Star Odyssey Chapter 2245


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Lu Yin took a deep breath, stare Xia Ziheng, “I hope that day, all the enemies will be there”.

“One is not bad,” Xia Ziheng said, and then left, before leaving, “If you have any trouble, please go to Wu Taibai, and he will help you solve it.”

In Xia Ziheng’s view, Lu Yin at this moment has already been labeled as Divine Martial Heaven.

Lu Yin has no choice, he can only join Divine Martial Heaven.

Xia Ziheng is gone, Lu Yin has a headache. Where can he invite Heavenly Master Gu Yan to Divine Martial Heaven? Even if there is a way to get Heavenly Master Gu Yan to Divine Martial Heaven, how can he show kindness to Divine Martial Heaven? This is something impossible to do.

Heavenly Master Gu Yan has a weird temper. He has seen it at the beginning and hates Four Way Balance even more. It is not something he can resolve.

However, until now, he can only brace oneself to agree, otherwise Divine Martial Heaven himself will contact Heavenly Master Gu Yan, and he will be exposed faster.

There is also Wu Taibai, Xia Ziheng’s last sentence is a warning, Wu Taibai will stare him.

Wu Taibai is not Star Envoy, but he definitely has the ability to play against Star Envoy. After all, he was once an expert of Divine Martial Heaven. Perhaps in the eyes of Xia Ziheng, Lu Yin, a three-time Origin Tribulation cultivator who is good at Language of Interpretation, may not be able to. Getting rid of Wu Taibai’s surveillance is the confidence of Four Way Balance.

Lu Yin of course can get rid of Wu Taibai’s surveillance, but he has a lot of things to do, especially to shake dice, to retreat, to the top of the world, perhaps there are other things, you can’t always guard against Wu Taibai, Wu Taibai is One of the experience instructors must live in the same place, which is also a troublesome thing.

In this case, Wu Taibai couldn’t become an experience mentor.

Lu Yin looked at the lake in a daze, behind him, a voice came, “Sir, please enlighten me.”

It is Liu Que. He was flicked away by Lu Yin with a finger before, and he couldn’t even see clearly. Now he has improved a bit and wants to try to challenge Lu Yin again, at least seeing Lu Yin’s take action clearly.

Lu Yin eye light moved and turned to face Liu Que, “You have perseverance, but haven’t self-knowledge.”

“I have”, Liu Que answered bluntly, “This time, I can see your take action clearly.”

Lu Yin smiled, “What if you can’t see clearly?”.

“If you can’t see clearly, you can’t see clearly,” Liu Que responded naturally.

Lu Yin shook his head, “It is annoying to be challenged, especially when I am watching the scenery.”

“What do you want, sir?” Liu Que asked back.

Lu Yin said, “Look at my take action, I will teach you a Combat Technique, practice to the Great Accomplishment reversible and void, crack all kinds of Combat Technique, if you can’t see clearly, you help me do something.”

Liu Que’s eye light lit up, “Inverse chaos void? Crack Combat Technique? What is Combat Technique?”.

Lu Yin said, “I can tell you if you win the bet, but you are guaranteed to lose.”

Behind Liu Que, the long sword penetrated the scabbard, raised his hand to hold the sword hilt, and the rubble on the ground rose close and shattered. The surrounding air was distorted by the lingering air, and his body was faintly discernible. Half a step into the Star Origin universe, half a step Stay outside, “sir can try.”

“Okay, I took action, see clearly.” After Lu Yin finished speaking, he looked at Liu Que and didn’t move, but suddenly, Lu Yin’s voice came from behind Liu Que, “Did you see clearly? ?”.

Liu Que stared blankly at the fingers holding the hilt of the sword. A small stone swayed with the wind, just recently haven’t.

He looked back at Lu Yin in shock, “Mr.’s strength, unimaginable”.

Lu Yin chuckles, “I did it with Combat Technique, which can reverse the chaos and void. The void is not chaos, let alone your eyes.”

Liu Que’s eye light lit up, “How can I learn from Mr.?”.

“Don’t mention this, just recently you promised to do something for me. Does it count?”.

“Of course it counts, sir.”

“I want you to let the Academy students not choose Wu Taibai as the experience leader. Of course, I asked you to do it if you can’t be exposed.” Lu Yin said. This is the method he came up with. As for the haven’t used It depends on what Liu Que did, but he was pretty sure that Liu Que would not betray him. Such people disdain to betray him.

Liu Que put away his sword, “Okay,” and then left, regardless of the reason.

Lu Yin likes to deal with this kind of people, effortless, simple in purpose, and trustworthy, and he is also curious about what Liu Que would do.

Liu Que is a straight-forward person. Without that many minds, he directly went to the students, challenged, took action, and forced the students to swear not to choose Wu Taibai as the coaching mentor. The purpose is quite clear and the methods are quite bright.

This matter quickly spread across the Academy. All students who were seen by Liu Que were sworn not to choose Wu Taibai as the leading experience instructor. After a few days of trifling, half of the students swore. The Academy became more popular. Some people say that Liu Que is targeting Divine Martial Heaven. Others say that Liu Que wants to challenge Wu Taibai, but Wu Taibai is unwilling to do this.

In short, there are various rumors.

After Lu Yin found out, he was not surprised how he looked like Liu Que’s style, and went straight.

Lu Yin’s purpose reached, Liu Que and Fengzi same were looking for students everywhere. Wu Taibai was speechless. After learning about the matter, he immediately found Liu Que and wanted to ask why Liu Que targeted him, but Liu Que didn’t say anything and ignored Wu. Taibai.

Wu Taibai blocked several times, and Liu Que did his own way. Once Wu Taibai showed the posture of forcibly blocking, Liu Que drew his sword. He was not afraid to fight Wu Taibai, or that he wanted to fight Wu Taibai.

Some rumors of Academy are not groundless. After entering the academy, Liu Que not only challenged Lu Yin and Xia divine light, but also challenged his instructors. Wu Taibai is one of them. After all, Wu Taibai is the only one in Enlightenment Realm. Liu Que is very curious about the eighteenth horizontal formation.

But Wu Taibai didn’t accept the challenge. Liu Que found a few times to no avail and hadn’t entangled him. Now because of this, Wu Taibai is willing to fight, and he is still very happy.

But unfortunately, Wu Taibai also haven’t take action in the end.

Just like this, Liu Que searched the Academy almost all the time and made every student swear not to choose Wu Taibai.

Not long afterwards, the Academy officially counted student votes and selected three tutors to lead the experience.

Unsurprisingly, Wu Taibai lost, and all the votes were haven’t. It’s not that Liu Que let all the students choose him. He only found most of the students. The remaining students were afraid that they would offend Liu by choosing Wu Taibai. Lack, let Liu Que find trouble, and simply did not choose. As for Xia divine light and the others, they did not participate in the vote at all, which led to Wu Taibai’s vote.

Lu Yin and a group of tutors watched from a distance. He didn’t expect Liu Que to be so ruthless and too efficient. I think Wu Taibai had specifically approached him before and mentioned the matter of choosing students. Life is really impermanence.

Mr. Huai took a deep breath, “Mr. Wu actually got a vote of haven’t, Liu Que, this child is really cruel, Mr. Wu offends him?”.

Wu Taibai laughed, calmly, “He wants to challenge me, I won’t agree”.

Mr. Huai sighed, “Still too young and too impulsive.”

Wu Taibai has one vote. Lu Yin thought it would be Mr Zheng to replace him. As for him and Mr. Tang, the ballots were already stable in the previous time. In fact, many people have a gap because of that ballot. , Wu Taibai was also stable, forcibly was taken down by Liu Que.

The result was unexpected. It was not Mr Zheng who replaced Wu Taibai, but Mr. Wei, not to mention Lu Yin and the others, even Wen Chairman was surprised, “Is Mr. Wei so popular among students?”.

Mr. Xiaowen was helpless, “all the boys who voted for Mr. Wei”.

Wen Chairman shook his head, “No wonder”, said, he glanced at Mr. Xiao Wen, “Look at you, other cross-dressers are more attractive than you.”

Mr. Xiaowen’s face turned red, and he didn’t look at Wen Chairman.

The final result of the vote came out. The instructors who led the team were Lu Yin, Mr. Tang and Mr. Wei. Although Mr. Wei refused once again, the rules are the rules. If the students choose her, she must go.

Chairman immediately called out three people, “Students first choose the instructor who leads the experience, then the instructor is also eligible to choose students. Each of you chooses 25 students to participate in the experience, and I will choose 25. A total of 100 students went to Four Way Balance to practice on behalf of me at Evoking Virtuous College.”

“Chairman, it’s too trivial. Mr. Wei himself is not willing to lead the team to experience. How can there be such a choice. Once something happens in the top world, no one will protect the students.” Mr Zheng arrived and wanted to replace Wei. Mr.

Mr. Wei also said, “It’s best to be replaced by Mr Zheng.”

Mr Zheng apologized to Mr. Wei, “It’s not that you look down on Mr. Wei, it’s just the history of Mr. Bishop. The Four Way Balance experience this time is not trivial and not trivial. Please forgive me, Mr.”.

Mr. Wei said with a smile, “I understand”.

Chairman screams, “What do you take the Academy’s rules for? What do you take the students’ minds for?”.

Everyone was silent.

Wen Chairman looked towards Mr. Wei, “For whatever reason, since the students choose you, you should go. Luck is part of your strength. Everyone has qualities that surpass others. For better or worse, my Academy is not a battlefield. That way, the powerhouse will charge forward.” After finishing speaking, looked towards Mr Zheng, “Get out. Now that it’s set, you can’t change it”.

Mr Zheng helplessly, “Yes, Chairman.”

After Mr Zheng leave, Chairman Wen glanced at the three Lu Yin, “Remember, the Academy is the Academy. No matter what happens to the outside world, our position is the mentor. This point will never change.”

There is still a month left to lead the team. Lu Yin finally selected 25 students with the assistance of Nong Siniang, gave the list to the Chairman, and then prepared to start shaking dice.

He wants to be aware of Four Way Balance movement.

If Four Way Balance wants to use Star Union to lure Forgotten Ruins God to take action, the news cannot be blocked and will inevitably be leaked. However, the level of people who can access this news must not be low, too low will easily cause Forgotten Ruins God to suspect.

The people that Lu Yin can blend into are the Star Envoy cultivation base, not high or low, just right.

The only trouble is that dice is not easy to shake at 6 o’clock, and it’s not easy to control which person it will integrate into. Maybe the same will also integrate into the Sixth Continent cultivator within the body before, so it’s not useful at all. t.

With a complicated mood, Lu Yin raised his hand, dice appeared, slowly rotating, a finger pointed.

Five o’clock, shook his head. There are a lot of innate talent mentors in the Academy, but the unfathomable mystery is close to others, and touching them can easily cause trouble. Come again, a little bit, come again, six o’clock, come again, etc., Lu Yin Before he could react, his consciousness already appeared in that dark space.

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