Star Odyssey Chapter 2250


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Four Way Balance is forced too hard, otherwise the academy’s impossible is willing to bring students to the upper world to experience, which is equivalent to giving Four Way Balance a chance to recruit them.

Already is here now, and I want to regret that it is already impossible.

Looking back, all the students have bright eyes. The loose cultivator students suffer from haven’t resources. The students with family sect background even desire to join Four Way Balance. This is an Unsolvable problem.

As soon as Lu Yin arrived at Starry Sky Tree, he knew from Bei Family that Evoking Virtuous College has changed, and this change is rapidly changing the position and structure of the academy. Four Way Balance’s goodwill and the helplessness of the God of Cookery all show this point.

The God of Cookery is already unable to shelter Evoking Virtuous College anymore.

Dingshangjieyuan haven’t Central Level Boundary is so big, but from Cloud Ladder to Wang Family continent, it took five days at the speed of a paper boat. This is only under the control of Wang Miaomiao, Star Envoy. Speed, otherwise an Enlightenment Realm will take at least a few months’ journey.

As for the God of Cookery, Taba had to go to Wang Family, how could it help speed up.

the past few days, Lu Yin, Wei Xian to survive. Mr. Tang met with Wang Miaomiao. Wang Miaomiao knew Mr. Tang and had met before, but she showed a keen interest in Mr. Wei , For a few days, Mr. Wei did not know what to say.

Two women talk, Lu Yin and the others are far away.

Wang Xiaofan, the Wang Family’s direct line, never said a word to Wang Miaomiao, and Wang Miaomiao didn’t even look at him.

Wang Family continent is near. Lu Yin has just been here not long ago. Here, he captured Wang Zheng and Long Ke, and they are here again.

Wang Family is a behemoth, although I don’t know why Wang Miaomiao greeted the people of Evoking Virtuous College, he is now on the Wang Family continent

They were greeted by a group of Wang Family executives, including Chai Half-Ancestor.

“The God of Cookery Senior, long time no see,” Chai Half-Ancestor saw the God of Cookery politely.

The God of Cookery smiled lightly, “Yeah, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you, you didn’t die, I was also by accident.”

On the side, everyone in the Wang Family is dissatisfied. Chai Half-Ancestor is worshipped by the Wang Family, which is tantamount to provoking the Wang Family.

Chai Half-Ancestor but haven’t minded, “Are you surprised I’m not dead?”.

The God of Cookery said earnestly, “What you cultivate is to retreat. Only after Half-Ancestor will the legs degenerate. If you progress further, your hands and even your brain will degenerate. What’s the difference between death and death?”

“haha, it seems that Senior is very optimistic about me. Others curse me to death by scolding me, but if Senior says that, he is worthy of me”, Chai Half-Ancestor said with a smile.

The God of Cookery shook his head and eye light looked towards Wang Family.

The leader is the agent Patriarch, named Wang Yan, and the cultivation base is really good because of Origin Tribulation twice, but it is far from enough to be the behemoth Patriarch of Wang Family, so Chai Half-Ancestor is the only one to support him. .

Wang Zheng is missing, Wang Su and Wang Yi are not there, nor is Great Elder Wang Si, not only Wang Family, Four Way Balance, some people sit on the back of the battlefield, some people go to Fifth Continent, most of the expert disappears, Sect Master disappears, both Can’t find who, come on top.

White Dragon Sect is the worst, the blue and yellow are not connected, even a junior discipline who can take action is haven’t.

“I don’t know what Wang Family has prepared to test the students behind me?” asked God Cook, eye light swept across Wang Yan and the others, once again looked towards Chai Half-Ancestor, although Chai Half-Ancestor It is worship, but at this moment, Wang Family continent, only he is in charge.

Wang Yan is very calm. He is the facade, so that Wang Family will not even have an agent Patriarch. As for the decision-making power, it has nothing to do with him. Once the new empty corridor is repaired, Wang Si elder will return, whatever Wang Su and Wang Yi can replace him.

Chai Half-Ancestor looked towards Wang Miaomiao, “Didn’t you tell Senior? My Wang Family decided to open the desperate situation to the elite students of Evoking Virtuous College.”

Wang Miaomiao didn’t even watch Chai Half-Ancestor. She was the only one among the Wang Family who didn’t give Chai Half-Ancestor face, nor did she want to give face to anyone.

Chai Half-Ancestor raised his eyebrows, but couldn’t trouble her.

“Wang Family is so sincere, then I will thank Wang Family on behalf of the students,” said the God of Cookery said with a smile.

Shortly after, Wang Yan, the agent Patriarch, personally took the students to visit the Wang Family continent. He also used this purpose. Asking a Patriarch to take the students to visit was another good show.

Wang Family Continent attracts countless people. The Central Level Boundary cultivator, let alone the Wang Family Continent, is not easy to enter the upper world. Now I have the opportunity to board the Wang Family Continent. It is no exaggeration to say that it can be played for a lifetime.

” Since the birth of my Wang Family continent, after wind and rain, enemies, killers, Red Back, spy, have all left traces on this continent, but haven’t alone can leave and see that Is there a knife mark? It was left by a half-Ancestor ancestor of my Wang Family. My Wang Family is good at palm technique, but that ancestor loves Blade Technique alone. The strength of Blade Technique has overwhelmed an era. Wait and see the Sword Monument, use Blade Technique to overwhelm that generation of Liu Family’s sword technique, and shock an era.”

“There is another ancestor of my Wang Family who left behind. That ancestor watched the Lower Boundary millions of creatures, created a million palm prints, merged one by one, and formed the final unchanging palm technique, killing Eternal Clan and killing Twelve. The Phase Season, one of the Seasons, is no longer the Phase Season it used to be. The Phase Season died under this ancestor.”

“The incompetence of the Lu Family at the beginning led to the flooding of Red Back spy, which caused a large-scale war. My Wang Family charged forward, and the continent’s five fingers almost broke, which suppressed the war. Do you see the dark red on the ground? It is the blood of countless ancestors of my Wang Family, whether it is the former Lu Family, the current Cold Immortal Sect, Divine Martial Heaven or White Dragon Sect, all haven’t the Iron Blood history of my Wang Family…”.

Wang Yan is very proud to take the students to visit the continent and introduce them while visiting. It can be seen that he is really proud of the history of Wang Family, and he does not forget to discredit other people.

No matter what Four Way Balance has done, how much hatred they have with Lu Yin, they are always working hard and resisting Eternal Clan. This is a real credit.

Under my feet, the blood has dried up and turned into a withered black, but I can still smell the blood faintly. Seeing the cultivator who once killed the previous cultivator regards death as home, these people deserve respect.

Lu Yin watched Wang Yan’s endless introduction. If he can avenge Lu Family in the future, what should Four Way Balance do?

Along the way, Wang Yan introduced the Wang Family history of too many, Starry Sky Tree how many years, Taoist Origin Sect before this, and even Heavenly Sect. Although the history of Wang Family is too long and obscured, it is not They disappeared completely, and there are countless people who have come out. Not to mention Half-Ancestor, Ancestral Realm has a lot of them. It is a great honor to hear that the students are so fascinated to join this Great Family.

This is the effect Wang Family wants.

For these students, Ancestral Realm is not available, but Wang Yan said it seems that joining the Wang Family can become the same as the ancestor.

“Look, everybody, there is a statue standing there permanently on my Wang Family continent. He is not a member of my Wang Family, but a foreigner named Chong Yue, Chong Yue, who joined me because he admired my Wang Family. The more senior extraordinary natural talent, a chance to contact my Wang Family’s elders at the time, I was attracted to join by my Wang Family, my Wang Family provided all its cultivate resources, let him step by step breakthrough, Star Envoy, Half-Ancestor, and even –Ancestral Realm, he, is the ancestor of my Wang Family’s surname,” Wang Yan pointed to the statue in the distance and reverently said.

The students were amazed and hurriedly approached the statue to watch.

In the crowd, Bai Weiwei disdains.

Nong Siniang barked her teeth, “to have no shame.”

Lu Yin was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”.

Nong Siniang whispered, “Chongyue ancestor is not a member of Wang Family at all, but is close to Wang Family.”

Lu Yin blinked, “Then why is his statue in Wang Family?”.

Nong Si Niang said, “I heard from the elders that the ancestor of Chongyue had indeed received the favor of Wang Family, but also it was only the favor of Xiaoxiao, and was close to Wang Family. At that time, the ancestor of Chongyue apart from was close to Wang Family. I was also close to my Nong Family and Lu Family. Unfortunately, the ancestor of Chongyue died. At that time, he was only with the ancestor Wang Fan of the Wang Family. The ancestor Wang Fan said that the wish of the ancestor of Chongyue before his death was to bury Wang forever. Family continent, this is how Wang Family built statues for the ancestors of heavy Yue.”

“Others didn’t believe it at all, but since Wang Fan said so, no one could refute it. In the end, the re-yue ancestor was buried on the Wang Family continent, and Wang Family also absorbed many foreign cultivators to join. “.

Lu Yin understands that Wang Fan has done a great job, just imagine, cultivator who does not want to become an ancestor, but the ancestor is too slim, let alone loose cultivator, even if Four Way Balance, Nong Family, Liu Family and even Lu Family are giants, How many people can become ancestors? But Wang Family forcibly cultivated an ancestor with a foreign surname, how impactful is it for other cultivators? That is incomparable.

Other cultivators will think that it’s possible to get inclined resources only in Wang Family, and then it’s possible to become an ancestor. If there is a choice, of course choose Wang Family.

Wang Fan not only keeps the relics of the ancestors’ corpses in Wang Family, but also attracts countless cultivators to join, smart.

In the distance, the students each and everyone have bright eyes. The stare statue and the youngster have dreams. Each and everyone dreams of becoming an Ancestral Realm powerhouse. This statue has too much impact on them.

Wang Yan is proud that this statue is a weapon for Wang Family to attract foreign cultivators. Who is not excited after seeing that Wang Family has foreign ancestors and leaving the statue? Who doesn’t want to keep his statue in Four Way Balance? Who doesn’t want to be Ancestral Realm?

“My Wang Family cultivator will worship the statue of Chongyue ancestors every once in a while, and every new born child must come here to watch. This is my Wang Family’s mindset towards innate talent cultivator”, Wang Yandao.

Nong Siniang pouted.

They couldn’t even listen to Xia divine light, and they walked away.

The God of Cookery is already numb, and he was brought here when he was young. At that time, he and the same students dreamed of becoming Ancestral Realm, and almost joined the Wang Family. Wang Family was too sinister.

There are not many Ancestral Realm born in history, but not all Ancestral Realm powerhouses can be named. The Ancestral Realm is by no means a powerful Ancestral Realm. Lu Yin estimates that he is similar to the Sixth Continent Blood Ancestor, but It’s because Wang Family has left his name forever. If he is still alive, I don’t know if he is happy or sad.

As Ancestral Realm, it’s always unpleasant to fight Eternal Clan haven’t to leave a name, but because of being used by others.

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