Star Odyssey Chapter 2256


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For the next time, Lu Yin stayed in San Ah desperate situation waiting for the students to come out.

San Ah desperate situation Although it is a desperate situation, the death rate is not high. After all, this is for the Wang Family children to experience. It is not so much an experience, but more like another opportunity to obtain resources.

Mr. Wei and Mr. Tang are also here. In the distance, Chai Half-Ancestor, Wang Yan and other Wang Family senior leaders are also there. In the past few days, they should have students coming out.

I was thinking, a petal moved, it is the desperate situation, and all that can go in are from Exploration Realm to Hunting Realm cultivator. Among the 100 students who came out to experience, nearly half went to the desperate situation, including Bai Nan, the stuttering Little Fatty, etc., among the five groups of students with Origin Treasure Formation, three groups went to the upper desperate situation, and two groups went to the lower desperate situation.

A silhouette rushed out of the petals, stumbled and almost fell, looking quite embarrassed, it was a stuttering Little Fatty.

Everyone eye light stare Little Fatty.

Little Fatty’s coat was mostly torn, and there was obviously a tooth mark on his arm that had been bitten by something. He limped up and saw everyone stare him, opened his mouth, “Yes, yes, inside, I, I met”.

“What happened?” Wang Yan asked in a soft tone. He wanted to care about and comfort Little Fatty’s injured heart. This Little Fatty obviously suffered a lot. It was miserable in it. He remembered that before going in for the experience, he I especially encouraged this Little Fatty.

Little Fatty subconsciously looked towards him, “dog”.

The scene was silent for a while.

Wang Yan’s face turned from red to white, and then from white to red, suppressing his anger, gritted his teeth, “What did you say?”.

Little Fatty was startled, “Don’t, don’t, misunderstanding, I, I was bitten by a dog, chasing, chasing Ban Tian.”

Only then did Wang Yan’s face ease.

Chai Half-Ancestor didn’t even bother to talk to Little Fatty.

Lu Yin stepped forward and checked Little Fatty’s body, “It’s okay, it’s just a superficial wound, just fine.”

Mr. Tang asked, “What do you get if you have haven’t?”.

Little Fatty blinked and looked towards Wang Yan, “Dog, Dog”.

People speechless.

Wang Yan’s eyebrows jumped straight.

Little Fatty continued, “The dog has, has training, training, and training qualifications”, said, and took out a metal object that looked like a token for everyone to see.

The metal object is not beautiful, it is not carefully manufactured, and the number-four is engraved on it.

Wang Family training qualifications from low to high are 20 cycles of Enlightenment Realm. This is the lowest training qualification, which can be obtained in the desperate situation. The metal object representing the training qualification is engraved with one, followed by Thirty cycles of Enlightenment Realm, 40 cycles of Enlightenment Realm, Enlightenment Realm Peak and the highest Star Envoy training qualifications correspond to two, three, four, and five respectively, which means that the metal object obtained by Little Fatty represents its training qualification It is Enlightenment Realm Peak.

This is the existence of second only to the highest training qualification in the three desperate situation, and the highest training qualification can only be obtained in the too desperate situation. In other words, Little Fatty is equivalent to taking the best thing in the desperate situation. .

Whether it is the best opinion, after all, there is Wang Family Sitting Forgetfulness Technique in the desperate situation. If Little Fatty is absolutely sure to reach Enlightenment Realm Peak, without Wang Family training, the value of this training qualification is naturally not comparable. Sitting Forgetfulness Technique.

Chai Half-Ancestor praised, “Yes, my Wang Family will definitely train you to become an Enlightenment Realm Peak cultivator.”

Lu Yin patted Little Fatty shoulder, “Congratulations, you must have gone through a lot of hardships.”

Little Fatty looked up towards Lu Yin, “First, sir, me, me, I can reach it by myself”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “I know you can do it by yourself, but it would be nice to have the help of Wang Family”.

“If you can reach Enlightenment Realm Peak by yourself, you might as well get the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, it’s a pity,” Mr. Tang said.

In the distance, Chai Half-Ancestor and the others don’t care. An Enlightenment Realm Peak is just a qualification. For Wang Family, it is not difficult to cultivate Enlightenment Realm Peak.

“Sit, sit, Sitting Forgetfulness Technique? I, I have”, said, Little Fatty took out a jade stone, and the eye light was shining.

Lu Yin was surprised, “This is Sitting Forgetfulness Technique?”.

Little Fatty happily handed it to Lu Yin, “Sir, look, take a look”.

Chai Half-Ancestor and the others looked at the jade stone in Little Fatty’s hands, looking at each other in surprise.

“That seems to be the jade stone recorded by my Wang Family Sitting Forgetfulness Technique. How lucky is it to get this Little Fatty?” Wang Family executives whispered.

The Wang Family executive next to him was jealous, “My son hasn’t found the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique for so long. In the entire desperate situation, there are only two jade stones that record the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique. The Little Fatty actually got it. It was a waste. “.

“Too waste”.

“hahahaha, good, very good, now that you get the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, let’s work hard to cultivate it.” The cook is happy. He didn’t think anyone could get the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique before the experience started. Wang Family is not stupid, how could it be possible Allowing the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique to spread, this is worth too many training qualifications, didn’t expect Little Fatty actually got it.

Wang Yan’s face is ugly, how did you get this Little Fatty? Obviously before the start of the experience, Wang Family arranged to hide the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, hiding it in the most difficult position in the desperate situation. The reason for not taking it away was to worry about the information leaking and leaving the family faceless. After all, they were facing Half- Ancestor, God of Cookery, who knows if he will check it cheeky, and Wang Family doesn’t want to turn his face now.

Obviously, it was hidden well, but it was still found. It shouldn’t be.

“How did you get it?” Wang Miaomiao was curious.

Little Fatty laughed heartlessly, “Dog, dog, dog fell, fell off”.

Everyone has nothing to say, heaven knows what happened.

Wang Miaomiao laughed and patted Little Fatty’s head, “Boy, very promising, hehe”.

Little Fatty sorry, her face flushed, this elder sister is too, so good-looking, sorry, he turned his head and looked towards Wang Yan, “Thanks, thank you for your encouragement.”

Wang Yan’s expression followed the same flies.

The first Little Fatty who came out not only got the qualification for training, but also got the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, which made everyone in Wang Family look bad, but still warm congratulations, the resources are already lost, and the goal must be achieved. This Little Fatty must be them Wang Family’s.

After Little Fatty came out for one hour, someone appeared again. He was a Hunting Realm student. The innate talent was quite good. At this age, there is this kind of cultivation base, and Evoking Virtuous College can rank in the forefront.

Unfortunately, not only was I badly injured, but I didn’t get anything.

Mr. Tang feels that luck and strength are missing.

For him, Wang Family comforted him very sincerely, and this student looked distressed, especially after he knew what Little Fatty had gained, he wanted to hit the wall.

Students continued to walk out immediately.

Upper desperate situation and lower desperate situation.

Finally, the students who entered the first group relying on Origin Treasure Formation came out, each and everyone was elated, “Sir, we are qualified, and not only one”.

“Sir, we got rare treasure.”

“Sir, we…”.

Wang Yan’s face twitched, listening to those students reporting their gains to Lu Yin, shouldn’t they come to thank Wang Family? It was the Wang Family who gave them the opportunity, a group of thankless wretch.

Lu Yin is happily praised. These guys are not stupid. Haven’t relies entirely on themselves. Instead, they cooperate with other students and let other students find resources. They take action and gain a lot. Among them, there are only six qualifications. For the entire desperate situation, there are only 36 qualifications.

Upper desperate situation, lower desperate situation There are constantly students coming out.

Too desperate situation Finally some students came out.

Tai Ah desperate situation corresponds to Enlightenment Realm cultivation base, and the only students with Enlightenment Realm cultivation base at Evoking Virtuous College are Bai Weiwei, Xia Divine Light, Qingfeng, Liu Que, Jin Chongshan and Nong Si Niang.

The first one who came out was Bai Weiwei, Serene.

“What did classmate Bai get?” Mr. Tang asked curiously.

Everyone looked at Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei smiled faintly, “I just wandered around and got nothing.”

Everyone’s eye light is weird, but ghosts believe.

However, Wang Family haven’t asked students who entered to show what they got after they came out, and they couldn’t search the students’ Congealing Space Ring. Bai Weiwei said so, they can only believe that.

For Bai Weiwei, the desperate situation is still very attractive. There are Secret Technique and Jie Jing in it. Unfortunately, she didn’t get the same, and Wang Family must have hidden it.

Not long afterwards, Jin Chongshan, Qingfeng, Xia divine light each and everyone came out, saying that they didn’t get anything.

They don’t care about Wang Family’s training qualifications at all, they care more about Secret Technique and Jie Jing, if this thing is obtained, how can it be said?

Liu Que came out, Wang Xiaofan came out, each and everyone was silent, Wang Yan who watched wanted to smoke them, these guys actually said they didn’t get anything, how could it be possible?

He wished to enter the desperate situation to see what was missing.

In the end, all the students came out, one of them was no less, and the most injured students were just superficial wounds.

The gains of the students are quite substantial, especially the five groups of students protected by Origin Treasure Formation. Forcibly searched 43 training qualifications. All the training qualifications in the desperate situation totaled 108, and they got 43. The rest of the students also got 22 copies, which is sixty-five copies, which is more than half.

San Ah desperate situation Since the establishment of the desperate situation, haven’t experienced so much at one time, not counting the remaining resources.

But for Sitting Forgetfulness Technique, Secret Technique, Jie Jing, the most precious thing, apart from Little Fatty said it, the others said they got nothing.

Little Fatty’s complexion is bad, and he looks up at Lu Yin, “First, sir, me, me, am I, sloppy?”.

Lu Yin coughed and wanted to say yes, “It’s okay, Senior Cook will protect you.”

Little Fatty was worried, the flesh on his face was shaking.

He feels that those people in Wang Family each and everyone harbor malicious intentions, and the eye light is so infiltrating, as if to force him to hand over the Sitting Forgetfulness Technique.

Little Fatty is worrying too much. Although Wang Family will never let Sitting Forgetfulness Technique spread, what is impossible to him at the moment, and even if he is to be brought into Wang Family, it will only raise conditions, otherwise, who would dare to enter the third? A desperate situation experience? Wang Family lacks a capital to attract the outside world.

College students are qualified to cultivate, which means they can choose to cultivate with the resources of Wang Family at any time. This is not only helpful for them to cultivate, but if they encounter danger outside, this qualification is also a guarantee. It means that they are half Wang Family people.

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