Star Odyssey Chapter 2262


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Soon, Wei took them to the mountain where Long Ke lived, a majestic great hall that can fully demonstrate the majesty of the White Dragon Sect.

Lu Yin likes the environment of Return to the Natural State. He doesn’t like this kind of architecture very much, but he can’t deny that this kind of architecture can make the certain power it represents more deterrent.

There is no one in the great hall, it’s icy.

Lu Yin recognized that this great hall should be very lively, with guards, maids, etc. everywhere, but with the disappearance of Long Ke, these people don’t know where they are.

“I don’t like this place”, Long Xi stood in the great hall, slowly speaking, and her voice echoed in the hall. If it hadn’t been confirmed by Ancestor Wu that there was no problem, Lu Yin would not dare to let her speak so loudly.

This is one of Four Way Balance, the residence of White Dragon Sect Patriarch.

“It’s too cold here,” Long Xi said softly.

Lu Yin said, “There should have been a lot of people before, but there was no one when your father was missing.”

Long Xi shook her head, looked towards Lu Yin, the eye light was bright, with unspeakable sentiment, “It has nothing to do with the number of people, the people here are too cold”, she turned her head and looked towards all around, “We This lineage replaced the main lineage. Before that, we didn’t live here, but the main line disappeared. We moved here. Father built this great hall and brought me and Long Tian into it. At that time, he treated me Say, everything has changed. From now on, this place of Dragon Mountain, I can go as far as I can, without the Fourth Elder Sister.”

“But I prefer Fourth Elder Sister to take us, like him to take me”.

Lu Yin sighed, “Long Tian likes your father’s words very much.”

Long Xi said, “What he thinks has nothing to do with me, I only know this place, I can’t stay for a day.”

“So you often live in Central Level Boundary?” Lu Yin asked.

Long Xi points nods, “Where are you looking for? I’m not familiar with this place”.

Lu Yin came to the seventh pillar behind the great hall according to Long Ke’s memory. This location is not hidden, but also does not need to be hidden. In Long Ke’s thoughts, instead of trying to find hidden places to hide resources , It is better to put it here, this is the place where White Dragon Sect represents the power and main line. He will not give up here, and others are also impossible to enter here at will.

haven’t his Bloodline, other people, including the guards who stand here all year round, are also impossible to find resources.

“Your father can really hide,” Lu Yin said, pointing under the pillar.

Long Xi is not surprised, “It’s his style.” After finishing speaking, he raised his hand, and a drop of blood fell on the stone pillar.

Looking at the lift of the stone pillar, the void ripples, and the Lu Yin eye light flashes. This is the Great World.

In the Fifth Continent, the Great Domain Lord is a place where some races or forces survive in the New Universe, but Starry Sky Tree is the best choice for hiding resources. Starry Sky Tree says it’s dangerous and dangerous, but it’s not dangerous. It’s not dangerous either. Unlike the New Universe World of Glory, it’s easy to destroy if you don’t live in the Great World. Glorious Palace is unable to coordinate the entire Fifth Continent, including World of Glory, but Starry Sky Tree is different.

Whether it was once or now, either Lu Family together with Cold Immortal Sect, Liu Family and other strong Great Influence sit in the starry sky, or Four Way Balance together with Nong Family, Liu Family and other strong Great Influence sit in the starry sky, so this starry sky is roughly Considered stable, Great World is not very useful.

As for troop transportation, there is no need at all. The back battlefield has mobilized its own plans for many years.

Entering the Great World where resources are hidden, the space is very small, and Lu Yin directly searches.

Long Ke doesn’t have many hidden resources. Star Crystal Essence is only more than 2 billion cubic meters, plus the rest, it’s not enough for Lu Yin to squander three points at a time, mainly because there are not many, but also qualified for him It’s better than nothing to come out and take a trip.

Long Ke didn’t stay in Patriarch’s position for long after all.

Soon, the two left the great hall, and Long Xi asked Ancestor Wu to take her to the place where she used to live, not the Hidden Dragon Lake where Lu Yin lived.

Hidden Dragon Lake is the place where White Dragon Sect’s direct line is qualified to live. At the beginning, he was aliased Long Qi. After he came to Dragon Mountain, he was arranged to live in Hidden Dragon Lake, which means Hidden Dragon Ascending to Heaven, at that time Mu Xie Old Ancestor announced to accept him as a discipline, White Dragon Sect found Heavenly Master Qiu Ling again, and wanted him to worship Heavenly Master Qiu Ling as his teacher. At that time, the name Long Qi resounded through Starry Sky Tree.

Long Qi at that time was qualified to live in Hidden Dragon Lake.

Long Xi lived before him, and Long Tian before.

The place Long Xi is going to this time is the place where their lineage had not yet become the main lineage, and she wanted to go back there.

It is also a peak, but compared to the peak where Long Ke lives, this one is much shorter, but it is still not far from the blood pool.

The surrounding area of ​​the blood pond, including the mountain where Long Ke lived and the place where ancestors live, is the center of Dragon Mountain, spreading all around, the higher the position, the closer to the center.

Long Ke lineage was able to replace the main vein at the beginning. It was not luck. Looking at all the branches, they are the strongest. Long Quan branch is second only to them.

The branch vein replaces the main vein, and the former mountain peaks are already abandoned.

No one will come back to take a look, they will only look forward, Long Ke even hid the resources in the great hall among, showing his determination.

The mountain was deserted. Long Xi walked ahead and saw familiar courtyards, familiar flowers and trees, and many strange but cute animals.

Lu Yin looked towards To the right, a huge creature resembling a cat same leaped towards Long Xi instead of attacking, making a pleasant cry.

Long Xi saw that the eye light lit up, and he hugged the big cat that was approaching, “Nini, is that you Nini?”.

The big cat makes a happy cry and its tail is wagging.

Looking at Long Xi holding the big cat and laughing happily, Lu Yin was amazed. He had never seen Long Xi smiling so happily and so cheerfully. Looking at this scene, suddenly, the same scene appeared in his mind, too A girl holding a pet was laughing happily. The girl’s face was beautiful and beautiful. He thought it was Long Xi, but it was not.

The girl has the same beauty as Long Xi, but her temperament is completely different. It’s more elegant, less cool, more relaxed, less naive, and more at the same time. Holy, a little less smoke and flame, maybe it is the holiness brought by the pet that the girl is holding, it is a small deer with seven colors.

“Seven Colored Deer”, Lu Yin suddenly spoke.

Long Xi expression changed, holding the big cat stiffly, turned his head and looked towards Lu Yin, stunned, “You remember?”.

Lu Yin was taken aback, confused, “What?”.

Long Xi stare Lu Yin, looking at his eyes, he saw only confusion, not the hatred and complexity as expected, “Do you know the seven-color deer?”.

Lu Yin clicked on nods and recalled the scene that just recently appeared in his mind, “Is Bai Xian’er’s pet”.

Long Xi exhales, pressing the head of the big cat, still has a smile on his face, but no longer just recently pure.

Bai Xian’er is the object of many people’s admiration and hatred.

In Long Xi’s mind, she is the latter, “If it’s possible, I will kill her.”

Lu Yin clicked on nods, “The old bridge section is over.” He wanted to say something. Long Xi rushed directly into the courtyard and appeared in front of Xiao Qian.

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