Star Odyssey Chapter 2265


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There are many experts in the Root Organization. This official has a high status in the Star Envoy cultivation base. The two in front, the handsome man and his same, stay in the Root Organization all the year round and fight in the Lower Boundary. Star Envoy, another old woman from –Cold Immortal Sect.

The place they are going on this trip is the nest of a creature that the handsome man agreed with Adventure King.

The Junyi man has a very good relationship with Adventure King. They often work together to clean up certain creatures that destroy the roots of Mother Tree. This time he also invited Adventure King to take action, but the real purpose is not to clean up those creatures, but to kill. He was bought by Cold Immortal Sect to booby and kill Adventure King.

And the cause of everything is related to Lu Yin.

At the beginning, Lu Yin, whose alias was Long Qi, fled to Central Level Boundary after Dragon Mountain was exposed. Adventure King take action helped him once. Originally, Adventure King was not exposed, but he told the handsome man by chance, and the man changed hands. Sell ​​Adventure King to get the benefits of Cold Immortal Sect.

Cold Immortal Sect already knew that Adventure King had a very good relationship with Lu Family, and he was regarded as one of Lu Family’s survivors, so forcing him to complete the Root Organization mission every year was equivalent to sending him to death, but Adventure King was stunned. Moreover, the credit of the Root Organization made Four Way Balance difficult to understand, but the intelligence of Junyi man planted the bane for him, giving Cold Immortal Sect a reason to take action against him.

Although he decided to take action on the Adventure King, Cold Immortal Sect hasn’t acted late in order to monitor him and see if he can find the hidden Lu Family survivor. Unfortunately, after so many years, Adventure King has not contacted any of them. Lu Family survivor, Cold Immortal Sect already decided not to waste time on him, so he decided to booby trap.

This is just a trivial matter. For Cold Immortal Sect, it is very simple. It does not require an expert in the sect to come forward. It only needs to be poisoned at the right time to make the Adventure King haven’t resistance ability, and this is also the handsome man’s. task.

The three of them continued on their way. Lu Yin raised his eyes and looked towards the Junyi man, feeling that he was lucky. If he encountered this kind of thing, otherwise the Adventure King would be in danger.

The Junyi man and the old woman are definitely not Adventure King’s opponents. After all, the Adventure King is the six Origin Tribulation cultivation base, otherwise he would not be able to help him at the beginning, and the Junyi man and the old woman are too far apart.

However, they are still confident and confident to take action, relying on a kind of poison, and the goal of their trip, a kind of creature that is good at manipulating airflow, and has the Unusual perception and control method, Junyi man’s task is to sprinkle poison in the air, as long as Adventure King takes action on the car, the car can use the toxin in the air to poison Adventure King, no handsome man is needed They take action.

Their task is only to spread the poison out, and then record this scene and seal it in Cold Immortal Sect.

“Will the Adventure King detect the poison?” Lu Yin asked. In the eyes of the Junyi man and the old woman, Cheng Li said.

old woman coldly said, “No, the poison itself is not very toxic, and it is not sufficient to attract the attention of the Adventure King. However, it can be used as a weapon to poison the Adventure King. Just remember to evacuate in time. It’s okay”.

The handsome man sneered, “Don’t worry, when the time comes, even if we don’t want to evacuate, Adventure King will try to throw us out and let us live”.

After speaking, he sneered, “It’s so sad, as I know him, I would definitely do this.”

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and looked towards Junyi man with eye light with murderous intention. This man has no regrets, even making fun of Adventure King, even the old woman dislikes him.

Cold Immortal Sect’s position is to kill Adventure King. In fact, many people still admire Adventure King. He didn’t get the title of Adventure King by Lu Family, but by himself.

For the Lu Family’s survivor, Four Way Balance is never soft. The Adventure King’s tasks every year are nine deaths and still alive. He just survived, which also made Four Way Balance difficult to take to him clearly. If he had not helped Lu Xiaoxuan decades ago and was known by sect, Adventure King would have lived until he died in the mouth of the Lower Boundary creature.

People like this are worthy of admiration, but unfortunately, they will die in the hands of this villain.

The handsome man doesn’t care about Adventure King at all. The reason why he was able to indulge in Adventure King at the beginning was because of a drama that seemed to be parting but actually in control. That kind of meaningless life and death made Adventure King admire him. He took him with him for so many years. After completing the mission, he successfully gained a lot of resources and reputation in the Root Organization, as well as the cultivation base. Now Adventure King is already out of use, the next step is Cold Immortal Sect.

With his Star Envoy cultivation base, he can easily join Four Way Balance, but he doesn’t want ordinary status.

Adventure King is sufficient to let him sit in a high position in Cold Immortal Sect, and get far more resources than other realm cultivators.

This is his purpose.

The handsome man who was wandering in the beautiful fantasy didn’t notice that he had inserted a blade into his neck. He was very familiar with a knife, and he supported each other with knives. The owner of this knife was precisely the official. ,

Lu Yin took action, a knife penetrated Junyi man’s neck, and then cut across Junyi man with the momentum of The Thirteen Swords, easily obliterated Junyi man, and then cut the blade towards the old woman.

The old woman was shocked, “What are you doing?” She didn’t expect this very stupid Star Envoy to suddenly take action on her, is she crazy?

Lu Yin cuts across with a knife. The Thirteen Swords has never been used on Cheng Li. Cheng Li doesn’t know The Thirteen Swords, but Lu Yin can use that sword intent to make the sword intent cut out. In the strange realm, the more important thing is that he has observed at the Sword Monument and has experience in cracking Wanbing.

The weapon used by the old woman is quite strange, it is a double hook, but the weak spot was quickly found under the blade of Lu Yin, and the blade was directly cut off the arm.

The old woman was shocked, “Who are you? You are not an official”, she does not believe that Cheng is her opponent, and her weapon is very difficult for ordinary people to crack immediately, this person can find a weak spot, not an ordinary people .

Lu Yin didn’t say a word, the sword was heavy and heavy, but this sword was a little more light in his hands.

The old woman raised her foot and stepped into the Star Origin universe in a vain attempt to escape, but was still cut by Lu Yin in the end.

Lu Yin returned to the corpse of Junyi man, took out the Cloud Communicating Stone, and contacted Adventure King.

Both Cheng Li and Jun Yi men fought Adventure King in Lower Boundary, and they knew the connection method of Adventure King.

“How long will it be? The car won’t stay in one place for too long”, the voice of Adventure King came out.

Lu Yin said solemnly, “Cold Immortal Sect sent someone to kill you. They already know that you have helped Lu Xiaoxuan. The car pain is the means to deal with you and cooperate with the poison.”

On the other side, Adventure King eye light changed, “Who are you? What about him?”.

“He is a traitor, he is already killed by me, you run away quickly, Four Way Balance will not let you go, wait quietly, Lu Family will be back soon”, Lu Yin finished speaking, palms facing Forehead.

This Chengli is not a good person either. He has been rescued by Adventure King several times, but he is willing to accompany Junyi man and old woman to booby Adventure King, requite kindness with enmity, and he deserves to die.

Using Cheng’s body to commit suicide, Lu Yin’s consciousness returned to within the body, and the black and white comma on the chest boiled and expanded a little. Suicide is really useful. Only between life and death can you cultivate Aura of Death.

I really don’t know how Death God created this kind of power. He died many times? Or is it possible to integrate into others within the body like oneself and die?

Two consecutive shakes to dice six o’clock, the next two times are haven’t, and Lu Yin believes that the next time may not be shaken for a longer time, this is luck.

Next, wait for the response of White Dragon Sect!

On the second day, Lu Yin did not wait for White Dragon Sect’s response, but waited for the God of Cookery.

Looking at the hesitant expression of God of Cookery, Lu Yin said, “Senior, the blood pool, is it settled?”.

The God of Cookery silent nods, thought for a while, “Maybe this is unfair to you, after all, you are for the Academy, and because of this you are threatened by the White Dragon Sect, Academy”, Lu Yin raised his hand to prevent God of Cookery from saying, eye light shines He said, “I am a mentor of the Academy, as long as it is for the good of the Academy and for the good of the students, it doesn’t matter to me. What about White Dragon Sect and how Four Way Balance is irrelevant to me.”

The God of Cookery and Lu Yin looked at each other and clicked on nods, “The reason why you came to the Academy was because you had a very high cultivation base at a young age, but also because of Kui Luo. Although I don’t like Kui Luo, I have to say that Old Guy has a bit of ability. Although it causes trouble for the Academy, as long as he is around the Academy, Half-Ancestor’s cultivation base sufficient makes others jealous.”

“Now it seems that my decision is right, but my idea is wrong. You are more suitable for Academy than Kui Luo, and Academy is more suitable for you.”

Lu Yin shrugged, “Junior can’t hold it under such a big hat, but Junior is very curious. What conditions did White Dragon Sect use to impress Senior?”.

The light of God’s Eye flickered, and haven’t spoke.

Lu Yin raised his eyes, “Is it related to Yu Young Master?”.

The God of Cookery said solemnly, “White Dragon Sect is willing to give me a chance to fight the beast fairly, no matter whether he is alive or dead, never intervene.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “They dare to offer this condition? Are you afraid that Yu Young Master will be killed by Senior?”.

The God of Cookery exhaled, “White Dragon Sect will not give up that beast. Since I dare to make a request, it proves that I am sure to let that beast be saved by me, but no matter what, I want this opportunity. I must kill it myself. That beast, come to a break.”

Lu Yin understands that God of Cookery’s hatred of Yu Young Master is not much less than his hatred of Four Way Balance, and is closer to his hatred with True Martial Night King. That mood can give everything.

“No matter how White Dragon Sect uses the blood pool to suppress and join their foreign surname clansman, it has nothing to do with us. Since those people join White Dragon Sect, it is their fate. Even if this kind of thing is exposed, there is no need to We are here to expose it, but since we know that the benefits we deserve are also to be taken”, said God of Cookery, and after finishing speaking, he told Lu Yin White Dragon Sect the conditions for the students and the conditions for him.

After all, Lu Yin discovered that the blood pool was different from others, and he needed to clarify that he was wrong.

“White Dragon Sect gives you two choices. First, leave you with a mountain in Dragon Mountain”, said God of Cookery, looking at Lu Yin’s blank eye light, and explained, “That means as long as you reach Dragon Mountain In the realm, you can get the shelter of White Dragon Sect. No matter who you offend, even Four Way Balance, White Dragon Sect will protect you.”

Lu Yin subconsciously said, “What if I even offend White Dragon Sect?”.

The God of Cookery looked at Lu Yin quietly, “Are you good at looking sinners?”.

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