Star Odyssey Chapter 2270

Lu Yin also expressed dissatisfaction, “Ziheng Half-Ancestor, you said that Xia Xing Sect Master is missing, so only you can guarantee, what’s going on now?”.

Xia Ziheng said, “Sect Master cultivates the nine avatars. This is one of them. Don’t worry, I’m here at Divine Martial Heaven. I promise you Sect Master himself.”

Lu Yin haven’t talk more.

Xia Xing entertained everyone from Evoking Virtuous College into Divine Martial Heaven, glanced at Lu Yin and asked them to stay in, then found Xia Ziheng and asked about the avatar.

Xia Ziheng shook his head, “I tried it, but there is Cold Immortal Sect. The old bastard of Wuyao has always stare Yuhao. I can’t let him take Yuhao away.”

Xia Xing said solemnly, “Although what it senses is only the direction, it is 90% sure that it is Cold Immortal Sect, apart from them, no one else takes action.”

“Through the Blue Command Lord, we determined that the take action was the Forgotten Ruins God, so we gathered the people from Star Union to Together again, and wanted to lead the Forgotten Ruins God to take action, but now you are sure that it is Cold Immortal Sect take action , Who is it?” Xia Ziheng asked. He had been thinking about this for a long time. If it is Forgotten Ruins God take action, then Xia Xing avatar is impossible in Cold Immortal Sect.

Xia Xing also struggled, “Either it’s a coincidence, my avatar is in the direction of Cold Immortal Sect, or”, he paused, and Xia Ziheng looked at each other, “Someone in Cold Immortal Sect colluded with Forgotten Ruins God. Hiding my avatar in Cold Immortal Sect, while leading us to take action on Cold Immortal Sect, at the same time I want to take away Star Union.”

“It is possible,” Xia Ziheng said.

“Yuhao How is it going?” Xia Xing asked again.

Xia Ziheng has a headache, “Those guys keep making conditions to seduce him, I’m afraid that a Tamagawa can’t keep him.”

“I’ll talk to him,” Xia Xing said.

Xia Xing’s position in Divine Martial Heaven is completely different from Bai Teng’s position in Cold Immortal Sect. He is the same as Wang Zheng, an absolute direct lineage. Even Xia Ziheng would listen to him, so Lu Yin asked Xia Xing to It makes sense to give assurances.

The guarantee given by Xia Xing is more useful than the guarantee given by Xia Ziheng.

The architectural style of Divine Martial Heaven is full of desolation and simplicity. There is no beautiful environment here unless you build it yourself.

For example, Lu Yin arranged a valley. It is said that the former owner of this valley was a prostitute of Divine Martial Heaven. The magnificent created here has a crescent moon glowing in the sky.

The one surrounding Lu Yin is Wu Yao’s Half-Ancestor. No matter where Divine Martial Heaven arranges for them to live in, they all ran to the valley all around, one by one, and they talked about the same, watching Xia Ziheng gnashing teeth, these shameless people.

Lu Yin also had a headache. He was surrounded by several Half-Ancestors. Unless Ancestor Wu was asked to come forward to cover him, don’t even want to shake the dice. Fortunately, there is an Ancestor Wu.

But if you want to shake dice, you have to wait for nearly ten days. Lu Yin estimates that he will not be well for these ten days, and these Half-Ancestors can annoy him.

Xia Xing was the first person who came to him, and Lu Yin, this person, had been waiting for a long time.

“Long time no see, Yuhao”, Xia Xing saw Lu Yin and said, the eye light is complicated with strangeness and incomprehensible confusion. He still doesn’t understand a waste in trifling several Decades have actually happened such a big change.

Speaking of Language of Interpretation, he can still understand it. After all, it is the discipline of Heavenly Master Gu Yan. Even if the cultivation base is extremely high and even surpasses everyone in the same generation, including the Four Young Ancestors, he can accept it. There are many in human history. Weird, but even the Cold Immortal Sect Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial can be completed, which is an exaggeration.

Language of Interpretation, cultivation base, Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, any one of them alone is sufficient for Four Way Balance to draw in, and Yuhao has all three, and Xia Xing has lived for so long. I never thought that there could be people like this in the world.

You must know that even Xia Shang, who is taboo in Xia Family, is only in the starry sky on the cultivation base and combat power, and does not know the Language of Interpretation. From any angle, this Yuhao is perfect.

Lu Yin looked for Xia Taili before leaving from Evoking Virtuous College. He clicked on the side to know that Yu Hao had never had a conversation with Xia Xing. He just glanced at it from a distance, and it was he who watched Xia Xing and Xia Xing did not turn up. I have seen him, so facing Xia Xing, nothing will be exposed.

“Sect Master never thought that he would meet again to me”, Lu Yin calmly said.

Xia Xing looked at Lu Yin and said, “I really never thought that you have to be valuable for life. You have hadn’t value in the past, so you don’t care about it. Now you are valuable, and there is sufficient to make me Divine Martial Heaven has paid the value of huge resources, and even qualified to make conditions, so I have come to see you.”

Lu Yin sneered, “Sect Master is not afraid of me being angry if I say so, join the other three?”.

Xia Xing carried her hands on her back, “You can cultivate to this step, it means you have changed, and you know more about what you want and what you should want. It should also be clear that Divine Martial Heaven is your only way out.”

If Xia Ziheng asks Lu Yin to speak alone, Wu Yao and the others will definitely try to make trouble, but now it is Xia Xing, Xia Family Family Owner, who is looking for Lu Yin, in the realm of Divine Martial Heaven, they still dare not do that. impudent.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Sect Master is threatening me?”.

Xia Xing calmly said, “You are the son-in-law of Divine Martial Heaven. If you join other forces, where do you put the face of Xia Family? Where do you put the face of Divine Martial Heaven? Face is sometimes more important than profit.”

Seeing Lu Yin haven’t talking, Xia Xing’s tone was a little more euphemistic, “What conditions does Cold Immortal Sect offer you? I, Divine Martial Heaven, according to you, this is your current value. People like Xia Zhitong can worship their ancestors. Later, it will be handed over to you in front of everyone, no matter what you do.”

Lu Yin eye light picked one thing, he ignored one thing. Xia Ziheng had promised to hand Xia Zhitong and the others to him before. He only saw the importance of Divine Martial Heaven to him and the indifference of Xia Family Cruel, now I want to come, is this not what Divine Martial Heaven did for Starry Sky Tree?

They want to tell Starry Sky Tree that as long as they have the ability, even Xia Family members can sacrifice and give the greatest benefits to those who join Divine Martial Heaven.

Lu Yin looked at Xia Xing deeply and executed Xia Zhitong and the others in public. Not only would he not harm the face of Divine Martial Heaven, after all, he was just Star Envoy, and outsiders would not think that Divine Martial Heaven was soft, but only thought Divine Martial Heaven cherishes talent, and would rather sacrifice branch disciple for him.

This is Divine Martial Heaven.

Lu Yin understands what Ancestor Wu said. No wonder Ancestor Wu satirizes Divine Martial Heaven. Divine Martial Heaven treats the collaterals very badly. The collaterals are just their chess pieces, so Ancestor Chen’s parents died, and Ancestor Chen Even if it shows a very high cultivate innate talent, same is not recognized.

In the eyes of Xia Family’s direct line, the foreign cultivator can pay a price to win, but the collateral cultivator needs to be suppressed. This is Xia Family.

“How many people?” Lu Yin asked.

Xia Xing raised her eyes, “Twelve”.

“Less”, Lu Yin is indifferent.

Xia Xing said, “How much do you want?”.

Lu Yin looked at Xia Xing, “As much as I want, how much can Xia Family take out?”.

“Yuhao, Divine Martial Heaven will not allow another Ancestor Chen to appear”, Xia Xing said in a deep voice.

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