Star Odyssey Chapter 2243


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Speaking of bloodbaths, Wu Yao’s eyes are stern and vicious, “This is actually what the ancestors meant. Over the years, Four Way Balance has more or less arrested some Lu Family survivors, or people who have made friends with Lu Family. Just after the Xia Family sacrifices to the ancestors, these people will be executed in the upper realm, let them kneel on the edge of the upper realm, let their blood flow to the Central Level Boundary, to the Lower Boundary, and let the blood of Lu Family atone for the entire mankind. “.

Qing Chen eye light shrank, too cruel.

Below, Zhuo Si clenched his fists and couldn’t look at Wu Yao with confidence. He spoke without evasiveness. He wanted to let the entire Starry Sky Tree know. It’s better to let the possible existence of Lu Xiaoxuan know that Lu Family’s survivors will be bloodbathed. By this way, Lu Xiaoxuan was introduced. Even if it cannot be introduced, it could become a major event of Lu Family shame and was recorded in history by Four Way Balance.

Blood stains the upper realm, Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary, let Lu Family atone for their sins, this is the method of Cold Immortal Sect.

Wu Yao once again swept across Zhuo Si coldly, sneered, and left.

It is also the first time that Xia Ziheng knows that Cold Immortal Sect has such a plan. Even he thinks it is too ruthless, but this should be effective. Even if the possible Lu Xiaoxuan cannot be drawn, it can also lead to a group of allegiance to Lu. Family people should have done this long ago.

Chai Half-Ancestor and Qing Chen looked at each other, and then left.

Qing Chen looked towards Zhuo Si, “Go to heal your wounds, I will talk to Muzu about you”.

“many thanks Supervisory Lord”, Zhuo Si salutes, with a heavy tone, feeling that a major event will happen soon, at the top of the world, it will be dyed red by the blood of Lu Family.

Has Lu Xiaoxuan really come? Zhuo Si didn’t know, but remembered the pseudonym Linjiang Yi, who pretended to be Long Qi, but actually Lu Xiaoxuan. Although he only appeared for a short time, he was shocked by an era and overpowered the four Young Ancestors. That is the ultimate Heaven’s Chosen. , It’s a pity, the birth is not in time.

Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Yin thought for a few days, and finally thought of an it’s possible to rescue Star Union, but it depends on luck.

Since Cold Immortal Sect pushes everything to Forgotten Ruins God, they can create a Forgotten Ruins God, why can’t they?

The Dark Phoenix replaced Fire Phoenix, and the academy fell into darkness, only the stars were shining.

Lu Yin Star Origin passes by, arranges Origin Treasure Formation, raises his hand, dice appears, and dice is about to be shaken again.

Sometimes he thinks, if haven’t dice innate talent, he would be impossible to rise in Fifth Continent, and many things would be impossible.

As dice slowly stops spinning, at four o’clock, Static Time Dimension.

Coming to this space, Lu Yin didn’t want to waste it, extended the time to nearly a year, and then began to cultivate Starry Sky Technique and recite First Ancestor’s Moral Sutra.

One year later, leave Static Time Dimension, continue shaking dice, this time shaking to three o’clock, Lu Yin waved to disperse, come again.

What he needs is six.

It went smoothly. The fourth time it reached six o’clock, Lu Yin’s consciousness went into darkness, and the surroundings were dim and without light, and the brightest light group also looked dark in his eyes. Helpless, he can only blend in.

Opening his eyes, a corpse face to face frightened Lu Yin, and the memory kept pouring out. Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. It turned out to be a Star Envoy within the body of the Sixth Continent Righteous Manor, but then his heart sank. In Starry Sky Tree, but integrate into the Sixth Continent cultivator within the body, how much resources does it consume?

Lu Yin wanted to withdraw from the integration immediately, but you can take a look at the Fifth Continent situation first.

Looking at the memory a little, the Fifth Continent was calm, nothing happened, even if something happened, he couldn’t know about Origin Tribulation cultivation base Star Envoy this time.

Lu Yin withdrew from the fusion, returned to within the body, and checked the Congealing Space Ring. Fortunately, the consumption was not too many. With his wealth, it was easy.

Already has been shaken four times, and is about to rest for ten days. It just so happens that he also has classes during this period.

Now he is not in retreat, the instructor needs to report for retreat, and he does not need to retreat.

Ten days passed quickly. During the period, Nong Si Niang came to him and Bai Weiwei also came to look for him. Everything was normal for Lu Yin.

As the Dark Phoenix once again rises, Lu Yin arranges the Origin Treasure Formation and continues to shake dice.

One point the first time, a useless thing fell out, three o’clock the second time, and six o’clock the third time.

Looking at the bright light group in the distance, Lu Yin directly rushed to blend in. This light group is not completely suitable for him. The rays of light are still dim, but already is the third bright light group around, all around there Two bright light groups that almost illuminate the darkness, Lu Yin is not sure to blend in, he has never tried this kind of brightness, it should be Half-Ancestor.

Open your eyes, Lu Yin looked towards all around, here is the battlefield on the back?

The place where he appeared was precisely on the back battlefield. This kind of environment can only be seen on the back battlefield. What the others in Starry Sky Tree saw was an illusion. They could not see the Iron Blood killing on the back battlefield.

The memory keeps pouring in, Lu Yin stands still. He is in a stone house full of thorns. This is the first time he has seen this kind of stone house.

After reading the memory, he understood, he merged into the fifth base formation Blue Command Lord within the body on the back of the battlefield, here is the fifth base formation, also known as the scarlet base formation.

There are five major base formations on the back of the battlefield. He has been to the second base formation, but not the other four base formations. In fact, because the Commander-in-chief is different, the combat style of each base formation is also different from the imposing manner. The five base formation is the most tragic among the five base formations, because its Commander-in-chief is called Kuangyan, known as a fanatic.

The fifth base formation where everyone walks is full of sharp thorns, which can be pierced at any time. Once the battle against Eternal Clan is unfavorable, these sharp thorns will be under the Commander-in-chief command regardless of the casualties and the enemy. Stabbed out to curb Eternal Clan’s offensive. Humans died the most in the fifth base formation, and Eternal Clan also died the most in the fifth base formation.

And now there is only one Command Lord left in the fifth base formation, which is the blue Command Lord that Lu Yin has integrated. The rest of the Command Lords either die or are transferred away. This is the famous dead place on the back of the battlefield. Lu Yin didn’t Expect actually came here.

Through the memory of the Blue Command Lord, he still admires Commander-in-chief, he is always on the front line in combat, and his methods are extremely cruel. He is also one of the half-Ancestors that Eternal Clan is more afraid of.

This stone house is the residence of the Blue Command Lord. Looking around, there are simultaneously countless stone houses covered with the fifth base formation, from Commander-in-chief to Yan Yan, to a small soldier who lives in this stone. The house, even the stone house is full of thorns, ready to be together with Corpse King perish at any time.

Lu Yin has seen more killings, but he has never experienced this imposing manner.

The stone house where the Blue Command Lord is located is Commander-in-chief Kuangyan’s stone house not far away, but Kuangyan is often absent. He stands on the edge of the base formation all the year round and looks at New World in the distance. It is the fifth base formation first. The defense line, and on the other side is the stone house of Formation Eye Qiu Lao.

Yes, Mr. Qiu accurately, the founder of the Brokerage Club, a Half-Ancestor powerhouse.

I don’t know who knows that the Broken Yi will be created by Mr. Qiu, even Kui Luo doesn’t know, Lu Yin still knows from Bai Teng that only Bai Teng is qualified to cooperate with the Broken Yi.

There are cultivators walking in and out of the stone house constantly. Each and everyone looks numb and looks down on life and death, and some people are afraid.

As for the blue Command Lord that Lu Yin has integrated, he is not a good person. It is the same as many cultivators. In order to increase the cultivation base and obtain resources, he will do everything he can. The innate talent is limited. It is already the limit to reach three Origin Tribulation. The back battlefield was not active either, but offended the former Lu Family and was thrown directly into the fifth base formation by Lu Family.

Any cultivator who came to the fifth base formation had either hadn’t background or had offended who, the blue Command Lord had offended Lu Family, and at that time hadn’t Star Union, he was thrown here.

The predecessor of the fifth base formation equivalent to Star Union, it’s too difficult to stay alive when you come here.

The reason why the Blue Command Lord has survived until now has a lot to do with his reservations on the battlefield. He even used other cultivator as a substitute for the dead to survive until now.

Memory keeps appearing. Lu Yin has also seen the grand occasion of Lu Family through the memory of the Blue Command Lord, and he has also seen himself.

Lu Xiaoxuan, as the Seven Heroes, is very famous in Starry Sky Tree. He also came to the fifth base formation. At that time, the Blue Command Lord wanted to kill Lu Xiaoxuan, but unfortunately he wanted too many.

Understanding these circumstances, Lu Yin almost controlled the Blue Command Lord to jump off the base formation and went to the New World to die.

Suddenly, two familiar silhouettes appeared in his memory. They were Star Envoy who had guarded the Young Ancestor star, Yihe Senior and Jun Senior, one was the Star of White Dragon Young Ancestor, and the other was the Divine Martial Young Ancestor. Star, why are these two people here?

Young Ancestor star resources were stolen. They leave Young Ancestor star Lu Yin understandable, but also not to be thrown into the fifth base formation. They can protect Young Ancestor star, which means it is closely related to Four Way Balance. The theft of Young Ancestor has nothing to do with them, unless they have another purpose.

Through the memory of the Blue Command Lord, Lu Yin searched for pictures related to these two people and found that they were asking the stone house to be closer to Qiu Lao, and they were constantly approaching Qiu Lao’s stone house alternately.

I don’t know that Qiu Lao is the founder of the Broken Yi Society and that’s all. Lu Yin knows that what these two people did is somewhat obvious. They were sent by Four Way Balance to monitor Qiu Lao.

Four Way Balance should know that Mr. Qiu is the founder of the Breakthrough Club, so he sent these two people to watch. Of course, it’s possible for other reasons.

No matter what the reason, they are worthy of Lu Yin’s luck.

Lu Yin wanted to withdraw from the integration. Seeing that they were there, what he needed precisely, he was looking for someone close to Four Way Balance to convey some information.

The consciousness exited the fusion. Lu Yin didn’t check Congealing Space Ring immediately, but recalled what just recently deliberately exposed. I thought about it again. I don’t know if I can fool Four Way Balance. It depends on luck.

At the same time, the fifth base formation, Yihe and Jun looked at each other in amazement. Their original mission was to monitor Mr. Qiu, and he didn’t need stare Qiu every move, as long as he reported that someone had contacted Mr. Qiu.

But didn’t expect accidentally monitored the secret of the Blue Command Lord. This person turned out to be Red Back. Not only that, but what he said coincided with the recent Four Way Balance happen.

“Don’t delay, report immediately”, easy to agree.

All nods, “I report to Divine Martial Heaven.”

Soon after, Divine Martial Heaven, Xia Xing and Xia Ziheng met, “didn’t expect really Forgotten Ruins God take action. Judging from the inadvertent information obtained from the fifth base formation, Forgotten Ruins God has already stare Star Union, if It’s not that we disperse Star Union, maybe she is already contacting her at the moment.”

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