Star Odyssey Chapter 2255


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Lu Yin doesn’t understand it. What’s the point of trying so hard to upgrade Muyi to five Origin Tribulation?

He can understand that raising Gu is to let a group of people fight and finally leave an elite, but he can’t understand the meaning of servant one, just clean up the residue?

The apart from in memory, as well as the corpses that I saw occasionally.

Even though Puyi hasn’t knowledge of the outside world, this person can achieve five Origin Tribulation in the almost numb cultivate, indicating that his innate talent is extremely high. He accidentally cultivated out of the Domain and used the Domain to see When it comes to a corpse, apart from this, there is really nothing underground here.

As for what the corpse looked like and who it belonged to, he had no idea.

Lu Yin can only see a dead body through his memory.

Following the route in memory, Lu Yin came to a piece of debris. Some of these debris are metal, some are the remains of animals and plants. They even have books and tokens, but through these can only you can see that These residues have been crushed as they were.

Lu Yin naturally collects the residue into the Congealing Space Ring. The action is haven’t strange, and it is exactly the same as the former servant.

This action has been done countless times. As an Origin Tribulation cultivator five times, he has already been here underground for no less than a thousand years.

If this person had not grown up here since childhood, Lu Yin would not know how to persevere without knowing the outside world.

In Puyi’s view of the world, this underground and these roads are his entire universe.

Lu Yin did not intend to quit the fusion immediately. He was able to train Origin Tribulation cultivator five times, and he never lacked resources in his memory. The certain person or force represented by this place is definitely not simple, he even wants to know how to bite What kind of creature is crushing these residues?

Thinking about it, raising his foot and continuing to walk forward, there are some residues in front of him, but Muyi has never approached before. There are too few residues, and there’s also haven’t been allowed to enter.

Lu Yin controlled Pu Yi’s body and walked step by step, walking to the memory, and the corpse that Domain saw was 1000 meters away. As long as you bypassed two roads, you could see the corpse.

“Why go forward?” An unpleasant voice came, making Lu Yin very uncomfortable.

“There is residue there”, Lu Yin replied.

“Go back,” a voice came.

Lu Yin replied respectfully, and stepped on water after stepping back slowly.

In this dark and damp underground, the water on the ground is normal, and he has stepped on the way he came, but at this moment, the water stepped on under his feet is not ordinary water, but the Netherworld River.

Lu Yin looked down in surprise, this really is, Netherworld River?

He will not admit his mistake. The moment he stepped on it, his body suddenly moved, moving uncontrollably. This is precisely the characteristic of the Netherworld River, and it is the Netherworld River after being promoted by him. The Netherworld River is here. Look There is only residue left, then, here is –Unbounded?

Lu Yin looked towards Inside, Netherworld River was given to Unbounded as the deposit for assassinating Xia Xing. The Netherworld River appeared here, which means it must be Unbounded.

Yes, he has heard rumors that the so-called Unbounded headquarters previously destroyed by Divine Martial Heaven is not the real headquarters. The reason Four Way Balance monitors Mr. Qiu is that apart from wants to dig out the Broken Trading Club, he wants to pass him. The Unbounded headquarters was dug out, because the Brokerage Club has been providing funds for Unbounded, and Unbounded has eliminated some troubles for the Brokerage Club. The two parties have been cooperating.

Didn’t expect Unbounded. The real headquarters is here. So, where is this place? Who is making the sound inside?

Lu Yin has too many questions, but unfortunately, Puyi can’t give him.

This maybe is the reason why the creature inside cultivated the servant one. He wants to cultivate a completely blank but easy-to-use servant. Even if it is found here, the outside world is impossible to get any information from the servant one, and the cultivation of the servant one The base can also play a role to a certain extent.

Lu Yin controlled Yuyi’s body to return to its original place and disintegrated. It’s unnecessary. Yuyi can’t know where he is at all in his memory. He can’t control Yuyi’s charge ahead, like this idiot knows that there is a problem. Unbounded’s headquarters must change place, even if he finds it, it is useless.

Consciousness passes through Dark Space and returns to within the body. It doesn’t consume much this time. Firstly, how long the time is, and secondly, it is not too high to be integrated into the cultivation base.

Just how do you find that place?

Bu Yi, those residues, Lu Yin eye light shines, Netherworld River, yes, it is Netherworld River, maybe you can find the Unbounded headquarters through this.

Netherworld River comes from the bottom of the You Family big Netherworld River. Maybe You Family has a way to know the location of all the Netherworld River. Through this point, it’s possible to find the location of Unbounded headquarters.

After returning to Fifth Continent, you must go to You Family again.

Unbounded must eradicate, if it is just an Assassin Organization, it’s fine, but it is not only an Assassin Organization, but it also cooperates with the Brokerage Society to affect the back battlefield. If you don’t know about Red Back spy, Lu Yin can guarantee that in the future humans Once utterly defeated, they were the first group to take refuge in Eternal Clan. With the intelligence and assassins held by Unbounded, once they took refuge in Eternal Clan, it would be too harmful to mankind.

Deeply stamping this matter in the heart, Lu Yin raised his hand and continued to shake dice.

Then I was not so lucky. The apart from was shaken to four o’clock once, and the other two were two o’clock. It was useless.

After several Static Time Dimension cultivation, Lu Yin already reached 110,000 Starry Sky Technique stars, but it is still a long way from the Sixth Layer 3 180,000 stars Perfection.

This cultivation technique takes time to temper and cannot be accomplished overnight.

I don’t know if Ancestor Chen is alive, how many stars can move?

Twenty days have passed since the students entered the desperate situation of San Ah, and it is time to go out and wait for them.

Just as Lu Yin was about to leave, the Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated. He looked towards the table. He forgot that there is a Cloud Communicating Stone here. Can the person on the other side be unable to sit still?

Pick up the Cloud Communicating Stone and connect.

“Yuhao?”, the Cloud Communicating Stone did not appear in the video, only the voice came out, thick and low, which made people’s mind shake, just two words, but it gave people a sense of control.

Although judging a person by sound is a bit exaggerated, the sound that Lu Yin gives Lu Yin is like this.

He didn’t dare to underestimate the person opposite, “precisely Junior, your excellency?”.

“My name is Wang Fan”, the four words made Lu Yin’s fingers tremble and his breathing was unconsciously heavy.

Wang Fan, Wang Family Old Ancestor, one of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas in the Taoist Origin Sect era, a superb Heaven’s Chosen who fought with Ancestor Chen, Ancestor Fu, Ancestor Ku, and now the Starry Sky Tree is a pinnacle man, It is also one of the current human beings standing in pinnacle.

The more you understand once era, the more you can feel the horror of Nine Mountains Eight Seas.

Ancestor Chen, Ancestor Fu, Ancestor Ku have left countless legends in the Fifth Continent. It does not mean that Wang Fan and Bai Wangyuan can’t, but the legend they left is not in the Fifth Continent.

Ancestor Wu thinks she’s not good at fighting, but the help she brings to Lu Yin is beyond calculation. Haven’t her, Lu Yin impossible like a fish back in water, here is Starry Sky Tree that messes up Four Way Balance, even Grab Xia Xing several people.

Wang Fan and Ancestor Wu are equally famous, no matter it is fighting or other aspects, they are not currently imaginable by Lu Yin.

He guessed that Wang Family will have great character to contact him, but didn’t expect it was Wang Fan.

“Junior Yuhao, pays respects to Wang Fan Old Ancestor”, Lu Yin’s tone is respectful, standing on Yuhao’s identity, he should be respectful.

“Trifling has gone from a group of ants to the present height for decades, Yuhao, you are very good”, Wang Fan admired and was not stingy.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, once again respectfully said, “Junior is far from sufficient to endure the appreciation of Old Ancestor”, his voice is not only respectful, but also anxious and awe of Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

Ancestor, as the sky is to ordinary people, to ordinary people, the sky is far away and cannot be reached. People bow down to heaven and earth and pray for blessings. Even if natural disasters take away countless lives, not only will the living people hate them , But thank God for mercy, let them live.

In the eyes of the cultivator, the ancestor is the sky, and the sky is the ancestor. Old Ancestor appreciates it. That is the greatest affirmation of a cultivator. Similarly, even if Old Ancestor is given to death, it should be honored, because not every cultivator has the opportunity to be Old Ancestor personally gave death, not every cultivator has the opportunity to pass the name to Old Ancestor’s ears.

Lu Yin expressed his fear, respect, admiration and awe for Ancestral Realm through voice.

“You can afford it. I know your experience. Xia Family has done too much. Now you are qualified to negotiate terms with Xia Family. If you want, I can help you negotiate”, Wang Fan said.

Lu Yin pretended to be horrified, “Junior is a common thing, I dare not bother Wang Fan Old Ancestor, it is Junior’s greatest honor to be known by Old Ancestor”.

“I hope you join the Wang Family, not only because you are the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan, but also because you are qualified to invite me personally, Yuhao, not only will you be the next Origin Formation Heavenly Master, I will think Do your best to cultivate you into the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master in history, and stand your statue on my Wang Family continent.”

“Today, how do your Evoking Virtuous College students worship and worship, in the future, you will have more people worship you, you will be the guest official of my Wang Family better than my direct line, and you will never limit your freedom. Has everything you need.”

Lu Yin was shocked. He underestimated his Language of Interpretation ability, and even Wang Fan was shocked.

I can hear that Wang Fan is serious. What he values ​​is not only his so-called Master Heavenly Master Gu Yan, but also himself.

It should be what Wang Nian said to him.

Lu Yin was silent. He was thinking how to answer. Since it has successfully attracted Wang Fan’s attention, it would be a shame not to use it. Thinking about it, eye light fell on the Cloud Communicating Stone unconsciously.

“Junior’s grandfather Yuchuan, in Divine Martial Heaven,” Lu Yin said. Haven’t said more, only this sentence.

“I’ll solve it,” Wang Fan said. After speaking, end the call.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, picked up the Cloud Communicating Stone, Wang Fan, he can actually contact Wang Fan directly, unconsciously already reached this height? Next, Ancestral Realm powerhouse will appear each and everyone, this time it is Wang Family, next, will it be White Dragon Sect?

These Old Ancestors are not stupid, they have the qualifications to attract Wang Fan’s dialogue, and it should be the same in other Old Ancestors.

I just don’t know if Wang Fan can take Yuchuan away.

Looking to Yuchuan, Lu Yin eye light is complicated. If your plan goes well, Yuchuan may be the only victim.

Put away the Cloud Communicating Stone, Lu Yin walked out of the residence and went to San Ah desperate situation.

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