Star Odyssey Chapter 2250


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“There is Ancestral Weed blood in the blood pool. Ancestral Weed is an Ancestral Realm creature. Its blood can improve the cultivator physique. It is conservatively estimated that when he comes out, the combat power can increase by one to 20%. If he absorbs Ancestral Weed blood well , Can improve more”, Long Tian said.

All the students are looking forward to seeing that Liu Que can improve, and so can they. Who doesn’t want a breakthrough in their own strength.

Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, and he looked forward to Liu Que’s state after coming out.

For two days, Liu Que walked out of the blood pool. When he walked out of the bleeding pool, there was a faintly discernable pressure on his body. The white airflow surrounded like Ancestral Weed, and then disappeared.

Long Tian praised, “In two days, it is not easy for the ordinary Enlightenment Realm cultivator to stay in it for one day, and few people can stay for two days.”

“You can start”, Liu Que looked towards Long Tian, ​​he wanted to experience The Thirteen Swords.

Long Tian’s smile remains unchanged, everyone once again returns to the place just recently.

“Look clearly, this is what Lu Xiaoxuan has done, The Thirteen Swords.” Long Tian still has a gun in his hand, and he wants to use a gun instead of a sword.

Lu Xiaoxuan defeated them, it was the shadow that they couldn’t get through. Even though Lu Xiaoxuan would edit The Thirteen Swords, he still had to replace the sword with a gun to prove that he was not imitating but transcending.

Liu Que’s eye light was cold, “You look down on the sword technique”.

Long Tian doesn’t care, Liu Que’s purpose is already over, the next is his time, there is no need to be polite with him, thinking, long spear stabbed out, “Don’t you want to see it?”.

Liu Que lifted his sword to the crossbar, his body was retreated by the tip of the spear, Long Tian once again a spear thrust out, and at the same time displayed the Bailong Swimming Body Step.

The same scene as before appeared. Liu Que faced the long spear from the Star Origin universe, and all he could do was retreat, but this time, he forcibly reversed it, and at the same time he still had the power to raise upwards with his sword. , Shook away the gun body that was supposed to be pressed against him.

Long Tian long spear was inserted diagonally into the ground, opposite, Liu Que backed up a few steps, sword edge lifted, and pointed straight at Long Tian, ​​screams, “This is not The Thirteen Swords.”

Long Tian smiled lightly, “It’s The Thirteen Swords, but the method is different”.

Liu Que was extremely angry, he was taken advantage of.

Long Tian looked towards everyone at Evoking Virtuous College, “Did you see clearly? With the same trick, Liu Que has different coping capabilities. This is the effect of the blood pool.”

A group of students really saw Liu Que’s different coping abilities before and after, and had a clear understanding of the effects of the blood pool.

The God of Cookery was dissatisfied. Long Tian used The Thirteen Swords to seduce Liu Que. After all, Liu Que is a college student. He did so too much.

Lu Yin is strange. In fact, he finds it strange in Wang Family. Even if Four Way Balance wants to win over Evoking Virtuous College, there is no need to show such goodness. If he is the owner of Four Way Balance, there are ways to win over these students. He doesn’t believe that Four Way Balance can’t find out the background of these students, as long as the investigation is clear, it’s just a sentence.

But why is it so laborious? Temptation, wooing, gifting of resources, etc. Now even deception is used. Although Long Tian’s doing this shows the effect of the blood pool, it makes the God of Cookery dissatisfied and offends the God of Cookery. Is it really worth it?

Know that the God of Cookery and the others have a good attitude towards White Dragon Sect in Four Way Balance. It is easy for them to hate White Dragon Sect as well. Why does Long Tian do this.

The feeling for Lu Yin is like trying everything possible to win over the students.

What is their purpose? It’s not just as simple as wooing students.

Long Tian no longer paid attention to Liu Que, anyway, Liu Que is impossible to be attracted by White Dragon Sect. His target is only these students.

Lu Yin guess is good. Four Way Balance has a way to win over students, so why bother?

In the eyes of Long Tian, ​​he is not necessarily willing to attract these students. For Four Way Balance, even if it lacks talents, it has not yet sacrificed resources to attract these youngsters. The reason for doing so is for the quota. .

Evoking Virtuous College is bound to be controlled by Four Way Balance. They care about Mountain Sea most. However, there is only one Mountain Sea. Four Way Balance reached an agreement on how to distribute it. It is these students who are the target and who wins The largest number of students, who can get a larger allocation, and it is stipulated that they must not be wooed by obscure means, can only be wooed by each family’s ability when taking students to experience at Evoking Virtuous College.

This avoids contradictions and will not harm the reputation of Four Way Balance, at the most sacrifice some resources.

The number of students who are attracted determines the number of places allocated by Mountain Sea inheritance. This is the reason why Wang Family and White Dragon Sect try their best to attract students. Otherwise, why would they care about these students?

From ancient times to the present, how many Ancestral Realm can be born, they never thought that they could meet the second crossover. These students did not show the aptitude of the Comparable Four Young Ancestors. It is purely a rule to draw them in.

A Domination is different from Four Way Balance after all. If the Starry Sky Tree is still under the control of Lu Family, these things will be fine.

And this rule, God of Cookery, Wen Chairman, they don’t know, only Four Way Balance knows.

So at this moment, even the God of Cookery couldn’t figure out why Long Tian risked offending him to deceive Liu Que and show the effect of the blood pool.

What he wants is for these students to be attracted. He is sure that what the cultivator values ​​is himself. As long as there is a way to increase cultivation base, regardless of his position, the White Dragon Sect the foundation is too shallow, he must use the blood pool to attract, this is them The only advantage.

As he expected, he saw the desire in the eyes of the students. They wanted to enter the blood pool. That was enough.

Just as Long Tian wanted to organize the students to enter the blood pool to soak, Lu Yin walked out, “Slow, I feel something is wrong”.

Everyone looked towards Lu Yin.

Shi God’s Eye shines. In Wang Family, Lu Yin gave him a surprise. Could it be that in this White Dragon Sect, he can give him a surprise? He is not afraid to offend White Dragon Sect. Long Tian’s approach already makes him angry. If Lu Yin can do something, it would be better.

Long Tian frowned, “Mr. Haoyu, my White Dragon Sect blood pool has existed for countless years. You said there is a problem? Is this questioning my White Dragon Sect?”.

Lu Yin is funny, “Long Tian Young Patriarch is too anxious, did I say there is a problem with the blood pool?”.

Long Tian stagnates, haven’t talked.

Lu Yin immediately said, “But you guessed it, I said there is a problem with the blood pool”.

Long Tian eye light is cold, “You question my White Dragon Sect blood pool?”.

The voice fell, and there were many White Dragon Sect people around, each and everyone stared at Lu Yin unkindly.

Lu Yin didn’t care, looked towards Liu Que, “come here”.

Liu Que is very obedient. He walked in front of Lu Yin. He was also full of anger at Long Tian. Lu Yin is now asking White Dragon Sect for trouble, and he can’t ask for it.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “Tell me the sword.”

Liu Que raised his eyebrows, and then without the slightest hesitation pierced out with a sword, and the speed was never slower than facing Long Tian.

Lu Yin raised his hand and shook it, casually, “You have a haven’t feeling different when facing me and facing Long Tian?”.

Liu Que thought for a while and shook his head, “haven’t”.

Lu Yin looked towards Liu Que, “You have it”.

Liu Que was at a loss.

Long Tian sneered, “It’s worthy of being a mentor, people say it is no different, you are better, forcibly let the students have.”

Lu Yin indifferent, “I noticed that Liu Que, before and after soaking in the blood pool, faced you when he took out his sword, within the body state was different, he was suppressed.”

Long Tian complexion slightly changed, it was just a moment, and it quickly returned to normal, “I don’t understand what you are talking about”.

Lu Yin said, “It’s very simple. Don’t soak the blood pool. He is himself. He has been soaked in the blood pool. Although it has any influence on his Bloodline haven’t, there is a layer of substance on his body that absorbs the blood pool. The substance is suppressed when facing you, thereby suppressing his state. The more times you soak, the more obvious this state will be.”

Long Tian stare Lu Yin, with an unprecedented murderous intention in the depths of the eye light, “Do you think you can slander my White Dragon Sect by just talking about it? Mr. Haoyu, you need to know the consequences of slandering my White Dragon Sect” .

Lu Yin raised his head, “I have achieved Abstruse Creation Realm in the control of Star Origin, and I am also Boundary Origin Formation Master. I can feel that although his combat power has increased, his body surface is suppressed, and I can’t feel the gap between you. But if it is an opponent of comparable strength, or White Dragon Sect, he will be over. He is definitely not an opponent.”

“Haoyu, you are courting death, slandering my White Dragon Sect”, with a screams, a White Dragon Sect old woman walked out and caught Lu Yin in the distance.

The light of God’s Eye sharply increased, “impudent”, the two words, the old woman vomited blood.

Suddenly, many experts of White Dragon Sect appeared, surrounding the God of Cookery and the others. At the same time, Dragon Mountain Origin Treasure Formation was opened.

Evoking Virtuous College students face pale, facing the pressure of one of Four Way Balance, White Dragon Sect, they seem so small.

But then, the God of Cookery swept away in a Half-Ancestor imposing manner.

Everyone thought that Dragon Mountain haven’t Half-Ancestor was sitting in town. After all, the God of Cookery would come out if there was a Half-Ancestor, but the next moment, a Half-Ancestor imposing manner whistled past, resisted the oppression of the God of Cookery.

The God of Cookery complexion changed, and the eye light was full of indescribable chill and murderous intention, “It’s you, beast.”

Long Tian and other White Dragon Sect people have ugly faces, and they have to ask them to come forward after all.

In the corner of stare Dragon Mountain, the god of cook, the incredibly violent gas rushed into the sky with the terrifying heat, causing void to be distorted, collapsed, and melted. Then, he raised his hand, and an ordinary-looking knife took shape. It looks like a butcher knife, which is uglier than the battle knife used by ordinary people. However, when this knife appeared, everyone’s scalp numb.

Lu Yin stare, the God of Cookery and the butcher knives he lifted from the sky, his strong sense of crisis made him stand tall. He has never seen the God of Cookery like this, Mr. Tang complexion pale, and he has never seen the like This is the god of cook.

“Senior, this is Dragon Mountain”, Long Tian shouted.

In Divine Eyes, there is no one else but stare Dragon Mountain, and the flame-wrapped butcher knife fell fiercely.

Long Tian’s complexion changed dramatically.

The rest of the White Dragon Sect were shocked, and didn’t expect a butcher knife to appear on Dragon Mountain one day.

A sigh came, “Master, after so many years, you still haven’t let go, when will you become an ancestor”, talking is a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance, soft eye light, with helplessness and grief , On the top of his head, the butcher knife fell, and he also raised his hand, cutting out the same butcher knife from the bottom to the top of the cook.

The two butcher knives collided at a high altitude, and the Origin Treasure Formation that guarded Dragon Mountain was shaking, and terrifying pressure swept across.


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