Star Odyssey Chapter 2244


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Xia Ziheng was afraid, “I thought it was Cold Immortal Sect, but it was really Forgotten Ruins God. Fortunately, we scattered the people of Star Union.”

Xia Xing eye light flashed, looking at Xia Ziheng, “Does Ziheng Half-Ancestor think this is a good opportunity?”.

“What do you mean?” Xia Ziheng was puzzled.

Xia Xing eye light flickered, “Seven Heavenly Gods have always been a major problem for us. They hide too deeply, develop Red Back, and even destroy the new empty corridor, which greatly damages our strength. The ancestors tried their best to find Seven Heavenly. Gods, maybe this time, we can use Star Union in turn to uncover the Forgotten Ruins God.”

Xia Ziheng’s eye light lit up, “Yes, since Forgotten Ruins God has the restriction, she must take advantage of it. Star Union is scattered, she can only wait for the opportunity, but if the Star Union gathers, she can be caught.”

“It’s better to go fishing than to look for it. This is our greatest pleasure”, Xia Xing’s mouth curled up, “This information comes in time.”

The idea of ​​White Dragon Sect is the same, too many smart people in the world can use everything available. Seven Heavenly Gods spent too long in the Starry Sky Tree and developed too many Red Back. When the Lu Family was there, they could not do anything. Now that we finally have a chance, Four Way Balance will not let it go.

Dealing with Seven Heavenly Gods is not a family matter.

Divine Martial Heaven and White Dragon Sect both contacted Cold Immortal Sect and Wang Family and decided to use Star Union to fish out Forgotten Ruins God. It is best to fish out a few Seven Heavenly Gods. As for the removal of the Star Union ban, it doesn’t matter, anyway. They are all identified as dying by Four Way Balance. They can’t escape. If they can catch Seven Heavenly Gods, they can control Star Union. If they don’t, they will kill them.

The only thing in doubt at the moment is Cold Immortal Sect.

Bai Su looked blank, why, is it really Forgotten Ruins God? Didn’t they make it up?

Wuyao Half-Ancestor was puzzled, and stared at Bai Su. Forgotten Ruins God took Xia Xing and they obviously compiled it. The instructions from Bai Xian’er, why are the three parties of Divine Martial Heaven better than them? determine? Even want to fish Forgotten Ruins God with Star Union?

They can’t disagree. Forgotten Ruins God was the first one to propose, and it’s not qualified to oppose it. That would only make Divine Martial Heaven suspect.

Wu Yao is about to tell Bai Xian’er about this, and Bai Xian’er’s reply is only four words-just watch the change.

Wu Yao feels Bai Xian’er is at a loss.

Perhaps, really did Forgotten Ruins God?

The news is released. Lu Yin doesn’t know if he can succeed. It depends on luck and Four Way Balance’s attitude towards Eternal Clan. The success rate is half and half!

Now what should be done is Yuhao’s time. All he has to do is wait for Four Way Balance’s response.

Beside the lake, Lu Yin is in class. Outside the Academy, Xia Ziheng is coming.

The Mountain Sea appeared in Evoking Virtuous College. How could Four Way Balance not care? Because of the disappearance of Bai Teng and the others, it was too much and too serious for them to take care of. Now some people block the Cloudy Mountains Region, it’s time to send People came to the academy.

The one who is most familiar with Evoking Virtuous College is Xia Ziheng, he came not only once.

Seeing Xia Ziheng’s arrival, Chairman Wen turned around and left without a good face.

Xia Ziheng was furious, and just about to catch up, ahead, the God of Cookery walked out, blocking Xia Ziheng with a faint smile, “Meeting again, Old Friend”.

Xia Ziheng raised his eyebrows, “It turned out to be the God of Cookery, and you are not in Wangyu, why are you back to Evoking Virtuous College?”.

The God of Cookery sighed, “that many things have happened recently, and I am afraid that there will be an accident in the college, can only come back and have a look, what’s the matter with Brother Xia here?”.

Xia Ziheng looked at the God of Cookery with disgust in his heart. If it weren’t for this old bastard, Evoking Virtuous College would have been controlled by them a long time ago. “Evoking Virtuous College has appeared in Mountain Sea, how can I not look at it”.

The God of Cookery smiled lightly, “This Mountain Sea was entrusted to me by Evoking Virtuous College to take care of me. I also said to you Four Way Balance at the beginning that I will not care about Brother Xia.”

Four Way Balance stare Evoking Virtuous College’s Mountain Sea is not a day or two. When Lu Family was still there, they stare. Later, Lu Family was exile. They were even more blatant. Some of the students who came out of College, they had already started.

Now the patience of Four Way Balance is already close to the limit.

“The God of Cookery, if your Evoking Virtuous College has no one to inherit the Mountain Sea, you should give it up and let the entire Starry Sky Tree cultivator try. Maybe someone can inherit and become the Nine Mountains Eight Seas in the future, better dealing with Eternal Clan. It’s better than falling ashes at your Evoking Virtuous College”, Xia Ziheng said.

The God of Cookery said with a smile, “Let all cultivators in Starry Sky Tree try, we are willing, but when the time comes, can those cultivators really get a fair chance to try? Brother Xia, you and I are all understandable, needless to say Too straightforward”.

Xia Ziheng’s tone became cold, “No matter who it is, as long as he inherits the Mountain Sea, he will eventually become a sharp blade for mankind. It is Eternal Clan to deal with, and I hope that Evoking Virtuous College will see the overall situation.”

The God of Cookery smiled, “Don’t worry, Mountain Sea is in the academy and haven’t wasted. Every once in a while, we will let elite students enter and try to inherit.”

Xia Ziheng cursed secretly. Although he didn’t understand Mountain Sea, even his ancestors said that he doesn’t need to try before Ancestral Realm. Evoking Virtuous College clearly does it.

But they also know that the Old Guy, the God of Cookery, must want to inherit by himself. Especially for so many years, he has not tried to break the ancestor. It may not be afraid that the ancestor is defeated or that. It’s possible for Mountain Sea. He is right to inherit the Mountain Sea. Certainly, this is one of the reasons Four Way Balance is so afraid of Evoking Virtuous College.

Ordinary Ancestral Realm is also that’s all. Once the God of Cookery achieves Nine Mountains Eight Seas, it is on the same level as Bai Wangyuan and Wang Fan, and Four Way Balance is both scrupulous.

In the end, Xia Ziheng gave up. How many people came to Four Way Balance to look for the God of Cookery, and even the ancestors came to hope to get the Mountain Sea, but he was blocked outside Evoking Virtuous College. He was even more impossible to convince the God of Cookery.

Xia Ziheng haven’t left immediately, but found Lu Yin.

Lu Yin is still in class, Xia Ziheng haven’t appeared, but standing in the distance, looking at the lake, waiting quietly.

After waiting for an hour, Lu Yin’s class time is over, and I get rid of the entanglement of Nong Si Niang and find Xia Ziheng, “Ziheng Half-Ancestor, wait for me?”.

Xia Ziheng looked towards Lu Yin, the eye light was calm, and haven’t oppressed, just like an ordinary old man, but his eyes were a little dark, “Good in class”.

Lu Yin is humble, “Students don’t know much about Language of Interpretation, they just explain common sense”.

“Your common sense is enough for them to last a lifetime,” Xia Ziheng said.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Ziheng Half-Ancestor will also Language of Interpretation?”.

Xia Ziheng shook his head, “Heavenly Master Gu Yan’s Language of Interpretation is not something ordinary people can learn. These people are very blessed.”

Lu Yin haven’t retorted and haven’t spoken. They used Cloud Communicating Stone to talk to each other before. Xia Ziheng’s attitude was very bad. Divine Martial Heaven took the life of Yuchuan and forced Lu Yin to seek refuge. The term is Evoking Virtuous College experience.

As I said before, Xia Ziheng haven’t mentioned it again. The deadline he gave is the deadline. There is no need to stalk Yuhao. If Yuhao is unwilling to join Divine Martial Heaven, Yuchuan and him Will die, this is the attitude given by Xia Ziheng.

“Xia Family’s ancestor worship is approaching, which coincides with the experience of Evoking Virtuous College in the upper realm, but it can be seen by Evoking Virtuous College. Divine Martial Heaven hopes Heavenly Master Gu Yan will attend.” Xia Ziheng said directly, very plain said, Looking towards the lake.

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