Star Odyssey Chapter 2242


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“That’s very good, trouble Mr Zheng”, Lu Yin said happily. In fact, he is interested in experience without, but he can’t show it. As for Mr Zheng, he knows that he is hopeless in leading the team, but he is not at ease with Lu Yin, so Just to mention, this person is a rare good mentor who is dedicated to the Academy. He is too serious. To use the description he has experienced in Earth, he is a standard teaching director.

In the next one hour, Mr. Zheng is talking about his experience of bringing students to experience. Among them are Central Level Boundary, Lower Boundary, Zhongpinghai, and the back battlefield. Evoking Virtuous College is not ivory. The students taught by the tower are not only the cultivation base.

“In the second base formation that time, if the Origin Treasure Formation was not repaired at a critical time, all of us would die. The Chairman and Ce Lao were delayed by Eternal Clan Twelve Seasons, Lu.” At this point, Mr Zheng stopped suddenly. Staying, change the subject, “Speaking so much is just to tell Mr. Haoyu that experience is very important to the academy, and it is the first time to go to Four Way Balance to experience it, so be careful.”

Lu Yin nods, “I know, by the way, just recently Mr Zheng mentioned Lu, and there was a Lu Family accompanying him?”.

Mr Zheng waved his hand, “Don’t you hear it. In fact, the most elite disciple of Four Way Balance is at my Evoking Virtuous College. Going to their mountain gate is not an experience. The real experience is Lower Boundary, which is the back battlefield. After this Four Way Balance experience, the Academy will organize instructors to take students to the back battlefield. That is the real experience.”

“Has Mr. Haoyu been to the back battlefield?”.

Lu Yin startled, Yuhao has haven’t been to the back battlefield? It should be haven’t, he was a waste before committing suicide, and he was not qualified to go, “haven’t”.

Mr Zheng looked at Lu Yin, “Then going to the back battlefield is not only an experience for the students, but also an experience for the instructor. It’s not Mr. Haoyu. You have never been to the back battlefield. When the time comes, you will see humans. Facing the cruelest truth”.

After talking for a while, Mr Zheng was leaving. Before leaving, he said, “Go to the back of the battlefield to experience life and death, and to Four Way Balance to experience life and death, to train your heart.” After finishing speaking, he gone.

Lu Yin is strange. Mr Zheng seems to know something. He had never experienced Four Way Balance before.

But after thinking about it, he figured out, what can students from Evoking Virtuous College experience when going to Four Way Balance? The most elite students here are also Four Way Balance Heaven’s Chosen. They are simply the same group of people. It is not so much that they go to experience, it is more of a chance to attract and make famous for Four Way Balance.

No ordinary people can be admitted to Evoking Virtuous College. These people can be seen by Evoking Virtuous College, and they can also be valued by Four Way Balance.

Lu Yin looked towards the top of the head, if he really likes this, he has to do something, he can’t let these elite students be bewitched by Four Way Balance.

Beyond the distance, the Cloudy Mountains Region has long been blocked. Four Way Balance confirmed that the disappearance of Xia Xing and the others was done by Forgotten Ruins God, and Cold Immortal Sect pointed out that Forgotten Ruins God appeared in the Cloudy Mountains Region, regardless of Believing or Not. , Four Way Balance will check, even if the Cloudy Mountains Region is bigger.

Cloudy Mountains Region Cold Gate Branch, Gate Lord Zhuo Si, as always, stayed idle and didn’t want to care about anything.

At the beginning, Lu Yin pretended to be Linjiang Yi as Long Qi and joined the Cloudy Mountains Region Cold Gate. At that time, Zhuo Si had two Captains, Wang Dashuai and Mo Gaohe. Although they were troublesome all day long, they still loved fighting, but at least it was lively. , Wang Dashuai and Mo Gaohe are gone, the Cloudy Mountains Region Cold Gate branch is quiet and cold, the same as the name Cloudy Mountains Region.

Here is preparation for Four Way Balance’s sub-branches who are not valued but not too low in status, so that they have a place to mess around, but after the Long Qi incident, Four Way Balance is also haven’t Throwing over those disciplines that were mixed up and waiting to die, it caused Cloudy Mountains Region to become like this now.

But Zhuo Si is quite satisfied, and it’s good to be quiet.

Suddenly, terrifying pressure came, Zhuo Si complexion changed, next moment, he was arrested without resisting force, take action precisely Cold Immortal Sect Wu Yao Half-Ancestor.

“Origin Tribulation cultivation base five times, but hiding in this Cloudy Mountains Region, sect finds it well, you and Lu Family are old”, Wu Yao’s cold voice sounded, scaring the Cloudy Mountains Region Cold Gate branch Those people trembled.

Zhuo Si haven’t fights back, and he has no ability to fight back, “Who is Senior?”.

With a bang, Zhuo Si was dropped and fiercely hit the ground.

Many cultivators appeared in all directions, all from Four Way Balance, including Long Tian and stare Zhuo Si.

“old man Wu Yao, Zhuo Si, you have an old relationship with Lu Family, sect has let you go for too long”, Wu Yao’s voice fell.

Zhuo Si got up with difficulty, his shoulders collapsed, and Wu Yao was not lightly beaten, “I am Cold Gate Cloudy Mountains Region Gate Lord, want to move me, have you asked Qing Chen Supervisory Lord? Have you asked Mu Xie ancestor ?”.

Wu Yao glared, the pressure fell, and Zhuo Si once again pressed down on the ground, “Less use Cold Gate to press old man, old man now stands for Four Way Balance. You didn’t move before because of fishing, but now.” , “How are you now”, there was a screams, void tearing, another pressure swept out, crushing to Wuyao.

Wu Yao raised his eyebrows, and the surging Star Origin was released. At the same time, there was also a surging Star Origin that suffocated Star Envoy. The two strands of Star Origin ripped apart the sky in the Cloudy Mountains Region, making countless people tremble with fear.

Zhuo Si breathed a sigh of relief, and the Qing Chen Supervisory Lord came.

Come here precisely Qing Chen, he knew it was bad when he learned that Four Way Balance blocked the Cloudy Mountains Region. Many people in Zhuo Si’s past knew that he was afraid that Four Way Balance would take action against Zhuo Si. This time Four Way Balance is dispatched to deal with Seven Heavenly Gods, and there is no shortage of Half-Ancestor powerhouse. Once Zhuo Si takes action, Zhuo Si hasn’t the power to fight back.

The truth is as he guessed, Wu Yao took action on Zhuo Si, ruthless.

The two Half-Ancestor forces competed and disrupted the sky in the Cloudy Mountains Region, and finally ended up under the mediation of Wang Family Chai Half-Ancestor.

Wu Yao cold eyes stare Qing Chen, “You will not be clear about the past of Zhuo Si and Lu Family. The ancestor said that anyone who colludes with Lu Family will either catch or kill.”

Qing Chen coldly shouted, “That was a long time ago, and I was also involved with Lu Family, even as a guest at Lu Family, do you want to catch me together?”.

Wu Yao’s eyes light cold, “It’s the ancestor’s thing to catch you, and what I want to catch is Zhuo Si.”

“Seven Heavenly Gods can’t be found, so I want to use Zhuo Si to get it, Wu Yao, how can I say that you are also Half-Ancestor, and you also compete with people who used to be the same vicious and merciless and want to use my Cold Gate to help you. Have the ability to find Mu Xie ancestor”, Qing Chen is unceremonious.

Wu Yao was furious, “Use Cold Gate less to suppress people. If it weren’t for your Cold Gate, then the remnants of Lu Family would not be able to escape. Sooner or later, the ancestors will count this matter with you.”

“It’s not your turn to count,” Qing Chen shouted.

Chai Half-Ancestor walked out, “The two are both to capture Red Back and Seven Heavenly Gods, there is no need to quarrel like this.”

Wu Yao glanced at Zhuo Si, “The expeditionary army has already gone to Abandoned Land to slay the remnants of Lu Family. What’s more, let your Lu Family survivor live two more days. When the Xinkong Corridor is repaired, they carry Lu Xiaoxuan’s When the head comes back, the Lu Family survivors in this starry sky will be exposed.”

Zhuo Si raised his head suddenly, the expeditionary army, he knew, hoped that Lu Xiaoxuan would be fine.

On this matter, Qing Chen haven’t said more, looking towards the other side, Xia Ziheng walked out, “If Seven Heavenly Gods is not found, you will have internal disturbances first. It is best not to be seen by outsiders, otherwise I will be Four Way Where is the prestige of Balance”.

“This Supervisory Lord is not from Four Way Balance”, Qing Chen said bluntly.

Xia Ziheng looked towards Qing Chen, “Actually, Wuyao Half-Ancestor is not abrupt to Zhuo Si take action. Does Qing Chen Supervisory Lord know who is coming to this starry sky?”.

Qing Chen was surprised, “This starry sky? What do you mean?”.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light is gloomy, “Kui Luo, he is back”.

Qing Chen was surprised, “Kui Luo? Didn’t he escape to Abandoned Land with the Wang Family?”.

“That’s why we wanted to catch Zhuo Si. Check that he had haven’t met Lu Xiaoxuan. Kui Luo saved Lu Xiaoxuan several times. When I went to Abandoned Land, I guess I was looking for Lu Xiaoxuan. He shouldn’t come alone. Lu Xiaoxuan is not dead, maybe he has also come to our starry sky, he has been here, maybe Zhuo Si can know his whereabouts”, Xia Ziheng said.

Qing Chen subconsciously looked towards Zhuo Si.

Others also looked towards Zhuo Si.

Zhuo Si hurriedly said, “Supervisory Lord, his subordinates have never seen Lu Xiaoxuan and Kui Luo. If you lie, the cultivation base will not be saved for life, and there will be no hope for Half-Ancestor for life.”

Wu Yao disdain, “Just do you want to reach Half-Ancestor?”.

Qing Chen frowned and scanned Wu Yao and Xia Ziheng, “I believe Zhuo Si, don’t look at him like this, which cultivator doesn’t want to reach Half-Ancestor or even Ancestral Realm”.

“In order to keep Lu Xiaoxuan, sacrificing one’s own cultivation base may not be impossible,” Xia Ziheng said.

Wu Yao also said, “believing or not him is with us, let us take him away, rest assured, just interrogation, and will never hurt his life.”

“Impossible, to catch Zhuo Si unless Mu Xie ancestor speaks, he is one of my Cold Gate Nine Gates Gate Lords, who has done a lot to humans, and you are not qualified to catch it”, Qing Chen is determined.

Wu Yao and Xia Ziheng looked at each other. Xia Ziheng shook his head slightly. He didn’t believe that Zhuo Si knew Lu Xiaoxuan’s trace. If Lu Xiaoxuan really came to this starry sky, he would be impossible to tell anyone.

Moreover, he still has a guess that Kui Luo was chased by the expeditionary army in Abandoned Land and couldn’t keep going. He fled again. Although he didn’t know how to return, as for Lu Xiaoxuan, he might not be able to return. Because the target of the expeditionary army is him.

It is the limit to let a Kui Luo escape. If Lu Xiaoxuan is allowed to escape, what use is the expeditionary army?

There are four Half-Ancestors, including Ni Huang Great Elder. It is by no means Abandoned Land to be blocked. The only variable is the Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

“The new empty corridor will be repaired. When the time comes Abandoned Land, we can all know how, let Zhuo Si stay here for a few days,” Xia Ziheng said.

Wu Yao coldly said, “Someone reminded me to think in the worst direction, just as Lu Xiaoxuan was hiding in this starry sky, and planning something, even already drawing some Lu Family survivors, according to this situation, I Cold Immortal Sect intends to have a bloodbath for the Lu Family surviving ministers already caught.”

Xia Ziheng was shocked, everyone else who heard it was shocked, bloody?

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