Star Odyssey Chapter 2253


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After hearing the words of the God of Cookery, Chai Half-Ancestor scolded shameless secretly. Those experienced students are clearly haven’t Origin Treasure. By the way, where does Evoking Virtuous College have so many Origin Treasures? He looked towards Lu Yin, looking at Evoking Virtuous College, there are only three people who are Origin Formation Masters, one is Wen Chairman, one is Mr. Xiao Wen, and this is Yuhao. Does this person carry so many Origin Treasures with him?

In the end, Wang Family still gave way. If they stop it, their previous efforts will be in vain. Compared with the overall situation of Evoking Virtuous College, some resources are less important.

The students all went in, and the surroundings looked a little deserted.

Lu Yin pulled Mr. Wei to chat, Mr. Tang closed his eyes and rested, and the cook was fine, so he pulled out this recipe and read it there.

Chai Half-Ancestor looked towards Lu Yin from time to time. He found that Yuhao’s Language of Interpretation is extraordinary. As a Half-Ancestor, although he does not know the Language of Interpretation, he has been impressed for many years. Understand, who has never heard of Origin Treasure let some students who do not understand Language of Interpretation arrange Origin Treasure Formation. This is what an Origin Formation Master can do?

This child seems to be the Boundary Origin Formation Master. It’s not that he doesn’t know the Boundary Origin Formation Master, but he has never heard of it.

Thinking, let Wang Yan invite Wang Family’s Boundary Origin Formation Master.

Apart from White Dragon Sect, the other three have Boundary Origin Formation Masters in the family. This is the foundation and the reason why White Dragon Sect was so excited after learning that Long Qi has the Language of Interpretation innate talent.

White Dragon Sect wants to bridge the gap with the other three companies. Unfortunately, these gaps cannot be eliminated in a short time.

“Speaking of which, what is in these three desperate situations?” Lu Yin was curious and looked towards the three petals.

Mr. Wei said with a smile, “There are a lot of ferocious Giant Beasts in the desperate situation of San Ah, and occasionally some sinners considered by the Wang Family are imprisoned as training targets. There is a big place there. I heard that there is a kingdom.”

“There is a country?” Lu Yin was surprised, remembering that the trial mission of Starry Sky War College was to go to Divine Martial Continent.

Mr. Wei sighed, “Some of these long-standing Great Family have ways to provide experience, and every once in a while, the mountains and rivers and the humanities and customs inside will change, in order to prevent the experience of the predecessors from showing the way to future generations.”

This Lu Yin understands, “I hope they can gain something.”

“It’s not easy. With this kind of experience, single-player action is more efficient. In their situation, they can only grab something if they want to get something, otherwise the time is spent searching and rushing.” Mr. Wei said.

Lu Yin slapped his head and made a mistake. He should assign guides to the five groups to be their eyes and take them to find resources.

The resources are dangerous, but as long as they can be found, the five groups of students can easily get them. I hope they are smarter.

On the other side, Wang Family’s Boundary Origin Formation Master arrived. Wang Yan said the matter again. The first reaction of the Boundary Origin Formation Master was impossible, “This child is so young, even if he has become an Origin Formation Master since he was a child, cultivate Up to now, it’s impossible to do this kind of thing. It’s not just innate talent, but it requires experience, quite a lot of Language of Interpretation experience. Otherwise, even Origin Formation Heavenly Master, I don’t think it can be done. Origin Formation Heavenly Master can rely on the innate talent and Language of Interpretation innate talent on Origin Treasure Formation to achieve this, but this cannot be compensated by innate talent.”

Chai Half-Ancestor said, “As far as you know, who can do it?”.

The Boundary Origin Formation Master thought for a while, “I have four Heavenly Masters in Starry Sky Tree. Among them, Heavenly Master Gu Yan is called the first Heavenly Master. It must be done. The Heavenly Master specializes in killing. Language of Interpretation is not as good as Heavenly Master Qiu Ling. It may not be possible. Heavenly Master Qiu Ling I don’t know. Her innate talent on Origin Treasure Formation is very high, but her innate talent on Language of Interpretation is also very high. It’s not something I can guess, and the last one is Mu Heavenly Master, who is known as the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master.”

“No one doubts the innate talent of Master Mu Heavenly on Language of Interpretation and Origin Treasure Formation. Even Heavenly Master Gu Yan once said that after him is Mu Heavenly Master, but with Mu Heavenly Master’s current age, It may not be possible”.

Chai Half-Ancestor frowns, innate talent this thing, the people of Haven’t will never understand, he can cultivate to Half-Ancestor, even though he will never get the Ancestral Realm, he is still the innate talent genius in the eyes of others. I can’t understand what an innate talent is. This Boundary Origin Formation Master is also the same. He can only believe half of what he said. Whether Mu Heavenly Master can do it or whether Li Heavenly Master can do it is not for him.

Furthermore, there is a Bai Xian’er. No one knows what Bai Xian’er has achieved with the Language of Interpretation.

“If it is the Chairman here, perhaps it can be done. After all, Wen Family has produced the Origin Formation Heavenly Master, or Ancestral Realm powerhouse. Perhaps what is left behind, and the Chairman Language of Interpretation has rich experience.” , Wang Family, the Boundary Origin Formation Master muttered.

“You really scolded?” Lu Yin was amazed. For this reason, he heard Nong Siniang say, but in Nong Siniang’s mouth, there is always a sense of unreality, but Mr. Jin Wei said so, it should be true Of it.

Mr. Wei’s nods, some admiration, “not everyone dares to do this.”

Lu Yin said, “Lu Family didn’t know what to do and asked Four Way Balance to join forces with exile, but there are many people who are close to Lu Family, even if Four Way Balance is the same, but I don’t know this Fairy. What’s the relationship with Lu Family”.

Mr. Wei’s eye light is weird, and he glanced at Lu Yin, “It seems that Mr. Haoyu really wants to know.”

Lu Yin said with a smile, “It’s just a small chat. The students have at least half a month of experience. It’s boring not to say anything.”

Mr. Wei looked towards San Ah desperate situation, “Everyone said that Fairy was close to Lu Family, so Lu Family was exile, she got the same verbal abuse, even her own Old Ancestor dared to swear, but also has another There is a rumor that this wonderful Fairy is not close to Lu Family, but a kind of hate and love. It seems that she has been molested by someone in Lu Family, and that she has been molested once, and the more times she has been molested, she actually loves.” .

Lu Yin was surprised and blinked, “Is there such a rumor?”.

Mr. Wei smiled lightly, “In fact, history is very interesting. You can see the trajectory of human development, know the individual outstanding people, understand all kinds of deeds, and you can also see some gossip. I like gossip.”

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “I like it too”.

“So I believe in the latter”, Mr. Wei said, and then left, “Experience is at least half a month, there is no need to wait here.”

Lu Yin looked at Mr. Wei’s back, lost in thought.

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