Star Odyssey Chapter 2258


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Everyone didn’t expect Long Tian to accept Liu Que’s challenge suddenly, and each and everyone eye light became more excited.

Liu Que is rumored to be the most outstanding expert of this generation, even surpassing the Four Way Balance descendant, comparable to the original four minor group, and Long Tian was originally the four minor group, the two battled, even the God of Cookery was interested .

Lu Yin has been far away from Long Tian, ​​afraid of being heard. He looked at the blood pond and looked towards Long Tian. No wonder he refused before and now offered to accept the challenge. Liu Que is Long Tian attracting students Our test product.

The God of Cookery also thought about it, Mr. Tang didn’t want Liu Que to take action.

But Liu Quecai doesn’t care why Long Tian suddenly accepted the challenge. He has been looking for the fourth group for a long time. Xia Shenfei hides Unbounded and can’t get out. Long Tian has also stayed in Dragon Mountain. He has no chance to contact him. Now he has a chance to fight. , How could give up.

Everyone came outside the cave. Long Tian and Liu Que faced each other, with a calm expression and a faint smile. Compared with the coldness of the four minor group era, Long Tian now looks more like an elder.

“You are Junior, you take action first,” Long Tian said.

Liu Que is not welcome, the long sword comes out of the sheath, flies in front of him, raises his hand to grasp, and in just one step, the sword edge has arrived in front of Long Tian, ​​apart from a limited number of people under one sword , The rest cannot see clearly, including Nong Siniang and Qingfeng.

They only now know how fast Liu Que’s sword is. At Evoking Virtuous College, Liu Que has never really taken action. At this moment, facing the Four Young Ancestors, this sword is his Peak sword technique.

Long Tian calmly watched Liu Que’s sword coming west. I don’t know when a long spear appeared in his hand, but instead of stabbing it out, he directly stood in front of him. Liu Que’s sword edge collided with Long Tian’s gun point. With a sound of pong, void ripples, moved towards all around spreading, and then pieces are shattered, Liu Que long sword offset, sword edge thrusts at Long Tian from top to bottom, Long Tian holds the gun body and rotates rapidly, turning the whole body Defensive not one drop of water can leak out, Liu Que instantly made three swords, one sword failed to penetrate the Long Tian long spear defensive range, but was pushed away by Long Tian with shock force.

Lu Yin looked at Long Tian take action. Compared with decades ago, Long Tian is much more stable and stronger now. Although it is only an Origin Tribulation cultivation base, he can really take action and can play a combat. Power is never less than three Origin Tribulation.

Liu Que is far behind Long Tian.

Liu Que took a few steps back, stare Long Tian, ​​”I want a battle, not a target.”

Long Tian’s mouth bends, “Okay”, tone barely fell, body disappears, Bailong Swimming Body Step, Liu Que’s eye light shrinks, can’t see, I don’t know where Long Tian is, even look for the take action track Less than.

Countless battle experiences were played out, and Liu Que directly tore the void and broke into the Star Origin universe.

Break into the Star Origin universe with the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. This is only possible for the four minor groups, and Liu Que can naturally.

He wanted to avoid the spot through the Star Origin universe, at least avoiding Long Tian’s shot, but the gap between them was too big. Just as Liu Que entered the Star Origin universe, what appeared in front of him was not void, but the tip of the gun. He forced control The body retreated, half of the body was twisted and deformed to be able to be avoided, but Long Tian long spear pressed down, and the gun body struck Liu Que, pressing him into the ground, a mouthful of blood was spit out, and the smoke was flying.

The surrounding people were silent. They knew that Long Tian would win, but didn’t expect to win as simple as that. He only made one move, and only one move made Liu Que without fighting back.

That’s Liu Que, the existence that his peers look up to.

Bai Weiwei, Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan and several others shocked stare Long Tian, ​​this is the four Young Ancestor.

They obviously can skipping grades to challenge an Origin Tribulation expert, but facing the four Young Ancestors, it’s a haven’t strength to fight back. Not to mention Liu Que, even if the four of them work together, it is impossible to make Long Tian work harder.

Long Tian held a long spear looked towards the underground, “Get up, your sword intent haven’t disappeared, is this Combat Technique?”.

Bai Weiwei was surprised, but the sword intent didn’t disappear?

Lu Yin, they are not surprised, void, they left four sword intents, Liu Que just recently came out Fourth Sword.

It’s strange that every sword leaves a sword intent in void, a sword intent that ordinary people can’t see, and only experts can feel it.

The smoke cleared, Liu Que walked out from the ground, with blood in the corner of his mouth, visible tears in his naked eye, but the eye light was excited and excited to the extreme. This is the feeling, this feeling of being crushed, without the ability to resist, Only in this state can he make progress.

Long Tian looked at Liu Que in admiration, “Your strength is sufficient comparable to us at the time.”

“Not enough, although I didn’t fight against you at the beginning, but I know it’s not enough.” Liu Que’s voice changed, his eye light shone, he clenched the hilt, and cut out with a sword. The sword was strange and weird. Sword skills.

Long Tian a spear thrust, no matter how weird Liu Que’s sword skills are, he can always be found by him. The tip of the gun hits the sword edge every time. This kind of vision is overwhelming and makes people breathless. .

The breath of Qingfeng is stagnant, if he is Liu Que, every sword will be seen through by Long Tian, ​​and it is impossible to imagine how much pressure he faces.

Liu Que didn’t give up and wanted to find Long Tian’s weak spot, but so far, Long Tian apart from has used the White Dragon Swimming Body Step and has not used any Combat Technique innate talent, including the White Dragon Transformation of White Dragon Sect , White Dragon Transformation is White Dragon Sect’s trump card.

Void, there are ten words intent already.

Long Tian eye light swept all around, “Your sword intent is enough?”.

Liu Que jumped up and faced the defense of Long Tian not one drop of water can leak out. The sword edge turned sideways and cut down with one sword. At the same time, ten trapped void sword intents merged instantly and turned into A sword intent is attached to Liu Que’s word edge. This sword is so powerful that even Long Tian is serious. Facing Liu Que’s sword move, he passively takes action for the first time, and the long spear is from bottom to top.

He never used Star Origin to overpower Liu Que, and this time he did the same.


Another huge impact, Mr. Tang moved his finger, and the Domain blocked many students. Otherwise, the impact would be sufficient to kill those who heard it.

Liu Que’s ten sword intents combined to stab a very strong sword, sufficient to kill the Origin Tribulation cultivator once, but it was still knocked down by Long Tian. Not only that, the point of Long Tian’s spear followed the sword edge. Entering Liu Que within the body, one inch long and one inch strong, Liu Que’s sword edge is still some distance from Long Tian.

Long Tian was just about to say something, suddenly his face changed, he saw Liu Que above the sword edge, the word edge that should have been gapped, was filled up, it was wrong.

In the next instant, Liu Que’s sword edge has a gap again, and the ten sword intents that should have disappeared in a flash.

Long Tian subconsciously wanted to withdraw the long spear, but found that the gun body was tightly grasped by Liu Que, and the sense of crisis of having one’s hair stand on end appeared after itself.

Behind the God of Cookery, Lu Yin and the others stare Long Tian, ​​in that direction, there is a broken edge in the Star Origin universe, a broken sword edge, and a gap in the precisely Liu Que’s long sword, once again merged ten ways with a broken edge The sword intent breaks through the Star Origin universe and cuts towards Long Tian from the rear. This is Liu Que’s killing move.

Liu Que’s own strength is sufficient to kill the Origin Tribulation cultivator once, and with this killing move, sufficient to kill two Origin Tribulation experts at the same time.

It is worthy of rivaling the four Young Ancestors.

Unfortunately, the gap is a gap after all, even a killing move cannot cause harm to Long Tian.

Long Tian right hand grasped the gun body, grabbed back with his left hand, and grabbed the void, which was twisted like a curtain. In the end, he grabbed the stubby into his hand and clamped it with two fingers.

Many students were shocked, didn’t expect Liu Que and this move, you can’t guard against it, the key is to come out of the Star Origin universe, there is no way to crack it under Star Envoy.

Even if Bai Weiwei can break into the Star Origin universe for a short time, like the original four Young Ancestor same, they can’t stop this from the Star Origin universe and slash the ten sword intents into one.

Once Liu Que uses this trick, they will undoubtedly die.

At this moment, their fear of Liu Que rose again, and Long Tian was no longer in their comparison.

“This is your hidden killer? It’s pretty good”, Long Tian admired, he didn’t expect Liu Que to force him to use innate talent.

Liu Que coughed up blood, “still lost.”

Long Tian put down the long spear, put down Liu Que, and watched Liu Que’s body wobbly and shaking, and laughed, “You don’t think you can beat me”.

Liu Que stare Long Tian, ​​”Why can’t you say that the four Young Ancestors are not invincible, at the beginning one Lu Xiaoxuan defeated you at the same time”.

Long Tian’s face has changed. The three words Lu Xiaoxuan are his taboos. The Four Young Ancestors are called invincible peers. In fact, it is true. But decades ago, Lu Xiaoxuan appeared. In Domination Boundary, They defeated, it was their shame.

“Lu Xiaoxuan can do it, so can others.” Liu Que was unwilling to say, “I will challenge you again when I break through Star Envoy.”

Long Tian haven’t argued with Liu Que. Their thoughts at the time were different from that of Liu Que. They also believed that Lu Xiaoxuan could be defeated. So when they formed the expeditionary army, they almost went there. In the end, they only went to Wang Su. , “Give you another chance, I know that you have innate talent is useless, to soak Ancestral Weed blood, not only can improve your strength, but also restore you, have the opportunity to challenge me once again”.

Liu Que is not stupid. He knows that Long Tian wants to use this method as a comparison to attract college students to join White Dragon Sect.

Long Tian indifferently said, “Lu Xiaoxuan will sword technique.”

Liu Que’s eye light flashed.

“His sword technique is, The Thirteen Swords.”

Liu Que’s expression changed, surprised, “The Thirteen Swords?”.

Long Tian said, “I can try to imitate and show you Lu Xiaoxuan’s sword technique. The Thirteen Swords was also your Liu Family’s sword technique. Don’t want to see it?”.

Liu Que thought for a while, turned around and entered the cave, then jumped into the blood pool.

Compared to Long Tian, ​​he cares more about Lu Xiaoxuan. That genius who suppressed the Fourth Young Ancestor by strength of oneself and escaped from Starry Sky Tree, if there is an opportunity to compete with Lu Xiaoxuan’s Combat Technique, he certainly wants to.

Lu Yin didn’t expect Long Tian to seduce Liu Que in his own name. It was the first time I came to Starry Sky Tree. I didn’t know The Thirteen Swords at all. The Thirteen Swords returned to Fifth Continent and joined Liu Qian. The trick was learned within the body. This guy obviously lied to Liu Que. The reason why he knew The Thirteen Swords should be through Liu Tianmu. They all knew the people who had come smuggled.

Everyone looked at Liu Que in the blood pool, and saw that his naked eye was visibly recovered from his body surface injury. At the same time, blood entered him within the body, making him complexion pale and bearing something.

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