Star Odyssey Chapter 2261


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Actually, Evoking Virtuous College is not afraid of Four Way Balance coming hard. The God of Cookery has already said that at worst, at worst, this is why he can keep Evoking Virtuous College for so many years. But if he comes hard, Mountain Sea has a master. One thing will be known by Four Way Balance.

Evoking Virtuous College does not want to expose this.

For a while, the God of Cookery stopped.

Long Tian thought that God of Cookery was worried about Evoking Virtuous College, worried that he would be defeated and die by himself. Once again, he said, “Senior, if it was before, Four Way Balance would worry about your success in the tragedy, but now, haven’t worried about it. It’s necessary. Your performance just recently is very reassuring. Although it is a pity that humans are missing an Ancestral Realm powerhouse, for my Four Way Balance, many things are easier to do.”

The God of Cookery raised his eyebrows, “Junior, Ancestral Realm Origin Tribulation does not only look at the state of mind, but you can see through the accumulation of countless years of old man.”

“So Junior doesn’t want to tear his face with Senior. The blood pool must be explained clearly, and Senior and the others should stay in Dragon Mountain for a few more days. My White Dragon Sect will definitely get evidence that the bleeding pool is normal,” Long Tian said. .

How can the blood pool be normal to produce evidence? Generally speaking, the other party will show evidence that the blood pool is abnormal.

But how dare White Dragon Sect spread this kind of thing, even if the blood pool is really normal, once it spreads, it will not be good for White Dragon Sect. The blood pool is White Dragon Sect’s biggest means to attract foreign cultivators, once it is destroyed With the weak foundation of White Dragon Sect, it will only be separated by the other three, which is not acceptable to White Dragon Sect.

Not to mention the problem of the blood pool itself.

He wants to report Old Ancestor and find a way to hide this. The trouble is that there are people from Bai Family, Xia Family, Wang Family, Nong Family and Liu Family, as well as Cold Gate and the children of other families. This is what White Dragon Sect needs to solve most.

They need time.

In any case, White Dragon Sect will not let the people of Evoking Virtuous College leave, and the God of Cookery can only agree to stay.

“Sir, White Dragon Sect won’t do anything to us, right?” Nong Si Niang worried.

Lu Yin comforted, “Don’t worry, they dare not”.

White Dragon Sect will not be so frenzied to take action on them, Lu Yin is very curious about how they want to solve this matter, but the root is in him.

It just so happened that Long Tian eye light looked towards him, with strong murderous intention and helplessness in his eyes.

With the status of Four Way Balance, it is rare to be helpless with a three-time Origin Tribulation cultivator.

The huge courtyard stretches over the mountains and rivers. This is the place where White Dragon Sect provides a rest place for everyone in the academy. Everyone has a separate courtyard. Food and drink are the best. Even cultivate resources are provided.

Lu Yin wanted to talk to God of Cookery, but God of Cookery closed the door tightly, obviously not in the mood.

Lu Yin can only return to the residence, take out Supreme Mountain from the house, and release Long Xi.

Lu Yin is quite familiar with Dragon Mountain, not because he has been there once, but because of Long Ke’s memory.

He has been integrated into Long Ke within the body for a long time, and his memories are mixed. A considerable part of it is about Dragon Mountain. Of course, it is also because he deliberately searched for the location of Long Ke’s private resources and found the memory of Dragon Mountain.

He knows that he will not be monitored here. White Dragon Sect is not a Wang Family. Haven’t Mountain Sea is high above the sky. Even if you want to use the power of Ancestral Realm, you have to Half-Ancestor take action. No one is monitoring him.

Lu Yin released Long Xi with confidence.

Long Xi was confused, “here?”, she looked towards the outside, complexion changed, “Dragon Mountain?”.

Lu Yin nods, “Come here, I think you should come out and have a look.”

Long Xi eye light is complicated. After being away from Dragon Mountain for decades, she has become accustomed to Supreme Mountain, but now she suddenly returned to Dragon Mountain, but she was a little uncomfortable.

“But I can’t walk around randomly. My current identity is an Evoking Virtuous College instructor named Haoyu. Now Evoking Virtuous College…” Lu Yin said what happened to Long Xi.

Long Xi looked towards Lu Yin, “You White Dragon Sect take action on me again?”.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “small things, not too big, just small things”.

Long Xi retracted the eye light, “Is there a problem with the blood pool?”.

Lu Yin nods, “Don’t you know?”.

Long Xi shook his head, “I don’t know.”

Looking at Long Xi looking outside, it seemed to be lost in memory.

The problem with the blood pool naturally comes from Long Ke’s memory, but White Dragon Sect knows too few people, not even Long Xi.

Lu Yin asked, “Do you want Long Tian?”.

Long Xi indifferently said, “White Dragon Sect people have a long life cycle, decades are only a few years compared to us”, said, she looked weird towards Lu Yin, “Do you want to catch him?”.

Lu Yin said, “haven’t, why do you think so?”.

Long Xi stare Lu Yin look.

Lu Yin was seen with a guilty conscience, “I don’t like arresting people very much, I have to force it.”

“Such as Wen Diyi, Xia Taili, Yu Chen?” Long Xi asked back.

Lu Yin coughed, “Don’t worry, this is Dragon Mountain, how could I catch Long Tian, ​​something is going to happen, Dragon Mountain has Half-Ancestor, and the power of your Old Ancestor guards.”

Long Xi said, “From what I know about you, there is nothing you dare not do, but you can do it seamlessly.”

Lu Yin didn’t want to talk about this topic, but he thought of Long Ke again.

Looking at Long Xi’s melancholy face, I was inexplicably uncomfortable, “Do you miss you father?”.

Long Xi eye light dim, “It doesn’t matter, he never thought about us”.

“If you want, I can let you meet him,” Lu Yin said with a guilty heart.

Long Xi was taken aback, blinked and looked at Lu Yin, “Sure enough, you still arrested.”

Lu Yin speechless, “Not here, but many days ago. It was an accident.”

“My father is also in Supreme Mountain?” Long Xi looked towards Supreme Mountain not far away.

Lu Yin nods, “If you want, I can let you meet. Of course, you can always meet, but you can’t let him out.”

Long Xi shook his head, “Forget it, I don’t want to see you for now.”

Lu Yin helplessly, “Then, do you want to leave Supreme Mountain?”.

He has already asked this question more than three times, and Long Xi’s answer is always the same.

“Enough watching, I can go back”, after a long while, Long Xi said to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin is a bit sorry, but also a bit hesitant.

Long Xi looked at him, “just say anything”.

Lu Yin once again coughed, “Well, I have a favor, I don’t know if you would like to help.”

“I know you won’t let me come out to remember the past for no reason. Why is it busy?”, Long Xi said ill-humoredly.

Lu Yin defended, “I sincerely let you see Dragon Mountain. After all, you live here. It’s sincere to not let you come out and say it.”

Long Xi helplessly, “Okay, let’s talk, what’s up?”.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, “Long Ke has hidden a batch of resources in Dragon Mountain, but he needs his Bloodline to be turned on, so”.

Long Xi speechless, “Didn’t you catch my father? Just use his blood?”.

Lu Yin laughed dryly, “better not let him know”.

He doesn’t know if Long Ke will be used in the future. Naturally, he doesn’t want Long Ke to know that his resources were taken away by Lu Yin. Anyway, with Long Xi, her Bloodline same can open that place. It’s always good to keep one hand. .

Long Xi frowned and looked at Lu Yin for a while, “Take me there.”

“Thank you”, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that Long Xi would not want to, so he could only use Long Ke’s blood to open it.

Dragon Mountain has a Feather Young Master. Lu Yin knows that it is difficult to reach the place where Long Ke hides resources by his own ability. That place is in Long Ke’s residence.

Long Ke is White Dragon Sect Patriarch, and his residence must be the most guarded place of White Dragon Sect.

Fortunately, there is Ancestor Wu.

Ancestor Wu came out and was quite impatient, but when I first saw Long Xi, I wanted to get angry, but forcibly suppressed it, “Hey, which girl is so beautiful? Boy, yes, one by one “.

Lu Yin speechless, “Senior, don’t talk nonsense about anything one by one.”

Long Xi salutes Ancestor Wu, Lu Yin told her before asking Ancestor Wu to come out, “Junior White Dragon Sect Long Xi, pays respects to Ancestor Wu Senior”.

Ancestor Wu clicked on the nods, raised Long Xi, and took a closer look, “Not bad, White Dragon Sect? Long Er is your ancestor?”.

Lu Yin Lost, Long Er?

Long Xi was also at a loss, “Long Er?”.

Ancestor Wu said, “It’s Long Yuan.”

“Long Yuan is Junior Old Ancestor,” Long Xi said respectfully.

Ancestor Wu sneered, “These guys each and everyone dare not even say their nicknames, Long Yuan is Long Er, stupid, but this guy is born with a different pupil, but he has some innate talent, and he can become an ancestor after pointing him. Yes, yes, I don’t know if I see me now.”

“Old Ancestor will never forget the giving of Senior”, Long Xi respectfully said.

Ancestor Wu is satisfied, “You this girl is much more polite than this kid, this kid knows to use me, and has never been so respectful.”

Lu Yin hurriedly shot flattery and offered a lot of good words, which stopped Ancestor Wu’s self-promotion.

When he knew that this was Dragon Mountain, and Long Xi helped Lu Yin steal the resources hidden by his father, Ancestor Wu looked at Lu Yin eye light like Qing Sheng, “Yes, kid, I stole the girl’s daughter. It’s horrible to let your daughters help you steal Lao Tzu’s resources.”

Lu Yin twitched at the corner of his mouth. Before he could speak, Ancestor Wu suddenly remembered, “One of the people you asked me to catch was White Dragon Sect. By the way, it looks like this girl, no Will it be the father of this girl”.

Long Xi amusingly looked towards Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s voice is dry, “there is a reason”.

Ancestor Wu despised, “Stealing someone’s daughter, arresting her father, and now let her daughter help you steal her father’s resources, boy, you are too cruel”.

When she said that, Lu Yin felt that he was too much.

“Hey, if Xia Shang and your same were not so miserable at the time, that guy’s elm head, and Ku Jie, a group of elm heads”, Ancestor Wu sighed, and then led the two towards Go to where Long Ke lives.

Ancestor Wu’s words made Lu Yin once again make sure that she might have liked Ancestor Chen. As for Ancestor Ku, she wouldn’t really think that Ancestor Ku liked her but didn’t dare to confess. That generation knows.

With Ancestor Ku’s temperament, he wouldn’t admit it to death at that time. It was too low-key and too introverted.

Dragon Mountain has countless peaks, rivers including oceans, and pond civilization.

Long Ke lives not far from the peak of the blood pond, and is still in the direction of the Yu Young Master.

Looking at Wei-Tao and them heading in that direction, Lu Yin was still a little panicked. After all, there is a Half-Ancestor who can also use the power of Ancestral Realm.

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