Star Odyssey Chapter 2251


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There are so many people who died fighting for humans in history. Their names have long since disappeared. People don’t forget their roots, they don’t want to forget them, but everyone knows that their final result is the same as these people, cultivate to the end, see The end point is the same, that is Eternal Clan.

Since everyone is the same, there is no need to remember. They can’t remember others, and future people can’t remember them.

Lu Yin took a deep breath. Perhaps 100 million years later, his name will disappear, either by the enemy, or by Eternal Clan, creating blood for the city wall for mankind.

With a complicated mood, looking at the excited students who followed Wang Yan to visit continent, Lu Yin didn’t want to go anymore and was a little tired.

The Wang Family continent is very big. For two days, Wang Yan took the students to visit. The God of Cookery was not easy to stop, and there was no need to stop it. Wang Yan hadn’t lied. Some things are true to let them know Wang. Family history is also good. Many elders in Wang Family are respectable.

Lu Yin saw the mining area again, glanced around, and saw Xiao Can.

“Wang Yan Patriarch, what is that place?”, Lu Yin suddenly asked, he hadn’t said anything in the past two days, and Wang Yan had forgotten how many mentors were there.

Looking in the direction Lu Yin pointed, Wang Yan said, “That’s the mining area.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Wang Family continent has existed for countless years. It stands to reason that even if there is a mine here, it should be mined. Why is there still?”.

Wang Yan said casually, “It’s not really mining, it’s just punishing some sinners and making them pay.”

“so that’s how it is, can we take a look?” Lu Yin asked again, “There must be darkness under the light. These children can’t just see the bright side of human beings, but it’s time to let them know something Something sinister”.

Wang Yan waved his hand, not wanting to talk about this topic, “Dirty place, there is nothing to see, let’s go, and take you to see my Wang Family juniors’ competition list.”

Being Doubang is obviously more interesting than the mining area.

Wang Yan didn’t accept this, and Lu Yin couldn’t go to the mining area. He always felt that there was a problem in the mining area.

“Mr. Haoyu is very curious about the mining area of ​​Wang Family?” Mr. Wei came to Lu Yin and asked.

Lu Yin said, “I just want to see, after all, this Wang Family continent has been mining for so many years, even if there is a mine at first, it should have been finished.”

Mr. Wei looked towards the mining area, “This continent of mine can’t be mined”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Mr. Didn’t know?”.

Mr. Wei said, “I have seen a lot of history. Many ancient books mention the mines mined by Wang Family. Although they are just a few words, in a long history, you can tell something in just a few words. Not a mine, but a yellow liquid”.

Lu Yin was confused, “What yellow liquid?”.

Mr. Wei shook his head, “If you can know that it is yellow liquid already, it is by guesswork. Wang Family hides this matter very strictly. It is not clearly recorded in the ancient book. I can only rely on guesswork. It is from the description in the ancient book. There are only a few words in the next population, what is specific is not understood.”

Lu Yin meditating, yellow liquid?

Mr. Wei looked towards Lu Yin, “Although I don’t know what this yellow liquid is, it must be extremely important to the Wang Family. I have read that many ancient book. Where the Wang Family mining area is involved, there must be traces of Half-Ancestor.” .

Lu Yin once again looked towards the mining area, are there traces of Half-Ancestor?

The last time he came here under the guise of Xia Yuan, he felt a great threat. This mining area is very problematic.

The history of Wang Family runs through the history of Fifth Continent. I don’t know how long it will take to finish the introduction. The God of Cookery began to urge Wang Yan to open the desperate situation as soon as possible for the students to experience.

Wang Yanzheng talked about Xing. As a branch of Patriarch, when did he have the opportunity to be so successful? You must know that among these students are Cold Immortal Sect, a direct descendant of Divine Martial Heaven, as well as Nong Family and Liu Family.

The final result of a branch, Patriarch, is to obliterate everyone, rarely show their faces. The family also said that the longer the talk, the better, he is not in a hurry.

“I heard that Wang Zheng Patriarch is missing, what traces did Wang Family have haven’t found out?”, seeing Wang Yan’s interest in continuing to show off the history of Wang Family, Lu Yin asked.

Wang Yan complexion changed and glanced at Lu Yin, “There are some things that people outside of Four Way Balance can understand, so don’t ask Mr. Haoyu more.”

The past few days Wang Yan has elevated the status of Wang Family to an unprecedented level, and everyone has forgotten the disappearance of Wang Family Patriarch, and now Lu Yin suddenly mentions it, completely suppressing Wang Yan’s elevated image in the past few days. Down.

Wang Yan’s face is quite ugly.

“It is said that Wang Zheng Patriarch was attacked by the White Dragon Sect Long Ke Patriarch sneak. I hope that Wang Zheng Patriarch will be fine.” Mr. Tang said with emotion.

Wang Yan’s face is more ugly, and he has no interest in showing off the history of Wang Family.

No matter how brilliant the history is, the scandal of the disappearance of the Patriarch family cannot be concealed.

He feels aggrieved. If Wang Zheng died in the battle, the battlefield would be considered glorious, but now he is missing and embarrassed to Wang Family. Of course, he dare not say such words to death. Just thinking about it will make him glimpse with a guilty conscience. Wang Xiaofan.

The flower has three petals and the vegetation is void.

There is a place in the corner of the Wang Family continent where there are flowers with roots and voids growing. Each petal is the size of a planet, and within the petals there is a space of brilliant lights and vibrant colors, which is not visible from the outside, can only See the hazy halo.

This is the desperate situation of Wang Family’s San Ah.

“Three petals flowers, each petal represents a desperate situation”, Wang Yan saw everyone looking at the petals, and introduced, “The three desperate situations are divided, the upper and the too, and the lower is desperate. The situation can accommodate the entry of the Extreme Realm and the cultivator under the Extreme Realm. The desperate situation can accommodate the entry of the Exploration Realm to the Hunting Realm cultivator. If you want to enter the desperate situation, you must be an Enlightenment Realm cultivator.”

“Three desperate situations correspond to different requirements for entering the cultivation base, and different rewards and crisis responses. However, whether it is a desperate situation, a desperate situation, or a desperate situation, you can get the same thing, which is the qualification for training. , I am Wang Family unconditionally-training qualification”.

“Unconditional cultivation qualification?”, a student exclaimed, he is an Extreme Realm cultivation base student, who seems to be a teenager, very young, and the younger the student, the more potential he is.

The students sent by Evoking Virtuous College are all such innate talents that are extremely high, otherwise they would not be able to arouse Four Way Balance’s interest.

Wang Yan raised his head and said, “Yes, entering the desperate situation of San Ah means that my Wang Family recognizes you. No matter whether you join my Wang Family in the future, even if you are hostile to my Wang Family, you only need to enter San Ah. Desperate situation After obtaining the qualification for training, my Wang Family will give corresponding resources according to the agreement on the qualification, until the qualified person is trained as the agreed cultivation base. This is my Wang Family’s commitment.”

Little Fatty raises his hand, “Yes, you”.

Wang Yan raised his eyebrows, uncle? This child is also from Wang Family?

“Except haven’t?” Little Fatty finished.

Wang Yan’s face turned dark, “haven’t, as long as you are qualified for training, even if you are a Ghost Deep Pool person, you can be trained.”

“What kind of training qualifications do you have in the desperate situation?” a girl asked excitedly.

The corner of Wang Yan’s mouth curled up. “There are 36 training qualifications in the desperate situation, among which the highest qualification is Enlightenment Realm, which means that you use Extreme Realm, even Fusion Realm, and Scouting Realm cultivation base to enter the desperate. Situation, once the qualifications for training are obtained, my Wang Family promises to train you as Enlightenment Realm, and will never restrict freedom.”

“There are also 36 training qualifications in the desperate situation. The highest training qualification is still Enlightenment Realm, but Enlightenment Realm Peak. As for the desperate situation, he paused on purpose.

All the students were silent, excited and excited looking at Wang Yan.

Wang Yan said slowly, “Star Envoy”.

“Also 36 training qualifications?” Bai Nan asked. Although he is a member of Cold Immortal Sect and a branch of Bai Family, he is also excited at this moment.

Wang Yan nods, “Yes, there are 36 training qualifications. The lower limit of the desperate situation training qualification is Hunting Realm, and the upper limit is Enlightenment Realm. The lower limit of desperate situation training qualification is Enlightenment Realm, and the upper limit is Enlightenment Realm Peak. As for the desperate situation, the lower limit of training qualification is Enlightenment Realm Peak, and the upper limit is Star Envoy.”

Many students are short of breath, looking at the desperate situation of San Ah, the eye light is full of desire.

Lu Yin understands why the God of Cookery heard that Wang Family was willing to open up the three Ah desperate situation and was so amazed. It is indeed a great generosity. Forget the next desperate situation and the upper desperate situation. In the too desperate situation, Star Envoy has actually been cultivated. As long as you get the qualifications, you will definitely be trained as Star Envoy by Wang Family, which is equivalent to the future Star Envoy. The temptation is too great.

Think about how I just recently embarked on the road of cultivating. Not to mention Star Envoy, Enlightenment Realm feels far away. How many Enlightenment Realms are there in the Fifth Continent Outer Universe? After sharing, there may not be one in a territory. How many Star Envoys can there be in the Outer Universe? Any Star Envoy is a side powerhouse, sufficient to be worshipped by countless people.

And these can be done as long as they can be qualified in the desperate situation of Tai Ah, and they are also cultivated by Wang Family, which is equivalent to labeling Wang Family. Who dares to take action on Wang Family people?

For these students who have never seen the world, this is a fatal temptation.

First he showed his favor, then he was lured by the statue of re-yue, and now he is lured by the three Ah desperate situation. If Lu Yin is still Extreme Realm or Exploration Realm, he may not be able to resist this temptation.

“Apart from training qualifications, there are more than one hundred Combat Technique cultivation techniques in the desperate situation of San Ah. Among them, the desperate situation of Upper Ah contains my Wang Family technique – Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, and there are more in the desperate situation. Secret Technique and Jiejing, as long as you have the ability, you can get it”, Wang Yan loudly said.

A crowd of students have wide-eyed, Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, Secret Technique, and Jiejing, each of them has a sufficient and devastating attraction. Two people with the same cultivation base, one of them learned the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, and they can instantly Above another person, not to mention the Secret Technique, and Jie Jing is an extremely precious thing, getting a little bit enough to envy others, these are all in the three petals in front.

For a time, many students almost couldn’t help but want to rush in. Fortunately, God of Cookery stopped them. With the students’ mentality at the moment, entering the San Ah desperate situation is not appropriate. It is easy to do wrong things because of impulse. He discussed with Wang Family. Tomorrow we will enter the desperate situation again.

Wang Yan agreed, his task was completed, these students are already completely attracted by Wang Family, and they can be labeled as Wang Family with a single sentence.

In fact, he doesn’t understand why the family values ​​these students. Even if these students have innate talents, they are not as good as the Wang Family elite children, but since they are ordered by the family, he can only do so.

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