Star Odyssey Chapter 2240


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In Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Yin hurriedly checked the Congealing Space Ring, hundreds of billions, directly hundreds of billions of cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence, he covered his chest, it hurts, it hurts, it actually consumes hundreds of billions of crystal essence. After that, when the cultivation base is raised, how much will it cost to integrate into Half-Ancestor within the body? Finally, when you have achieved Ancestral Realm, how much does it cost to integrate into other Ancestral Realm within the body? He didn’t dare to think about it.

Fifth Continent plus Star Crystal Essence from Starry Sky Tree is enough to splurge? Some hang up.

No matter what, he still has to shake, he must try his best to integrate into one of the Star Union members within the body and unblock them.

Thinking about it, with the mood of worrying about gains and losses but looking forward to it, Lu Yin a finger pointed, three o’clock, continue, one point, continue, four o’clock, no more.

Already shakes four times, Lu Yin enters Static Time Dimension to recite First Ancestor’s Moral Sutra, Cultivate Starry Sky Technique, and after a year, he will have to rest for ten days before shaking dice again.

Unfortunately, time is not allowed. There are ten more days to take the students to the top of the world to experience. He was called out by Wen Chairman.

There is one month to confirm the list. During this month, Mr. Tang and Mr. Wei were both clarifying the students’ puzzles and helping them to improve their strength as much as possible, but Lu Yin never appeared. He should have appeared in the last ten days.

As for shaking dice, look for opportunities.

Not everyone has seen Mother Tree up close.

Under the Cloud Ladder, the God of Cookery smiled and watched many students marveling and talking. None of these students had seen Mother Tree up close.

Most of the people who can enter Evoking Virtuous College come from the elite lineages of various families. After all, Evoking Virtuous College requires too much innate talent. Of course, there are also some haven’t resources for the children of loose cultivator, but the innate talent is extremely high and they are also paid for. Academy.

This time, the 25 students selected by Chairman Wen are all of this type. Those who can’t bring Four Way Balance to experience are all family powers. Those students are completely submissive when facing Four Way Balance.

Evoking Virtuous College arrived, Smoke Cloud Sect separately prepared Cloud Ladder for them to use, and very generous Haven’t searched their Congealing Space Ring, which is rare.

Lu Yin was surprised.

“Four Way Balance already expressed kindness to the college”, Mr. Tang said, his tone a little worried.

Lu Yin said, “Mr. Don’t want to like this?”.

Mr. Tang eye light is complicated, “I hope the college will always be that college”.

Before Four Way Balance intervened, there were not many tutors in Evoking Virtuous College, like Wu Taibai and Mr. Bai, none of them, including Mr. Wei, but as the college expanded its enrollment, not only did the number of students increase, but the number of tutors also increased. Among the mentors, Wu Taibai and Mr. Bai clearly belong to Four Way Balance. It is unknown how many other mentors belong to Four Way Balance.

Mr. Tang has always been the mentor of the academy. Same as Mr Zheng, I hope the academy will never change, but this is just a dream that’s all.

Four Way Balance impossible allows forces outside of control to exist, especially the Academy and Mountain Sea.

“Some things are not controlled by humans. Don’t think too many, sir. Since the general trend is the trend, we should do what we should do.” Mr. Wei said with a smile.

Mr.Tang nods, “Haven’t you youngsters can see, yes, these are the Chairmen who worry about them. They have nothing to do with us, so concentrate on teaching students.”

The God of Cookery listened to their conversation with Haven’t. He couldn’t control some things.

Not far away, Xia Divine Light and the others looked indifferent. They didn’t care about Evoking Virtuous College. They thought about what happened at Four Way Balance recently. They always felt a shadow.

The Cloud Ladder floats up, Lu Yin looks at the smaller and smaller Central Level Boundary, looks up, the soil on the top of the upper boundary is within reach, perhaps precisely this piece of soil, the Four Way Balance exile Lu Family, they want to watch Starry Sky Tree all the sky, instead of looking up can only look at the ground at the feet of Lu Family.

Most students come to Dingshangjie for the first time. Even if some students have a family background, it does not mean they have been to Dingshang.

In the distance, a silhouette with a smile, watching the crowd arrive, walks to the God of Cookery, and salutes respectfully, “Wang Miaomiao pays respects to the God of Cookery Senior.”

A crowd of people looked at the visitors, many of them were amazing, beautiful women.

Looking at Wang Miaomiao, Lu Yin is indeed very beautiful. Compared with Yan’er, his appearance is sufficient, his temperament is graceful, his gestures are ethereal, but he has a hint of maturity. He should be quite old, but not Come out, at least not from the appearance.

Wang Xiaofan saw the incoming person, his eye light flashed, stare looked.

“It turned out to be Fairy, Wang Family actually sent you here. They don’t put you under house arrest?”, The God of Cookery was surprised, and the tone hadn’t been perfunctory to Four Way Balance. Instead, he brought his elders to Junior. The concern is rare.

Wang Miaomiao once again salutes, looks at the God of Cookery, and smiles playfully, “Family apart from me, no one can see Senior’s eyes, they are also afraid of being reprimanded by Senior”.

The God of Cookery laughed, “I don’t dare to scold the Wang Family people, but it’s good to see you, it’s been a long time.”

The smile on Wang Miaomiao’s face gradually disappeared, “I haven’t seen it since Lu Family disappeared.”

The God of Cookery sighed, “Don’t talk about this, let’s go, go to Wang Family continent, there, I haven’t been there for a long time.”

“Since the Wang Family continent moved from the Central Level Boundary to the Top Realm, Senior has never been here”, Wang Miaomiao said.

The God of Cookery reluctantly said, “Don’t mention it, this girl still wants to be under house arrest.”

Wang Miaomiao’s eyes waved, once again with a playful smile, “It doesn’t matter, if I get under house arrest again, Senior will organize another experience, they still have to let me come out to greet, Senior don’t give others a good face.”

The God of Cookery speechless.

Among the students, Bai Weiwei approached Wang Xiaofan, “Hey, that is the wonderful Fairy that you always talk about in your dreams? It’s really beautiful.”

Wang Xiaofan frowned, “Don’t talk nonsense”.

Bai Weiwei smiled, “Don’t pretend, we have known each other since we were young. You mentioned a lot about her, but you didn’t mention it when you grow up. Now you dare not even admit it?”.

Wang Xiaofan stared at Bai Weiwei, “I said, don’t talk nonsense”.

On the other side, Nong Siniang exclaimed, “I actually saw Fairy Miao and thought that Wang Family would keep her under house arrest.”

“What happened to her?” Lu Yin asked.

Nong Siniang is weird, “Mister doesn’t know?”.

Lu Yin said, “I am not interested in things outside of Yucheng”.

Nong Si Niang pursed his lips, “Miao Fairy was the most outstanding child of the Wang Family a hundred years ago. Although it is not a direct line, it surpasses the direct line. She is similar to Wang Su in the Wang Family. She is a branch, but because she is close to the Lu Family She has been under house arrest. It is said that after Lu Family was exile, she scolded Wang Fan, the ancestor of Wang Family.”

Lu Yin was startled, “Have you scolded Wang Fan? Really?”.

Nong Si Niang shook his head, “I don’t know, it’s spread like this, if it’s true or false, I won’t understood. Anyway, she has been under house arrest since that day and never came out again. Didn’t expect was actually sent out today to welcome her. We, the God of Cookery Senior, have great face.”

Lu Yin turned his head and looked towards the wonderful Fairy. No matter true or false, this woman must have done something that led to the house arrest, no matter whether it is true or false. If she has ever scolded Wang Fan, she would be a ruthless character , Dare to do anything.

Wen Chairman previously marveled that he was not polite to Half-Ancestor Xia Ziheng. If this woman really scolded Wang Fan, she would have the courage to throw him 1,000,000 times.

The one sent by Wang Family to welcome Evoking Virtuous College is a very large boat with white paper folded out of it.

After everyone got on the boat, Wang Miaomiao told everyone to go to the Wang Family experience, San Ah desperate situation.

“San Ah desperate situation?” Nong Siniang exclaimed.

Bai Weiwei, Xia divine light, including Wang Xiaofan, were surprised, and even God of Cookery was surprised, “San Ah desperate situation? Wang Family is actually willing to open San Ah desperate situation for students?”.

Wang Miaomiao said with a smile, “Yes, San Ah desperate situation, as long as you have the ability, you can break through together. I suggest that each and everyone break through to get the most benefit.”

Mr. Tang exclaimed, “Wang Family is really spending money this time, and all three desperate situations can be opened up.”

Lu Yin is puzzled, but haven’t asked.

Mr. Wei’s voice came out, “According to legend, the desperate situation of San Ah is experienced by every discipline of Wang Family, regardless of the collateral lineage of the direct line. It contains Combat Technique cultivation techniques, resources, and training qualifications. Desperate situation There are sufficient rare treasure foreign objects that allow cultivators under the Exploration Realm to protect themselves, as well as Combat Technique cultivation techniques, but they are not top-notch. In the desperate situation, you can get the Wang Family’s famous Sitting Forgetfulness Technique and cultivation. Qualifications, as for the highest desperate situation, there are not only cultivation techniques Combat Technique, but also Secret Techniques, crystal robbing and training qualifications.”

“All Wang Family disciple yearn for something even in dreams is to enter San Ah desperate situation”.

Mr. Tang said, “It is said that this wonderful Fairy was able to defeat the descendant of the same generation at the beginning, relying on the opportunity obtained in the desperate situation of San Ah, Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, Secret Technique, did not lose to his peers with Wang Family. The qualified direct line eventually surpassed the direct line. The desperate situation is the best opportunity for the branch disciple to surpass the direct line by the Wang Family, but I have never heard of it opening to the outside world.”

“Even if the original Lu Family wanted to let the children in, it had to pay a price.”

Lu Yin eye light flashes, the Congealing Space Ring is not searched under the Cloud Ladder. Fairy greets it, and then the desperate situation opens up in San Ah. Wang Family is too good for the students of Evoking Virtuous College, as if deliberately showing the same, Mr. Zheng’s words flashed in his mind, what will Four Way Balance do?

When the other students learned about the desperate situation of San Ah, the eye light all lit up, and they were excited about something.

Wang Miaomiao shook his head and sneered, “Wang Family wants to grab students from Evoking Virtuous College based on the qualifications in the desperate situation of San Ah, Senior, you should be aware of it.”

The God of Cookery was helpless, “It is clear what, the college does not prohibit students from joining the sect force, as long as they want, everyone can join the Wang Family.”

Wang Miaomiao said, “All the students join Wang Family. Is the academy still a college? Four Way Balance wants to use this method to empty the academy and finally get the academy. This seems to be a poisonous trick that Xia Family came up with.”

The God of Cookery is funny, “You are too blunt.”

“They are too insidious. Few people can stop the temptation of Wang Family to cultivate qualifications. Senior should think of a way. All students of Evoking Virtuous College have joined Four Way Balance, and this college is not yours.”, Wang Miaomiao said.

The God of Cookery is bitter, what can he do? Evoking Virtuous College is special. Just like this experience, the tutor chooses the student, and the student can also choose the tutor. The control of the college is not only in the hands of the tutor and the chairman, but the student also has the right to decide. Once the students join Four Way Balance, Evoking Virtuous College It’s not the original Evoking Virtuous College.

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