Star Odyssey Chapter 2267


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The God of Cookery was surprised when he heard what Bai Su said.

Not far from Lu Yin, Mr. Wei, Mr. Tang, Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan, Liu Que and the others were all surprised. Nong Si Niang even blurted out, “Are you willing to open the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial?” .

Bai Su laughed to Nong Si Niang, “It’s not a trial, it’s just an attempt that’s all. If you are willing, you can try Heaven Beyond the Heaven, maybe it’s good.”

Lu Yin eye light flashes, Heaven Beyond the Heaven? He knows that after all, he has been integrated into the memory of many people, among them there are characters like Long Ke. Although haven’t knows about Cold Immortal Sect specifically, Heaven Beyond the Heaven is too famous.

The so-called Heaven Beyond the Heaven are the clouds above Cold Immortal Sect.

In the entire top realm, Four Way Balance has an unwritten rule of height consistency. The peaks of Dragon Mountain, the sphere of light on the Wang Family continent, Divine Martial Heaven and the clouds of Cold Immortal Sect can be said to be Cold Immortal. The clouds of Sect represent the Peak of the upper realm, and as long as you climb the clouds, you will climb the Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

The top realm is 1 Heavenly Layer, and above the clouds is 1 Heavenly Layer.

This is just one of the explanations of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and it is also the Heaven Beyond the Heaven that most people understand. However, Heaven Beyond the Heaven is not only a symbol of status, but also a trial.

The cultivator tears the void. It’s easy to walk through the universe, but you can’t get on the cloud. Whether it’s an ordinary cultivator or Star Envoy, even Half-Ancestor powerhouse, it’s almost impossible to get on the cloud. I don’t know what happened when climbing the clouds. I only know that everyone has no memory after trying. There is no memory of the haven’t climbing attempt. Only one kind of person may know that they are the ones who can actually climb the clouds.

Since ancient times, whether it is Cold Immortal Sect or other sect and family forces, very few can climb the clouds, including the Lu Family before being exile. The same is true, so that many people in Starry Sky Tree know this Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, but no one knows the process.

If you just like this, it won’t arouse other people’s interest. What really made the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven skyrocketed is that everyone who climbed the cloud became an ancestor.

Lu Yin has experienced the era of the Four Young Ancestors. The so-called Four Young Ancestors are just four youngsters who break the three levels with the tribulation crystal. Being able to become an ancestor is not only an expectation, but also their self-suggestion. In Lu Yin’s view, it is the same as the Heavenly Sect era, Twelve Heavenly Gates Gate Lord.

Twelve Heavenly Gates Gate Lord, Dao child, are all called ancestors. If they all become ancestors, the number of human Ancestral Realm is more than known, and Ancestral Realm will be flooded with Half-Ancestor same.

They just have a great possibility of becoming an ancestor, among which is included the reason of self-suggestion.

However, the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven is different. Those who climb the clouds and transcend Heaven Beyond the Heaven are recognized by Cold Immortal Sect as immortal immortals. As long as they don’t die accidentally, they all become ancestors, such as Lu Family. There were children who completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven and eventually became ancestors. Of course, they also died in Domination Boundary. There is also the legend of Cold Immortal Sect. A man named Bai Sheng transcended Heaven Beyond the Heaven and became an immortal. , Eventually became an ancestor, and the one who is most familiar with Lu Yin is Wen Zu.

The founder of Yixian Academy, Wenzu, has experienced the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, climbed the clouds, and became immortal.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial is not to make people become ancestors, but an existence that is almost prophesied. Anyway, people who have been on the clouds in history have become ancestors as long as they did not die accidentally. There are a total of five .

In the eyes of many people, the probability of Heaven Beyond the Heaven becoming an ancestor is far higher than that of the Four Young Ancestor.

However, there are too few who can complete the trial, too little, almost negligible.

The God of Cookery looked at Bai Su deeply, “You Cold Immortal Sect are really willing to give these children a try Heaven Beyond the Heaven?”.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial is not something anyone can try, even if the original Lu Family had to spend money in exchange for opportunities.

Bai Su said with a smile, “Of course, the classmates are the future elites of mankind, and I, Cold Immortal Sect, are willing to do my best to help. It would be better if someone can complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.”

For this, the God of Cookery has nothing to expect. From Taoist Origin Sect to the present, after the establishment of Starry Sky Tree, a total of eight people have completed the trial, one is Lu Family, two are Cold Immortal Sect, one is Divine Martial Heaven, and one is Seed. There is one person in Garden, Wen Zu and two loose cultivators of extraordinary natural talent.

One of the Lu Family members is Cold Immortal Sect Bai Sheng, Seed Garden, Wen Zu and one of the loose cultivators have all become ancestors, five people have become ancestors, Divine Martial Heaven completed the trial of the discipline and another extraordinary natural talent The loose cultivator was assassinated, and the murderer is still a mystery. It is guessed that Eternal Clan Red Back acted, and Cold Immortal Sect was another person precisely Bai Xian’er.

There are countless people trying the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and only a few have succeeded. How can the God of Cookery have expectations?

Lu Yin is not very interested in this trial. He looked towards Cold Immortal Sect and integrated into Long Ke’s memory. None of Seven Heroes has tried the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial. Many people have tried this trial. I care about it and try my best. Many people are unwilling to try.

Said it is a trial, it is naturally dangerous. Successful people are regarded as inevitable ancestors, and many defeated people are also abandoned.

Those who tried the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, almost no one succeeded, and quite a few of those who were defeated simply abandoned them. They obviously looked the same as normal people, but they didn’t know how to cultivate, and some even cultivation deviation. I have to be neither human nor ghost, so that this price makes many people afraid to try.

But no matter what, Cold Immortal Sect is willing to open this trial to the students of Yixian College. It is also a good luck for these students.

Soon after, the paper boat arrived at Cold Immortal Sect.

Looking at the endless Cold Immortal Sect, I don’t know why, there is always an indescribable majesty, like a giant creeping on the ground, once standing up, sufficient shocking the sky and the earth.

Wang Family continent gives people the feeling of aloof and remote, Dragon Mountain gives people the feeling of grandeur, and Cold Immortal Sect gives people the feeling of majesty.

What they care most about is the clouds inside the Cold Immortal Sect mountain gate. Each of those clouds emits white radiance, soft, comfortable, and can not raise distractions, just like the vaporized Wisdom Root tea, which is planted by Hui Family. The kind of Wisdom Root, although the effect of the Wisdom Root planted by Haven’t Ancestor Hui is good, but also sufficient to calm the mind and condense distracting thoughts.

Wu Yao walked out and greeted the God of Cookery. Not long after, the people from Yixian College were taken into Cold Immortal Sect.

I thought Cold Immortal Sect would first give a glorious historical speech with Wang Family and White Dragon Sect. They didn’t expect them to be very straightforward, and they were about to try.

The God of Cookery also haven’t refused, and the students rushed to stay in the paper boat, not too tired.

“It’s very time to come to Yixian College. It just so happens that I also have a batch of disciplines at Cold Immortal Sect to try Heaven Beyond the Heaven, why not be together”, Wu Yao didn’t smile.

The God of Cookery followed his eye light and saw a group of Cold Immortal Sect brother Zi Jing standing quietly at the foot of the mountain. There were hundreds of people, both men and women. Each and everyone looked arrogant, but their eye light was very calm. With a little voice, there are totally two attitudes with the students who are talking about chirp chirp twitter twitter in Yixian College.

“Do you want Cold Immortal Sect disciple to compare with our Yixian College students?”, God of Cookery had a bad tone.

Wu Yao said with a smile, “It’s just a coincidence, why, dare not?”.

The God of Cookery hadn’t spoken yet, Mr. Tang said, “As far as I know, the disciple in Cold Immortal Sect has three chances to try Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and the students of our Yixian College know nothing about this trial. , Isn’t it fair”.

Wu Yao dismissed, “Does Mr. Tang want to make the other party fair when he is fighting outside?”.

Mr. Tang frowned. Cold Immortal Sect is the exact opposite of Wang Family and White Dragon Sect. They want to win over students, while Cold Immortal Sect wants to suppress, but perhaps like this works well.

Let the students see the strong side of Cold Immortal Sect, many of them perhaps even want to be Cold Immortal Sect disciple, become a strong person.

Cold Immortal Sect’s proposal, Yixian Academy cannot refuse, even if Yixian Academy disagrees, that many clouds in the sky, Cold Immortal Sect disciple at worst is farther away, but in the eyes of others, it is also a test.

“Okay, just do it,” said God of Cookery, glancing at the discussing student.

Wang Family and White Dragon Sect’s wooing of the students made some people forget about it. It happened to take this opportunity to let Cold Immortal Sect pressure them. As for whether they will join Cold Immortal Sect, God of Cookery has already ignored it. Even if he doesn’t join Cold Immortal Sect, he will join Wang Family, White Dragon Sect. He is more willing to let students recognize reality.

If it wasn’t because of Four Way Balance’s internal game, or because of Yixian Academy, they would not be eligible to be respected by Wang Family and White Dragon Sect. It’s time for them to wake up.

The God of Cookery hopes to use Cold Immortal Sect to suppress the already somewhat forgetful students, but he didn’t expect to press it so hard.

The sky, like an invisible hanging ladder, each and everyone youngster eye light walked up sluggishly, the target being the clouds above the head.

One hour after time passed, two colors appeared in the sky entirely different, one is white representing Cold Immortal Sect disciple, the other is Yixian College students, clothes of any color are available, at this moment, look up , As if a curtain was pressed down, white completely occupied the top.

In other words, almost all of the students in Yixian College were suppressed.

There are more than 40 youngsters in the sky, each representing Cold Immortal Sect and the cultivator under the Exploration Realm of Yixian College. In the same realm, Yixian College hasn’t a student who can surpass Cold Immortal Sect disciple.

Wu Yao is satisfied. This should be the case. Yixian College has very high requirements for enrolling students. There are not many students who can join. Is the Cold Immortal Sect requirement low? Wrong, even the White Dragon Sect, which is the shallowest Four Way Balance the foundation, is absolutely not worse than Yixian College for its own children and cultivator.

Yixian College represents the highest elite level of Central Level Boundary, and Four Way Balance represents the top boundary, Central Level Boundary and Lower Boundary.

If there is a choice, Yixian College and Cold Immortal Sect, as long as there is no other purpose, who would choose Yixian College?

Now half of the students in Yixian College come from some family sects. Among them, the top Heaven’s Chosen comes from Four Way Balance, Seed Garden and Liu Family. Cultivating is not only about innate talent, but also about resources.

There is also that these disciplines have experienced the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and naturally far exceed the students of Yixian College.

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