Star Odyssey Chapter 2247


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This day was a shocking day for many people in the Nong Family. In the field, many children of the Nong Family saw a Corpse King carrying the bloody Slaughter Qi assault. Many people turned pale with fright and dared to shock the Nong Family. Not courting death, but sure, does this Corpse King have an Ancestral Realm cultivation base?

not only them, even Nong Family Patriarch Nong Ya thought so, he clenched the Corpse King who stare rushed over, clenched his fists, and immediately contacted the ancestor.

In the field, Nong Sanniang and Nong Lie stared blankly.

Then, a green leaf came out from the ground and swept across the sky as if swept by an autumn wind, wrapping the Corpse King.

Lu Yin has the heart to feel the power of the Nong Family, punched out, his fist hits the fallen leaves of jade green, without movement, a trace of scars on the fallen leaves is haven’t, and the Corpse King he has integrated is bound to death, first muscles , Followed by skeleton, followed by continuous oppression of internal organs.

After a period of darkness, Lu Yin’s consciousness returned to within the body. On his chest, the black and white color vibrated and grew a little bit. He felt death once again, this time from the Nong Family.

A fallen leaf, kill the Origin Tribulation Corpse King seven times in seconds, Corpse King without resistance, this is the foundation of the Nong Family.

Not only Corpse King, maybe even Half-Ancestor doesn’t have the ability to resist against the fallen leaves.

Lu Yin dare not underestimate these giants like Starry Sky Tree. What Nong Family can do, Four Way Balance same can do.

He once again rejoiced that Kui Luo and Seven Heavenly Gods had helped him to escape from Dragon Mountain, otherwise he would not be able to escape.

At the same time, far away, in the Seed Garden, countless people stared blankly at the fallen leaves returning to the ground. Nothing was left. The green leaves became greener.

Nong Lie blinked, what do you mean?

“Sister, did I read it wrong? Just recently, Corpse King rushed over.”

Nong Sanniang pursed his lips, “Yes.”

“Are you seckilled?”.



Nong Sanniang is speechless, “I don’t know”, she took off the towel on her head and wiped the sweat from her face, “unfathomable mystery”.

No one understands why this is what caused a Corpse King to rush to Seed Garden desperately.

Nong Ya’s face is solemn, not right, Corpse King haven’t feelings, there is no act of courting death, just recently, there must be a reason for doing so. What reason will make a Corpse King with a very high cultivation base come to Seed Garden courting death? What is the reason?

Is this a sign? Eternal Clan wants to take action on me Nong Family?

Also, how did this Corpse King come from?

At this time, he received a report that the Corpse King came from a pond civilization of a family that was very close, and immediately ordered the elimination of that family and eradicated the pond civilization.

It’s getting more and more weird. Since it is hidden, why is it deliberately exposed?

Nong Ya didn’t understand, Nong Family didn’t understand, and when this matter was passed to Four Way Balance, Four Way Balance didn’t understand either.

They just feel that there are more and more strange things these days.

Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Yin looked at the Congealing Space Ring distressedly, and actually consumed more than 60 billion cubic meters of Star Crystal Essence, which is more than 60 billion, not 600 million.

This is the cost of forcibly integrating into the top expert within the body. Not only that, but he also controlled Corpse King to go to Seed Garden. There was a little delay in time, which consumed so much.

No matter how you look at it, it’s distressing to consume so much.

Forget it, just treat it as a contribution to mankind. How to say I dug out spy and Corpse King, which is a reminder to Starry Sky Tree that Eternal Clan can hide in this way.

The fourth time haven’t shaken to six o’clock, unexpectedly, I will rest for another ten days.

A few days later, Nong Siniang asked Lu Yin to help with the Language of Interpretation. Lu Yin gave Nong Siniang the most Language of Interpretation.

“Sir, recently happened a lot of strange things, do you know?” Nong Si Niang asked while looking at Lu Yin Language of Interpretation.

Lu Yin nowadays Language of Interpretation is only Palm Control Intermediate Level Origin Treasure, you can distract and talk, “What’s the strange thing?”.

“Four Way Balance four masters are all missing,” said Nong Si Niang.

Lu Yin was surprised, “All missing? Isn’t it only Xia Xing missing?”.

“not only, Xia Xing was the first to disappear, then Bai Teng, and finally Wang Zheng and Long Ke. They deserved it, and I don’t know who took the action. As long as it’s not the monster take action of Eternal Clan, we are all happy”, Nong Si Niang doesn’t care about Tao.

Lu Yin said, “Four Way Balance Sect Master can disappear, and it is getting chaotic. I will take you to experience it when I see it. Fortunately, there is a God of Cookery, otherwise it is very dangerous. Is your family okay? The Four Way Balance is poor. If they take action on Xia Xing is Eternal Clan’s monster, your family must be careful.”

“Mr. guess is so accurate, something happened to our house,” said Nong Siniang solemnly.

Lu Yin pretended to be surprised, “What’s the matter?”.

Nong Siniang bit her lip, “I don’t know how to say, an Eternal Clan monster courting death same rushed to our house, and was run over to death by the leaves of the Old Ancestor. This is very strange, Four Way Balance sent people to investigate, and it is estimated that Eternal Clan will have actions in the future.”

“Liu Family is nervous now, all the disciplines outside are recalled”.

Lu Yin exhales, “This is really weird, but it is the Seed Garden of your Nong Family. A monster can dare to rush, indeed courting death.”

“Because of that monster, our Nong Family has found a lot of Corpse Kings hidden in the pond civilization. The movement is still very large. The old lady estimates that Four Way Balance will definitely clean up the pond civilizations controlled by the various sect forces and include them Monitoring the scope, this matter may cause turbulence”, Nong Si Niang muttered.

The speaker is unintentional, the listener intends, the pond civilization is a private civilization that is very common in Starry Sky Tree, but it is not very public. As long as there is a family power in which Star Envoy is seated, who does not cultivate the pond civilization and is the family Provide dead men, guards and even more metaphorical uses. Once these are supervised by Four Way Balance, the impact on these family sects will be very large.

This is equivalent to tearing off some people’s gorgeous coats, and you can see what they are wearing at a glance.

Lu Yin eye light flashes, this is not a simple matter. Evoking Virtuous College haven’t contains pond civilization, but Seed Garden must have it, and Liu Family must have it. The two are not easy at first, and then For example, some families, organizations, etc. that have been in the seat of Origin Tribulation six or seven times, if Four Way Balance does this, it will form a Da Chong attack on Starry Sky Tree.

But this is a good thing.

If Lu Yin controls the Starry Sky Tree, he will also untie the pond civilization. How can people keep people in captivity? What is the difference between this and captive animals? Those people in the pond civilization are equivalent to letting those family sects slaughter. It’s too miserable , If Four Way Balance really did this, it would be considered a good thing.

“Does your Seed Garden have a pond civilization?” Lu Yin asked casually.

Nong Si Niang nods, “Yes, it’s a huge area with countless people inside. As long as the cultivation base reaches a certain level, they can get rid of the bondage of pond civilization and join my Seed Garden. The treatment is the same as other cultivator. We The Nong Family treats them so cruelly to them than other families.”

Isn’t this cruel? Those people desperately cultivated and finally left the low-level civilization, thinking that they would enter a more perfect world, but after they came out, they learned that they would only become servants. What a blow to them.

Nong Family thinks that they are good and fair to them, but this is fairness that is set against the big environment of Starry Sky Tree, a kind of fairness that seems to be fair, and it can be seen from the big environment of Starry Sky Tree pond civilization How pathetic those people are, anyone at Fifth Continent can understand it when they hear Ming Capital, but Nong Family can’t.

This pond civilization is the cancer of Starry Sky Tree. I hope Four Way Balance can do a good job to get rid of this cancer.

Soon after, Origin Treasure Language of Interpretation was completed, and a weapon was obtained, which was considered a rare treasure. However, it had no power. It was too old and had long been decayed. It would be broken by the Siniang Nong, without meaning.

Nong Siniang is also haven’t disappointed, “Sir, there are still more than ten days to experience, Mr. Tang has been helping us during this period of time, when will you go?”.

“Wait a few more days,” Lu Yin said.

Nong Siniang haven’t Excuse me, leave.

In the past two days, Wu Taibai came, and his words were quite a pity. Haven’t and Lu Yin together led the team to experience, but he had no complaints about Liu Que.

Mr Zheng also came once to remind Lu Yin to maintain the reputation of Evoking Virtuous College. After all, this is the first time that Evoking Virtuous College has been exposed to Four Way Balance since Lu Family was exile, especially the best Heaven’s Chosen in the college. It belongs to Four Way Balance, impossible towards the academy. The students who really belong to the academy are far behind them.

A few more days passed, ten days later, Lu Yin returned to house, raised his hand, dice appeared, continue.

a finger pointed, luck was pretty good, it was at six o’clock, and my consciousness instantly entered the dark space. Looking around, there was only a light cluster around, very bright, brighter than the previous Corpse King light cluster.

Looking at this light group, Lu Yin was moved. This kind of brightness makes it harder to blend in, but this brightness also means that the person being blended into has at least seven Origin Tribulation cultivation bases. If it’s a Starry Sky Tree cultivator, then It is standing in Human Peak, second only to Ancestral Realm and Half-Ancestor, which is very attractive to him.

Don’t hesitate anymore, blend in, at worst defeated, lose some resources, don’t care about this loss compared to the benefits of success.

Whether it is Starry Sky Tree or Fifth Continent, even if you look at the human Heavenly Sect era, no one consumes Star Crystal Essence as fast as Lu Yin. The key is that others don’t know where he consumes.

The consciousness blended in, dizzy, and a feeling of being unable to breathe. This was the result of forcibly blending in. Fortunately, it blended in.

Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes and saw the familiar starry sky on the back of the battlefield. Under his feet is the Mother Tree. At this moment, his position is on the Mother Tree, on the back of the battlefield. The person being integrated into it turned out to be Heavenly Master Qiu Ling.

Heavenly Master Qiu Ling, the first Starry Sky Tree Origin Formation Heavenly Master that Lu Yin saw, was originally requested by White Dragon Sect to accept the pseudonym Lu Yin as Long Qi as his apprentice, and he was evaluated at Dragon Mountain, which made Lu Yin the first time I came into contact with the game Stable Circumference and became famous in the stars.

That game made Lu Yin a deep impression and had a clearer understanding of the capabilities of Origin Formation Heavenly Master.

He didn’t expect that he could actually integrate into Origin Formation Heavenly Master within the body.

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