Star Odyssey Chapter 2274


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Lu Yin’s face is ugly, “My father’s choice made my Yu Family like this now”.

“But I also saved you”, Wu Yao said, “If it weren’t, you wouldn’t even have the chance to participate in the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven. Actually, how many superb Heaven’s Chosen in Starry Sky Tree can complete Heaven Beyond the Heaven? Trial? If everyone in the entire Starry Sky Tree tries, the number of people who complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven may be doubled. Unfortunately, they are not lucky, and you are different. Your father and your grandfather have made you together, you don’t They should be let down.”

Lu Yin looked at Wu Yao, “They made me, so I should give them back.”

Wu Yao said in a cold tone, “What you want to return is the Yu Family, return the Yu Family in the past, and build the Yu Family in the future, not just your grandfather. I believe your grandfather also hopes that you can make the right choice, even if Sacrifice himself”.

Lu Yin frowned, “Senior’s words I have never heard before, please.”

Wu Yao is frustrated. If it weren’t for this child to complete the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, how could he say so much? This child’s attitude was sufficient to let him take action to kill him.

Wu Yao is gone, Bai Su is here, taking turns to persuade Lu Yin.

On the Yuchuan side, they all feel not very hopeful. Divine Martial Heaven is not stupid. Before the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, they all deliberately transferred Yuchuan from Star Union to Divine Martial Heaven. Now, it’s more It’s tight, maybe Xia Ziheng will personally guard him, even Cold Immortal Sect is not sure to bring out Yuchuan.

If you can’t take Yuchuan away, they can only persuade Lu Yin to give up.

However, if Lu Yin doesn’t get in with oil and salt, Bai Su can only withdraw. They will stay at Evoking Virtuous College for not too long, especially Xia Ziheng already comes to Cold Immortal Sect, even if Cold Immortal Sect tries to delay Xia Zi Heng, hesitate to ask Half-Ancestor to pretend to take action, but it can’t stop it for long.

The soft rays of light emitted by the clouds are dimmed a lot, and Cold Immortal Sect is naturally divided into day and night.

When night fell, Lu Yin and the God of Cookery sat at the stone table and told the God of Cookery the conditions of Wu Yao and Bai Suti.

The God of Cookery is funny, “The resources for breaking the three barriers are not conditions, but necessities. The only reason they woo you is that it’s possible to become an ancestor. If you don’t provide you with resources for breaking the three barriers, how do you become an ancestor? So don’t consider this. Now, as for your grandfather Yuchuan”, when he said that, he pondered for a moment, “I won’t persuade you to give up, but if you don’t want to join Divine Martial Heaven, Yuchuan will be their weapon to hold you, even if you become an ancestor, Yuchuan Will become your weakness.”

Lu Yin said solemnly, “I want to go to Divine Martial Heaven immediately.”

The God of Cookery thought Lu Yin missed Yuchuan, and said, “I will negotiate with Wu Yao and find a way to leave, but Cold Immortal Sect will not let you go easily. You must be mentally prepared.”

Lu Yin clicked on the nods and couldn’t help but glanced at the clouds in the sky. Bai Sheng was too scrupulous about him. Once Bai Sheng knew he was Lu Xiaoxuan, wait for the war, what Star Union, what Safflower Garden Don’t even think about it, his trip is in vain.

At a certain area of ​​the upper boundary, Xia Ziheng is extremely angry, “Come out, you show the old man out, don’t think that the old man doesn’t know your purpose, you want to delay the old man’s pace, impossible”, finished, rushed Out.

Below, an old man has blood in his mouth, “This trip is a big loss, Cold Immortal Sect said to intercept Xia Ziheng, this Xia Ziheng went crazy with the same, the loss is big, the loss is big”, finished, Inner World When it breaks out, regardless of loss or loss, the take action must be taken action.

Xia Ziheng’s eyelids jumped. The more Cold Immortal Sect intercepted, the more they proved their determination to win over Yuhao. He was most worried about Yuhao’s giving up Yuchuan. Divine Martial Heaven had the slightest advantage over Cold Immortal Sect. Even becoming an enemy because of Yu Family, this is something Divine Martial Heaven never wants to see.

They can’t become a mortal enemy with a fairy.

2nd day, 3rd day, Lu Yin was persuaded by various people in Cold Immortal Sect in turn, including Bai Weiwei, who had come several times, and the words showed the meaning of devote one’s life to, which completely calmed Lu Yin.

Cold Immortal Sect’s wooing of an immortal immortal is already to the point where it can do everything, even Bai Weiwei is willing.

He feels that he has underestimated his own value, maybe now he points to Wu Yao’s nose to curse, he can bear it, that’s the case.

Lu Yin invited Ancestor Wu out.

Originally because Bai Sheng didn’t dare to do this, for fear of being discovered by Bai Sheng, but now he feels he needs to try it. It’s rare to have a Cold Immortal Sect. If you don’t do it now, it will be more difficult in the future.

“Huh, Mountain Sea?” After Ancestor Wu came out, he immediately raised his head and looked towards the clouds, exclaiming.

Lu Yin was surprised, and looked up, “Is Mountain Sea again?”.

Ancestor Wu nods, “Mountain Sea of ​​Bai Wangyuan”.

“Those clouds?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Ancestor Wu said, “Yes, that is Bai Wangyuan’s Mountain Sea, where is this place? Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Lu Yin nods, didn’t expect those clouds are actually Mountain Sea, so the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial equivalent to is the trial given by Bai Wangyuan Mountain Sea? So, is that the Mountain Sea trial or the trial given by Bai Wangyuan?

It should be the trial given by Bai Wangyuan, otherwise the Mountain Sea has a master, and the trial is impossible.

Squeezing the shock at Mountain Sea in his heart, Lu Yin asked Ancestor Wu to see that there are haven’t people watching, “Here is an Ancestral Realm powerhouse named Baisheng”.

Ancestor Wu looked around and shook his head, “haven’t Ancestral Realm”.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Is there anyone above the clouds?”.

“There are haven’t people I don’t know, but no one is watching us, or, do you want me to investigate the entire Cold Immortal Sect? It’s possible to be discovered by Origin Treasure Formation, and it’s possible to be detected by Mountain Sea” , Ancestor Wu said.

Lu Yin said, “Forget it, this time I will trouble Senior again”.

Ancestor Wu held his arms and looked towards outside with interest, “No trouble, trouble with Bai Wangyuan, I like it”.

Lu Yin is puzzled, “Senior has an enemy with Bai Wangyuan?”.

“haven’t, but this guy is very insidious. I don’t know that haven’t has been plotted against, tentatively.”, Ancestor Wu as it should be by rights said.

Lu Yin blinked, is this okay?

He couldn’t guess the thoughts of women. Even Ancestral Realm is a woman. Lu Yin shook his head, took out Supreme Mountain, and released Yu Chen.

Yu Chen saw Ancestor Wu, and for an instant there was an urge to worship, and his expression became more respectful.

Ancestor Wu looked at Lu Yin weirdly, “How many people did you arrest?”.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, “not many”, said, staring at Yu Chen, “We are at Cold Immortal Sect”.

Yu Chen was surprised, looked towards the sky, and she arrived at Cold Immortal Sect, but she hadn’t been excited, and hadn’t thanked for anything. Even in Cold Immortal Sect, she was impossible to be free, and Lu Yin would not let her go. .

“I remember you said that Cold Immortal Sect has a very secret place to collect secrets, take me to find it”, Lu Yin said solemnly.

Yu Chen complexion changed, “Yunlin Pagoda is one of the most heavily guarded places in Cold Immortal Sect. Half-Ancestor Wu Yao sits in the town personally. We will definitely be found when we go.”

Lu Yin laughed, “Don’t talk about Half-Ancestor, if you have Senior with you, you won’t find it even if Bai Wangyuan comes.”

Yu Chen looked at Ancestor Wu in shock. Lu Yin is not like a nonsense person. So, this person has the ability that even Bai Zu can’t find? Isn’t that –Ancestral Realm?

Ancestor Wu likes to be praised, especially Lu Yin said that even Bai Wangyuan can’t be found, and it makes her feel like, “Don’t worry, no one can find out, tell me where you are”.

Yu Chen suppressed the shock in his heart and told his position.

Shortly after, the two moved towards Yunlin Tower with a mirror under a slight cover.

Lu Yin doesn’t know what combat power Ancestor Wu can show at this moment, but he is sure that Half-Ancestor will never find out their whereabouts. What he is worried about is Bai Sheng, but Bai Sheng said he wants to return to the outside world. Right.

Of course, he also prepared for the worst. Once discovered by Cold Immortal Sect, at worst joined as Yuhao, Cold Immortal Sect may not be able to treat him because of the Yunlin Pagoda. They even Bai Weiwei. The direct descendants were willing to throw it to him for wooing, an immortal immortal, sufficient for Cold Immortal Sect to welcome him, as long as he did not reveal his true identity.

Of course, the final result depends on the value of the Yunlin Pagoda.

Shortly after, Lu Yin arrived at Yunlin Pagoda.

The Yunlin Pagoda, seen from the outside, is a very ordinary white pagoda. It stands in the middle of the lake. It is not high and ordinary.

“Are you sure it is this?” Lu Yin was suspicious.

Yu Chen said, “I have been with Young Ancestor. Not only is Wuyao Half-Ancestor sitting here, but also the independent Origin Treasure Formation.”

“Bai Shaohong told you the secrets included here?”.

“Young Ancestor haven’t stated clearly that only mentioned here is one of the most important places of sect”.

The Yunlin Pagoda in the middle of Lu Yin stare Lake, one of the most important places? Bai Xian’er is closed all year round, he won’t be here, he doesn’t want to go in and meet Bai Xian’er.

Although I have never dealt with Bai Xian’er, I understand how difficult this woman is.

The God of Cookery, Wandao Old Ancestor, and even those Heavenly Gate Gate Lords can’t find Ancestor Wu’s traces. Lu Yin believes, but facing Bai Xian’er, he is a little bit out of the way, “This will not be Bai Xian’er retreat. The land”.

Yu Chen barely said, “Impossible, if it is, Wu Yao Half-Ancestor is also impossible here”.

This is also true, thinking, looking towards Ancestor Wu, Ancestor Wu haven’t took them directly to the Yunlin Pagoda, but observed something.

It didn’t take long for Ancestor Wu to be surprised, “There is Origin Treasure Formation here, but how does it feel like it is Hui Wen’s method?”.

“Ancestor Hui’s Origin Treasure Formation?” Lu Yin was shocked.

Ancestor Wu shook his head, “Like, not like, forget it, let’s go, this Origin Treasure Formation can’t stop me, don’t worry”, after speaking, Yiwei took Lu Yin and Yu Chen across the lake. Enter the Yunlin Tower.

Under the slight cover, Lu Yin and Yu Chen saw Wu Yao, they passed directly in front of Wu Yao, and Wu Yao felt haven’t at all.

Yu Chen looked at Ancestor Wu’s eye light full of admiration, this kind of eye light made Ancestor Wu very enjoyable, and then went around Wu Yao again.

Lu Yin’s face twitched, this woman.

Yunlin Pagoda hasn’t Lu Yin guessed that it is a Great World, and also haven’t a space similar to pond civilization. It is really a Little Pagoda with several stories high. It looks very ordinary, and it is not full. The bookshelves are just the stones raised from the wall by each and everyone. Each stone is placed with a scroll, and the stone slips are made of special materials as a carrier for storing characters.

Lu Yin confirmed that there was no problem with Ancestor Wu, took one and looked at it.

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