Star Odyssey Chapter 2254


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I came to Wang Family this time mainly for the students’ experience. When all the students enter the San Ah desperate situation, the outsiders will be fine.

Food Magical Powers knows that Lu Yin, they can leave at any time, as long as they come after half a month.

Lu Yin stayed outside the desperate situation of San Ah for a few days and left. It is time to continue shaking the dice. Since haven’t luck, use the quantity to make up.

Lu Yin had just returned to his residence, and he was found by himself, the Boundary Origin Formation Master of the precisely Wang Family.

“Under Wang Nian, take the liberty to visit, and please don’t be offended by Mr. Haoyu,” Wang Family Boundary Origin Formation Master said politely.

Lu Yin said, “Senior is polite, what’s the matter?”.

Wang Nian said, “I’m very curious about something. I want to ask your husband face to face. I wonder if it’s convenient for him?”.

Lu Yin haven’t declined, “Of course it’s convenient, please come from Senior”.

Invite Wang Nian into the residence, Wang Nian is not welcome, straight to the point, “Dare to ask those students about the Origin Treasure Formation, but Mr. help to arrange it?”.

Lu Yin directly denied, with a solemn expression, “It is not an arrangement, but a guide. I am a tutor at Evoking Virtuous College. I have the responsibility to teach students. If there is a problem with Wang Family, you can directly contact Senior.”

Wang Nian laughed, “Mr. Haoyu doesn’t have to care. I have nothing to do with my position here. I just want to know another Boundary Origin Formation Master that’s all, Language Interpreter same qi, connected branch. The battlefield on the back is still in the Starry Sky Tree. To a certain extent, our relationship can surpass the shackles of the family position. This is inscribed in the bones by Language Interpreter for countless years. Although I am a member of the Wang Family, what I said here today, As long as the husband does not allow me, I will not say a word.”

Lu Yin’s face gradually eased, “Junior is rude.”

Wang Nian laughed, “From your husband’s standpoint, just recently’s reaction is normal, so is your husband still willing to communicate with me?”.

“Of course, let’s not hide it from Senior, it is under the guidance of Junior,” Lu Yin said.

Wang Nian exclaimed and looked at Lu Yin deeply, “Mr. Haoyu is so young, he has this Language of Interpretation accomplishments, it is really rare, I admire.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “If Senior is forced to the Language of Interpretation every day, without interruption for decades, it would not be unexpected to do this kind of thing.”

Wang Nian suddenly realized, “so that’s how it is, the teaching of Heavenly Master Gu Yan is really.” He doesn’t know how to say it. Everyday Language of Interpretation has never stopped. Is this what a normal person did? Not to mention that there is no energy, even if there is, there is no that many Origin Treasure.

can only say Heavenly Master Gu Yan Origin Treasure too many.

“Not only the Language of Interpretation, but also Junior’s cultivation base was raised in response to Origin Treasure murderous intention. Some Origin Treasure murderous intention is not something Junior can handle. If it weren’t for the Master, I would have died.” , Lu Yin said with emotion.

Wang Nian points nods, “Although Mr. is young, he has experienced no less than our Old Guys, which is admirable. The next Origin Formation Heavenly Master in Starry Sky Tree is perhaps Mr. It’s possible to replace Mu Heavenly. Master, become the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master in the history of Starry Sky Tree.”

Lu Yin mentioned in this remark was very excited, “I don’t want to be a Heavenly Master without relying on Language of Interpretation, so the Master is willing to let me out, let me experience some things, solve some things, and let go of my obsession.”

Wang Nian’s eye light flashed, “Then what Mr. Haoyu wants to solve, is it done? If haven’t, my Wang Family would be willing to help.”

Lu Yin looked at Wang Nian, “Is Senior now talking to Junior as a Language Interpreter, or as a Wang Family?”.

Wang Nian laughed, “What kind of status do you want me to be?”

Lu Yin thought for a while and took back eye light, “Any kind of identity is good, whether it is Language Interpreter or Wang Family, some things are not so easy to solve”.

Wang Nian haven’t said much, but left a Cloud Communicating Stone, “Contact the person opposite, maybe I can help you solve it”, and leave after saying goodbye.

The biggest purpose of his coming here is to leave the Cloud Communicating Stone. As for the conversation with Lu Yin, it is really a curiosity as a Language Interpreter. Why can such a young Language Interpreter achieve something impossible for him? Don’t talk about him, if you become Mu Heavenly Master, Heavenly Master Qiu Ling must be curious here.

Lu Yin exhaled, thanks to the integration of Heavenly Master Qiu Ling within the body before, although haven’t saw too many memories of Language of Interpretation, even if it was only part of the memory, combined with the Hao Yue he had integrated before The experience of master within the body, sufficient, gives him countless Language of Interpretation experience more than other Language Interpreters. These experiences come from Boundary Origin Formation Master and Origin Formation Heavenly Master, and he himself has considerable Language of Interpretation experience. Do that.

It’s just that he didn’t expect that the arrangement of Origin Treasure Formation made Wang Family care so much, and he still underestimated the value of the Language Interpreter identity.

Looking at the Cloud Communicating Stone, Lu Yin haven’t immediately contacted. Active contact and passive contact are two concepts.

This is the Wang Family continent. Just in case, he still asked Ancestor Wu to help see if there are haven’t people watching.

The moment Ancestor Wu came out, he suddenly looked up towards the light ball above, surprised, “Mountain Sea?”.

Lu Yin was shocked, “Mountain Sea? Where?”.

Ancestor Wu pointed to the top of his head, “Isn’t that Mountain Sea?”.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Is that Mountain Sea?”.

Ancestor Wu nods, “Yes, Wang Fan’s Mountain Sea”.

Lu Yin stayed, didn’t expect Wang Fan’s Mountain Sea is just above his head.

“Mountain Sea here is equivalent to saying that Wang Fan can control the entire Wang Family continent?” Lu Yin asked.

Ancestor Wu thought for a while, “Theoretically, like this, perhaps this Wang Family continent is part of the Mountain Sea”.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, “It means we have been stare? Senior, why didn’t you say it last time?”.

Ancestor Wu said, “Last time I was too rushed and I was not so close, wait, are you blaming me?”.

Lu Yin quickly explained, “haven’t, absolutely haven’t, just curiosity, after all, Senior came out last time, I thought Wang Fan’s Mountain Sea can hide Senior”.

“hmph, I’m not sure if this continent is Wang Fan’s Mountain Sea. After all, everyone’s Mountain Sea is different, but it’s definitely not below this continent. I didn’t feel the breath of Mountain Sea last time.”, Ancestor Wu Tao.

Lu Yin became nervous, “Then you appear now, Wang Fan understood?”.

Ancestor Wu rolled his eyes and said, “Mountain Sea is not as godlike as you think. He may be able to do something through Mountain Sea, but it is impossible to know everything. If you really like this, who has a secret, Wang Family, those big girls and little girls? The wife must not be ashamed to die.”

Lu Yin speechless, actually thought of this? Ancestor Wu’s thinking is a bit strange!

“Don’t worry, with me, Wang Fan can’t stare at you.” Ancestor Wu raised his head, very confident, Lu Yin can only believe her.

Although I don’t know what kind of cultivation base Ancestor Wu can use at the moment, it should be okay not to be noticed by Wang Fan. Wang Fan himself is in the Domination Boundary, far away from here.

The mirror was put aside, Lu Yin looked up, dice appeared, a finger pointed.

No matter whether Wang Fan can monitor him or not, he will do it. Next, he will go to White Dragon Sect, Cold Immortal Sect and Divine Martial Heaven. It is difficult to have the opportunity to leave alone. In Divine Martial Heaven, he The final answer is about to be given. At the same time, it is also the day of Xia Family’s ancestor worship, and many things will be revealed at that moment.

As dice slowly stops, at four o’clock, Static Time Dimension, it will continue to cultivate again.

The second time at five o’clock, Lu Yin subconsciously looked at the top of his head. I don’t know what innate talent Wang Fan is. It should be very difficult to deal with.

The third time is four o’clock, continue to cultivate.

One point for the fourth time, continue to cultivate.

As the scene changes before him, Lu Yin stretches, and it will take another ten days to shake dice.

Unlucky this time, I didn’t shake it to six o’clock.

Although it has been cultivated for almost two years, the outside world is only a snap.

Lu Yin looked at the Cloud Communicating Stone on the desktop again, and then took a rest. Even if he pretended to be, he would stay in the house for two days before going out.

A few days later, Lu Yin went out and went to look at the desperate situation of San Ah. The Haven’t student came out, and he returned to his residence again and kept waiting.

Ten days passed quickly, Cloud Communicating Stone still haven’t reacted, and I don’t know which great character of Wang Family is waiting for him to contact him, so wait and see who has been waiting for.

Raise your hand, dice appears, a finger pointed, Lu Yin eye light with anticipation, hope this time good luck point.

He hoped for good luck, but didn’t expect such a good one. After shaking to six o’clock, next moment, consciousness appeared in Dark Space. Lu Yin was attracted by the bright light not far away at first sight. , Haven’t other light groups around.

Sometimes many powerhouses gather in the same place will have a lot of light clusters, but sometimes it is not necessarily. The light clusters in this Dark Space do not know the law.

In a flash of fusion, this light group is not as bright as Heavenly Master Qiu Ling, even the Corpse King. It is estimated that it should be between five Origin Tribulation and six Origin Tribulation.

As his eyes opened, his gaze was dim, he looked all around, this is, underground?

At the same time, memories poured in and weird sounds were heard in my ears.

“Come in”, an extremely unpleasant sound, mixed with metal biting and piercing the wall, came out. Lu Yin’s expression remained unchanged, and he walked in one direction very familiarly. Obviously he has five Origin Tribulation cultivation bases. But he still walked step by step, following the dark and humid underground environment.

Here is indeed underground. The person he blends into is a five-time Origin Tribulation cultivator, haven’t name, only the code name-Servant One, literally, Number One servant, this person is indeed a servant, I don’t know and so in the service on creatures.

No one believes it. Five times the Origin Tribulation cultivator dignified was just a servant raised from childhood. Haven’t leave the ground. Haven’s perception of the outside world, apart from cultivation base, has nothing. He doesn’t even know what the creature that raised him is, his memory is very simple, clean up the debris, there is very little apart from this.

The reason why it is said that the creatures raised him, because those residues are left behind by the creatures inside. They are foreign objects, rare treasures and even the residues of various mineral resources. They are all crushed. Humans are impossible like this.

Following the path almost carved into the bones in the memory, Lu Yin still looked at the memory. He saw the memory of the servant cultivated when he was a child, saw countless Star Crystal Essences, and saw various cultivation methods. Saw his journey through Origin Tribulation.

Before him, there were many servants who were raised by together, but he was the only one who successfully passed the Origin Tribulation and cultivated to the Origin Tribulation five times.

Unfortunately, he has five Origin Tribulation without combat experience.

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