Star Odyssey Chapter 2263

Xiao Qian was horrified and dare not say anything.

“Don’t say that you have done a lot? Then there’s a reason why haven’t lived,” Lu Yin said slowly.

Xiao Qian hurriedly said, “No, I didn’t do much. It’s just that Young Ancestor Bai wanted to pursue Princess. I told them about the Princess itinerary. And, there is.”

“What else?” Lu Yin yelled. This woman couldn’t help being scared, and she was also afraid of death, just scared.

Xiao Qian was frightened by Lu Yin, and blurted out, “There are also the itineraries of the offspring, I, I told them all”.

Lu Yin knows, “No wonder the offspring of White Dragon Sect, whoever wanted to marry Long Xi were killed. I wondered at the time that Cold Immortal Sect had such a powerful ability to search for the Central Level Boundary. They impossible to seal every It turns out that you gave the place to a place.”

Xiao Qian lowered her head, her heart sinking constantly, the fear of death enveloped her, making her dare not hide anything.

Long Xi closed her eyes. In fact, at the beginning, she wondered how Cold Immortal Sect was able to find all the offspring. Those people added up to a hundred, and came from all directions. Cold Immortal Sect impossible has that many people sealed. All directions, but they did it, the original root is here.

I killed them myself.

“Princess, I never hurt you, please spare my life, spare me”, Xiao Qian begged.

Long Xi eye light grief, with strong murderous intention deep in the eyes.

Lu Yin had no doubt that she would kill Xiao Qian directly. He raised his hand and put it on Long Xi’s shoulder. Long Xi looked towards Lu Yin, puzzled.

Lu Yin crossed her, squatted down, and looked up at Xiao Qian, “I ask you, who is your father?”.

Xiao Qian’s body trembled and her pupils kept flickering. This question scared her even more than Long Xi’s previous question. She did not dare to answer, and she did not even dare to look at Lu Yin.

Originally, Lu Yin was just curious to ask. After all, after listening to the person opposite the Cloud Communicating Stone, Xiao Qian’s father and Ni Huang Great Elder same went to the Fifth Continent to join the expeditionary army, maybe he can know him.

But Xiao Qian’s performance was too abnormal, especially when facing him, there was a strange fear, or in other words, instinctive fear, more fear than facing Long Xi.

Although he made a lot of trouble with Dragon Mountain when he changed his name to Long Qi, and made White Dragon Sect face lost, he did not make Xiao Qian so scared. His previous words were threatening, but it seems that Xiao Qian’s performance is more than just It’s as simple as a threat.

“I’m asking you, who is your father?” Lu Yin asked again.

Xiao Qian’s tremor replied, “青, Elder Qing Xing”.

Lu Yin was taken aback, “Elder Qing Xing?”.

Even Long Xi was curious, “Are you the daughter of Cold Immortal Sect Elder Qing Xing?”.

Xiao Qian nods should be.

“You seem to be particularly afraid of admitting,” Lu Yin said.

Xiao Qian panicked, “Father has repeatedly replaced Bai Shaohong to persecute Princess, and many of the assassinations of the offspring of White Dragon Sect were from the hands of father, and father also contacted Unbounded for the assassination.” She said that she took a look. Lu Yin, “Assassinated Long Qi, so I dare not say”.

Lu Yin got up and looked at Xiao Qian, who was limp on the ground. She didn’t expect that she was the daughter of Elder Qing Xing, especially that an old man who didn’t expect Elder Qing Xing had a daughter. It was really unexpected.

Long Xi also didn’t expect, “No wonder you betrayed my White Dragon Sect so happy, it turns out that you told your father, to be honest, this already is not a betrayal, but a steal.”

Xiao Qian kept begging Long Xi to let her go.

Long Xi wanted to take action, Lu Yin suddenly said, “Wait.”

Xiao Qian hopes to look towards Lu Yin.

Long Xi puzzled, “You want to save her?”.

Lu Yin said, “Leaving her is more useful than killing. You can use her to steal Cold Immortal Sect information, and even use Cold Immortal Sect.”

“Then forget what she did?” Long Xi’s tone became cold. “Those White Dragon Sect branch children died because of her. Who will avenge those people?”.

“Princess, I can help you mislead Cold Immortal Sect, I can help you steal the information of Cold Immortal Sect, just ask Princess not to kill me, please, Princess”, Xiao Qian begged.

Lu Yin said, “I won’t stop you from killing her, but think about your situation in White Dragon Sect. Using her is more valuable than killing her.”

Long Xi looked down towards Xiao Qian, his eye light was full of anger, murderous intention and disappointment, “I thought you were the same as me, but unfortunately, I was wrong.” After speaking, he turned lonely and walked out of the courtyard.

Xiao Qian breathed a sigh of relief, with bitterness in her eyes. After so many years, how hasn’t she had a haven’t affection for Long Xi, and how did she stand differently.

Lu Yin’s voice sounded, “It’s not necessarily better to live than to die. I can let you live and I can control you with confidence”, said, he raised his hand, and the Death God seal engraved Xiao Qian within the body, Xiao Qian connected The Enlightenment Realm is not there, and Death God’s seal has little control over her. Some people would rather die than the Star Origin Cyclone being broken. Losing the cultivation base is far more painful than death.

But for Xiao Qian, death is the most terrifying.

“As long as I think, you will die. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people of Cold Immortal Sect to help. Of course, there is only one chance. Once you try and fail, you die without a whole corpse”, Lu Yin coldly said.

Xiao Qian’s body trembled, “Don’t dare, I definitely don’t dare try to relieve it, thank you Long, thank you, grandpa”.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. I haven’t heard these two words for a long time.

“Apart from the killing methods planted in you within the body, there is another person for you to see, you can live partly because of him”, said, Lu Yin took out Supreme Mountain and released –Elder Qing Xing.

Elder Qing Xing looked at Lu Yin confusedly after coming out, not knowing what to do.

Lu Yin indifferently said, “Don’t say that I am unkind, your daughter, I will save for you, but whether she can atone for the crime depends on her own good fortune.”

Elder Qing Xing is still at a loss, “daughter?”.

On the side, Xiao Qian, who was paralyzed on the ground, stared at Elder Qing Xing blankly. He, why is he here?

An indescribable feeling of hell breeds in Xiao Qian’s mind. She never dreamed that Elder Qing Xing would be carried by Lu Yin. Is there anyone with him?

Lu Yin pointed to Xiao Qian, “I don’t even know my daughter?”.

Elder Qing Xing looked at Xiao Qian, frowned, “familiar”, suddenly, he remembered, “Aren’t you the maid of Long Xi Princess?”.

As soon as these words came out, Lu Yin complexion changed, staring at Xiao Qian suddenly, raised his hand to grab, grabbed Xiao Qian hair directly, and dragged her up, Xiao Qian face deathly pale, eye light despair wanted to struggle , But couldn’t get rid of it.

Outside the courtyard, Long Xi came in, wondering how Lu Yin suddenly took action on Xiao Qian.

“You dare to fight with me”, Lu Yin’s tone is cold, he didn’t expect that he was actually fooled by a nobody who could control life and death at any time.

He really thought Xiao Qian was Elder Qing Xing’s daughter, so he saved her and kept her for him. Didn’t expect this woman to lie to him when she died, and the lie was almost perfect.

Since embarking on the road to cultivate, Lu Yin asked himself to use all means to survive, lurking, disguising, lying, everything, but planted in the hands of a little girl who can be pinched to death at any time.

Elder Qing Xing can’t figure out what the situation is.

Long Xi stare Xiao Qian, “Long Xi stare Xiao Qian, “You will lie before you die. Either what you said before was false, or you can’t say who your father is.” She was curious.

Lu Yin’s hand tightened and grabbed Xiao Qian hair firmly, “I must know who your father is now, and say”.

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