Star Odyssey Chapter 2252


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The sphere of light on the Wang Family continent is always shining, but in the sky, there are sufficient objects to block the movement of rays of light from time to time. The moving speed is extremely slow, and it can obscure the area above the continent every once in a while. No light, this is the dark night on the Wang Family continent.

The God of Cookery alone sits at the stone table looking at the sky, haven’t drinking, and haven’t drinking tea, just sitting like that.

Lu Yin walked over, “What is Senior thinking?”.

The God of Cookery had a bleak tone, “I watched it for a lifetime and kept it for a lifetime, but in the end I couldn’t keep it.”

“Senior already tried my best”, Lu Yin said.

The God of Cookery looked towards Lu Yin, “I am sorry for you, but I invited you to the academy, not only to expose your identity, but also to fall into this situation.”

Lu Yin is funny, “Senior is not like a sentimental person. The gains and losses will always have the same. Since you can’t change the general trend, it is better to follow the trend.”

The God of Cookery exhaled, “If I can, I really don’t want the academy to go to Four Way Balance, but it seems that this is the best result. The academy can’t keep it already. It’s better to use Four Way Balance to attract students. Let the students get more resources, and they will be able to cultivate more smoothly in the future. As for who they work for, whatever they want, always go to the back battlefield to fight hard for mankind.”

Lu Yin asked, “Senior’s ability may not completely protect the academy. Could it be that Ancestral Realm powerhouse take action?”.

The God of Cookery haven’t replied, but said, “Tell Kui Luo, don’t take action on the academy, otherwise it’s not us who will deal with him next, but Four Way Balance. Once Four Way Balance took him helplessly. But not necessarily, some people will always come out, this starry sky will eventually change.”

After a long pause, he seemed a little tired, “Go back and rest.”

Lu Yin cannot help Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Family is exile, Four Way Balance gradually takes control of Starry Sky Tree, and will eliminate all unstable factors. This time it is Evoking Virtuous College. The next time it might be Seed Garden, Sword Monument Liu Family Wait, the most helpless thing is that they know they will like this, they still can’t resist.

What Evoking Virtuous College can do is to fight for the best interests of the students. There is another point that God of Cookery did not say, but Lu Yin guessed it, and that is to keep the Mountain Sea.

Four Way Balance didn’t know that Mountain Sea had an owner, but Evoking Virtuous College knew that they wanted to hide this secret as much as possible.

Lu Yin haven’t thought about it before, but now that I want to come, Evoking Virtuous College wants to keep this secret, the only reason is that the person who inherited the Mountain Sea is unable to protect himself. In other words, that person has not reached the Ancestral Realm, maybe even Half- Ancestor did not reach it, otherwise Evoking Virtuous College would not have to protect Mountain Sea like this.

Four Way Balance is so impatient for Evoking Virtuous College, and Wang Family is able to show such kindness. In the final analysis, it should be for Mountain Sea.

One wants to win and the other wants to protect, resulting in the current situation.

According to the current situation, Evoking Virtuous College will not be able to hide it for long. Once Mountain Sea’s dominance is exposed, Four Way Balance will inevitably be shaken. When the time comes, the person who inherited Mountain Sea will definitely be found.

Lu Yin is curious who inherited Mountain Sea.

That is one of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas. Once an ancestor is established, it will be a great powerhouse. Is this person an enemy or a friend?

Although Evoking Virtuous College is close to the Lu Family, it does not mean that the people who inherit the Mountain Sea must be close to the Lu Family. Evoking Virtuous College is guaranteed to be the future Nine Mountains Eight Seas, not a certain person, a certain force, Lu Yin I am quite sure of this.

“Senior, since it can’t be changed, as you said, you can get more benefits. I have a way to let the students get more benefits. Can you contact Fairy Fairy?” Lu Yin said with a crooked mouth With a proud arc, since Wang Family wants to show good and generously donate resources, the college is not welcome.

On the second day, everyone came to San Ah desperate situation as promised. Looking at the three petals, Lu Yin and God of Cookery looked at each other. Not far away, Wang Miaomiao was weird, looked towards Wang Yan, and looked towards Chai Half- Ancestor, proud.

“You guys have adjusted your mentality.” Wang Yan said with a smile. Yesterday he was praised. Wang Xun Half-Ancestor from the back battlefield said that you did good. The students of Evoking Virtuous College looked excited. Wang Xun already knows.

“Ready,” many students excited shouted.

Little Fatty raised his hand excitedly, “Quick, accurate, ready.”

Wang Xun’s praise made Wang Yan more positive, and even the Little Fatty looked more pleasing to the eye, “That’s good, follow the cultivation base and enter the San Ah desperate situation in turn. I wish all the students can be qualified for training and get good For the record of cultivation techniques, Wang Family is optimistic about you, Little Fatty, work hard.”

Little Fatty is excited.

Wang Yan’s voice fell, a group of students and haven’t all rushed to the desperate situation of San Ah as he thought. Some of them charged ahead and found a certain desperate situation, such as Bai Nan, such as Nong Si Mother, such as Liu Que and others, Bai Weiwei, Xia Divine Light, etc. are either Four Way Balance elites or Great Family backgrounds, and those students selected by the Chairman haven’t charge ahead, but they agreed with each other to gather together. A group of five people mumbled something and kept talking.

Wang Family everyone is at a loss, what are you doing?

Wang Yan is puzzled, shouldn’t, let alone them, even if the Wang Family children were impatients when they first went to San’a desperate situation, for fear that their qualifications and other resources would be taken away by others, how could these students be so? Calm?

The students who charge ahead were also stunned, each and everyone looked back.

“Here, I said it is here, raise your hand higher.”

“Legs, Lao Liu, put your legs away, don’t hindrance murderous intention”.

“Okay, let me take it.”

“We can do it here too.”

“Our side is ready”.

“Okay, then take it”.

next moment, the assembled students put on weird shapes and took out Origin Treasure at the same time. In an instant, Origin Treasure murderous intention was superimposed on each other, constantly changing.

Chai Half-Ancestor was shocked, “Stop”, he took a step forward, at the same time, God of Cookery blocked him and “Stop”.

Chai Half-Ancestor stared at God of Cookery, “What are you going to do? Let the students commit suicide?”.

Everyone in the other Wang Family also thinks so. Taking out Origin Treasure at will is that’s all. Now those students take out Origin Treasure at the same time. There are 25 students in total, which is 25 Origin Treasure. These Origin Treasures are even Bright. Eyes Junior Level, murderous intention superposition, I don’t know what will happen.

Wang Yan’s hands and feet are cold. It’s over. Evoking Virtuous College is going to be perish together. Now, the family is trying to attract these students. Yesterday he already knew the reason from Wang Xun Half-Ancestor. He wanted to control the students to control Evoking Virtuous College. After all, many things in Evoking Virtuous College are decided by students, and more importantly, there is another reason.

He is fortunate that he has done well enough to really attract those students.

But didn’t expect Evoking Virtuous College to be so cruel. I would rather let the students die than let them be used by the Wang Family. This is troublesome and too cruel. Did I go too far yesterday? The first thing he thought of was the cruel punishment of the family.

“Don’t worry, it’s too late to protect these children, so why are you willing to let them die”, the God of Cookery spoke slowly and looked back.

Chai Half-Ancestor and other Wang Family cultivators, as well as the students who charged ahead, also watched. They saw five groups of students, each group of five Origin Treasure murderous intentions superimposed, and finally formed the Origin Treasure Formation –Flow Transmitting Diagram.

Yes, this is Lu Yin’s plan. He used Origin Treasure murderous intention to lay out the Flow Transmitting Diagram, so that students can like a fish back in water in the desperate situation in San Ah, and arranged them according to Origin Treasure murderous intention power. Flow Transmitting Diagram sufficient makes Enlightenment Realm Peak powerhouse helpless, and can desperate the situation.

He wants these students to enter the San Ah desperate situation and snatch all the resources there.

“What are you waiting for, go”, Lu Yin loudly shouted.

The five groups of students excited shouted and rushed towards San Ah desperate situation.

The rest of the students were shocked. Is there such an operation?

Lu Yin glanced at the rest of the students, “Without that many Origin Treasure, can only let them work harder and search for resources. When the time comes, they get together points.”

“Thank you Mr. Haoyu”.

“Thank you Mr.”, the other students breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Lu Yin had given up on them.

Wang Xiaofan stared blankly at a group of classmates rushing past him, what else can he do?

Wang Family has never forbidden a discipline to bring foreign objects into the desperate situation of San Ah. It is a chance to get a good foreign object rare treasure. Entering the desperate situation of San Ah is also for chance. There is no need to deprive the chance, but they never thought of it. This kind of thing.

How do those Extreme Realm, Exploration Realm, Hunting Realm cultivators enter with Origin Treasure Formation? Even Enlightenment Realm is unlikely, but now things are so happen.

Wang Yan didn’t know whether to stop it.

Wang Yan still haven’t moved, and the Wang Family elder who has always guarded the desperate situation of San Ah blocked the front and stopped the students who were excited to enter San Ah desperate situation in the first group.

Liu Que stepped out in front of Wang Family elder. This Wang Family elder’s cultivation base was not too high. Two Origin Tribulations were not something Liu Que could deal with.

“What does Wang Family mean? Don’t let students in?” Mr. Tang asked.

The Wang Family elder’s face is low, “Can’t go in like this”.

The God of Cookery looked over and said, “I know something about the desperate situation of Wang Family’s San Ah. It seems that there is a provision in Haven’t that does not allow experienced players to enter in teams with Origin Treasure Formation.”

Wang Yan speechless, haven’t this thing appeared because of impossible, but now it appears, he doesn’t know what to do, can only looked towards Chai Half-Ancestor, his position as the agent Patriarch is far inferior to Half- Ancestor worship.

Chai Half-Ancestor is embarrassed. Wang Family wants to show good to the students of Evoking Virtuous College. They can pay a certain amount of resources, but it does not mean that they can pay such a large amount of resources. These students enter with Origin Treasure Formation, heaven knows how many resources they can get ? Since Evoking Virtuous College is sure to arrange Origin Treasure Formation for them, it shows that the difficulties inside can be resolved.

“Senior cook, San Ah desperate situation is to provide the experiencer with the opportunity to cultivate. The students will not achieve the effect of the experience with the help of Origin Treasure Formation. This is not in line with the original intention of this experience”, Chai Half-Ancestor hesitated .

The God of Cookery doesn’t care, “The students have different training goals. You see, most students need to experience, and those who use Origin Treasure Formation don’t. What they have to do is to observe Origin Treasure Formation. They have their own training goals. You don’t have to worry about this. In short, let’s not let in, just one sentence.”

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