Star Odyssey Chapter 2266


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“The blood pool is already offended,” Lu Yin said silently.

The God of Cookery, “The blood pool incident has been revealed. The White Dragon Sect has given this promise several times, and it has been fulfilled every time. The most famous one was at the Central Level Boundary, when the Lu Family was still there. A loose cultivator robbed and killed the Lu Family branch disciple, which was not tolerated by Lu Family. However, that loose cultivator was granted the condition of Dragon Mountain to retain one peak. Suffer untold hardships escaped to Dragon Mountain and were eventually saved by White Dragon Sect.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Can the person who killed Lu Family be saved?”.

“Yes, it’s impossible to think, Lu Family is famous for its strength and shortcomings, but the loose cultivator is saved, and eventually died under Origin Tribulation, which has nothing to do with Lu Family. It is a normal death of the cultivator. Fa, as to what price White Dragon Sect paid, no one knows, but this condition has been passed. Countless people hope to keep a peak in Dragon Mountain, which is equal to a life.”

Lu Yin was amazed, “The promise of White Dragon Sect is really great if you can guarantee the people from Lu Family.”

“Have you moved?” asked God Cook.

Lu Yin decisively refused, “no need.”

The God of Cookery was surprised, “I really don’t need it? Or are you worried that Xia Family threatens you with Tamagawa?”.

Lu Yin said with a smile, “Junior has a peace of mind and is not good at looking at sinners. If it weren’t for the Academy, it wouldn’t take the initiative to offend White Dragon Sect, so Junior may not be able to use this condition.”

The God of Cookery also thought about it, “Okay, let’s talk about the second choice,” he raised his finger, “A Half-Ancestor rare treasure.”

Lu Yin eye light lit up, “Half-Ancestor rare treasure?”.

The God of Cookery said, “It seems that this is your choice, yes, a Half-Ancestor rare treasure, the price is quite high.”

“It’s also haven’t the first choice to be so valuable”, Lu Yin said.

The God of Cookery sneered, “The first choice is to protect you and keep you. Everyone can see your value. Wang Nian has looked for you. Cold Immortal Sect has been wooing you, and Xia Family is for you. Even Tamagawa is brought out, and White Dragon Sect is impossible to do anything. If you choose the first condition, they can get you and solve the problem of the blood pool, which is a profit for White Dragon Sect.”

Lu Yin laughed, “So if Junior chooses the first condition, Senior will stop it too”.

The God of Cookery shook his head, “Won’t stop, everyone has aspirations.” He stared at the starry sky sadly, “Nowadays, Four Way Balance is respected. No one blames you if you choose to join any family. This is also most cultivator’s Choose, those students are also the same, the college trained them, but they don’t have to return to the college.”

The topic is a bit heavy, Lu Yin is interested in Half-Ancestor rare treasure, “Senior, what Half-Ancestor rare treasure?”.

“I will not understood this, I will pass your choice to White Dragon Sect, and will not let White Dragon Sect people harass you until we leave”, God of Cookery.

“Many thanks to Senior”, Lu Yin is grateful.

The God of Cookery shook his head, “I thank you, not you. I don’t even know that beast is in Dragon Mountain, Yuhao, the old man owes you a favor. I hope I can pay it back when I have a chance.” .

Lu Yin did not expect to get any benefit from White Dragon Sect. A Half-Ancestor rare treasure is a surprise. More importantly, he can upgrade this Half-Ancestor rare treasure to Ancestral Realm level. It is the most pleasant surprise.

As for keeping a peak in Dragon Mountain, the ridiculous thing of saving one’s life will be chosen by idiots. Let White Dragon Sect know that he is Lu Yin, let alone keeping a peak, the whole Dragon Mountain is useless for him. Dragon Ancestor killed him in the first take action.

The huge paper boat was floating in the air, and a group of college students happily boarded the boat, in small groups discussing something.

Wang Xiaofan’s faces were grim, Liu Que looked towards Long Tian from time to time, and the eye light was a bit unwilling.

The White Dragon Sect experience is over. If you talk about experience, it’s better to talk about playing. At least the students did nothing but get a lot of benefits from the blood pool. Of course, their benefits on the surface are not because of the blood pool. The so-called malpractice of the blood pool was already clarified by Lu Yin, and he was wrong.

Although everyone is tacitly aware, no one dares to risk offending White Dragon Sect to leak.

As for Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan and others, White Dragon Sect naturally has other ways to keep them from leaking out, but Four Way Balance will definitely know.

Lu Yin expression is weird. I don’t know how to describe it. In Nong Siniang’s words, it is the same as eating soil. In fact, she described it well. Lu Yin did eat soil. To be precise, he got a piece of soil.

Just recently, White Dragon Sect gave him the Half-Ancestor rare treasure. It was a piece of soil, gray, dirty, and a strange smell of soil.

When he got the soil, Lu Yin almost smashed this thing on Long Tian’s face, actually giving him a piece of soil? What do you mean?

After the explanation by White Dragon Sect, Lu Yin knew the function of this piece of soil, and the whole person was not good.

This piece of soil comes from the Lower Boundary, and the specific location is directly under Ancestral Weed’s head. Ancestral Weed sleeps all the year round, and sleeps will drool, and this piece of soil, contaminated with Ancestral Weed’s saliva, is full of Ancestral Weed’s breath, as long as Hold it, no creatures dare to approach, including creatures of the Half-Ancestor level.

This is amazing. Even the creatures of the Half-Ancestor level dare not get close. Who says it is not a Half-Ancestor? As for rare treasure, there is Ancestral Weed’s saliva, born with the breath of Ancestral Weed, isn’t it rare treasure?

After Lu Yin took this piece of soil, the whole person was not good, so he quickly put it into the Congealing Space Ring, turned and boarded the ship under the eye light that many people envied in White Dragon Sect, he felt that he was being tricked.

As the paper boat flew up, he didn’t even look back, for fear that he could not help but curse.

“Mr. Haoyu, you read it right, just recently White Dragon Sect gave you soil containing Ancestral Weed saliva, right?” Mr. Wei came to Lu Yin and asked with a smile.

Lu Yin was uncomfortable, “Saliva is just saliva, what is it called saliva”.

Mr. Wei laughed, “Mr. Haoyu, don’t underestimate this piece of soil. Just take it and walk on the Lower Boundary. The creatures will not dare to provoke them. The entire Lower Boundary resources are at your disposal. For the Root Organization, this is Supreme Treasure, give them a Half-Ancestor and never change.”

“As far as I know, White Dragon Sect has sold a lot of salivary soil in history. The buyer is either Lu Family or Cold Immortal Sect. Seed Garden has a strong Great Influence. This is what everyone wants. Unobtainable baby”.

Lu Yin eye light lit up, “Is it like this? Yes, this thing in Lower Boundary is definitely Supreme Treasure”, and he didn’t think of Lower Boundary, but Fifth Continent Giant Beast Star Domain.

What Half-Ancestor is afraid of, haven’t any creatures dare to approach, then, what about Giant Beast Star Domain? What about Heavenly Demon lineage? What about Bu Tian Imperial Preceptor? They and the creatures of Lower Boundary are essentially the same, as long as they are not human beings, they should all be deterred by this kind of soil.

The more I think about Lu Yin, the more excited I am, and I use it well. This thing is not only Half-Ancestor rare treasure as simple as it is, and it can perform wonders.

Mr. Wei laughed, “Congratulations to Mr. Haoyu.”

“many thanks to Mr. Wei for enlightenment”, Lu Yin is grateful.

Mr. Wei said with a smile, “Just envy, congratulations.”

Lu Yin is generous, “Sir, do you want it? This piece of soil is not small, so I can give you some.”

Mr. Wei hurriedly declined, “I am not going to Lower Boundary, the smell of saliva is useless to me, sir, please keep it by yourself”.

Lu Yin clicked on nods, “That’s right, it’s a good thing. Find a chance to try Lower Boundary”.

Mr. Wei is gone, Bai Weiwei found Lu Yin with a smile, “Mr., the next one is Cold Immortal Sect, Mr. won’t trouble us?”.

Lu Yin is strange, “What do you say? Who dares to trouble Four Way Balance?”.

Bai Weiwei smiled and said, “I have known my husband for so long, so there is no need to go around in circles. My husband wants to help Yixian Academy, but it is useless. It will delay a little time at most. It will not change the ending, and will make her a Four Way. I don’t like Balance. In this Starry Sky Tree, Four Way Balance represents everything after all.”

Lu Yin said, “You worry too much, I haven’t trouble finding Four Way Balance, and I don’t have enough capacity to make trouble.”

Bai Weiwei laughed, “With my husband’s ability, I can cause trouble to anyone, but my Cold Immortal Sect has always treated my husband politely. Big Senior Sister specifically asked me to follow my husband to study. In the future, my husband may also be my Cold A member of Immortal Sect”.

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “Big Senior Sister? Bai Xian’er?”.

Bai Weiwei clicked on nods, “Big Senior Sister asked me to say hello to Mr.”, then turned and left.

Lu Yin looks into the distance. Has Bai Xian’er noticed himself? Everyone was jealous of her, as if she was the master of this starry sky, but in their own memory, deep in one’s heart, she was always the maid who could be scolded by the nose, a bold maid.

Same as Wang Family and White Dragon Sect, Cold Immortal Sect is also the agent Sect Master Bai Su who received the Yixian Academy.

Bai Su waited far away from the Cold Immortal Sect mountain gate, and treated each other with the courtesy of Junior after seeing the God of Cookery.

Looking at Bai Su who respectfully talks to the God of Cookery, who would have thought that this person would secretly control Xiao Qian to inquire about the secrets of White Dragon Sect and try to use Xiao Qian to approach him. Everyone thought that Bai Su was more obedient than Bai Teng The puppet is just a facade, but this facade has its own ideas.

Bai Su’s eye light suddenly looked towards Lu Yin and said enthusiastically, “This is Mr. Haoyu, really young and promising. When I was my husband’s age, I was just a Hunting Realm, and my husband was not only the Star Envoy powerhouse. It is the Boundary Origin Formation Master, admire, admire”.

Lu Yin is polite, “Baisu Sect Master is too acclaimed, good luck is nothing but Cold Immortal Sect Heaven’s Chosen”.

Bai Su laughed and said, “Mr. Haoyu is a reputation. Looking at my Cold Immortal Sect, I am not in the same grade as my husband. It is not haven’t, but it is far inferior to my husband. I am really ashamed.”

After the courtesy with Lu Yin, I went to talk to Mr. Tang again.

This white Suss hasn’t Sect Master shelf is like a, how can I put it, businessman.

Bai Weiwei’s face is ugly and embarrassing.

The students of Yixian College looked relaxed, and through Bai Su’s attitude, they felt that the benefits of Cold Immortal Sect might be more.

First is Wang Family, then White Dragon Sect. These original Four Way Balances of aloof and remote, Starry Sky Tree dominates competing to give them benefits, although they don’t know the reason, they don’t need to know the reason, it’s good. Just take it.

The God of Cookery is impatient, “Baisu Sect Master, I wonder what experience Cold Immortal Sect has prepared for these Little Brat?”.

Bai Su happened to be polite with Mr. Wei, after listening to the God of Cookery, he turned and respectfully replied, “I don’t know what Senior can understand, Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Heaven Beyond the Heaven?”.

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