Star Odyssey Chapter 2246


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Looking at all around the light group, only one is very bright, and the brightness is just right for you, Lu Yin without the slightest hesitation blends in.

This is Zhongpinghai?

The person that Lu Yin blends into is now in the Zhongpinghai seabed, but it is not the Zhongpinghai of the Central Level Boundary, but the Lower Boundary.

Zhongpinghai connects Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary. With the influx of memories, Lu Yin understood that he is located in the Lower Boundary Zhongpinghai, and the person he merges into is an Island Lord of this Sea Territory. Island Lord.

Lu Yin’s integration with others is to check the results of Four Way Balance’s handling of the Star Union incident, and this Rong Island Lord has already had a long, long time to have hadn’t leave this Sea Territory. There is no external news, and he is included within the The body does not get the news of Four Way Balance at all.

Lu Yin was just about to withdraw from the fusion, and suddenly, he calmly saw something new in the memory of the Island Lord.

This person did not voluntarily stay in this Sea Territory, but was forced. The person who forced him was precisely Lu Family. Lu Family not only forced him, but also forced many Star Envoy cultivators to go deep into the Zhongping Sea, just to protect The waterway leading directly to the roots of the Mother Tree.

Before, Lu Yin accompanied Bai Weiwei to Zhongpinghai. When talking with Mr. Bai and the others on the way, he learned that there are many creatures in Zhongpinghai that can touch the roots of Mother Tree, which means that Zhongpinghai can directly connect to the roots of Mother Tree. Must.

Since those sea creatures can touch, so can humans, as long as they find their way.

Starry Sky Tree has been born for countless years. Eternal Clan tried his best to pollute the roots and find ways to get close to the roots. Humans also tried their best to block these paths. Over time, hundreds of thousands of waterways were formed.

hundred thousand waterways means that there are hundreds of seabed paths that lead directly to the roots of the Mother Tree. Lu Family has established islands outside each waterway, large or small, depending on the size of the waterway. The protected island is one of the largest, after all, his cultivation base has reached six Origin Tribulation.

The entire Sea Territory connecting Zhongpinghai and Lower Boundary has hundreds thousand waterways. Lu Yin didn’t know about it before, and in the memory of the Island Lord, he was surprised to find apart from Lu Family, no one else knew hundreds thousand waterways. Things.

Accurately, no one can find the location of the hundred thousand waterway, because there was once an Eternal Clan attacked the waterway with a large-scale Red Back in an attempt to contaminate the mother tree roots with Biological Poison. Lu Family finally blocked it. In order to avoid coming again, and Lu Family also knows that Eternal Clan is constantly researching poisons, perhaps it is for Mother Tree, so an Origin Treasure Formation was arranged at a huge cost.

The origin of the Origin Treasure Formation, Rong Island Lord doesn’t know. He only knows that after setting up the Origin Treasure Formation, their hundred thousand water channels disappeared directly. It didn’t really disappear, but was obscured by the Origin Treasure Formation so that others could not see it. It’s not close.

hundred thousand waterways still exist, but they just can’t be reached, apart from Lu Family.

Even the strong Great Influences like Cold Immortal Sect and Divine Martial Heaven, after Lu Family arranged the Origin Treasure Formation, thought that the hundred thousand waterways were together with the Red Back perishes that attacked the roots of the Mother Tree. They didn’t even know them. It’s just hidden.

Lu Family didn’t deliberately conceal the hundreds of thousands of waterways. After all, Starry Sky Tree has too many Red Backs. They don’t want to be known by Eternal Clan. They simply don’t say anything about it. This also led to Four Way Balance. Until now, they still don’t know hundreds of thousands. There is still a waterway.

Of course, the seabed undercurrent is surging, and there may be new waterways connecting the roots of the Mother Tree at any time. I don’t know about the Island Lord, but Mr. Bai can tell that creatures can get close to the roots, which proves that now is already not only hundred thousand There is a water channel, maybe it is one hundred thousand or even 120,000, but in the eyes of Four Way Balance and Eternal Clan, it is ten thousand or twenty thousand water channels. The previous hundred thousand water channels have completely disappeared.

Lu Yin raised his head, the seabed was dim, but the light from nowhere shone from time to time.

Under my feet is an island, blocking the waterway leading to the roots of the Mother Tree. The island is surrounded by bubbles, and he can’t get out, nor can sea water and seabed creatures get in.

The Hundred Thousand Waterway disappeared not only the waterway, but also the cultivator that Lu Family once persecuted and guarded the waterway, at least the hundreds thousand cultivator, although not all Star Envoy, but at least the Enlightenment Realm, and only the Enlightenment Realm. The cultivator is qualified to guard the waterway.

Through the memory of the Island Lord, Lu Yin knew that although Lu Family persecuted them, but also gave them a promise to guard the waterway how many years later they could come out, and when guarding the waterway, their cultivate resources Lu Family provided all, which is equivalent to transaction.

Lu Family has been exile so far, in this hundred thousand waterway Guardian, there are haven’t people breakthrough Star Envoy? Haven’t people died? Lu Yin didn’t know, and they couldn’t see each other.

Rong Island Lord’s memory stays in the long time ago trading with Lu Family. Before that, it was his deeds cultivated in Starry Sky Tree. Lu Yin was not interested in those things. He only had the Lu Family cultivator who traded with Rong Island Lord. Interested, that person, named Lu Qi, his father, Lu Qi.

Withdraw from the fusion, Lu Yin’s consciousness returns to within the body, hundreds of thousand waterways, hundreds of cultivators that have reached an agreement with Lu Family, hundreds of thousands, cultivators unknown to Four Way Balance, how many Star Envoys are there? How much Enlightenment Realm?

This is another huge power, but this power may not be used by him. These people do not belong to the Lu Family, but only trade with the Lu Family.

They still don’t know that Lu Family has already been exile. If it weren’t for their coincidence to fit into the Island Lord within the body, these people would never be able to get out and they would die in old age.

So, do you want to bring them out? If they are brought out, the hundred thousand waterways are equivalent to exposure. Lu Family asked them to guard the waterways to prevent Eternal Clan from damaging the mother tree roots, unless there is a way to bring them out without damaging the Origin Treasure Formation.

Lu Yin suddenly remembered something. Since Lu Family can arrange Origin Treasure Formation to cover the hundred thousand waterways, why let them stay in Origin Treasure Formation? Unless, Origin Treasure Formation can be destroyed.

Bringing them out, he still had to find a way to block the hundred thousand waterways, one radish and one pit, Lu Yin thought for a while, put them aside for now, these people can’t move.

Raise your hand, come again, one point, Lu Yin shook his head, and is about to rest for another ten days.

There is still a month left to take the students to experience. He can shake up to twelve times. How many times out of the twelve times can he shake up to six? The chance is small.

Ten days have passed, Lu Yin raised his hand and looked at dice, hoping that must roll to six o’clock and blend into useful people within the body.

Thinking about it, a finger pointed.

The first time, the second time, and the third time did not shake to six o’clock. Lu Yin didn’t hold any hope for the fourth time, because so far, four o’clock has not been shaken, and four o’clock is often possible. For the number of points reached, shake dice for the fourth time, and it’s possible to shake until four o’clock.

Fortunately, luck was not too bad, but he shook dice to six o’clock the fourth time.

Looking at the number six, Lu Yin was excited, and his consciousness appeared directly in that dark space. This time he saw a lot of bright light clusters, and some light clusters directly let him haven’t plans to blend in, which was too bright , Like the sun, some light clusters are just suitable.

Lu Yin took a look and finally decided to fit into a bright light cluster.

This light group does not almost illuminate the darkness like the brightest light group, but it is also different from the brightness that suits him. It is brighter. He doesn’t know if he can blend in, so he has to try it. , The strength of the corresponding cultivator is estimated to have seven Origin Tribulation or even eight Origin Tribulation.

Open your eyes and enter your eyes, it’s Corpse King.

Lu Yin expression changed, Corpse King?

The sky is dim, there are only broken walls in the city, countless Corpse Kings walking around without consciousness on the streets, and occasionally a few dark shadows pass by, the same Corpse King.

Memory flooded in, Lu Yin watched quietly, understood here belongs to the pond civilization, that is, when he came to Starry Sky Tree this time, he appeared as the Bei Family pond civilization same. The difference is that the pond civilization was originally The human being raised became the Corpse King, and the family to which the pond civilization belongs was controlled by spy, making it a development and hiding place for the Corpse King.

This situation is not uncommon. The pond civilization belongs to a place that is not under the jurisdiction and monitoring of the Starry Sky Tree. It belongs to a certain family or even a certain person. Once that person is controlled by Eternal Clan, the pond civilization changes.

Generally speaking, this kind of pond civilization is unlikely to have a very powerful Corpse King. Lu Yin didn’t expect to encounter one himself.

The Corpse King he has integrated has strong combat power, at least seven times the Origin Tribulation cultivation base, he can feel the tyranny of the physical body.

And this Corpse King has been hiding in the pond civilization for nearly a thousand years, waiting for something.

Lu Yin couldn’t know more information from the Corpse King’s memory. He raised his head and controlled his body to rush out. All he could do was expose the Corpse King and attract Four Way Balance to eradicate this spy-controlled family. There is also this already flooded pond civilization of Corpse King.

Corpse King rushed out of the pond. Outside the pond, many people were shocked, “Weird, monster”.

“Corpse King of Eternal Clan, take action”.

The family is in chaos, Patriarch is shocked, not good, how come out?

Corpse King appearance spread out at the fastest speed. Many cultivators take action around, but the Corpse King cultivation base that Lu Yin has integrated is too high. The strongest of these cultivators is the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base, which is also easy for spy Controlling the reasons here, how could it pose a threat to the Seven Origin Tribulation Corpse King.

Fortunately, Corpse King is controlled by Lu Yin, Lu Yin does not take action, and these people are not harmed either.

But he can’t always integrate into the Corpse King within the body. The nearest to this place is the Nong Family. Lu Yin controls the Corpse King moved towards Nong Family and rushes in the direction. He wants to commit suicide once.

Central Level Boundary is too big. Even if you want to cross the region with the Half-Ancestor cultivation base, it will take a while. Fortunately, the Nong Family is not far away. People find that it is also convenient for Lu Yin, so that he will not blend in for too long and consume too many.

He controlled Corpse King’s body and quickly saw Seed Garden, his eye light shone, and he rushed.

Strike the Nong Family with the Origin Tribulation cultivation base seven times, which is tantamount to courting death. The Nong Family is a Central Level Boundary behemoth. The Lu Family is as famous as Cold Immortal Sect, Divine Martial Heaven, etc., while Lu Family is exile After that, countless family forces close to the Lu Family were destroyed. Only the Nong Family and the Liu Family were safe and sound, relying on strength.

Don’t talk about seven Origin Tribulation, even Half-Ancestor dare not attack Nong Family.

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