Star Odyssey Chapter 2257


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Wang Family did not force these qualified students to stay, they have to go to three other places to experience.

Looking at the paper boat flying towards Dragon Mountain, Wang Yan envied, “If I could go to various houses to experience it, it would be great.”

He is a branch of Patriarch, has resources, and has no worries about cultivating to the Star Envoy level, but he does not know the other three parties of Four Way Balance. It is also a chance to have the opportunity to experience Four Way Balance at the same time.

However, this is only a special case, and it is only for these students. When these students are completely attracted by Four Way Balance, Evoking Virtuous College is raised, and the teachers and students of Evoking Virtuous College are separated, then they will not have such a good thing.

Originally, the development went smoothly, but unfortunately it was disturbed by a Yuhao. Those students who came out of San Ah desperate situation were only grateful to Yuhao. The students who obtained the training qualification using Origin Treasure Formation gave the extra training qualifications to other students Thanks to Yuhao, a Yuhao who made Wang Family’s efforts to win over the students was in vain, Wang Yan didn’t know how to explain it to others.

Bid farewell to Wang Family, eat Divine Heart comfortably, admire Lu Yin very much, and praise Lu Yin as sorry.

“This is what Junior should do. As a mentor, I naturally want to benefit my students”, Lu Yin said modestly.

The God of Cookery laughed, “Wang Family not only lost resources, but also haven’t gained the gratitude of the students. Mr. Haoyu has done a great job for the college and won the welfare of these students. I believe they will not I will forget Mr.”.

Mr. Tang also admired, “I have always heard that Origin Treasure Formation can do things that Ancestral Realm powerhouse may not be able to do. Today is an eye-opener. Most of our Starry Sky Tree Language Interpreters are on the back of the battlefield, leading the way, even with Language The Interpreter is outside and is also monopolized by the Great Family. Usually you can’t see the Language Interpreter at all, let alone the Origin Formation Master. Mr. Haoyu’s Language of Interpretation ability even surprised Wang Family. It’s amazing.”

Speaking of this, Lu Yin was curious, “I heard that the Chairman is also the Boundary Origin Formation Master, why not teach students Language of Interpretation?”.

Mr. Tang said, “If you want to learn Language of Interpretation, you can apply to go to the Language Interpreter headquarters on the back of the battlefield at the beginning of enrollment. As for the Academy, it will not teach Language of Interpretation specifically. Mr. Haoyu is also involved because of subject research Language of Interpretation, that’s why I teach it. Even Mr. Xiaowen’s Language of Interpretation ability was learned on the back of the battlefield.”

“Why is this?” Lu Yin wondered.

The God of Cookery looked towards Mother Tree, “There is always someone to sacrifice for the race. Language Interpreter is like that. This is the rule. Any Language Interpreter, even the Origin Formation Master enshrined by Four Way Balance, must experience life and death on the back battlefield, and impossible often Standing in the starry sky, this is the rule set by Ancestor Hui.”

Lu Yin admired, Ancestor Hui really broke his heart for mankind. Even the Language Interpreter lineage had to take the lead, but he had been to the back battlefield, knowing that Language Interpreter didn’t really want to stay there. They were also forced to This rule forces, can only try unlimited enjoyment in a limited time.

He deeply remembered that the first time he saw Grandmaster Zan on the back battlefield, he was served by several maids, which did not fit into the atmosphere of the battlefield. Now that he thinks about it, it is more like a silent protest.

They hope to return to the Starry Sky Tree to live a normal life as a cultivator, but because of their identity, they can only stay on the back battlefield. They can only do that.

Lu Yin also understood more and more why the cultivators on the back battlefield accommodated Language Interpreter, not only because of the strength of Language Interpreter, but also because of sympathy, Language Interpreter transcendent position, but they have to bear more.

How similar is this experience to Lu Family.

The Fifth Continent Language Interpreter is haven’t this rule, but they are never afraid of death, and never retreat on the battlefield.

“Next is White Dragon Sect. The foundation of White Dragon Sect haven’t Wang Family is deep, but they also have the capital to take action. It depends on how well they can do it”, Mr. Tang said .

While speaking, in the distance, a huge creature breaks through the void and flies, burning flames, emitting a roar, and on the side of the two heads stare, eye light is hideous.

This is-攰?

Lu Yin raises his eyebrows, isn’t this Long Kui’s mount? Long Kui joined the Starry Sky Tree expeditionary army. At that time, Lu Yin was still surprised that he didn’t see Ye, thinking he was dead, and he stayed here.

Seeing Ye, the students were amazed.

Even if it is Starry Sky Tree, it is not so easy to become a Star Envoy, but it is a Star Envoy creature or a mount. Both men and women are extremely envious and hope to get this mount.

Long Tian stood on his back, and came to welcome him outside the Wang Family continent in person.

“Junior Long Tian, ​​pays respects to Senior, the God of Cookery”, Long Tian stands on his head and salutes respectfully.

On the paper boat, Nong Siniang’s eyes widened.

Liu Queang started fighting intent.

Qing Feng took a deep breath, felt the pressure, Long Tian, ​​one of the four minor groups, finally saw it.

Bai Weiwei and the others look at Long Tian. They don’t care about those elders who are expert, but Long Tian is only one generation older than them. According to the algorithm of Taoist Origin Sect era, they are still peers and they are competitive. Ranks.

Today’s Starry Sky Tree, one of the peers standing at the top is Xia Shenfei, and the other is Long Tian.

Evoking Virtuous College has a bad attitude towards Four Way Balance, but in Four Way Balance, they have a better impression of White Dragon Sect. After all, White Dragon Sect haven’t participates in many things, not because I don’t want to, but because I’m incapable. Without the foundation, the result is that, in the eyes of outsiders, White Dragon Sect is the best speaker in Four Way Balance.

The God of Cookery’s attitude towards Long Tian is not as indifferent to Wang Yan, and to Chai Half-Ancestor, “It turned out that the Dragon Young Ancestor personally greeted him, it was hard work.”

Long Tian respectfully said, “Yes, my father will encounter unexpected events, otherwise he must personally greet Senior, Senior please”.

The God of Cookery points nods, and follow Long Tian to Dragon Mountain.

Long Tian did not board the paper boat, but sat on the body moved towards Dragon Mountain and flew away.

Liu Que be eager to have a try wants to challenge Long Tian, ​​and was pressed by Lu Yin, “You are not enough now”. He does not care about Liu Que, but does not want to be too close to Long Tian, ​​White Dragon Sect already He is a mutated person. Both lifespan and form are different from ordinary people. He is sure that his exchange appearance can be concealed from Half-Ancestor, but thinking of the smell, Long Tian will not recognize him because of the smell.

Liu Que said solemnly, “I don’t know enough, but I want to try.”

Lu Yin has a headache, this is a dead brain, “Wait for Dragon Mountain to challenge again, White Dragon Sect meets the academy, this time is not suitable”.

Liu Que is a fighting freak, but not stupid, “I am understood.”

From Wang Family continent to Dragon Mountain, the time is also very long, not as close as from Cloud Ladder to Wang Family continent.

Four Way Balance is equal to dividing up the upper boundary, and they are naturally far away from each other.

But no matter how far away, it will arrive.

cry out in surprise, “I saw it, it’s Dragon Mountain.”

Lu Yin looked up, his eye light was complicated, Dragon Mountain, he came again.

The God of Cookery sighed, “Dragon Mountain, I used to go to Central Level Boundary, didn’t expect to come again after so many years.”

Mr. Tang also sighed. He has also been to Dragon Mountain when Dragon Mountain was still in Central Level Boundary.

Lu Yin believes that no one feels deeper than him, but he has experienced life and death in Dragon Mountain.

White Dragon Sect is the same as Wang Family. When everyone at Evoking Virtuous College arrives at Dragon Mountain, the first thing they do is to introduce the glorious history of White Dragon Sect, but White Dragon Sect the foundation is not as good as Wang Family. The Old Ancestor of Zhongyue can be used as a banner character with a foreign surname. Although Wang Family is shameless, the hand of Zhongyue does play well.

Long Tian personally took everyone to visit Dragon Mountain and talked about the glory of White Dragon Sect. Unfortunately, the students were talking about the Wang Family continent, and the contrast was too strong.

Long Tian feels that the effect is not good. The original schedule of a few days was skipped, and the history of White Dragon Sect was no longer introduced. Instead, he brought everyone to a cave hidden in the Dragon Mountain.

Before this, Liu Que had asked Long Tian to challenge, but was rejected by Long Tian. In fact, it was not a rejection, but asked him to wait.

“Sure enough, White Dragon Sect doesn’t have any new means.” Nong Si Niang rolled his eyes after seeing the huge pool of blood in front of him.

Lu Yin was puzzled, “What’s wrong?”.

Nong Si Niang said, “White Dragon Sect can communicate with Ancestral Weed. This is the only place they surpass the other three. In fact, in terms of the foundation, they are no better than Cold Immortal Sect, and they are no better than Seed Garden and Liu Family. The reason why it is listed as Four Way Balance, apart from we don’t want to exile Lu Family, the only reason is that they can borrow Ancestral Weed to stand up, apart from this has no other advantage.”

“And their advantage in attracting foreign cultivators to join is also related to Ancestral Weed, precisely Ancestral Weed blood”.

At this time, Long Tian’s voice sounded, “Everyone, I White Dragon Sect is so time consuming to experience haven’t Wang Family, and there is no need to experience life and death. The experience is very simple.” He pointed to the blood pool, “Go in, soak, time The longer the better, here is Ancestral Weed blood. The cultivator soaking can absorb the substances in the blood to strengthen itself. The longer the soaking time, the more beneficial to your body. After any cultivator is soaked, the combat power will increase by at least one to 20%.

Long Tian’s words shocked many students.

“One to 20%? Improve so much?” Qingfeng asked, some do not believe it. He had heard of White Dragon Sect blood pool from Qing Chen, but didn’t expect to improve that many.

Long Tian is satisfied with the performance of the students, “Yes, if you don’t believe it, you can ask Senior.”

Many students looked towards The God of Cookery.

Although the God of Cookery did not want to admit that, after all, the blood pool was too attractive for the cultivator, but he still said, “It is true.”

The students no longer doubted, eye light eagerly looked towards the blood pool.

Lu Yin remembered, the blood pool, he had seen it in Long Ke’s memory, and remembered that there seemed to be a problem with the blood pool.

At the beginning, I used my alias Long Qi and I was from White Dragon Sect, so I have never been here. This is specifically for the White Dragon Sect cultivator surnamed cultivator, and he used the blood essence of Long Xi. Ancestral Weed natural phenomenon. Looking back now, Long Xi also paid a lot for himself.

Seeing the eager eye light of a group of students, Long Tian’s mouth bends, “Each realm can go in and improve once, so Starry Sky Tree has countless cultivators. Anyone who knows the blood pool wants to join me in White Dragon Sect, but I White Dragon Sect also has to choose people, so you don’t see many foreign cultivators in Dragon Mountain. It’s not that they don’t want to join, but I, White Dragon Sect, don’t want to accept it.”

After speaking, eye light looked towards Liu Que, “Don’t you want to challenge me? Come and try.”

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