Star Odyssey Chapter 2248


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Language Interpreter has cultivation base requirements, but also only the minimum requirements. For example, Bright Eyes Junior Level Language Interpreter requires at least Fusion Realm cultivation base to achieve, and Palm Control Intermediate Level Language Interpreter is at least Exploration Realm cultivation base, Limitless Correction High Level Language Interpreter is at least Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. This is only the minimum cultivation base requirement. Those who do not represent this kind of cultivation base must be the corresponding level of Language Interpreter.

Only by reaching the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base and mastering an Origin Treasure Formation can you become the Origin Formation Master. As for the Grand Origin Formation Master, the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base can still be achieved, but the Boundary Origin Formation Master must be Star Envoy. As for the highest Origin Formation Heavenly Master, at least Star Envoy cultivation base is required. As for the several Origin Tribulation, Lu Yin is not too clear. The Origin Formation Heavenly Master he has seen is either Half-Ancestor or Xiu Ming Heavenly Master. Star Envoy Peak.

The Heavenly Master Qiu Ling that I have integrated is the seven Origin Tribulation cultivation base, which is very close to the Xiu Ming Heavenly Master’s cultivation base, but it is a little worse, just enough for Lu Yin to integrate, if she is Half-Ancestor, Lu Yin couldn’t blend in at all.

Incorporating into an Origin Formation Heavenly Master is far more useful than integrating into the Star Envoy Peak powerhouse, at least her Language of Interpretation experience is quite rare, and Lu Yin’s previous highest level is to integrate into the Boundary Origin Formation Master within the body.

As the memory rushes out, Lu Yin is still very excited. He wants to see the Origin Treasure Formation mastered by Heavenly Master Qiu Ling.

If you want to become an Origin Formation Heavenly Master, you must master at least five Origin Treasure Formations, and you must have an original Origin Treasure Formation. That is to say, Lu Yin can see five Origin Treasure Formations from Heavenly Master Qiu Ling. With her own original Origin Treasure Formation.

However, I haven’t seen the Origin Treasure Formation yet. Lu Yin first saw the memory that made him angry and fearful. Heavenly Master Qiu Ling turned out to be -Red Back.

Starry Sky Tree has many Red Backs. Who is Red Back Lu Yin shouldn’t be surprised, but Heavenly Master Qiu Ling is Red Back. He is really surprised. It feels like knowing a certain Half-Ancestor is Red Back same.

Origin Formation Heavenly Master, whether in the Fifth Continent or in the Starry Sky Tree, has a very high status. You know, the Sixth Continent is even Haven’t Origin Formation Heavenly Master.

As long as an Origin Formation Heavenly Master does not make a mistake in principle, no one wants to offend. For example, Heavenly Master Gu Yan has a weird personality. Don’t dare to offend, but also find a way to win.

Heavenly Master Qiu Ling can’t reach the status of Heavenly Master Gu Yan, but it’s not too many, Four Way Balance same. If you want to try your best to win, people like this can say they can get whatever they want, didn’t Expect is actually Red Back.

Lu Yin quickly looked for the memory of Heavenly Master Qiu Ling becoming Red Back.

Check it and know it soon.

Heavenly Master Qiu Ling did not betray human beings after becoming Heavenly Master, but became Red Back shortly after contacting the Language of Interpretation.

This matter has something to do with a person called the previous one.

Whether it’s Qiuling or the last one, when I set foot on the Language of Interpretation together just recently, they were extremely genius. They were called the representatives of the Language Interpreter of that era. Like the fifth Continent Wu Dan, they are recognized by all Language Interpreters. , Sure to become the genius of Origin Formation Master.

Countless people have high hopes, countless stare with eyes, but Qiuling’s innate talent is always poor. One after another, has been suppressed. The last one became Palm Control Intermediate Level Language Interpreter, she was Five Stars Bright Eyes Junior Level , The last one became a two-star Palm Control Intermediate Level Language Interpreter, she is One Star Palm Control Intermediate Level, in short, she was always pressed by the previous one for nearly ten years, and eventually led to mental instability, and gradually the gap between the previous one Pull away.

Qiu Ling proud and arrogant, unable to accept this result, but unable to surpass, the anger accumulated in his heart, resentment is getting heavier, and this also gives Eternal Clan the opportunity to develop her into a Red Back. Witch Spirit God, this Old Guy has quite a set of conspiracies. With an Origin Treasure Formation, Qiu Ling is willing to become a Red Back. Of course, the condition before this is to kill the previous one.

The last time I was killed was not in the hands of Eternal Clan, but in the hands of Unbounded. The client was naturally a certain Red Back.

After the last death, Qiuling once again became the most eye-catching genius in everyone’s eyes. However, her innate talent was not as good as she was raised one after another until she became the Origin Formation Master, using the Origin that Witch Spirit God gave her. Treasure Formation has made rapid progress, and the progress has made people shocking, and has become an Origin Formation Heavenly Master step by step.

Lu Yin impossible Look at all the memories of Qiuling, but for some memories, she is extremely impressed, and these memories form her life.

This is a selfish, narrow-minded woman with a very high Language of Interpretation innate talent.

At the same time, Lu Yin also solved the mystery of Heavenly Master Qiu Ling’s attitude on Dragon Mountain.

At that time, he changed his name to Long Qi, and Qiu Ling was invited by White Dragon Sect to see if he could accept him as a disciple. At first, Qiu Ling highly appreciated him, and even deliberately helped him in the Stable Circumference game. His Language of Interpretation innate talent was infinitely elevated. At that time, Lu Yin thought it was White Dragon Sect.

But after Cold Immortal Sect attacked him, Wang Yun recognized him, Qiu Ling’s attitude changed, and his words deepened his suspicion and dissatisfaction. These were two contradictory attitudes, but Lu Yin didn’t feel that there was a problem at the time.

But outside of the Cloud Ladder at the top of the upper boundary to the Central Level Boundary, Qiu Spirit Wisdom was able to use Origin Treasure Formation to trap him, but then deliberately let him go. His attitude changed once again. Lu Yin felt strange at that time. Now, Qiu Ling’s attitude is constantly changing, and there must be a reason, but this idea is suppressed because of leave Starry Sky Tree, and now after seeing Qiu Ling’s memory, he knows that all this was ordered by Witch Spirit God.

Help him, raise his Language of Interpretation innate talent is true, just to let Four Way Balance know that his innate talent is so high, increase Four Way Balance’s pursuit, eradicate him, and let him go. To let Four Way Balance continue to chase and kill, go to Fifth Continent, and consume human internal strength, all of this is planned by Witch Spirit God.

This is what he said to Lu Yin. He wants to use Lu Yin to consume the strength of Starry Sky Tree and Fifth Continent, and only Eternal Clan will benefit.

Eternal Clan must let him be hunted down, but not let him be killed, he is the bait.

The brain is dizzy. After all, Qiu Ling is a Heavenly Master, and it is not something that Lu Yin can integrate for a long time. It is good that he can forcefully integrate into already, and he will withdraw from the integration just now.

Lu Yin hurriedly searched for the memory of Star Union. As the sky turned around, his consciousness passed through darkness, and then returned to within the body.

Long exhales, Lu Yin is rubbing his head. This time the fusion has gained too much, otherwise how would he know that Heavenly Master Qiu Ling is actually Red Back, and in the end also understood Star Union.

As he guessed, Star Union was once again focused on together by Four Way Balance, and deliberately leaked its position, trying to induce Eternal Clan to take action.

This is the trap Four Way Balance dug for Eternal Clan. Not to mention the Seven Heavenly Gods Half-Ancestor body, even if the real Seven Heavenly Gods body comes, it may not be able to retreat completely. If Seven Heavenly Gods does not take action , Then this trap has not been caught, Four Way Balance does not lose anything.

In the perception of Four Way Balance, things should develop like this.

And this is also Lu Yin’s opportunity. That many Star Envoy is concentrated in the same place. As long as he keeps searching until six o’clock, he will always have a chance to find it. As long as he can integrate into a person within the body, he can unlock everything. People are banned, and you don’t need to appear.

This is beyond the knowledge of Four Way Balance. All it takes is luck.

Apart from these two things, when Lu Yin looked at the memories of Heavenly Master Qiu Ling, she also saw the Origin Treasure Formation given to her by Witch Spirit God, named -void branding. Precisely with this Origin Treasure Formation, she After reaching the Origin Formation Master, she progressed faster, faster than at the Limitless Correction High Level level. Many people were stunned, saying that her innate talent was manifested in Origin Treasure Formation.

She can do all of this, actually relying on this void brand Origin Treasure Formation. This Origin Treasure Formation has a very simple purpose. It can replay, freeze, or even keep playing back and freeze the happened in a void. It is like adding a timeline to a certain period of his own experience, and he can freely manipulate this timeline.

This has nothing to do with Strength of Time, but Space Power.

Master this Origin Treasure Formation. As long as Qiu Ling makes mistakes in the Language of Interpretation, she cannot change the error. This Origin Treasure Formation cannot allow her to collect the time, but she can see where the error is through this Origin Treasure Formation , See every detail, and then study, twice the results for half the effort.

Other People’s Language of Interpretation, once the error itself encounters danger, she does not even know where the error is, but she can clearly see it and can study it. This is not the same.

This also allowed Qiuling to develop a habit. As long as it was cultivated, Language of Interpretation, even when resting, he was used to placing void branding. Suddenly, Lu Yin got up with an ugly face, just recently he merged into her within the In the body, she has hadn’t arranged the void brand in advance?

Lu Yin eye light flashes, recalling a scene from just recently. He didn’t know, he didn’t see that memory. If it’s arranged, Qiuling can see just recently happen through Origin Treasure Formation as long as he has a little doubt. , Knowing she is controlled.

If it was like this, what would she do?

At the same time, Lu Yin’s worries came true on the back of the battlefield.

As a Heavenly Master, Qiu Ling has a deep heart. For many years, the identity of Red Back has been dismantled, and he is extremely cautious.

She has a habit of subconsciously recalling just recently happen regardless of cultivate or rest. This habit is related to the void brand Origin Treasure Formation, and the Origin Treasure Formation makes her develop this kind of similar compulsion Habit.

After Lu Yin withdrew from the integration, she was also sober, subconsciously recalling what happened just recently, and found that she couldn’t remember it, so she checked the Origin Treasure Formation, freeze framed void, replayed, and saw a scene that made her horrified, she unexpectedly opened I saw the starry sky on the back of the battlefield, when? She was completely haven’t in this memory, and surely haven’t.

If it’s not your own memory, then someone else did it. Someone controlled your body, who? Who can control her? Still let her without notice?

She was the first to think of Witch Spirit God, apart from Eternal Clan, who would target her? Starry Sky Tree is a super expert, she has almost seen it, there is no one who controls her, only Eternal Clan, she is the Red Back, until now Eternal Clan is stare, she is impossible to know what they did.

Why does Eternal Clan control himself? Is it a warning? Indeed, ever since I became a Heavenly Master, I have consciously improved my status, and I have gradually ignored Eternal Clan. Unless Witch Spirit God ordered it himself, just like Long Qi, I will make an all-out effort. Eternal Clan has something to do with it. Just recently the thing is their warning to themselves.

Qiu Ling’s face was gloomy, her eye light flickered, and she didn’t know what to think.

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