Star Odyssey Chapter 2273


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“For the outside world, when you reach Half-Ancestor, you will understand it. It is a matter of time. By the way, you just recently said that you belong to Evoking Virtuous College. How is Evoking Virtuous College now? I heard that you will be Four Way Balance divided?” Bai Sheng asked.

Lu Yin didn’t expect Bai Sheng to speak so bluntly, Four Way Balance did plan to carve up Evoking Virtuous College, but also step by step, “We are caring, but not successful, they are trying to grab Mountain Sea’s place. “.

“Mountain Sea’s quota? It doesn’t make sense. They think Mountain Sea inheritance is so simple? Nine Mountains Eight Seas only appeared in one era. Before and after that, it was impossible to appear. We have no idea about Mountain Sea. We can inherit the most Well, it doesn’t matter if you can’t inherit, and there’s no that many Half-Ancestor, Ancestral Realm to try, you know, the youngest in history to inherit Mountain Sea is Star Envoy, but it’s just a legend. Only Ancestor Chen can be confirmed in Half-Ancestor I inherited the Mountain Sea in the period…” Bai Sheng said, he was very interested in the Mountain Sea haven of Evoking Virtuous College.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “They are not as open as Shengzu you think, each and everyone are fighting.”

“Don’t blame them, young man, are haven’t interested in joining Cold Immortal Sect?” Bai Sheng was very interested in stare Lu Yin and asked.

Lu Yin didn’t know whether he was relieved or more worried. Bai Sheng asked this, it means he hasn’t seen through the disguise of the dead? Or see through, but don’t know yourself? Or are you cracking a joke?

If he knew himself, he knew he was impossible to join Cold Immortal Sect, so he shouldn’t ask.

Looking at Bai Sheng, Lu Yin couldn’t see what he thought.

“What’s your expression? Is it because you have any grudges with Cold Immortal Sect? It doesn’t matter, Old Ancestor can help you deal with anything,” Bai Sheng said in a spirited manner.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, this matter is really unsolvable, “Senior, Junior Yuhao, wife, is Divine Martial Heaven Xia Zhitong”.

Bai Sheng was surprised, “Are you the son-in-law of Divine Martial Heaven?”.

Lu Yin nods.

Bai Sheng was helpless, “Then there is no way, but Divine Martial Heaven has good luck. I can find you like a son-in-law. I have good luck.”

Lu Yin eye light flashed, exposing the grudge between Yu Family and Divine Martial Heaven.

In this case, the first time I heard it was an expression, it was weird, very weird, but weird as it should be by rights.

Bai Sheng suffocated Ban Tian without suffocating a word, and finally sighed with emotion, “Xia Family fierce person, even your own family members use it to ruin your Yu Family reputation and at the same time ruin their own reputation, Bai Zu said Yes, since the Ancestor Chen incident, Xia Family has already been on the road to have no shame, and doesn’t care about face at all.”

After finishing, he looked at Lu Yin deeply, “So, will you return to Divine Martial Heaven now? With your accomplishment in the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, what Xia Zhitong is mortal and will be killed by Xia? Family will leave it to you personally. It’s ugly. For Xia Family, sacrifices can be made except for the main line. For the sake of an immortal, it does not matter to sacrifice all branches.”

Lu Yin frowned, “For this kind of family, Junior does not want to join, but grandfather is in their hands.”

Bai Sheng pondered.

“Xia Family’s ancestor worship is approaching, which is also the deadline Xia Family gave Junior. In fact, Junior and Bai Weiwei get along well during this period. If possible, Junior would rather join Cold Immortal Sect”, Lu Yin said.

Bai Sheng rubbed his head and said, “It’s a bit troublesome. If Sect paid the price before, Bai Zu personally might be able to bring your grandfather out, but you have completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Xia Shenji will never Will let you go”.

Lu Yin stood up and saluted Bai Sheng, “If possible, please ask Shengzu to help rescue grandfather. Yuhao will join Cold Immortal Sect and vowed to defend Sect’s interests to the death.”

Bai Sheng once again stretched out, got up, and looked all around, “Heaven Beyond the Heaven, do you want to walk with me?”.

Looking around, they saw clouds covering the Cold Immortal Sect, but they couldn’t see it outside the Cold Immortal Sect. This was a landscape unique to Cold Immortal Sect.

They walk on the clouds, which is equivalent to stepping on everyone in Cold Immortal Sect.

Ancestral Realm has this qualification, Lu Yin, with the ability of Star Envoy, also reached this qualification.

“Walking on this cloud also has to experience something, just follow climbing the same,” Lu Yin asked.

The corner of Bai Sheng’s mouth curled up and pointed to the bottom, “A cloud, one step of the immortal, Heaven Beyond the Heaven, the immortal, the only nine of us can listen to this sentence.”

“Every cloud needs to be climbed?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Bai Sheng points nods, “Yes, no, you don’t need to climb from the bottom, but one cloud to another cloud is equivalent to going through all the climbing process at the same time, so it’s called one step and one immortal, which can really decide Which of the nine of us is higher and lower, precisely this step is one cent, depending on how many steps you can take.”

Said, he raised his foot, reached another cloud in a flash, and walked out step by step, “Step by step, young man, walk with me?”.

Lu Yin twitched at the corner of his mouth, one step at a time, one step at a time. If he has time, he would like to try, but now there is no time at all. The people below are still waiting, and he has become a fairy, Xia Family. Can’t sit still!

The later, the more haven’t time to shake dice alone.

“It turned out to be like this, forget it for the time being, Junior will live up to Senior’s kindness”, Lu Yin declined.

Bai Sheng laughed, “I want to go too”, looked up towards the top, “There are many Young Ancestor bones buried in the outside world, maybe one day, you will also go”, once again, he raised his foot and stepped onto the clouds , And then the silhouette blurs and disappears.

Lu Yin looked up, is it outside the world? Bury the ancestral bones, where are the unknown Ancestral Realm powerhouses?

Below, everyone looked up for a long, long time. As long as Lu Yin was on the cloud, they watched for as long as Lu Yin came down.

“Mr. Haoyu is down”, cry out in surprise.

Nong Siniang was excited, Bai Weiwei and the others simultaneously stepped forward, stare high in the sky.

Xia divine light, Wang Xiaofan, and the others eye light are complicated. Ascending to Heaven Beyond the Heaven, the status of this person will never be different, even they dare not neglect.

“Gong, gong, gong, congratulation, sir”, Little Fatty shouted excitedly.

“Congratulations, Mr. Haoyu,” Qing Feng was also excited.

“Congratulations, Mr. Haoyu,” the students shouted.

A crowd of Cold Immortal Sect disciple looked enviously and jealously.

Lu Yin landed on the ground, Wu Yao was the first to step forward with a smile, and said with a smile with a passion that he had never had before, “Congratulations to Mr. Haoyu for completing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and stepping up to the immortal since then.” .

Lu Yin, two polite sentences.

On the other side, a group of students at Evoking Virtuous College approached Lu Yin and kept asking what he had experienced.

Heaven Beyond the Heaven only those who have completed the trial have the memory, and the rest are haven’t.

But Lu Yin didn’t say anything. Before the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Cold Immortal Sect made them swear that once the trial was completed, they would not disclose any information.

“Congratulations, Mr. Haoyu”, Mr. Tang said with emotion.

Lu Yin is tired, “a fluke, really a fluke”.

“You can complete the trial at the first try. It is not a fluke that can be described.” Mr. Wei said with a smile.

The God of Cookery exclaimed, “In Wang Family, you revealed your incomparable Language of Interpretation innate talent. White Dragon Sect revealed Abstruse Creation Realm Star Origin’s control. Seeing the blood pool, White Dragon Sect bowed his head and This Cold Immortal Sect is to complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven. It seems that this experience is not for students, but for you, haha.”

Lu Yin speechless, “Junior doesn’t know why he likes this.”

Looking at Lu Yin talking to Evoking Virtuous College and the others, Bai Su came behind Wu Yao with an ugly face, “It leaked out. Many people know that Yuhao has completed the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial.”

Wu Yao is not surprised, “It’s normal, don’t let them leave sect for now, Old Ancestor will handle it”.

Baisu nods, complex looking towards Lu Yin.

He was just showing good, very simple showing good, trying to see if this person could be brought over, but didn’t expect to create an immortal, some years later, this person may be an Old Ancestor , Tied with Bai Xian’er, it’s possible to be the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master.

Think about terrifying.

Haven’t person will give up a 90% possibility of being an ancestor, even if this person has not broken the three barriers.

Compared with the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, breaking through the three levels is not so important. After all, you can also break through the three levels. It does not have to be in the Enlightenment Realm period, but the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Half-Ancestor and other cultivators Same, will not increase the success rate because of the high realm.

At the end of the original experience, everyone at Evoking Virtuous College can set off for the last Divine Martial Heaven, but because Cold Immortal Sect stays in every possible way, even if the God of Cookery cannot leave, can only stay first.

Everyone knows that the purpose of Cold Immortal Sect is Lu Yin.

The God of Cookery specially reminded him, “You don’t need to be polite with them. With your current status and status, treat yourself as a Half-Ancestor, and they will try their best to win you over.”

Originally, after completing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Lu Yin can have a lot of confidence to talk to Cold Immortal Sect, but because of Bai Sheng’s appearance, he just wants to go. After all, Bai Sheng can definitely see through the disguise of the dead, heaven knows Will he discover his true identity.

But he wanted to leave, but Cold Immortal Sect wouldn’t let it. This was helpless.

“Mr. Haoyu, as long as you join me Cold Immortal Sect, you grandfather Yuchuan, we will try our best to bring it out, and Divine Martial Heaven will not risk offending a future Ancestral Realm powerhouse to your grandfather What, there are resources, not to mention the other resources needed to break the three levels, I Cold Immortal Sect, from the Four Times Origin Tribulation to Half-Ancestor, all the resources you need, I Cold Immortal Sect will guarantee …”, Wu Yao pulled Lu Yin and said Chase.

Lu Yin heard a headache, and quickly stopped,” I know what Wu Yao Senior said, but as long as my grandfather is still in Divine Martial Heaven, I can’t join Cold Immortal Sect, but I prefer it in my own wishes. Cold Immortal Sect”.

Wu Yao also has a headache. He is vicious and merciless, not to mention grandfather, even his biological parents will give up without the slightest hesitation when faced with this choice, but this Yuhao obviously does not want to give up, which is troublesome.

“As a cultivator, sometimes you have to know how to choose,” Wu Yao said.

“Junior doesn’t understand the meaning of Senior”.

“Why was Yuchuan arrested and sent to Star Union in the first place? You also know that your father made the choice, and Yuchuan himself made the choice. Now, it’s your turn.”

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