Star Odyssey Chapter 2275


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This is a book made of some kind of animal skin, which can be kept for a long time.

A picture was drawn on the animal skin. There is an exact position on the picture, and everything else is haven’t.

Lu Yin showed this picture to Yu Chen.

Yu Chen said, “This should be the place where Mother Tree Star Origin Fluid is drawn.”

“Draining Star Origin Fluid? Cold Immortal Sect is doing this kind of thing now?” Mist was furious.

Yu Chen nods, “It should be this position.”

Ancestor Wu was anxious. “These beasts actually hit Mother Tree’s idea. Mother Tree is a barrier to protect humans. Once something happens, humans will be over. No amount of Ancestral Realm will be used. At the beginning, Lu Tianyi Senior was very interested in absorbing Star Origin Fluid. This kind of thing is deeply abhorrent, and the Fifth Continent is strictly forbidden to happen, and even because of friction with the Sixth Continent happen, didn’t expect Lu Family is gone, these beasts actually absorbed Star Origin Fluid by themselves.”

Lu Yin said solemnly, “Four Way Balance is doing it, and I checked it once.”

Ancestor Wu gritted his teeth, “I will ask them to settle the account.”

Lu Yin put the animal skin back, took a few steps, took another one, looked at it, and then looked towards Yu Chen, “Once there was a huge monster in Central Level Boundary called Zhongyuan?”.

Yu Chen un’ed, “Zhongyuan is composed of several loose cultivators. The creator is a loose cultivator Ancestral Realm powerhouse. He once completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven in Cold Immortal Sect. Precisely he formed Zhongyuan. “.

Lu Yin put down the scrolls, Zhongyuan, was destroyed, and was destroyed overnight, and the loose cultivator Ancestral Realm powerhouse disappeared from then on. No one knows what happened. Even the Lu Family at that time has investigated and has not found out. what.

Actually, the Ancestral Realm powerhouse that created Zhongyuan went to the outside world and was forced to get it by Cold Immortal Sect, instead of a place for Cold Immortal Sect to go to the outside world, and the entire Zhongyuan was also destroyed by Cold Immortal Sect.

The reason why Cold Immortal Sect can force the loose cultivator Ancestral Realm to go to the outside world is because that person turned to Cold Immortal Sect after completing the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, and Cold Immortal Sect did his best to train him into Ancestral Realm, The purpose is to have a quota for the outside world.

As for the specific quotas for the outside world, it is recorded in Haven’t above.

It only records that since the loose cultivator went to the outside world, it never appeared again.

The original Zhongyuan, precisely now the predecessor of the Root Organization, was destroyed but some important figures died, and the rest were thrown into the Lower Boundary and became the current Root Organization.

Lu Yin picked up another stone slip and looked at it. The stone slip recorded an incident from the Taoist Origin Sect era, involving Wang Family, Liu Family and Lu Family. They are all old cases and many things. Regardless of right or wrong, no matter which family there is, there are things that cannot be seen, even the Lu Family.

Here is the secret of Cold Immortal Sect. Lu Yin saw with keen interest pleasure. He understood Cold Immortal Sect. There are many things, but many things are already haven’t meaning because of the long time. He wants to find things about Lu Family.

Unconsciously several hours passed, and it was about to dawn, after dawn, Cold Immortal Sect must be looking for him.

Yunlin Tower said it’s not big, but it would take several days to read each and everyone of these books.

Although there are a lot of things here that attracted Lu Yin, he decided to go directly to Lu Family.

Many documents only read the beginning of Lu Yin, then put it down, and then looked for the next one, looking for each floor by floor. Finally, he found four words-Bailong turned over.

Lu Yin hurriedly opened the stone slip. There were four characters on the top. Bailong turned over. As the stone slip opened, lines of text appeared, not coherent text, but each and everyone nouns, namely Yellow Springs, prison lock , Cold Immortal Fruit and-Lu Fengzi.

Lu Yin looked at Shi Jian, what do these names represent?

White Dragon stands up to represent White Dragon Sect, then, what about Yellow Springs? Who does it represent? What does the prison lock represent? Cold Immortal Fruit represents Cold Immortal Sect, he knows, then, is the last Lu Fengzi the traitor Lu Family?

This stone slip haven’t clearly stated, leaving only these terms.

He stare Yellow Springs, the only thing he thinks of is Funeral Garden, because in Funeral Garden, there is Yellow Springs Sea.

What is the relationship between Yellow Springs here and Yellow Springs Sea in Funeral Garden?

Lu Yin pondered, he couldn’t figure it out, so he found Ancestor Wu.

“Yellow Springs? Isn’t that in the Funeral Garden?” Ancestor Wu was surprised.

Lu Yin hopes, “Does senior know what Yellow Springs is?”.

Ancestor Wu shook his head, “I know that thing is very difficult to deal with, even if Ancestral Realm is unwilling to touch it, but it doesn’t understood how it came into being.”

“Senior knows about Funeral Garden?” Lu Yin asked again.

Ancestor Wu recalled, “Funeral Garden seems to include some important areas of the first four continents, and also buried some important people. Even in our time, Funeral Garden is unlikely to appear. I I went in once and stopped going through some dangers, and then waited until I became an ancestor to study other things and I didn’t have time to go.”

Lu Yin was disappointed. He tried to guess that if five nouns represent five families, Lu Fengzi must be a traitor to Lu Family, white dragon stand up represents White Dragon Sect, Cold Immortal fruit represents Cold Immortal Sect, then Yellow Springs and prison Does the lock represent Wang Family and Divine Martial Heaven?

This also explains why these four companies will become Four Way Balance.

By the way, Yellow Springs, Lu Yin remembered that Mr. Wei had said to him that the Wang Family continent mining area is not a kind of ore, but a yellow liquid. Will this yellow liquid be similar to the Funeral Garden Yellow Springs Sea? Same as Yellow Springs?

The more you think about it, the more it’s possible. Yellow Springs represents Wang Family, then the prison lock represents Divine Martial Heaven, and they are all right.

Exile Lu Family, not only used Bailong to stand up, but Four Way Balance also contributed, but the most famous one is still Bailong stand up.

“It’s going to dawn,” Yu Chen said.

Lu Yin looked outside, his eye light flashed, and Supreme Mountain was taken out. Yu Chen thought he was going to lock her in. She thought well. Lu Yin did want to lock her in, but he also released one at the same time. People, the avatar of Xia Xing.

Xia Xing avatar appeared confused and looked towards all around. Just about to speak, Lu Yin said, “Can I sense the position of the body?”.

Xia Xing avatar solemn nods, “Yes.”

Lu Yin clicked nods, once again locked him in, and then trapped Long Ke here. With Ancestor Wu’s micro power, Wu Yao couldn’t find it for the time being. Finally, under the cover of Ancestor Wu, he left the Yunlin Tower and returned to his residence.

Lu Yin can put Long Ke, but not Wang Zheng, because Wang Zheng knows that he takes the action, Long Ke doesn’t know.

At the same time, in the distant Divine Martial Heaven, Xia Xing suddenly got up. He sensed the avatar’s position and looked towards a direction. There was Cold Immortal Sect.

Although there is a huge area in that direction, the first thing Xia Xing thought of was Cold Immortal Sect.

He immediately contacted Xia Ziheng.

“Ziheng Half-Ancestor, I have sensed the position of the avatar”, Xia Xing said solemnly.

On the other side, Xia Ziheng was always dragged, very irritable, “What did you say? Did you sense the location of your avatar? Where?”.

“It’s in the direction of Cold Immortal Sect,” Xia Xing said.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light changed, “OK?”.

“Absolutely sure, I don’t know if it’s in Cold Immortal Sect, but it’s definitely in the direction of Cold Immortal Sect”, Xia Xing said, and he haven’t spoken to death.

But listening to Xia Ziheng’s ears at this moment, it is no different from confirming that the avatar is in Cold Immortal Sect. He gnashing teeth, “I will investigate.” A Half-Ancestor tries his best to delay him, better than fighting him. Too many, already made him completely angry, and this anger will vent on Cold Immortal Sect.

Lu Yin released Xia Xing avatar just by the way. He didn’t think about the consequences. Anyway, for Four Way Balance, if you can damage it, you can damage it. Especially after seeing the stone slip just recently, he hates Four Way Balance. There is a new layer.

He returned to his residence and it didn’t take long for Wu Yao to find him, almost one after the other.

For Wu Yao, his meeting with Lu Yin was still yesterday, but for Lu Yin, it was just recently.

“Wu Yao Senior, when can we leave?” Lu Yin asked.

Wu Yao said, “This is not anxious, what does Mr. Haoyu think of me Cold Immortal Sect Baizu?”.

Lu Yin’s face is solemn, “Ancestral Realm powerhouse, guarding human beings, nature is respect”.

Wu Yao is satisfied, “Baizu, want to talk to you”.

When Bai Wangyuan wanted to talk to himself, Lu Yin’s first reaction was that Bai Sheng said nothing.

If people like Bai Wangyuan know that Bai Sheng has met with him, they are unlikely to talk to him again, although they have completed the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial by themselves, but also not worthy of Cold Immortal Sect. Two Ancestral Realm powerhouses have come forward. .

Just like facing the students of Evoking Virtuous College, Wang Family and White Dragon Sect are all attracted, while Cold Immortal Sect is suppressing. This is the style of Cold Immortal Sect.

“Baizu, want to talk to me?” Lu Yin pretended to be shocked. In fact, after seeing Ancestor Wu, he was already too surprised at these Ancestral Realm powerhouses. He was surprised that Wang Fan contacted him before. Wang Fan is the first Old Ancestor of Starry Sky Tree to talk to him.

Now think about it, Cold Immortal Sect has a white victory, then Wang Family, maybe there are other Ancestral Realm powerhouses, but it’s not known that’s all.

Wu Yao left the Cloud Communicating Stone and turned to leave.

Lu Yin looked at the Cloud Communicating Stone, thinking.

The Cloud Communicating Stone vibrated, and then, a voice came out, the same as Wang Fan, only voice, haven’t video.

“I am Bai Wangyuan”.

Lu Yin respectfully speaks, “Junior Yuhao, pays respects to Bai Zu”.

Bai Wangyuan’s voice is calm, neither soft nor severe, just like ordinary people same, “For you, I have known about you. What are the conditions for joining my Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Lu Yin thought for a while, “My grandfather Yuchuan”.

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