Star Odyssey Chapter 2237


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Everyone looked towards Wu Yao, including Bai Su, he was at a loss, concealing? What are they hiding? Wait, won’t it really be done by your own sect, is it going to go to war? What about him? Find a place to hide first. He doesn’t want to die. He is just an agent Sect Master. There is really no talent in the master’s family to let him take the position.

For an instant, Bai Su thought a lot, his expression constantly changing.

Wu Yao’s face is heavy, “In fact, it’s possible to do all of this is Forgotten Ruins God.”

Everyone complexion greatly changed, “Forgotten Ruins God, one of Seven Heavenly Gods?”.

Mu Xie also complexion changed, “Forgotten Ruins God?”.

Wuyao nods, solemnly said, “There is one thing we haven’t said in order to prevent suspicion, but we can’t say it now.” He looked towards Wang Family people, “Forgotten Ruins God has appeared long ago and has taken many times. The action developed Red Back, and I was spotted by Cold Immortal Sect. Long Ke Patriarch was controlled, it’s possible that she took action.”

“Sophistry, since the Forgotten Ruins God appeared, why did you Cold Immortal Sect haven’t made it clear? And why are you sure that the Forgotten Ruins God take action? It’s clearly that you Cold Immortal Sect took action in the name of Forgotten Ruins God and wanted to unify Starry Sky Tree”, Long Tian spoke. As a direct line of White Dragon Sect, although the cultivation base is far inferior to Half-Ancestor, it is also qualified to speak.

Wu Yao looked towards Mu Xie, “Mu Zu, the reason why I Cold Immortal Sect haven’t explained the appearance of Forgotten Ruins God was because I was concerned about the face of Wang Family, but now that things have happened, some things have to be said.” He once again looked towards Wang Family everyone, “Forgotten Ruins God, one of Seven Heavenly Gods, the real identity is Wang Family ancestor, Wang Miaomiao, from the Heavenly Sect era”.

Everyone was shocked.

Mu Xie was also shocked, he didn’t know about it.

The entire Wang Family, even the ancestor Wang Fan may not know this. At the beginning of the Fifth Continent War, Wang Si did not know that the Forgotten Ruins God was Wang Miaomiao, and Wang Si’s status in the Wang Family already second only to Wang Old Ancestor Fan, she didn’t know, let alone other people.

“You nonsense, my Wang Family did have Red Back. It was Wang Xiaoyu. She caused the war between Fifth Continent and Sixth Continent. She made Ancestor Chen fight for Sixth Continent, apart from this. No Red Back,” Wang Family executives shouted.

Wu Yao said, “I haven’t said nonsense. In fact, Wang Miaomiao’s method was used to trap the Fourth Young Ancestor in the Ruins of Sitting and Forgetting. Otherwise, Wang Xiaoyu would make Ancestral Realm powerhouse embarrassed. She is just Half- Ancestor, who controls Long Ke Patriarch also uses Wang Family Sitting Forgetfulness Technique.”

“What evidence do you have?” Everyone in Wang Family did not believe it.

Others don’t believe it.

This starry sky does not disappear like the Fifth Continent. They know about Taoist Origin Sect era, and they also know something about Heavenly Sect era. Naturally, Wang Family also knows the name Wang Miaomiao. They couldn’t think of it. The incident will involve the ancient existence of Wang Miaomiao.

Mu Xie looked at Wu Yao, “Can there be evidence for Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Wu Yao raised his head, “Naturally, the evidence comes from Lu Family, Wang Miaomiao’s identity, precisely from Lu Tianyi’s ancestor, Lu Family was exile, and some documents were obtained by my Cold Immortal Sect, including Lu Some things about Seven Heavenly Gods written by the ancestor Tianyi himself, Wang Miaomiao is the Forgotten Ruins God of Seven Heavenly Gods among”.

Whether Wang Family believes it or not, since Wu Yao dares to say, there is naturally decisive evidence.

After Ban Tian, ​​Divine Martial Heaven, Wang Family, and White Dragon Sect all disappeared. Then, Four Way Balance and a group of experts went to the Central Level Boundary Cloudy Mountains Region to search wildly for the Forgotten Ruins God mentioned by Wu Yao.

In the Cold Immortal Sect mountain gate, Bai Su looked at Wu Yao, “Really Forgotten Ruins God did it?”.

Wuyao haven’t replied, Bai Su is just a puppet, and there are things he doesn’t deserve to know.

Four Way Balance Sect Master is missing, who did Wu Yao do not know, he pushed everything to Forgotten Ruins God, instructions from Bai Xian’er, he didn’t expect to receive Bai Xian’er instructions, click Forgotten Ruins God this person.

Divine Martial Heaven’s three parties jointly pressed Cold Immortal Sect, and they haven’t done it barely by Cold Immortal Sect. They were just guessing. Since it is a guess, give them a more reasonable guess.

Seven Heavenly Gods grabbed the Four Way Balance Sect Master and left a trace, causing Four Way Balance infighting. This is the best guess. Everyone will believe it.

As for the evidence, it is not actually evidence, it just proves that Forgotten Ruins God is Wang Miaomiao, nothing more. There has never been evidence that Forgotten Ruins God has appeared.

Bai Xian’er asked Wu Yao to create a Forgotten Ruins God to take over everything, and this resolved a contradiction. As for Divine Martial Heaven, it doesn’t matter that the three parties believe or not, what’s important is that their hostile target is transferred Unless there is evidence that Cold Immortal Sect did the Four Way Balance Sect Master’s disappearance, they will always be suspected, not determined.

Speaking of which, Wu Yao looked towards Central Level Boundary, who did it? Bai Xian’er know? Or is she really doing it?

Divine Martial Heaven guessed Bai Xian’er most among the three parties.

Lu Yin from Evoking Virtuous College does not know that the Cold Immortal Sect crisis is temporarily lifted. He can create misunderstandings, and Bai Xian’er can also transfer misunderstandings. It depends on what to do.

He waited at Evoking Virtuous College, waiting for Four Way Balance to find trouble. Of course, it was not related to Wang Zheng and their disappearance, but Mountain Sea, Evoking Virtuous College’s Mountain Sea.

Four Way Balance cares about the Mountain Sea of ​​Evoking Virtuous College. Their Mountain Sea has appeared, and Four Way Balance will be impossible to ignore even in the civil strife.

But after waiting for a few days, he had two classes. Four Way Balance was still haven’t moved, so he decided to talk to Bai Teng and the others, and set out the ban as soon as possible.

Who would have thought that one day, Four Way Balance Sect Masters would gather and be locked up on a mountain.

Lu Yin looked at Bai Teng who was slightly trapped in front of him, then looked at Xia Xing avatar, Wang Zheng, Long Ke, a wave of pride spread in the heart, today he can catch the Four Way Balance Sect Master, tomorrow , May not be able to catch the Four Way Balance ancestors.

The former Lu Family can be in charge of Fifth Continent, Will Ignition Platform points dead people, and canonize the living people in the catalog of the gods, he can also.

As it slowly dispersed, Bai Teng recovered his freedom, opened his eyes, and saw Lu Yin.

At this moment, Lu Yin is not what he is. If he talks to Bai Teng in his own capacity, he can’t talk about anything. He has murderous vengeance against Bai Teng. No matter what, Bai Teng is impossible to tell him to ban, so he Disguised as a stranger again, a very ordinary stranger.

Bai Teng looked at the stranger in front of him, his eye light flickered, and kept recalling where he had seen him, and wanted to find out his identity.

“Don’t read it, I have never appeared in your intelligence, but in the future, I should often deal with your Four Way Balance”, Lu Yin said slowly.

Bai Teng’s face was sullen, “who you are? Did you catch me?”.

Lu Yin carried his hands on his back, “have haven’t heard of it before, break Yihui?”.

Bai Teng’s eye light opened sharply, “Are you the one who breaks trade?”.

Originally, Lu Yin wanted to pretend to be a person from the Broken Exchange Society to talk to Bai Teng. Since he wants to be banned, of course there must be a reason. After all, Bai Teng is a Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master, not an ordinary people. Lu Yin is worried about Bai Teng’s His identity is in the direction of Lu Family’s surviving minister, then it is troublesome. He is unable to catch another Cold Immortal Sect senior. Bai Teng is the only chance.

But when you look at Bai Teng like this, he seems to know about the Broken-Yi Club, so it won’t work. Who knows how much he knows about Bro-Yi, especially there must be some support behind the Bro-Yi Club, not Bai Teng! Thinking of this, Lu Yin hurriedly said, “I am entrusted by the Duanyi Club to catch you.”

Bai Teng complexion changed, “Division will let you catch me?”.

Lu Yin is calm, even if the Broken Yi Society is really controlled by Bai Teng behind the scenes, it’s okay to say that, how can it be a haven’t traitor?

Bai Teng ugly complexion is extremely, “Who asked you to catch me?”.

“I don’t know, a youngster named Zuoshan came to me. I paid the price and I took the risk to catch you. Now there is already a mess outside. Cold Immortal Sect is looking for you frantically, but you should not hope, they can’t find it.” , Lu Yin spoke lightly.

Bai Teng eye light is cold and cold, Zuoshan, there is indeed this person in the Brokerage Club, Command Lord Zuo’s nephew, Lu Yin guess is not bad, he really knows the Brokerage Club, but it is not behind the scenes, but cooperation.

As the Puppet Sect Master of Cold Immortal Sect, Bai Teng wants to control the Cold Immortal Sect all the time. Die Yi will be one of the objects of his cooperation. He has to do everything possible to increase his influence, and Die Yi will be so easy on the back The control of some materials on the battlefield is inseparable from his support, but he didn’t expect that Shuanyi would have people arrest him. Why?

“The Broken Yi Society just let you catch me? Why on earth? If it is because of the destruction of them by Four Way Balance, then I can’t do anything. Divine Martial Heaven got their information from Unbounded. I can’t help them.” Bai Teng Asked.

Lu Yin said, “The Brokerage Club would like to know the prohibition of Star Union.”

Bai Teng complexion greatly changed, “You caught Xia Xing avatar too?”.

Lu Yin’s mouth bends, “smart”.

Bai Teng was puzzled, “The Broken Union dared to hit Star Union’s attention, they are crazy.” He thought that Broken Union was cleared by Four Way Balance to do this kind of thing, but now they are There was a plan, Xia Xing avatar was caught but before the Unbounded headquarters was destroyed.

“This has nothing to do with you, and it has nothing to do with me. In short, tell me the prohibition, I don’t kill you, don’t tell me, die immediately, this is the original words of the Brokerage Society”, Lu Yin said.

“I want to talk to Mr. Qiu,” Bai Teng said.

Lu Yin eye light flashes, Mr. Qiu? The formation eye of the fifth base formation on the back of the battlefield? It turns out that he is the ruler of the Broken Yihui, “Will Broken Yi come forward? Only I will talk to you. Speak out, otherwise, you will have to die.”

“I’m dead, you will be more impossible to get the ban”, Bai Teng said, “Since you have captured Xia Xing first, you must be determined to win the ban. Cold Immortal Sect knows that only a few people are banned, apart from me , Who else can you catch?”.

Lu Yin looked at Bai Teng and said, “You are wrong, not you, it is them, I, and it has nothing to do with the Broken Yi Hui.”

Bai Teng eye light lit up, “What benefits has Broken Yihui offer you? I can give you double as long as you can let me go.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, pretending to be interested, approaching Bai Teng, “Can you afford it?”.

Bai Teng disdain, “Easy Broken Association can afford it. As a Cold Immortal Sect Sect Master, I can certainly afford it”.

“But you are just a puppet Sect Master. Today’s agent Sect Master is Bai Su”, Lu Yin said.

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