Star Odyssey Chapter 2260


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Mr. Tang and Lu Yin hurriedly stood in front of the students.

White Dragon Sect also has Star Envoy take action to resist the aftermath.

However, the aftermath of Half-Ancestor can be blocked by these Star Envoys.

Fortunately, the middle age person waved his hand, and the invisible power cut off the aftermath, which made Dragon Mountain haven’t encounter strikes.

The God of Cookery has red eyes, “beast, courting death”, said, raised his head, and just about to use Inner World, the middle age person bends down, “Courtesy Old Ancestor is coming”, tone barely fell, and appeared on Dragon Mountain One eyeball, staring at the God of Cookery, staring at everyone.

At the same time, the inexplicable unresistible force thwarted the God of Cookery’s take action, and made everyone feel the irreversible Heavenly Might, which is the power of –Ancestral Realm.

Lu Yin looked at the eyeball above his head, his heart sank to the bottom, Dragon Ancestor came?

The rest of them all raised their heads blankly, looking at that eyeball, Zu, this is Zu’s power.

The God of Cookery shook his body and wanted to forcefully use the Inner World, but he still hadn’t take action. The power of the ancestor appeared. He hadn’t had a chance to kill the beast. I hate him. Only now I know that this beast is hiding in White Dragon Sect.

White Dragon Sect is White Dragon Sect. He stared at Long Tian and the others, “I thought about many possibilities, but I never thought that the animal would hide in your White Dragon Sect. Good, good, very good, very good “.

Long Tian is bitter, the Senior is exposed, and their relationship with Evoking Virtuous College is completely antagonistic, but there is no way. If you don’t invite that Senior out, they can’t invite Old Ancestor to come. To curb the oppression of the God of Cookery.

Dignified White Dragon Sect, if they are oppressed by the God of Cookery at their Dragon Mountain and spread out, they will have no face to become one of the Four Way Balance.

that’s all, just like this. Anyway, Evoking Virtuous College will soon become history. At worst, they just keep the bottom line of the quota.

The most important thing now is that the secrets of the blood pool cannot be exposed. This is the major event related to White Dragon Sect.

As for the Mountain Sea, it’s not so easy to inherit. One person who is qualified for inheritance is enough. Even if the entire Starry Sky Tree people try, not qualified is not qualified. More places just more possibilities, it doesn’t matter. Up.

“Master, you are still so impulsive, why bother, already that many years have passed.” The middle age person walked out of the void and stood in front of Long Tian and the others, facing the God of Cookery directly above the head, with that rolling eyeball.

Seeing this scene, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. It was not Dragon Ancestor who came, otherwise they would not ignore that eyeball, which has the power of Ancestral Realm at most, and cannot represent Ancestral Realm himself.

Mr. Tang and the others can see it too, breathe a sigh of relief.

I don’t know if it’s disappointment or rejoicing. It would be a great honor to see Ancestral Realm powerhouse in my lifetime, but they are now the opposite. The arrival of Ancestral Realm powerhouse hasn’t benefited them.

The stare middle age person, the stare middle age person, no longer always shows the indifferent and see-through everything, more like Fengzi who is blinded by hatred, “beast, hate only hate when I saw it, and actually took you as a disciple, hate Only Hate failed to immediately notice that you killed Xiaoping, Hate Only Hate let you run away, Hate Only Hate failed to find you, beast.”

The middle age person shook his head and sighed, looking at the God of Cookery with compassion, “Master, how many times do you want me to say before you believe, Junior Sister is voluntary. She wants to perfect me. The more I love her, the more pain I will endure. The pain can make me go further on the cultivation base. It is precisely because of this pain that I can reach Half-Ancestor, Master. Look, your discipline I have reached Half-Ancestor. Are you unhappy?”.

The God of Cookery is extremely angry, clenching his fists, his whole person is shaking, trembling with anger, “Beast, one day I will kill you”.

The middle age person laughed, “Master, how many years have you been in Wangzulou? In order to let go of this hatred, but unfortunately, you can’t let it go, otherwise you will break the ancestor with your ability. Why bother? Because I have lost an Ancestral Realm powerhouse to human beings, it is a sin.”

Listening to their conversation, Lu Yin was puzzled, “What’s the matter?”.

Mr. Wei whispered, “It seems that that person is Yu Young Master. He is the discipline of Senior Cook, their business involves an old case.”

“The senior innate talent of the God of Cookery is extremely high, reaching Half-Ancestor with a superb posture, and is as famous as the Wandao Old Ancestor of the Wandao Family and the White Dragon Sect Ni Huang Great Elder. It’s the most it’s possible breakthrough Ancestral Realm powerhouse under the stars. However, there was an accident that made Senior Cook, the god of food, still dare not break his ancestor. It was his discipline. That Young Master Yu killed another Senior’s discipline, the female disciple, with extremely cruel techniques, so it’s inconvenient to say more.”

“Senior, the God of Cookery, remembered this incident and was dominated by hatred for countless years. The reason why Senior went to Wangzulou to forget the hatred.”

“For countless years, no one knows whether Senior has really forgotten hatred. The more Senior forgets hatred, the easier it is to become an ancestor.”

Lu Yin understands, “That’s why the outside world is so jealous of Senior. The longer it is for others, the less likely it is to become an ancestor, which will cause psychological barriers. However, Senior is just the opposite. The longer it is, the more it’s possible. “.

Mr. Wei’s nods, “But now it seems that this hatred is far from being forgotten. Just perceiving the existence of Yu Young Master, Senior hates it so much. Even in Dragon Mountain take action, he forced White Dragon Sect. Please use the power of Ancestral Realm, this knot of Senior’s heart is difficult to open.”

while speaking, Lu Yin also listened to the conversation between the God of Cookery and theirs.

“Master, everything I do is taught by you. Are you the same person as you are now? You should not blame me. Look at your Inner World, how cruel and terrifying, who dares to mention? Compared with you, what the discipline did is simply too kind”, Yu Young Master said helplessly and admired.

The God of Cookery stare Yu Young Master, “My Inner World will only give you a human experience. I will not take action on anyone except you. I will let you fully experience it.”

Yu Young Master laughed, “disciple is looking forward to it.” After finishing speaking, the eye light crossed the God of Cookery and looked towards Lu Yin and the others, “This is Dragon Mountain. Master doesn’t want Dragon Ancestor to really come. The discipline is first Leave, otherwise Master may not have the mind to talk to the people of White Dragon Sect. By the way, a reminder, what the Master looks like now.” At this point, he smiled and pointed to the back, “It’s easy to scare the kids”, and finished. , The body retreats and disappears.

At the same time, Dragon Ancestor’s eyeball disappeared.

The disappearance of the power of Ancestral Realm made the others breathe a sigh of relief, only then did they realize that their backs were already wet.

“Wait, beast, you come out for me”, the God of Cookery shouted angrily, and wanted to take action.

Mr. Tang hurriedly stepped forward to persuade him, “Senior, this is Dragon Mountain, the power of Ancestral Realm is coming, it is difficult to deal with him”.

The God of Cookery panted heavily and died in the direction of stare Yu Young Master’s leave, and his eyes were red and bleeding.

Mr. Tang is also the first time I saw the God of Cookery like this.

The old case was too far away from now, even if he didn’t understand it, no one would tell them if it wasn’t for Mr. Wei to be familiar with history.

The God Cook took a few deep breaths and barely calmed down.

On the other side, White Dragon Sect everyone looked at each other, Long Tian walked out, “Senior, I’m sorry”.

The God of Cookery raised his eyes and looked towards Long Tian, ​​”I didn’t expect to take in that beast, it’s actually your White Dragon Sect.”

Long Tian is silent. This is a long, long time ago. Yu Young Master, the Half-Ancestor, he knew, but didn’t understand. Few people in White Dragon Sect knew his existence. It was because of the God of Cookery that led to Yu Young Master. Don’t dare to appear and become the Half-Ancestor of Dragon Mountain’s hidden guardian.

If it were not for the blood pool this time, Yu Young Master would still not appear.

“I’m being polite to you White Dragon Sect, Four Way Balance is the same, no wonder you and Cold Immortal Sect will join forces with the exile Lu Family, that beast is willing to take in, do you still have a bottom line?”, God of Cookery ice-cold saying.

Long Tian has no choice but to say, “This is not decided by Junior”.

The God of Cookery looked up towards Domination Boundary. No, it was looked towards Domination Boundary to be precise.

Yes, it is not the Long Tian child who can decide to take in that animal, but the Dragon Ancestor of aloof and remote.

Only Dragon Ancestor can decide whether to accept him, only Dragon Ancestor has the ability to accept him at the risk of exposing himself to become a mortal enemy.

Just think of something, the god of cook haven’t said that unless you become an ancestor, even if Ancestral Realm powerhouse respects him, it is only respect on the surface. Don’t say him, even Wan Zhiyi doesn’t mean you can definitely become an ancestor. They respect All Half-Ancestor, but there are differences in essence.

Long Tian exhales, he understands that the family accepts the Young Master of Feather, and blames the family’s foundation for being too shallow, far from being compared with Cold Immortal Sect, Divine Martial Heaven and Wang Family. In the era of Taoist Origin Sect, they There are Nine Mountains Eight Seas, what does White Dragon Sect have? If it weren’t for Old Ancestor’s chance to reach Ancestral Realm under the guidance of a Senior, White Dragon Sect would not even have the qualifications to join them.

White Dragon Sect is willing to take the risk to take in Yu Young Master, who was not Half-Ancestor at the beginning, just because he can surely become Half-Ancestor and become the powerhouse guarded by Dragon Mountain.

Unfortunately, this powerhouse cannot be exposed.

“Senior, it’s hard for Junior to say anything about the matter between you and Yu Senior, but regarding the blood pool, please don’t listen to others in vain. I have no problem with the White Dragon Sect blood pool”, Long Tian respectfully said.

The God of Cookery now has a thorough haven’t favor on White Dragon Sect, even worse than the other three senses. “There is a haven’t problem, you know in your mind, this time the White Dragon Sect experience is over, we will go to Cold Immortal Sect, goodbye.”

Long Tian quickly blocked the God of Cookery, “Senior, today this matter must be clear.”

God’s Eye was cold, “You still want to take action on me Evoking Virtuous College?”.

“Senior is afraid that he has forgotten why Evoking Virtuous College wants to practice in Four Way Balance”, Long Tian no longer respectful, said directly.

The God of Cookery indeed forgot, he was disturbed by Yu Young Master appearance.

Evoking Virtuous College experienced the conditions given by Four Way Balance, not only because they reached an agreement to attract students to allocate Mountain Sea resources, but also gave Evoking Virtuous College a chance to be successfully taken over by Four Way Balance. .

Of course, God of Cookery doesn’t know about Mountain Sea’s allocation of places.

If all goes well and all students join Four Way Balance, Evoking Virtuous College can naturally be taken over.

But if Evoking Virtuous College is unwilling to practice, Four Way Balance’s methods may not be so soft, at least will have Ancestral Realm powerhouse come forward.


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