Star Odyssey Chapter 2268


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This scene of Haven’t was unexpected by the God of Cookery, but it deeply shocked the other students.

Although the students who are currently testing are under the Exploration Realm cultivation base, Cold Immortal Sect is also at this level, and when the students of Exploration Realm, Cruise Realm, and Hunting Realm are testing, Cold Immortal Sect is there There are also corresponding disciplines.

They were really suppressed, which left many students confused and expected friendliness. How about winning? How can you like this?

Many students thought that Cold Immortal Sect would be the same as Wang Family and White Dragon Sect, but they were wrong. Cold Immortal Sect wanted to suppress and then rebound instead of blindly drawing in, like this and Wang Family and What is the difference between White Dragon Sect?

Wang Xiaofan and Xia divine light looked at each other, and the eye light was hot. In fact, they wanted to try the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial a long time ago. They didn’t expect to get a chance at Yixian College. They asked themselves that they were no better than the four Young Ancestor is bad. The only thing that is bad is luck. Now, luck is transferred to them. Let alone the Four Young Ancestors, even the older and more brilliant Seven Heroes have never tried Heaven Beyond the Heaven. No, Bai Shaohong must have tried it. .

They are already impatient.

“Student Bai, this Heaven Beyond the Heaven, have you haven’t tried it yet?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Weiwei said, “I tried it, but it was defeated. I can climb up to ten thousand zhang, and there is still more than half a distance from the clouds.”

“Even you can only board ten thousand zhang, it is really difficult”, Lu Yin sighed.

“Sir, would you like to try?” Bai Weiwei asked.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Can I?”.

Bai Weiwei smiled faintly, “I will ask later, it should be ok”.

Lu Yin eye light flashes, looking up at the sky, if he can, will he try? In the Seven Heroes era, I haven’t tried it. Was it because Lu Family blocked it or why? There must be a reason why Seven Heroes haven’t tried. Is this reason good or bad?

Just thinking about it, the sky, those youngsters each and everyone fell down, and the best Cold Immortal Sect disciple climbed several zhangs and looked down at everyone else. Unfortunately, it’s still far away from Bai Weiwei’s ten thousand zhang Distance, let alone climb the clouds.

The student who climbed the highest in Yixian Academy did not even reach half of the Cold Immortal Sect disciple, which silenced many students.

Suddenly, with a wailing, a student fell to the ground holding his head.

The God of Cookery hurried to check, and Lu Yin also approached, the student stare.

No matter how the God of Cookery shouts, this student follows the same, Both eyes are spiritless, sometimes laughing, sometimes crying, and on the other side, a Cold Immortal Sect disciple yells in terror, saying that he will not be able to cultivate. No matter how he tried, he could no longer mobilize within the body Star Energy.

The rest of the students in Yixian College I looked at were terrified, and many students had the intention to withdraw.

Lu Yin frowned, wondering why he liked this.

The God of Cookery did not blame Cold Immortal Sect. Both Wu Yao and Bai Su reminded him before trying, and at the same time asked the trying cultivator to ensure that everything he knew would be kept secret if he could climb the cloud.

Whether I remember it or not, the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven is never allowed to be spread out.

The mad student was taken back. God’s Eye swept through the many students with a low tone, “cultivate will not be smooth sailing. Some of you are loose cultivators. You have experienced life and death on your way to the college, but some people are behind There are families, there are sects, and the wind goes smoothly, but after these leave, what do you have?”.

“Whether it is Academy cultivate or adventure outside, you all have to experience life and death. From your eyes, I see fear and expectation. You choose this level, you don’t have to try.”

Wu Yao those Cold Immortal Sect cultivators looked at the students of Yixian College with great interest. Those Cold Immortal Sect disciple each and everyone eye light looked proudly with an expert attitude. This is the purpose of Cold Immortal Sect. No one wants to be compared. Since you can’t stand in that position at Yixian College, come to Cold Immortal Sect.

Exploration Realm to Hunting Realm students walk out, each and everyone eye light is firm, since the decision is made, they are willing to bear the consequences, even if it is mad.

Cold Immortal Sect, those discipline eye light have not changed. For Heaven Beyond the Heaven, they know much more than the students of Yixian College. They knew this would happen a long time ago and got used to it.

As for the discipline that cannot use Star Energy, the Destiny facing it is being abandoned. This is the cultivate world, cruel and ruthless.

each and everyone cultivator climbed high, the eye light was sluggish. This time, Yixian College was not so miserable. There are several students who can compare Cold Immortal Sect disciple, even surpassing Cold Immortal Sect disciple, such as Little Fatty, it seems Fat, but fast, constantly climbing up, fat and steady, surpassing one after another Cold Immortal Sect disciple, Bai Su and Wu Yao both looked sideways.

Few people were so fast when they first tried Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and this speed is comparable to the original Bai Weiwei.

Bai Weiwei didn’t expect Little Fatty to be so fast, a little surprised.

However, Little Fatty was faster in the early stage, and when it reached a high of more than 5,000 zhang, it slowed down. Following closely behind is Cold Immortal Sect, a female disciple. The female disciple is slower but more Steady, gradually catching up with Little Fatty.

The two went hand in hand, and the others were left behind.

In the end, Little Fatty surpassed the female disciple, defeated when approaching 8,000 zhang high, and almost reached Bai Weiwei’s original height.

After landing this time, two students in Yixian College had problems. One kept meowing and his sanity was completely lost, and the other stayed still with Same. No matter how he got him, he died with him. Same, eyes are still open, the look is very permeating.

As for Cold Immortal Sect, there are also two people who have problems. One poses a weird posture, why don’t you dare to let it go, the other keeps laughing, laughing so disgusting, so chilling, so immersed in your own world .

Lu Yin exhales, this thing is really weird.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial does not look at the cultivation base. Even in the Half-Ancestor trial, all kinds of strange symptoms may appear after defeated. This is still just the beginning. The rest are fine now, but maybe after going back. Strange symptoms can also occur.

The God of Cookery looked towards the remaining students, Xia Divine Light, and Wang Xiaofan’s group of people are the only ones left.

Actually, these people are not strictly speaking in Yixian Academy, they all represent Four Way Balance, or Seed Garden, Liu Family, this huge monster, but they can try the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven in the name of Yixian Academy. Naturally, I cannot ask for it.

And Cold Immortal Sect also walked out of three people, all of them Enlightenment Realm disciple.

The appearance of three people shocked the students who had already tried before in Yixian College. Three people meant that their peers were among, Cold Immortal Sect, and three Enlightenment Realm powerhouses. How shocking.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, this is the foundation of the huge monster.

Wang Xiaofan and Bai Weiwei are all about the same age as the former Ten Decisions. There are only ten Outer Universes in the Fifth Continent. Even with the addition of New Universe, there will be no more than twenty people. Some of these twenty people are still Hunting Realm reached Enlightenment Realm more than 40 years old, but the Cold Immortal Sect family can come up with four.

Bai Weiwei is even more qualified to challenge the existence of Star Envoy with the Enlightenment Realm cultivation base. What the foundation is this.

In comparison, White Dragon Sect is too far behind. This generation can’t even find a decent elite. The cultivator perhaps has a foreign surname, but it is better not to show it.

After seeing Bai Weiwei, the three Enlightenment Realm disciple respectfully salute, “Senior Sister”.

Bai Weiwei glanced at them lightly, “Let me see what progress you have made.”

The three disciplines looked at each other, “Yes.”

When the trial began, a total of ten people moved towards Cloud Climbing. The most conspicuous one was Bai Weiwei. The speed made Little Fatty stunned. Although Same’s eyes were sluggish, she rose rapidly. In a blink of an eye, it was thousands zhang, and then she continued towards Climb up.

It was not the three Cold Immortal Sect Enlightenment Realm disciple who followed closely from behind, but Wang Xiaofan, followed by Xia Divine Light and Cold Immortal Sect, and then Qingfeng, Nong Si Niang, and Jin Chongshan. At this moment, everyone’s eye light is placed on the last person, who is surprisingly Liu Que.

No one didn’t expect Liu Que was the slowest, even Wuyao didn’t expect.

In this generation of young Heaven’s Chosen, Liu Que is known as the closest existence to the Fourth Young Ancestor. He is the most outstanding expert of his generation. With a finger move, he can kill Jin Chongshan in seconds. People who like this are actually thrown off by Jin Chongshan.

It’s not that Jin Chongshan has a high innate talent. If he has a high innate talent, he will not be ranked behind, but Liu Que’s performance in this trial is too poor.

“Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial does not look at the cultivation base. No one knows what will happen. Obviously, Liu Que is not used to it.” Mr. Tang sighed.

“Not necessarily”, God’s Eye watched Liu Que slowly rise, “wait and see.”

After a while, Bai Weiwei already reached ten thousand zhang high, and ordinary people couldn’t see it from below. As for Wang Xiaofan, who was not far from her, stopped already, Xia divine light also stopped not far from Wang Xiaofan.

Everyone raised their heads and looked at the high sky. The clouds emitted a soft white light, like one after another beam of light hanging down, imprinting Bai Weiwei like Fairy, beautiful and unable to climb.

Bai Weiwei is still on the rise, and Wu Yao has expectations in her eyes. If Cold Immortal Sect produces someone who can become an immortal, it will have too much influence on the future situation. They will also approach the direction of Lu Family. A step away.

The reason why Lu Family can control the Fifth Continent is not only Lu Family Old Ancestor, but also each and everyone Ancestral Realm, and even summon Ancestral Realm. This is something that other families can never compare. The only thing they can do Have as much as possible to cultivate Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

But Wu Yao’s idea just recently rose and fell to the sky, Bai Weiwei stopped when she rose to nearly two ten thousand zhang high, but away from the clouds, there was ten thousand zhang high empty, this ten thousand zhang high empty Remote cannot and.

Wang Xiaofan, Xia divine light is rising to 13,000 zhang high, and it stops in the sky, far from Bai Weiwei’s level.

And Qingfeng still has thousands of zhang high voids from Wang Xiaofan and others, not even ten thousand zhang high voids. Nong Siniang second only to Qingfeng, and finally Liu Que and Jin Chongshan.

Unconsciously, Liu Que already passed Jin Chongshan, not far from Nong Si Niang and Qing Feng.

As for the three Cold Immortal Sect disciple, second only to Xia divine light and Wang Xiaofan, they have already gone through trials and still can’t compare to these two people.

Now everyone should have reached their limit. The already stopped, only one person is still climbing slowly, precisely Liu Que.

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