Star Odyssey Chapter 2241


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Under Lu Yin eye light, Mr. Wei showed admiration, “Ancestor Hui”.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Ancestor Hui?”.

Mr. Wei’s nods, “Although Ancestor Hui has no foresight calculation ability, he looks through the past and the present and lays out the years. He is the person I admire most. His deeds cover history. I want to know him and understand the more the better , So I have to understand history and everything Ancestor Hui has done.”

“It turns out that Mr. Wei admires Ancestor Hui, but I also admire Ancestor Hui,” Lu Yin said.

Mr. Wei’s eye light is bright, “Why does Mr. Haoyu admire Ancestor Hui?”.

Lu Yin pointed to the direction of Mother Tree, “Infinite Power”.

Mr. Wei’s eye light is delighted, “It is because of Infinite Power that I decided to understand Ancestor Hui. I don’t know how and the others can create Origin Treasure Formation of Protector. It is said that this starry sky appears to be similar to Ancestor Hui. Regarding, Four Way Balance did not mention Ancestor Hui very much, but Ancestor Hui’s influence has spread throughout every generation of history. I have been to the back battlefield, where countless people admire Ancestor Hui, and Eternal Clan’s monsters hate Ancestor Hui the most…”.

It can be seen that Mr. Wei really admires Ancestor Hui. When she mentioned Ancestor Hui, she never stopped and said everything she knew about Ancestor Hui.

Lu Yin hasn’t even the chance to interrupt.

But it’s okay, let Lu Yin know how much Ancestor Hui has done in this starry sky.

Looking at Mr. Wei’s excited expression, Lu Yin is funny. If one day take her to the Fifth Continent, tell her Ancestor Hui plot against the years and destroy the Sixth Continent without a single soldier, I don’t know she will What admiration looks like.

“Mr. Haoyu, in fact, I have always been selfish when looking for you.” Mr. Wei said Datong respects Ancestor Hui, and finally hesitated.

Lu Yin was curious, “What selfishness?”.

“I want to learn Language of Interpretation”, Mr. Wei looked at Lu Yin carefully.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Do you want to learn Language of Interpretation?”.

Mr. Wei nods, “Ancestor Hui’s greatest achievement apart from helping humans resist Eternal Clan is Origin Treasure Formation, especially Infinite Power, which can be called since ancient times Number One Person. Even the most ancient times, I don’t believe anyone I can surpass Ancestor Hui with the Language of Interpretation. I want to learn Language of Interpretation and I want to get close to Ancestor Hui, even if it is only close to 1/10000th.”

Lu Yin understands, “This is not selfishness. No matter what Academy learns to survive is a mentor, they can teach each other. Like me, I also ask Mr. Tang to teach me Domain Empty God Realm cultivate. If you want to learn Language of Interpretation directly Just come to me”.

“Then many thanks, Mr. Haoyu.” Mr. Wei smiled and smiled very happily. It was the first time that Lu Yin saw her smiling like this. It was very beautiful.

“Mr. Wei respects Ancestor Hui so much, do you know if Ancestor Hui is still alive now?” Lu Yin asked.

Mr. Wei shook his head, “I just learned about Ancestor Hui’s deeds through normal channels, how could I find out Ancestor Hui’s whereabouts, but I have always believed that Ancestor Hui is alive”.

“Why?” Lu Yin asked.

Mr. Wei said, “Ancestor Hui is so smart. Judging from what I have known about Ancestor Hui for so many years, he likes to keep a hand when he does things, and I believe he keeps a hand for himself.”

Keep one hand? Lu Yin suddenly remembered the seal on the Imperial Ice Continent. The seal must have been left by Ancestor Hui. Then, what did Ancestor Hui leave there? There is also the Cold Immortal Sect space guarded by White Night Clan, which also has the seal of Ancestor Hui.

What Ancestor Hui left in the Fifth Continent? Perhaps there will be something left in this starry sky.

In the next few days, Evoking Virtuous College is very quiet, free from the Four Way Balance civil strife, Xia Divine Light, Wang Xiaofan and others are the same as before.

Lu Yin found Bai Weiwei a few days later, together to discuss Origin Treasure Formation, and at the same time asked Bai Weiwei about the Four Way Balance situation.

He was surprised to learn that Four Way Balance thought it was Forgotten Ruins God who had taken Xia Xing and them. This surprised Lu Yin. How could it involve Forgotten Ruins God?

He didn’t dare to inquire about Bai Weiwei in detail, so he asked Tong Yu to buy information outside, and finally learned the general process a few days later.

I have to say that Lu Yin has some admiration for Cold Immortal Sect. They successfully transferred the spears of the three Divine Martial Heavens, aimed their spears at the Forgotten Ruins God, which had never appeared before, and revealed that Forgotten Ruins God is Wang Miaomiao. The facts to win the trust of the three parties, let them temporarily get out of trouble.

Lu Yin didn’t know who came up with the idea for them. He made the three parties of Divine Martial Heaven have suspicions and misunderstandings about Cold Immortal Sect. Cold Immortal Sect threw these suspicions to Forgotten Ruins God with almost the same skill.

He did it unintentionally, and the reason why the effect was so good was originally because of the mutual suspicion of Four Way Balance.

And Cold Immortal Sect’s move is deliberate, a good method.

Lu Yin admitted that he had never underestimated Four Way Balance, but he didn’t care too much about Four Way Balance. After all, his abilities are too weird, but even the weird abilities will always be resolved.

Suddenly, he remembered what Wang Zheng had said before. He discussed with Long Ke to break up the Star Union, like this even if Cold Immortal Sect is really banned by the Star Union cultivator within the body, and no Star Union cultivator can be found. use.

Wang Zheng can think of, and Four Way Balance can also think of it. It’s troublesome. If you do, it’s really useless to get banned yourself.

I was still too impatient. At first, I was aware of the problem. I blamed myself for speaking of which. After catching Xia Xing avatar, in order to make Xia Ziheng suspect that Cold Immortal Sect did it, he deliberately clicked on Star Union, otherwise Xia Ziheng might not think of it, nor might it be exposed so early.

Lu Yin smiles bitterly. Others are smart, so why not? Plot against others, one day they will be plotted against.

He rubbed his head, these things are not suitable for him, but still suitable for Wang Wen and Wei Rong, he once again regretted not bringing them.

It’s useless to regret now. He has to consider the worst case, that is, the Star Union cultivator will be completely broken up. What should I do?

I was thinking, the Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated, and Lu Yin saw that it was Xia Ziheng.

Cloud Communicating Stone is connected, Xia Ziheng’s voice comes out, “You should understood the Four Way Balance happen, Sect Master is missing, I will give you the guarantee you want.”

“Where is my grandfather?” Lu Yin asked.

Xia Ziheng replied, “Yuchuan is at Divine Martial Heaven, don’t worry, he is doing well.”

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief, “Star Union is not the Divine Martial Heaven family to have the final say, my grandfather will not be sent to perform a mortal mission, right”.


“Why should I believe you?” Lu Yin asked back.

Xia Ziheng’s voice became cold, “Star Union will not have a mission during this time, Yuchuan absolutely cannot do without Divine Martial Heaven.”

What else Lu Yin wants to say, Xia Ziheng continued, “Say again, Yuchuan will not leave Divine Martial Heaven. It’s useless if anyone wants to. I don’t care what conditions Cold Immortal Sect gives you. You can only join Divine. Martial Heaven, otherwise, never want to see Yuchuan again. I don’t have the patience to wait for you. When Evoking Virtuous College comes to Divine Martial Heaven to experience, I need your answer.” After finishing speaking, I will end the call.

Four Way Balance happens so that he has no energy to deal with Lu Yin, he just wants to solve it quickly, Yuchuan is the best way for Lu Yin to take refuge.

And Lu Yin also got the answer he wanted. Xia Ziheng said that Star Union will not have a mission during this time. The meaning is very simple. The entire Star Union is scattered, otherwise the mission will be concentrated in the same place Without meaning, it’s better to get out the task”.

In Divine Martial Heaven’s three-party conjecture, it’s the most it’s possible for all of these to be done by Cold Immortal Sect. Only Cold Immortal Sect is sure that someone else has done these things. In short, no matter who does it, the target is Star Union, so Four Way Balance will inevitably decentralize Star Union.

Lu Yin eye light flickers, constantly thinking about how to make Star Union focus on together again, which is undoubtedly more difficult than heavenly ascension.

Knowing that someone has the idea of ​​hitting Star Union, how can Four Way Balance let Star Union gather?

Getting more and more irritable, Lu Yin stepped out of the stone pillar and decided to relax.

The inner Qi atmosphere of the academy is very lively. The students spontaneously count the votes and want to see which tutor it’s possible to take them to experience.

“Classmates, classmates, listen to me.” A student shouted excitedly by the lake, and many students gathered around and watched.

“Currently, among the votes counted, it’s possible to give us the most experience four gentlemen, we must choose three from the four gentlemen, these four gentlemen are Mr. Wu, Mr. Tang, Haoyu Mr. and Mr. Xiaowen”, the student announced.

A group of students suddenly discussed it.

“I chose Mr. Wu, Mr. Haoyu and Mr. Zheng,” a girl said shyly.

A boy next to him gritted his teeth, “I chose Mr. Xiaowen, Mr. Wei and Mr Zheng.”

“I chose…”.

Looking at the lively scene, Lu Yin haven’t approached. On a tree behind him, Mr. Huai’s face was full of distress. He came early. I heard that the students would count votes here, so they would overheard. , I don’t know that one is haven’t, it’s too hurtful.

Lu Yin saw Mr. Huai and was about to say hello.

Mr. Huai made a silent gesture and ran away silently.

Lu Yin laughed.

Behind him, Mr Zheng walked out, “Mr. Haoyu must be one of the mentors leading the team, congratulations.”

Look at Lu Yin, said with a smile, “Mr Zheng said too early, but there are four candidates for mentor.”

Mr Zheng jokingly said, “Who makes our Academy have more girls, and Mr. Haoyu is quite popular among boys”.

He rarely cracking a joke, so Lu Yin thought he was mocking.

“There are also many students who voted for Mr Zheng,” Lu Yin said.

Zheng Xian to survive without speaking, some students arguing in the distance heard the voice, “Muscle man, didn’t you vote for Mr Zheng because Mr. Haoyu is too handsome? Mr Zheng is not competitive at all. , You boys are true and hypocritical”.

“You guys are hypocritical, depending on your choice, Mr. Wu, Mr. Haoyu, one is better than the other.”

“Yes, no one can compare to Mr Zheng’s muscles”.

“Muscles are real men.”

Here, Lu Yin is embarrassed.

Mr Zheng speechless, “It’s too noisy, let’s talk in another place”.

Lu Yin points to nods. These students don’t know what they are thinking all day, and they don’t even look at their presence or absence.

Away from the students, Mr Zheng said, “Does Mr. Haoyu know the process of previous experience in the college?”.

Lu Yin shook his head, “No one said to me.”

Mr Zheng said, “This time Mr. Haoyu is very it’s possible to be one of the mentors leading the team. I just have time, how about telling you?”.

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