best if there is not much movement so that he will not be investigated.

What he wants to do most now is to get all the bans through Bai Teng and Wang Zheng.

Looking up and looking towards Dingshangjie, there is one thing he is worried about. Once Four Way Balance turns over, Divine Martial Heaven will inevitably tell Cold Immortal Sect’s attempt to control Star Union, whether or not Cold Immortal Sect wants to control Star. Union and Four Way Balance Family Owner are all missing. There must be someone who can control Star Union. Then, will Star Union be hidden?

For anyone, Star Union is a strong force. At least, if Ancestral Realm does not come out, Star Union can play a decisive role, because Tamagawa said that Star Union has Half-Ancestor inside.

On the other side, the Chairman and several people are surprised that Mountain Sea covers Evoking Virtuous College, and Four Way Balance is actually indifferent. This is not like the style of Four Way Balance.

“Four Way Balance has no time to take care of us now. They have an accident. Wang Zheng and Long Ke are missing.” Soon, Chairman Wen got the news and was a little surprised.

The old man guarding the book court was surprised, “Xia Xing first, then Bai Teng, and now even Wang Zheng and Long Ke are missing, what’s the matter? Long Ke is not locked in Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Chairman said the news he got.

The God of Cookery exclaimed, “Who has the ability to capture Four Way Balance Patriarch at the same time? Long Ke must be controlled by someone. In fact, he was in Wangyu. I saw him when he came back. His eyes were dull. The appearance of being controlled, this time he took action against Wang Zheng in the Wang Family, but was knocked out by Xia Yuan from the Xia Family. He was also caught.”

Chairman said, “So Divine Martial Heaven, Wang Family, and White Dragon Sect all suspect that Cold Immortal Sect is acting on his own, in order to get Star Union ban and control Star Union, and take action to take away Wang Zheng and Long Ke Yes, they suspect it is Bai Xian’er.”

The God of Cookery facial expression grave, “Bai Xian’er, if it’s her, it’s not impossible, this girl is incomprehensible. She will be young next year, the same generation as Seven Heroes, and even smaller than Seven Heroes, but the cultivation base has improved. It’s too fast, now I don’t know how far it has reached, it’s rare in ancient and modern times.”

“Cold Immortal Sect is strong to the outside world. Divine Martial Heaven is always on guard. This time the three teams are working together, whether it is made by Cold Immortal Sect or not, they will curb the development of Cold Immortal Sect. Divine Martial Heaven’s conjecture is in a sense The conjectures they want,” said the old man guarding the book court.

Chairman nods, “Like this, they can’t take care of themselves and don’t have time to trouble us, but those people in Xia divine light will definitely tell Four Way Balance about this, when the time comes, they have to deal with them.”

“Come on, it’s better for me to come forward for this kind of thing,” said the God of Cookery.

At the same time, Xia Divine Light and Wang Xiaofan both reported the towering tree covering Evoking Virtuous College, and they also learned about Wang Zheng and Long Ke.

“My father is missing?” Wang Xiaofan was shocked, looking at the silhouette on the Cloud Communicating Stone, “What the hell is going on?”.

silhouette said what happened.

Wang Xiaofan’s face is low, “Long Ke takes action to my father?”.

“Everyone now guesses that Long Ke is controlled by someone. At the beginning, it was also controlled by people in Wangyu. Cold Immortal Sect is the most suspected. Divine Martial Heaven, White Dragon Sect and our Wang Family have all reported to the ancestors to Cold Immortal. Sect put pressure on it, as long as the Family Owner is not dead, it will definitely be saved.”

Wang Xiaofan exhaled and looked towards the top, Cold Immortal Sect?

Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary are very calm, except for the wind and rain at the top.

Divine Martial Heaven, Wang Family, and White Dragon Sect executives all came to Cold Immortal Sect and asked Cold Immortal Sect to surrender the missing Family Owners.

Bai Su is at a loss and does not know how to deal with it. His own Sect Master Bai Teng is also missing, but these people find them on their heads. They do not say that Cold Immortal Sect is acting by themselves. Obviously, it is Long Ke and slippers to take action to Wang Zheng. From the Xia Family, but the two parties joined forces to persecute.

Wang Zhenggang disappeared, Wang Family and White Dragon Sect have already contacted him, and now they come to the Cold Immortal Sect mountain gate and threaten to invite their ancestors.

Since Lu Family was exile, Four Way Balance has never been so messy, which is equivalent to putting the contradiction on the surface.

Cold Immortal Sect Bai Su, Wu Yao tried his best to explain, but in the face of the three parties barely Divine Martial Heaven made by Cold Immortal Sect, their explanation was pale and weak.

At this moment, only the arrival of Ancestral Realm powerhouse can make Four Way Balance calm down temporarily.

The coming ancestor is not one of Four Way Balance, but the ancestor of Cold Gate Mu Xie.

Looking at the middle-aged man walking out of the void ripples, everyone in Four Way Balance simultaneously salutes, “pays respects to Mu Xie ancestor”.

“pays respects to Mu Xie ancestors”.

“pays respects to Mu Xie ancestors”.

Countless voices echoed through the door of Cold Immortal Sect, passing everywhere.

Mu Xie is a middle-aged man with an elegant face and a soft temperament. Although he has a faint smile, his eyes seem to be able to see through everything.

“You don’t need to be polite, my ancestor is hereby entrusted by Baizu Senior to find out the truth”, Mu Xie indifferently said.

Everyone salutes once again.

Bai Su breathed a sigh of relief, “many thanks Mu Xie ancestors came forward, and asked the ancestors to be fair, I have never done Cold Immortal Sect against Xia Xing Sect Master, Wang Zheng Patriarch, Long Ke Patriarch.”

Xia Ziheng Half-Ancestor said, “A few months ago, my Divine Martial Heaven Sect Master Xia Xing disappeared, leaving traces of Unbounded assassinations at the scene. At the same time, traces of Lu Family Life Spirit Palm, Lu Family Life Spirit Palm and Cold Immortal Sect Xian Fanyao is the same trick. This is just a guess. Soon, Wangyu…”.

Xia Ziheng said all the speculations, and finally bowed to Mu Xie, “Mu Zu, if it weren’t for Cold Immortal Sect, who has this ability to take away Bai Teng in front of one’s eyes, and also precisely Cold Immortal? Sect had planned for a long time so that after Xiayuan and the others arrived in the Wang Family area, they could pretend to be Xiayuan and control Long Ke Patriarch to take action against Wang Zheng Patriarch…”.

Wang Family came forward to worship the precise Half-Ancestor who had acted on Lu Yin, and he told the truth about everything he saw.

Bai Su was angry, “Joke, I guess it was really made by Cold Immortal Sect? It is true that my Sect Master Bai Teng was missing. It was Long Ke who took action for Wang Zheng’s Patriarch, and Xia Yuan was helping. In the end it was done by me Cold Immortal Sect, it was a joke.”

The two parties kept retorting, arguing that with Mu Xie in charge, they did not dare to take action.

Wu Yao suddenly said, “When things are up, there are some things that can’t be concealed.”

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