Star Odyssey Chapter 2240

Wang Zheng is tricky, he underestimated Lu Yin, this child has not moved his legs until now apart from, what’s the matter? Shouldn’t like this.

He stare Lu Yin, his fingers are bent, black ropes are bound to appear void, Secret Technique – Banned.

Lu Yin’s body moved once again, and he avoided the forbidden Secret Technique.

Wang Zheng’s scalp numb, impossible, impossible, this is Secret Technique, this is Secret Technique, the Secret Technique created by the ancestor Wang Fan, how could he be avoided?

He once again used the Supreme Secret Technique in an attempt to imprint his own invincibility into Lu Yin’s brain.

But Lu Yin eye light was calm and smiled. The Supreme Secret Technique was actually useful to him. He was taken aback for a moment, but also for a moment. With Wang Zheng’s strength, how could it be possible to make him feel invincible? The gap between the two is too great.

Although he has three Origin Tribulations, he is sufficient to force the Origin Tribulation expert six times, especially Backstep Small Accomplishment, which can achieve the same void as Ancestor Chen and crack all the Combat Techniques. This is not the limit of the cultivation base. Up.

Wang Zheng used all kinds of methods, and he looked pale and weak under Backstep.

Wang Zheng pressed down on the single palm, Wang Family Sitting Forgetfulness Technique.

Lu Yin still relied on Backstep to forcefully crack.

At the beginning, Ancestor Chen used Backstep to break the Amplifying Universe Sutra Awareness Realm with Enlightenment Realm cultivation base forcibly, not to mention the Trifling Sitting Forgetfulness Technique.

Wang Zheng complexion pale, can’t be confident looking at Lu Yin, he is already using all the power he has in his hands, and on the other side, Lu Yin still carries his hands on his back.

He didn’t fight with an Origin Tribulation cultivator three times at all, just like facing Half-Ancestor, that kind of powerless despair completely broke his state of mind.

“Impossible, how can you achieve this level?” Wang Zheng was shocked.

Lu Yin pity, “You keep on saying that you want to inherit Mountain Sea, but do you know what kind of talent it’s possible to inherit Mountain Sea? Do you really understand Nine Mountains Eight Seas?”.

Wang Zheng trembled all over.

Lu Yin shook his head, “You don’t understand, you cannot understand the invincibility of Ancestor Chen, the wisdom of Ancestor Hui, the creativity of Ancestor Wu, and the horror of your own Wang Fan ancestor, Nine Mountains Eight Seas. , Is another level, like you and me now”, the voice fell, Lu Yin stepped out, obviously backed up and moved forward, appeared directly in front of Wang Zheng, and then passed by, still carrying his hands, nothing. do.

But Wang Zheng spit out blood, kneeling on his knees, sweat dripping down his forehead, he stared at the blood stains spreading on the ground. Did Lu Xiaoxuan take action? He doesn’t understand at all.

Lu Yin looked back towards Wang Zheng, who was gradually falling down, just recently he used the Backstep to cross Wang Zheng’s moment, and he went against chaos void.

void contains space and time, and time and space are in reverse chaos, which makes Wang Zheng’s normal space unable to bear it, and collapses directly, which leads to Wang Zheng’s collapse.

This move seems simple, but how many people can since ancient times do?

Just Backstep, he can be invincible under Half-Ancestor, and the cultivation base can no longer restrict him.

With three Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, he embarked on the road ahead of time to create his own cultivation system. This is how Wang Zheng can understand.

Lu Yin not only heavy wounds Wang Zheng, but also caused Wang Zheng’s mentality to collapse.

Taking this opportunity, he put his hand on Wang Zheng’s back, and activated the restraint of his control to invade Wang Zheng within the body, Wang Zheng once again vomited out blood, his head was dizzy, and everything he saw in front of him was blurred. He didn’t know what happened to him within the body, he just felt a familiar force invaded, and he also had this force.

Lu Yin stare Wang Zheng, he felt his restriction collide with the restriction controlled by Wang Zheng. He felt it, but it was difficult to understand. He quickly took out Wisdom Root and made tea. After taking the first sip, his mind is bright and his eyes are bright. After a lot, once again feel the restriction of Wang Zheng within the body confrontation, he understands.

On top of the stone pillar, Lu Yin sits quietly, tapping his fingers on the tabletop, thinking about prohibition in his head.

The prohibition obtained by this method is definitely more reliable than others said, and by this method, he also verified the authenticity of the prohibition given by Xia Xing avatar and Bai Teng.

They haven’t lied, the prohibition is true.

So, Four Way Balance is banned, and he gets all of it, except for the release of Star Union.

This is not simpler than getting the ban from Four Way Balance, Lu Yin eye light flickers, thinking constantly.

Not long after, Mr. Wei visited and brought a newly discovered biography of Wenzu.

“If you guessed right, Wenzu had cut his own cultivation base back then, in other words, sealed his own cultivation base and became ordinary people and wandered around the world…” Mr. Wei said.

Lu Yin is not very interested in Wenzu. It is purely a class. The Ancestral Realm powerhouse, which was born in human history, is too many. He is impossible to understand, but Mr. Wei is very kind. If he finds it, tell him so he can Solve the first issue faster.

After listening to Ban Tian, ​​Lu Yin heard it out, “So Wen Zu became an ancestor because he traveled around the world, and as an ordinary people, he saw the world’s coldness?”.

“it’s possible, but for Ancestral Realm, neither you nor I understand, but every Ancestral Realm walks on his own path, perhaps this is the path of Wenzu, I found the poems that were sung a long time ago Confucian classics, there must be written by Wenzu pseudonym”, Mr. Wei said, taking out a pile of books from Congealing Space Ring.

Lu Yin admired, “Mr. Wei’s spirit of historical research is admired.”

Mr. Wei looked towards Lu Yin, “Mr. Haoyu doesn’t seem to be interested in Wenzu’s affairs.”

Lu Yin said, “Of course not, but Wenzu has been around for a long time. It is really difficult to understand his life and deeds. I would like to know more about the Fire Phoenix.”

“There may be clues in this,” Mr. Wei said, and then carefully read these ancient books.

Lu Yin looked at her profile. This Mr. Wei is a cross-dresser with a mysterious identity. I don’t know what it would be like to make her look like a woman again? Thinking, he just kept Mr. Stare Mi.

Mr. Wei didn’t care about him at all, so he focused on reading the ancient book.

On another stone pillar, Wen Zhao came back to see this scene, which was a bit strange.

Mr. Tang also saw it, laughed.

After a long time, Mr. Wei closed the ancient book. She looked at it for several hours, turned her head, and looked at Lu Yin, who looked at her for several hours.

The two looked at each other, relatively speechless.

Lu Yin coughed, “Have you finished reading?”.

Mr. Wei’s nods, the expression is natural, “After reading, haven’t records of verses related to Fire Phoenix”.

“It’s a pity,” Lu Yin said, “By the way, why is Mr. Wei so interested in history?”.

Mr. Wei put away the ancient book, “Actually, I am interested in a person, but to understand that person, I must understand the entire history.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Who?”.

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