Star Odyssey Chapter 2264


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Xiao Qian’s heart sank to the bottom. Originally, this lie could be deceived, but Elder Qing Xing unexpectedly appeared and was carried by Lu Xiaoxuan. How could she have thought that this kind of thing shouldn’t have happened? She hasn’t react to.

Lu Yin’s murderous aura enveloped Xiao Qian, and this murderous aura was much stronger than Long Xi.

Xiao Qian closed his eyes, knowing that he couldn’t hide it anyway, he made a dry despair voice and said a name-Bai Zhen.

Hearing these two words, Lu Yin eyes shrank, hands subconsciously let go, Xiao Qian fell to the ground, his face pale.

Beside, Long Xi looked at Lu Yin, “Do you know this Bai Zhen?”.

“Are you Bai Zhen’s daughter?”, Elder Qing Xing was surprised.

Lu Yin took a deep breath, terrifying with a calm expression, “Bai Zhen, also called”, he turned his head and looked towards Long Xi, “Lu-Frame”.

Long Xi’s face changed drastically, and he swept out with violent murderous intention. Lu Yin moved his finger to suppress this murderous intention.

“Lu Zhen, your book boy?” Long Xi gritted his teeth and his eye light was red. This is already not anger, but a complete killing intent.

Lu Yin looked towards Xiao Qian, no wonder she made up an Elder Qing Xing, which turned out to be Lu Zhen’s daughter. Lu Zhen was her own book boy, betrayed Lu Family, joined Cold Immortal Sect, and changed her name to Bai Zhen, who is Lu Family is one of the people most wanted to kill, no wonder, no wonder.

This time Lu Yin believes that Xiao Qian haven’t lied, because there is no meaning to lie. The four words of Lu Zhen’s daughter are already sufficient to make her consigned to eternal damnation. What is more important than concealing that she is Lu Zhen’s daughter of? impossible.

At the same time, Long Xi also understands why Xiao Qian was inserted by her side, “Lu Zhen asked you to come, right?”.

Xiao Qian nods, I have said everything that should be said, there is nothing to hide.

Long Xi clenched his fists. It was not his anger at Xiao Qian, but a hatred of Lu Zhen. The traitor not only betrayed Lu Family, but also planted his daughter beside him. You don’t have to think about it to steal yourself and About Lu Xiaoxuan.

“What does Lu Zhen ask you to do?” Lu Yin asked.

Xiao Qian’s voice is hoarse and can’t be heard slightly. “The father said that the relationship between Long Xi Princess and Lu Xiaoxuan is irreversible. I’m coming”.

Lu Yin eye light Sen Han, he felt that he had done something wrong. Lu Zhen died so happy that he shouldn’t die so easily.

“As far as I know, Bai Zhen went to the back battlefield soon after joining my Cold Immortal Sect. Where is his daughter?” Elder Qing Xing asked.

Xiao Qian muttered, “Father found my mother soon after joining Cold Immortal Sect, and soon had me, he was afraid that he would not be able to come out of the back battlefield. Every conversation with me was from Cold Immortal Sect It is passed by people, and for my arrangement, the father personally planned. What he said, Cold Immortal Sect will not refute, because it is about Lu Xiaoxuan and Seven Heroes.”

“As for my existence, only two people have always known about my existence, one is my father, and the other is the current agent Sect Master of Cold Immortal Sect-Bai Su, who is the relay between me and father.”

Elder Qing Xing exclaimed, “so that’s how it is, Bai Su has no sense of existence in sect. The cultivation base is always weaker than Bai Teng, but he still ranks first in the branch. I thought he had nothing to do. The ultimate fate might be He died on the back of the battlefield, didn’t expect him to act as your liaison with Lu Zhen”.

“The more unremarkable the character, the more it’s possible to be useful”, Lu Yin said coldly, and then looked towards Xiao Qian, now that she is Lu Zhen’s daughter, this person, kill or not?

The choice is in Lu Yin’s hands.

From the perspective of an enemy, it is time to kill, and even if Xiao Qian’s actions were not Lu Yin’s enemies, Long Xi would kill her, but from another perspective, as Lu Zhen’s daughter, her use value-more Big.

In the end, Lu Yin still didn’t kill her.

Outside the courtyard, Long Xi looked at Lu Yin deeply, “You are not afraid that she will notify Cold Immortal Sect? She understands the grudge between Lu Zhen and your Lu Family and knows that she is impossible to live.”

Lu Yin said solemnly, “Even if it’s a person seeking death, all she thinks about before dying is to survive. Besides, she is not seeking death. As long as there is a chance, such people will seize it. Lu Zhen likes this, so He betrayed Lu Family, this woman is also the same, she will also betray Cold Immortal Sect, betray everyone who can betray, just to live”.

Long Xi retracted the eye light, “I hope you are right”.

Lu Yin’s doing this is dangerous, but he is sure that Xiao Qian will not expose his existence until Haven’t is absolutely sure to save his life. She definitely doesn’t want to die, so who can give her absolute assurance of life ? At least it was Half-Ancestor. With her, she couldn’t find Half-Ancestor unless she returned to Cold Immortal Sect.

At that time, Lu Yin was exposed long ago, and the showdown with Four Way Balance will not be long.

Back to the residence, Lu Yin looked at Congealing Space Ring, Long Xi is in a bad mood now.

The plot against people is endless. It’s like this now, and it was before, but Lu Yin believes that when Lu Family was in charge of Fifth Continent, the following plot against are definitely not many, because there is a Lu Family pressure So, no matter how they plot against each other, unless it is because of hatred, it is meaningless.

Four Way Balance on the surface looks like checks and balances. In fact, from the moment when Lu Family was exile, a kind of seed that replaced Lu Family is already planted, it depends on when it blooms and bears fruit. At that time, unless one party can thunderbolt it. Suppress everything else, otherwise it will only lose of life.

Human beings have to fight internally, but also to deal with the external pressure of Eternal Clan. For humans, this is an unbearable pressure. Humans cannot withstand defeated, and civilization cannot be destroyed.

Lu Yin looked at the direction of Mother Tree. The battlefield on the back can support it. The source is the starry sky. It is the peace of this expression. What Eternal Clan wants to do is to break this peace, so Witch Spirit God improves his own Influence, infinitely exaggerate his innate talent, on the one hand, let himself be chased by Four Way Balance.

Red Back, spy, not so much that they hide in humans to steal information, it is better to say that even if they die, they have a use, which is to create chaos. For example, the Unbounded headquarters is broken, the Must Kill List and the employer list are exposed. Upper bound, Central Level Boundary has not subsided up to now.

Eternal Clan’s approach to humans is like a trickle, not magnificent, but one day it can consume human civilization.

The true foundation of Four Way Balance is by no means like this that we see today. The reason why Expert is stretched to this point is because of the expeditionary army. This is not Eternal Clan’s means, but the goal is yourself, and Four Way Once Balance is in a fight, the foundation will only be more severe. When the time comes, it will not even be able to support the back battlefield.

The only way to end this situation is for Lu Family to reappear.

Lu Family has been in control of Fifth Continent for too long and too long. Lu Family appears. As long as the strength is sufficient, it can be justified once again to take over Fifth Continent without encountering too much resistance. If it is Four Way Balance, a certain family wants to control Fifth. Continent, the resistance will be completely different. If nothing else, Seed Garden, Liu Family, Yixian College, etc. will not give up easily.

Lu Yin looked at Mother Tree. He didn’t know what he was thinking. He thought about something messy, but it seemed that there was one more reason for what he was going to do, a more sufficient reason to convince himself.

Contract your thoughts, continue to do what you should do, shake dice.

a finger pointed, watching dice slowly rotate, then stop, at six o’clock, Lu Yin eye light widened, so lucky?

next moment, consciousness appeared in the Dark Space, Lu Yin looked all around, and then picked the brightest integration. According to brightness, this light group should represent two Origin Tribulation cultivator.

The surrounding haven’t lighter than this, Lu Yin doesn’t want to waste time.

As consciousness melts in, a familiar smell comes. Lu Yin just recently opened his eyes, why is the sky shaking? The world turned around, with a thump, his ear hit the ground, he saw a headless corpse slowly falling to the ground, here is the battlefield on the back?

In an instant, his consciousness returned to within the body again through Dark Space.

Lu Yin gasped and died. The person he had just recently joined died in an instant. The moment he joined him within the body, his head was beheaded and his body separated.

Didn’t expect such a bad luck. I just got in, and died without even reading the memory.

That person is also considered bad luck. His death was not caused by his own integration. He was beheaded without even seeing the enemy. The gap is too big. If he let himself in early, maybe Destiny would not be the same, which is a pity.

Come on again, a finger pointed, dice rotates slowly.

The good luck looks very good this time, and the second time I roll it to six o’clock, this is rare.

Lu Yin’s consciousness appeared in Dark Space. He looked at all around. There was also no bright light group, but he didn’t want to get too important information, and most of the people in Star Union just had an Origin Tribulation or Two Origin Tribulation, this kind of light group is just right.

Thinking about it, get involved directly.

Lu Yin integrates into others within the body, usually in a static state of others, such as standing, sitting, etc. This time is different. The person he integrated into is on the way, so he fell.

“What’s the matter? Yesterday that woman made your legs weak?”, a low voice sounded from a handsome man who looked young but had extremely deep eye light.

Lu Yin was embarrassed, and fell into the body of the person on the road. It was ashamed.

“Haven’t matter, let’s go”, Lu Yin said, and at the same time, memories kept pouring in.

There are three people around, apart from the handsome man, and an old woman, both of them are Star Envoy, and the person Lu Yin has integrated is also a Star Envoy, an Origin Tribulation.

He was surprised that it was not common for three Star Envoys to walk in the same place, but as memories poured in, he understood.

The person involved is named Cheng Li, a member of the Root Organization, and his status in the Root Organization is not low.

Root Organization is the Starry Sky Tree organization that specializes in cleaning up root borers for Mother Tree. It has complicated personnel and who has them. It spends most of the time in Lower Boundary. The life and death faced is no better than the back battlefield, and the people here are the same. Respect, because Mother Tree is the foundation of Starry Sky Tree. They protect the root of Mother Tree, which is to protect Starry Sky Tree.

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