Star Odyssey Chapter 2271


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Universe Starry Sky, there are countless species, Lu Yin has experienced one after another, the most experienced is life and death, the most terrifying is time, the saddest, the emotion, the most joyful, and also the emotion.

At the end of the experience, he didn’t know if his memory of being Lu Yin was one of them. Fortunately, he could bear the emotions of life and death.

The ruthless people look down on emotions, but can’t see through life and death. Lovers look down on life and death, but can’t forget their emotions. Lu Yin doesn’t need to see through, he is sober.

In the last thousand zhang, he only took two steps, one step 500 zhang, and above his head, there were already clouds, very beautiful, and it looked very soft, subconsciously, he touched it.

Below, Wuyao’s eyelids jumped, touched the cloud, touched the cloud, this child really touched the cloud, it will be shocked by the Starry Sky Tree if it spreads out, even the Old Ancestor will drop the eye light, he looked towards the top of the head, the world The outside world can’t sit still.

The more you understand the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, the more you know how shocking Lu Yin’s movements are at this moment.

He touched the cloud. It didn’t feel much to the touch. It clearly looked soft and beautiful, but as if dreams and visions in a bubble, he couldn’t feel anything when he reached in. He bowed his head and saw Wu Yao and the others Shocking expression, I saw the eye light encouraged by the God of Cookery, and Bai Weiwei’s shocked expression with admiration, and the obsessed eye light of Nong Si Niang and the others, take a deep breath, once again step out, ready to climb to the clouds .

Wu Yao eye light dead stare Lu Yin, the last step is, touching the clouds is one level, and whether you can reach the top or not is another level. Since ancient times, only seven people have successfully climbed to the top, and the rest are They look down, this child, it should be impossible to reach the top!

Under everyone’s gaze, Lu Yin’s eyes became dull again. He saw a creature that resembled a grasshopper. Then, he became a grasshopper. He was conscious and flexible, but he was trampled to death in an instant. Grasshopper.

He was trampled to death, and then he saw a grasshopper, and then he appeared where he appeared last time.

Lu Yin was conscious, but it was the consciousness of a grasshopper, and the place where he appeared was a congested street with countless pedestrians walking back and forth. The first time he appeared, he was trampled to death by one person, but this time, he kept After the previous experience, the experience of a dead grasshopper, he immediately jumped up to another place the moment he appeared. He avoided the bad luck of being trampled to death by the previous person, but could not avoid the other person.

This is a congested street. From the perspective of a grasshopper, these people are huge monsters. They step on it one foot at a time. In his view of life, this is the sky and the earth.

In a blink of an eye the grasshopper was trampled to death again, and then resurrected again, in an infinite loop.

No matter where the grasshopper jumped, he couldn’t escape the bad luck of being trampled to death. He jumped up to five times. The sixth time he jumped up and was trampled to death again.

He didn’t know how to escape this street. He only knew that he should be born here. He should be trampled to death continuously. He was continuously resurrected. Finally, after jumping seven times, he looked up and saw a person’s face. Man, then he jumped up again, jumped to the foot of that person, kicked away by that person, kicked out, and the huge force shook his body all split up and in pieces, before he died, he watched There were several people, and these people looked exactly like the same man, precisely.

Being trampled to death again and again, trying again and again, countless times, unable to escape, and unable to die, in the grasshopper’s consciousness, each and everyone is constantly branded, forming a sky-like power Pressure.

Whenever I saw that man’s face, the grasshopper’s movements stopped subconsciously, as if he should be trampled to death, hoping to be trampled to death.

That face keeps being branded in the heart, appearing in the brain repeatedly, replacing everything, replacing everything.

At this time, the whispered words appeared, resounding through the streets, “Heavenly Law has a gift, swallows the hundreds of rivers, the ancient reflections of the land and harmony, imitating the holy…”, “Heavenly Law does not give, the gas is summarized ……’,’Lying over the stars…Shantong people and…’.

At first, the sound was very small, but as time passed, the grasshopper was trampled to death continuously, and the voice he heard became louder and louder. Finally, four words appeared in the grasshopper’s mind-First Ancestor’s Moral Sutra, suddenly Suddenly, the grasshopper became sober, he knew who he was, he was Lu Yin, and he was undergoing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven. He was not a grasshopper. A black shadow shrouded his head and stepped on him.

Lu Yin immediately controlled the grasshopper to escape, and then without the slightest hesitation jumped onto the person who wanted to trample him to death, and kept jumping along the person’s body. On the way, the person raised his hand and patted it. The movement was very fast. The difference in body size is too big. That person moved a little bit. From the grasshopper’s point of view, it was sufficient to cover heaven and earth.

However, Lu Yin still avoids. The murmur of First Ancestor’s Moral Sutra is getting louder and louder, and the whole street is shaking.

Lu Yin controlled the body of the grasshopper to jump directly onto one of the people’s foreheads. Looking around, countless people of the same pattern were walking hurriedly. Under their feet, the corpses of grasshoppers were crushed to pieces. But those people didn’t care, and kept walking, filling the whole street.

Lu Yin jumped up and jumped on top of each and everyone’s head. These people wanted to trample him to death, but he just wanted to step on their foreheads.

Shortly after, under the eye light that everyone could not believe, Lu Yin walked over the cloud and submerged in it. Then, stepping out of the cloud, looking towards the bottom, he completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, which has become since ancient times. So far, he is the ninth cultivator who has completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven and became a fairy.

Everyone looked at Lu Yin blankly and looked up at him.

At this moment, even Wu Yao and the God of Cookery are looking up at him, stepping up to the immortal, and then looking back, don’t care about mortals.

Whether it is from Cold Immortal Sect cultivator or Evoking Virtuous College, Lu Yin eye light is different, including Bai Weiwei and others.

The history of mankind has developed over a long period of time, and there are countless achievements that seem to be possible but impossible to achieve. The trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven is one of them. Since its emergence, countless people have tried it. The result has nothing common. with each other, but one result remains the same, that is, no one completes it.

The years are long and there are countless changes in the times, but in most people’s minds, no one can complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven. This era has a Bai Xian’er, so she became a Legendary, Bai Xian’er breakthrough Star Envoy even attracted the Eternal Clan murderous intention, which led to the arrival of Ancestral Realm, so she became a hopeful and impossible existence for everyone in this era. She is almost a god.

At this moment, Lu Yin has accomplished the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, making Cold Immortal Sect silent, whether it is elder or discipline, even Half-Ancestor Wu Yao and God of Food, watching Lu Yin are silent.

Bai Su was the first to react and immediately ordered the blockade of Sect. No one may leave or communicate with the outside world. He wants Yuhao to complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven and block it in Cold Immortal Sect, this child decided. Can’t live outside, must be the person of Cold Immortal Sect, he represents the next Ancestral Realm.

Suddenly, he also remembered that this person is the Boundary Origin Formation Master, and there is a Heavenly Master Gu Yan behind him. In this way, he is not only as simple as the next Ancestral Realm, but may even be the next youngest one. Origin Formation Heavenly Master, a genius that combines Ancestral Realm and Origin Formation Heavenly Master in one body, and one that can catch up with Bai Xian’er’s genius.

Thinking of this, Bai Su quickly called out Wu Yao.

It’s not that Wu Yao’s concentration is not Bai Suqiang, but as Half-Ancestor, he knows more about what Lu Yin’s presence in the clouds means. He now looks at Lu Yin and looks at the Ancestral Realm powerhouse.

After being awakened by Bai Su, the first thing was to block Cold Immortal Sect.

Unfortunately, they are still a step late.

The lower the cultivation base of the discipline, the less aware of the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and the faster you will be awake.

When Lu Yin reached the clouds, a Fusion Realm disciple who just recently joined Cold Immortal Sect spread the scene.

Four Way Balance, each has its own eyeliner, even Seed Garden, Liu Family, including Ghost Deep Pool, which is always hidden, have eyeliner in Cold Immortal Sect.

When Yuhao completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, the entire Starry Sky Tree exploded.

The first one to get the news was Wang Family, which was accurately sent back by the Fusion Realm disciple.

Chai Half-Ancestor suddenly appeared in front of Wang Nian, scared Wang Nian’s face changed, and he was quite dissatisfied, “Chai Senior, this is my private residence. You have come here like this. It’s a bit too late”, according to him Boundary Origin Formation Master No need to worry about Chai Half-Ancestor’s status.

Chai Half-Ancestor said anxiously, “The family has haven’t contacted Yuhao, or what terms can I negotiate?”.

Wang Nian eyebrow raised, “Why do you ask?”.

Chai Half-Ancestor is anxious, “If haven’t, contact Old Ancestor quickly and find a way to win this Yuhao. He must be drawn over. He has completed the Cold Immortal Sect Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial.”

Wang Nian didn’t react at first, and then remembered, and was shocked, “Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial? That trial to achieve immortality?”.

Chai Half-Ancestor said, “That’s right, so I asked you if you have hadn’t contacted Old Ancestor to draw Yuhao, and what conditions did you provide? I want to talk to Old Ancestor quickly and discuss how to draw him over.”

Wang Nian is still immersed in shock. The trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven has been completed by only eight people since ancient times. Five of them became ancestors, two died, and one was Bai Xian’er. No one doubted Bai Xian. ‘er will become an ancestor, because she must become an ancestor, and this Yuhao is the ninth person.

“Old Ancestor already contacted him,” Wang Nian said.

Chai Half-Ancestor is nervous, “Is there any serious treatment? This is related to an Ancestral Realm, and don’t forget, this child is not only completing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, but also a Boundary Origin Formation Master. Qualified by the Language of Interpretation innate talent to let you contact the genius Language Interpreter of Old Ancestor”.

Wang Nian’s eye light changed, so he swallowed saliva and said, genius Language Interpreter, Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, isn’t this person the next Bai Xian’er?

Thinking of this, he once again contacted Old Ancestor, “I will contact Old Ancestor now, and this child must remain in my Wang Family”.

On the other side, White Dragon Sect got the news, Long Tian’s eyelids jumped straight, Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, apart from Bai Xian’er, there were people who completed the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial?

He and haven’t tried the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, because Long Xing, who was once a daughter of the main line and one of the Seven Heroes, said that White Dragon Sect would not be allowed to try, but he really wanted to Try, didn’t expect this Yuhao actually finished.

The four Young Ancestors are called the Ancestral Realm of the future, but they are more of a possibility. If this possibility is defined as ten, they are only 30% at most. However, those who have completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven There are 90%, 90% and 30%, how big the gap is.


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