Star Odyssey Chapter 2238


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After hearing Lu Yin’s words, Bai Teng was furious. He was most disgusted with the word puppet in his life. Just about to refute, he suddenly remembered something, stare Lu Yin, “Is Bai Su acting as the Sect Master?”.

Lu Yin nods, “He cooperates very well with your Cold Immortal Sect Wu Yao Half-Ancestor, and I really enjoy being a Sect Master.”

Bai Teng clenched his fists, Bai Su, why should he act as the Sect Master? This person is more puppet than him.

Cold Immortal Sect turned Bai Su to act as the Sect Master so soon. He never thought of saving him back. The more he thought about it, the more angry and angry Bai Teng became. Suddenly he stare Lu Yin and said, What are you? I double, as long as you let me go, I will not only give you double benefits, but also allow you to join me in Cold Immortal Sect. You should know that my daughter is Bai Xian’er, Bai Xian’er.”

When referring to the three words Bai Xian’er, Lu Yin complexion changed, and the eye light is full of fear.

“At the beginning of the red flower rain, no one knows the starry sky. If you dare to kill me, Bai Xian’er will definitely not let you go. Why do you think Bro Yi would let you take action? They themselves are expert as clouds, Qiu He is always Half-Ancestor, who can easily catch me, and let you take action is to let you act as a dead ghost and extinguish the anger of Bai Xian’er for them,” Bai Teng said.

Lu Yin frowned, “I can tell Bai Xian’er that it is difficult to let me take action”.

“You are too naive, and the break will have a great influence. They will know that Bai Xian’er will leave the customs in advance, so that you will lose the opportunity to blame them in advance. You are impossible.” Bai Teng threatened, “You think you can really take Is it possible to take advantage of me? Mr. Qiu will not give you a chance.”

Lu Yin eye light flickered, obviously being moved, “I caught you, Cold Immortal Sect couldn’t find it, why did Bai Xian’er find it?”.

Bai Teng screams, “The world does not know that my daughter has a book in her hand, which can be read through to the future. It is also precisely because of that book, Lu Family was only able to”, when he said this, he suddenly screamed.

Lu Yin eye light shrank, stretched out his hand and grabbed him, “Go on.”

Bai Teng face deathly pale, his body trembles constantly, blood is flowing down the eyes, nose, ears, within the body and the terrifying rumbling sound, he spit out blood and fainted directly.

Lu Yin stared blankly. Bai Teng knew that he knew what happened to the Lu Family, but he was also banned and couldn’t say it. Just recently, he said a little bit, that’s the tragic situation.

Lu Family is closely related to Bai Xian’er by exile. He has always known it, but through Bai Teng’s words, Lu Yin found that she still underestimated the role Bai Xian’er played in it. She had a copy Books, can you see through to the future?

Is it the Book of Destiny?

Bai Xian’er, Red Flower Rain, Book of Destiny, and Lu Family are getting closer and closer to the truth of exile, but Bai Teng is impossible to say.

Lu Yin stood quietly waiting for Bai Teng to wake up.

Bai Teng is very miserable, within the body meridians broke apart, internal organs are shattered, and the seven orifices are bleeding, but he is Star Envoy, these injuries will not make him abolished, as long as the Star Origin Cyclone is not broken, it will be fine.

It took a long time before Bai Teng woke up, rubbing his head in pain and coughing up blood constantly.

Lu Yin looked towards him, “You said something you shouldn’t say?”.

Bai Teng’s pupils keep flickering, full of fear, can’t you really say that? Xian’er reminded herself that she thought she was a threat. Didn’t expect said that the consequences would be so serious. She has haven’t when she is father? She really wanted to kill herself.

At this moment, Bai Teng’s heart is cold and fearful.

He is the puppet Sect Master. As long as Bai Xian’er exits, he will be driven away, but Bai Xian’er is his daughter and will take care of him. He will stand at the top of the Starry Sky Tree throughout his life.

At this moment, however, he saw something clearly, Bai Xian’er, who didn’t care about his life or death.

“Do you want to continue talking?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Teng is bitter, “There are some things I can’t say”.

“Can’t you remember Lu Family same with us?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Teng was helpless, “more serious than that”.

Lu Yin looked at him, “Then what can you say?”.

Bai Teng took a deep breath and looked up at Lu Yin. Lu Yin found that he had changed. His eye light is no longer sharp, but something is more. “Bai Xian’er has a book in his hand to read through to the future. You kill I, she can find out, no matter what, she will definitely avenge me, you will definitely die, I can swear, use my life, use my cultivation base, and swear by everything I have.”

Lu Yin frowned, “I will not kill you, as long as you say the prohibition, I can imprison you.”

“She can find the same”, Bai Teng said.

Lu Yin laughed, “I don’t believe it”.

Bai Teng wiped the blood stains off his face, and half of the Face is red. “You promised that Bro Yi will catch me just for the benefits they gave. I said, let me go, I will take you to Cold Immortal Sect , I swear that I won’t do anything to you, we can even form an alliance, you help me, I help you, with me, I will not dare to do anything, I will immediately solve the old ghost after I go out, your benefits are only more Quite a lot”.

“You should know what it means to join Cold Immortal Sect under this starry sky, unless you and Cold Immortal Sect are enemies.”

Said that many, Bai Teng already impossible thought of Lu Yin’s identity in the direction of Lu Family’s surviving minister. Lu Yin was silent for a moment, “Prohibition, you must give it to me, I promised that I will not break my promise, but “, said, he knelt down, stare Bai Teng, “I can let you go and let you return to Cold Immortal Sect alive, double benefits, you said.”

Bai Teng eye light shone, “I can swear”.

Lu Yin waved his hand, “You don’t need to swear, give me the benefits first, and you can only give me first, even if I might repent and kill you.”

Bai Teng exhales, “I can only gamble”.

“So, what about the ban?” Lu Yin said, “I remind you that Xia Xing was caught by me, and the Broken Yi will already get his ban. If the ban you give is false, I will kill you.” .

Bai Teng said, “It doesn’t matter, who controls Star Union is something Four Way Balance considers, I’m just a puppet”.

Lu Yin believes that Bai Teng will not give him false bans. He has an embarrassing position in Cold Immortal Sect. There is no need to take his own life for Cold Immortal Sect, otherwise he will not cooperate with the Break Yi Society to continuously improve his influence. He has ambition, but unfortunately haven’t the ability to match ambition.

After getting the ban, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, only Wang Family was left.

“What is the price of the Brokerage Society? Can you risk catching me?” Bai Teng asked, he was really curious.

Lu Yin watched Wei gradually block Bai Teng, “Don’t worry, you will know soon, I said that if you will let go, you will let you go.”

After Bai Teng was sealed, Lu Yin looked towards the last person, Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng is different from Bai Teng. He is the real Wang Family Patriarch. He is the descendant of the ancestor Wang Fan. No one can shake his position. It is more difficult to deal with him.

Lu Yin restores his true colors, disperses and faces Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng looked at the youngster standing in front of him, his eye light flashed in surprise, “I really thought it was Cold Immortal Sect take action, didn’t expect it to be you, Lu Xiaoxuan”.

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “Wang Zheng Patriarch, it’s been a long time.”

Wang Zheng was surprised, “Do you remember?”.

“haven’t, but we have seen it in Dragon Mountain”, Lu Yin said.

Wang Zheng nods, “At that time you escaped and returned to Abandoned Land, but now you dare to come.” What he remembered, “Could it be that you were chased by the expeditionary army go up to heaven or down to Hades No way, can only come to this starry sky?”.

Lu Yin laughed, “This is what you want to see most at Four Way Balance”.

Wang Zheng said solemnly, “What we want to see most is that you are caught back, or that skeleton doesn’t exist, instead of standing in front of me, plot against me, plot against Four Way Balance, or even cause Four Way Balance civil strife, Lu Xiaoxuan, how did you do it? You captured Xia Xing and Bai Teng, and you also controlled Long Ke.”

“What is your purpose?”.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “You can believe Divine Martial Heaven’s speculation, guessing it was made by Cold Immortal Sect, why can’t you graft the purpose of Cold Immortal Sect to me?”.

Wang Zheng blurted out, “Do you want to save Star Union?”.

Lu Yin nods, “I don’t want to hide it, yes, I just want to save Star Union.”

“Don’t be delusional, I’m impossible to tell you the prohibition, you can’t get it from me, Xia Xing, White Dragon, Long Ke, they will not tell you the same,” Wang Zheng snapped.

Lu Yin shrugged, “I will think of a way, but Wang Zheng Patriarch, you must tell me that I am not an escape from this starry sky. The Fifth Continent, which is what you call Abandoned Land, is under my control. The so-called expeditionary forces are also under my control.”

“Joke”, Wang Zheng is impossible to believe.

Lu Yin looked at Wang Zheng calmly and said two words, “Wang Yi”.

Wang Zheng’s expression changed drastically, and he couldn’t believe he looked at Lu Yin, “What did you say?”.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “You won’t forget it, Wang Yi”.

Wang Zheng was shocked, “How do you know this name, what do you know?”.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “There is nothing to let people know. She is the source of Lu Family’s exile, and the source of Wang Si’s hatred of my Lu Family. Now, don’t you believe that I control the expeditionary army? Wang Si , Old Monster Bai, Xia Yingxiong, these people are under my control, Wang Family, Divine Martial Heaven, I know many things well.”

“Impossible, how can you control the Expeditionary Force based on the strength of your Abandoned Land? You have the Ancestral Realm powerhouse behind you. We know that, but the Expeditionary Force also has Ancestral Realm, but with the power of Ancestral Realm, how could you possibly be able to deal with it? they?”.

“You are too underestimated on Fifth Continent, I can tell you that Ancestor Chen is not dead”.

Wang Zheng once again was shocked, what Lu Yin said made his three views subverted.

“At the time I broke through Star Envoy, I was looking at your Starry Sky Tree far away, and I was setting up for you at that time, just waiting for you to come”, Lu Yin said.

Wang Zheng still doesn’t believe it, “It’s Eternal Clan that destroyed the Xinkong Corridor, and Eternal Clan aggressively attacked your Abandoned Land. For this reason, my Starry Sky Tree started a rare battle and wanted to delay most of Eternal Clan’s power on the back battlefield. “.

“Thank you,” Lu Yin raised his head. “If it weren’t for your delay, we would be in danger, but fortunately, the crisis has passed. When the Xinkong Corridor is restored, you can see the expeditionary forces under my control. Then each and everyone Half-Ancestor, each and everyone Star Envoy, including your Wang Family’s Wang Su, Wang Yi and those Heaven’s Chosen, their life and death are only in my mind.”

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