Star Odyssey Chapter 2272


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Yu Young Master walked out and looked at Long Tian calmly, “Haven’t to report Old Ancestor?”.

Long Tian looked towards Yu Young Master, “Haven’t”.

“Then to report, Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, I can’t hide it”, Yu Young Master said.

Their attitude is not positive. It’s not that White Dragon Sect doesn’t want to win a future Ancestral Realm powerhouse, but they can’t. To be precise, Long Tian and Yu Young Master can’t.

Yu Hao belongs to Evoking Virtuous College. He is a God of Cookery. Master Yu Young’s hatred with God of Cookery is absolutely insoluble. Then Yuhao may also have hatred for him, at least he will not have a good impression. From the perspective of Master Yu Young , This person is the quasi enemy.

Long Tian immediately found Yu Young Master after Long Ke disappeared, and he was supported by Yu Young Master. The two belong to the same camp, which means that White Dragon Sect wants to win Yuhao, which is not good for Yu Young Master. It will also be detrimental to Long Tian, ​​because the main line of White Dragon Sect can be changed at any time. If there is a branch line drawn to Yuhao, their lineage will be dangerous.

“Heaven Beyond the Heaven’s trial achievement is great, but it doesn’t mean it won’t die.” Young Master Yu said lightly and left.

Long Tian eye light flashed, did you die? It’s too difficult. The two who died before have reasons, and this Yuhao will inevitably choose one in Four Way Balance. If he wants to die, the probability is not big, then there are only two ways before him, or he will still follow Together with Yu Young Master, he may become an enemy with Yuhao in the future. If Yuhao is really drawn in, this kind of enemy situation may change the main line, or give up Yu Young Master and concentrate on drawing Yuhao.

This is White Dragon Sect. Even if Yuhao is really an ancestor, he is still impossible to become a White Dragon Sect. He is just a cultivator with a foreign surname. It will help him more, but can he be attracted? Once defeated, not only didn’t get Yuhao, but also offended Yu Young Master.

Long Tian thought, unconsciously looking in the direction of Yu Young Master.

Yu Young Master can’t guess what Long Tian is thinking? Naturally impossible, he has only one way, which is to let Yuhao die.

Didn’t expect this kind of thing to happen, Yu Young Master stood on the top of the mountain and looked in the direction of Cold Immortal Sect, “Master, Master, you are really troublesome”.

Divine Martial Heaven also got the news. Xia Ziheng rushed to the place where Yuchuan was imprisoned while he was sluggish. After seeing that Yuchuan was unharmed, he breathed a sigh of relief and immediately contacted Old Ancestor.

Yu Hao is not the same for Divine Martial Heaven. Others woo Yuhao most because of the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and Divine Martial Heaven woos him and gains more face, not only because of his Language of Interpretation innate talent And complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven.

After finishing the conversation with Old Ancestor, Xia Ziheng’s first order was to arrest Xia Zhitong and at the same time determine the list of all the people involved in the Yu Family. These people were the account given to Yuhao by Divine Martial Heaven.

Xia Ziheng has a headache. Since Yuhao appeared and now, one thing this child has done has become more and more sensational. As a result, dignified Divine Martial Heaven has to find someone to avenge him and line up to kill him. This kind of attitude was only when Xia Shang achieved Half-Ancestor and inherited Mountain Sea. Unfortunately, Xia Shang didn’t appreciate it. I hope this Yuhao will know each other.

The order was issued, Xia Ziheng leave Divine Martial Heaven, and went to Cold Immortal Sect to greet Yu Hao personally, not allowing Cold Immortal Sect to leave people behind.

Similarly, at the Central Level Boundary, Nong Ya also got the news and sighed, “Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, has anyone completed it? This era is too bright, but it is prosperous and declining, I hope this Child can survive”.

Far away, the Sword Monument stands, Yi Jian Great Grandmaster Liu Song opens his eyes, and Liu Lu stands in front of him, “Heaven Beyond the Heaven Trial?”, he looks up towards Cold Immortal Sect, the eye light is complicated .

As time goes by, the completion of the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven will surely become more and more sensational.

At this moment, Lu Yin and Cold Immortal Sect same are silent, because in front of him, on another cloud, there is a person lying.

Although the person was lying on his side with his back to him, Lu Yin felt like the sky collapsed when he saw him. The feeling he gave him was far from Half-Ancestor’s. Once I came to Starry Sky Tree and faced Wang Si’s chase. At that time, the despair also hadn’t seen this person come in an instant.

This person is Ancestral Realm, definitely Ancestral Realm.

Lu Yin’s heart sank to the bottom, Cold Immortal Sect, above the clouds, there was an Ancestral Realm powerhouse, how could he like this?

He is most afraid of encountering the Ancestral Realm powerhouse. A dead face disguise can hide from Half-Ancestor, but absolutely cannot hide from Ancestral Realm.

Why will have Ancestral Realm here?

In an instant, Lu Yin thought of a lot, and placed his hands on the Congealing Space Ring subconsciously. Once his identity was discovered, he can only ask Ancestor Wu. I hope Ancestor Wu already has Ancestral Realm combat power, which must be owned.

Just like this, the back of Lu Yin stare lying on his side, haven’t talked, haven’t moved.

After a long time, the God of Cookery, Wu Yao and the others also haven’t spoken. They don’t know what’s above the clouds. No one has ever seen this scene before, even though Bai Xian’er completed Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, only Old Ancestor can see it, the rest are not allowed to watch it.

No one knows what will happen after completing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and thinks what Lu Yin has experienced on the clouds. Is this the reason why Heaven Beyond the Heaven will become an ancestor after completing the trial?

Everyone died on the stare cloud, wanting to see what happened.

Above the clouds, Lu Yin waited for a long time, the back figure lying on his side still did not move, he was considering whether to go or stay, after thinking about it, he simply sat down.

The distance is meaningless to Ancestral Realm. Even if it leaves Cold Immortal Sect now, it is easy for the Ancestral Realm to catch up with him.

He wondered who this was before him.

Looking at the costume and the back, it is a man, is it Bai Wangyuan?

Since Starry Sky Tree broke away from the Fifth Continent, how many Ancestral Realms have been born, there have been records, but the records are not comprehensive. For example, Wenzu is a very clear one, and for example, re-yue, but these huge monsters But haven’t clearly documented.

Everyone said that in the starry sky today, Four Way Balance each have a Old Ancestor, like this is clear, Cold Immortal Sect must be Bai Wangyuan.

But if it is Bai Wangyuan, Bai Wangyuan has existed since the Taoist Origin Sect era and is one of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas. After him, Cold Immortal Sect has no one to achieve Ancestral Realm? No, yes, where is the successful Ancestral Realm powerhouse? The most obvious is a person named Bai Sheng who has completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven. He is one of the five powerhouses of the ancestors. The outside world did not say that he was dead or that he appeared. Where did he go? For example, the four Young Ancestors are said to be able to achieve Ancestral Realm. Despite the fact that they blow a lot, if the Four Way Balance haven’t becomes the Young Ancestor of Ancestral Realm after the Origin Ring Festival, how can this sentence appear.

Starry Sky Tree must have the Ancestral Realm powerhouse not only announced, but where are the other Ancestral Realm powerhouses?

One day passed, the back figure lying on his side did not move, and Lu Yin did not move, just looking at him like that.

Two days later, the people below were not in a hurry, they all looked up.

And Lu Yin still looks at that figure from behind.

Finally, that figure moved, got up, stretched his waist, rubbed his head, moved for a while, turned his head slowly, and saw Lu Yin.

Lu Yin stared at the man. This man was a man and looked quite young. He stared at Lu Yin with surprise in his eyes. There was some curiosity, “New here?”

“What?” Lu Yin asked.

The man pointed down, “Cold Immortal Sect? New here?”.


“Where is it?”.

“Evoking Virtuous College”.

“Oh, have you completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven?”.

“Yes, just finished.”


“You are welcome.”

There was silence for a while, the man coughed, turned around, faced Lu Yin face to face, and smiled, “My name is Bai Sheng, how about you?”.

Lu Yin eye light shrank, Bai Sheng, count him, one of the nine people who completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and one of the five ancestor experts, “My name is Yuhao”, said, Lu Yin stood up and saluted Bai Sheng, “pays respects to Bai Zu”.

Bai Sheng raised his hand to stop, “Don’t, don’t call me Bai Zu, Bai Zu is the honorific name of Wang Yuan Old Ancestor, I can’t afford it”.

Lu Yin was at a loss, “Then how would Junior call you?”.

Bai Sheng laughed, “Call me Shengzu”.

Lu Yin speechless, a bit crazy, “Junior Yuhao, pays respects to Shengzu Senior”.

“Just call me Shengzu, Senior is not needed, I am not much older than you”, Bai Sheng is very easy-going.

Lu Yin haven’t stare Bai Sheng looked, he was thinking that Bai Sheng had a haven’t disguise to see through the dead, if there is, will it be broken? Will you know him? Many questions popped up in Lu Yin’s mind, the most of which was how to escape.

“Congratulations. Completing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven is equivalent to setting foot on the Peak of life. From now on, this Starry Sky Tree will be free for you.” Bai Sheng said with a smile and motioned to Lu Yin to sit down, “Can be in this cloud Sitting is a sign of us. Don’t waste it. I have more time to sit and sit in the future. I am actually quite boring.”

“Shengzu staying here all year round?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Bai Sheng replied, “It doesn’t count, come occasionally, mainly because it’s interesting to see those guys below who want to climb but can’t get up. Look, those guys look up and see if our expressions are full What a joy? hahahaha”.

Lu Yin followed Bai Sheng’s eye light and saw Wu Yao and the God of Cookery…

“Counting you, there are already nine people, but unfortunately most of them are dead. Before you, Bai Xian’er that girl, but that girl is taciturn. Talking to her can suffocate you. It’s boring, young man, you “I’m talking,” Bai Sheng urged.

Lu Yin didn’t know what to say, he was afraid of saying wrong, and he was very guilty, “Well, before Shengzu, no, Shengzu, shouldn’t you be in Domination Boundary?”.

Bai Sheng said with a smile, “It seems that you know very little about the Starry Sky Tree. Not all Ancestral Realm are in the Domination Boundary. The Domination Boundary is only in the front line against Eternal Clan. We”, speaking of this, he pointed to the sky, “outside the world.”

Lu Yin eye light flashed, “Outside the world?”.

He has heard of the outside world, that is outside of Mother Tree, the starry sky surrounding Mother Tree.

The Mother Tree exists in the universe, the entire Starry Sky Tree is based on the Mother Tree, and the place bordering the starry sky outside the Mother Tree is the outside world.

For example, the stars he saw when he raised his head in the top realm belonged to the outside world.

The most famous is the star named Qingqiu that can only be seen in the Clear Moon Region. It is one of the stars outside the world. It can only be seen in the Clear Moon Region and cannot be seen elsewhere.

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