Star Odyssey Chapter 2276


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Lu Yin eye light flashes. If he is really Yuhao, maybe he will join Cold Immortal Sect!

Yuhao’s father handed Yuchuan to Four Way Balance personally. Yucheng lost a Yuchuan, but Yuhao still had fun, proving that he didn’t care too much about Yuchuan’s life and giving up Yuchuan was the most appropriate choice.

This is from the perspective of Yuhao. In fact, it is not a good thing to join Cold Immortal Sect. For example, the loose cultivator that formed Zhongyuan, completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and was cultivated as an ancestor by Cold Immortal Sect. The final result It was a quota from outside the world and the collapse of Zhongyuan, which was the real purpose of Cold Immortal Sect.

It is not clear what Lu Yin is outside the world, but he knows that any Ancestral Realm with a foreign surname will eventually become that place and disappear.

“To join Cold Immortal Sect, what do you need?” Bai Wangyuan asked again.

Lu Yin eye light shone, and the next thing to go to is Divine Martial Heaven, where Xia Family will also force him to make a choice, and Xia Family ancestor worship is also the time he anticipates to rescue Safflower Garden. Time is running out. Since this is the case, his heart is full, “As long as Bai Zu guarantees that my grandfather is alive, the junior Yuhao is willing to join Cold Immortal Sect, and swears here that if there is betrayal, I, Yuhao, will have no hope of Ancestral Realm for life.”

On the other side of the Cloud Communicating Stone, Bai Wangyuan was surprised. He thought there was something else to say, at least to put forward conditions, didn’t expect this child so simply.

Thinking of the sect’s return, this child was originally biased towards Cold Immortal Sect. It is not surprising that he is willing to join, “You don’t even mention the conditions?”.

Lu Yin respectfully said, “Since joining the sect, everything is based on the benefits of the sect. If the ancestor Bai is willing to give it, the younger generation will accept it. If the ancestor Bai does not want it, the younger generation will not want it.”

Bai Wangyuan suddenly admired Yuhao. The loose cultivator who completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven put up a lot of conditions. Some conditions were tricky for him. In the end, he had to give him a quota for the outside world. Compared with loose cultivator, Yuhao is too loyal, “You treat me Cold Immortal Sect with sincerity, so the sect will not treat you badly, Yuchuan, I guarantee that he is alive. At the same time, your hatred in Divine Martial Heaven is the sect gang. You report, apart from this, Wuyao and the others promised to fulfill all the conditions you have previously promised, not only that”, when he said that, he paused, “Wish you wish, worship me as a teacher?”.

Lu Yin open his mouth, worship, apprentice? He didn’t expect Bai Wangyuan to have this plan.

This is Bai Wangyuan, one of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas in the era of Taoist Origin Sect, today’s most powerful powerhouse, the person in charge of Cold Immortal Sect, can be regarded as one of the people on the top of the Starry Sky Tree, countless people want to worship him As a teacher, even Bai Weiwei is at most a child of the Bai Family. It is impossible to worship Bai Wangyuan as a teacher.

If he is really Yuhao, he is absolutely without the slightest hesitation, but for Lu Yin, without attractiveness, his Master is Mr. Mu, a powerhouse that has experienced the Heavenly Sect era and doesn’t know how terrifying. Even in his Congealing Space Ring, there is an Ancestor Wu and Bai Wangyuan at the same Level 1.

“Yes, possible?” Even though he didn’t want to, Lu Yin still had to be excited to the point of being incoherent.

Lu Yin’s reaction was in Bai Wangyuan’s surprise. It’s impossible for someone to refuse to worship him as a teacher. This does not exist. Even Wang Family and Xia Family’s direct descendants cannot withstand this temptation, “Of course, I Will order to go down and hold an official apprenticeship ceremony.”

Bai Wangyuan’s apprenticeship must have a ceremony. Whether it’s Cold Immortal Sect or Four Way Balance, or even Starry Sky Tree, this is nothing ordinary. Just like Mu Xie announced that Long Qi would be accepted as an apprentice, White Dragon Sect solemnly sends out invitations all over the place.

“Then, where is Xia Family?” Lu Yin asked.

Bai Wangyuan said, “You can go, but you can’t.”

Soon, the call ended, and the Cloud Communicating Stone was put away by Lu Yin. He now has the Cloud Communicating Stone of Wang Fan and Bai Wangyuan, plus Ancestor Wu, Nine Mountains Eight Seas in the era of Taoist Origin Sect. He can contact Three.

Wu Yao came and looked at Lu Yin with doubts.

Lu Yin laughed, “Senior, please advise more in the future.”

Wu Yao questioned in surprise, “You, have you joined the sect?”.

Lu Yin is humble, “lucky, apprentice Baizu”.

Wu Yao eyes shrank, “Apprentice, Bai Zu?”.

Lu Yin clicked on the nods and looked at Wu Yao, with a smile in his eyes, “There will be a ceremony of apprenticeship in the near future. When the time comes, please also Senior bother.”

“Polite, polite, Mr. Haoyu is an extraordinary natural talent. He is knowledgeable and humble. It is more appropriate to join me in Cold Immortal Sect. All the resources of the sect will be tilted towards the husband. If you have anything to say, you can help me. He must help.” Wu Yao’s attitude changed sharply. Lu Yin’s apprenticeship with Bai Wangyuan said that there are only a few people who can match his status with Cold Immortal Sect. Wu Yao is definitely not included. He will also look at Lu Yin’s face in the future. Act.

“It’s okay, that is, Cultivate recently encountered bottleneck, I don’t know if the three levels of haven’t broke open, this”, Lu Yin probed.

Wu Yao’s expression is distressed, “The Tribulation Crystal Pillar is needed to break the three barriers. This kind of resource is in the hands of Old Ancestor, so I can’t get it here, but you can rest assured that after the ceremony of apprenticeship, Patriarch will definitely get the Tribulation Crystal. Pillar will help you break three barriers.”

Lu Yin regrets, “Like this, it’s a pity”, said, he suddenly remembered something, and looked at Wu Yao, “Actually I feel that the cultivation speed is too slow recently. I don’t know if there is a haven’t solution to it?” .

Wuyao speechless, cultivate is too slow. In other words, Star Origin is not enough. There is only one way to solve it, which is Star Origin Fluid. Does this child know about Star Origin Fluid?

“How do you want to solve it?” Wu Yao asked.

Lu Yin was just about to talk about Star Origin Fluid, looked at the eye light that Wu Yao was exploring, and quickly stopped, Star Origin Fluid this thing is not something Yuhao can know, “The juniors need Origin Treasure”.

Wu Yao was surprised, “Origin Treasure?”.

Lu Yin nods, said very seriously, “In fact, the reason why junior cultivate can achieve Origin Tribulation three times is because under the supervision of the Master, while Language of Interpretation, while resisting Origin Treasure murderous intention, they are constantly contending with Origin Treasure murderous intention. Only then can the Origin Tribulation be reached three times, and now the Master is not around and hasn’t Origin Treasure, so the speed has slowed down. I wonder if Dao Sect has a haven’t stronger Origin Treasure?”.

Wu Yao thought for a while. Although Origin Treasure is precious, it is far from Tribulation Crystal Pillar and Star Origin Fluid. With his authority, he can also adjust some of them, “I’ll find some for you.”

“Try to find murderous intention and let the younger generation cultivate faster”, Lu Yin reminded.

Wu Yao said, “Don’t worry.”

Shortly after, Wu Yao brought three Origin Treasures, all of which were Limitless Correction High Level Origin Treasure. Murderous intentions were more peculiar than the other. Lu Yin quickly put them away and kept thanking them.

At this time, Xia Ziheng finally arrived.

Since Lu Yin completed the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, Xia Ziheng immediately moved towards Cold Immortal Sect. Divine Martial Heaven knew very well what Cold Immortal Sect would do. They must try their best to keep Yuhao in Cold. Immortal Sect.

Although a Yuchuan can threaten Yuhao, Xia Ziheng has no bottom line compared to the conditions for wooing proposed by Cold Immortal Sect it’s possible.

Especially when he was intercepted on the way, he was very anxious and rushed to Cold Immortal Sect as quickly as possible.

“The God of Cookery, the Cold Immortal Sect trial is already over. I should go to Divine Martial Heaven.” Xia Ziheng was the first to find Lu Yin after arriving at Cold Immortal Sect, but this is Cold Immortal Sect, how could he let him find it casually People, Lu Yin didn’t find him, he quickly went to the God of Cookery.

The God of Cookery had no choice but to tell the Cold Immortal Sect forcibly staying with them, making Xia Ziheng extremely angry, and quickly looked for Wu Yao and Bai Su.

The two parties have been arguing for a long time, and Wu Yao is not stupid, just like not knowing that Lu Yin agreed to join Cold Immortal Sect same and kept preventing everyone from Evoking Virtuous College from leaving. In the end he was dragged by him for another three days. The talents of Evoking Virtuous College left. .

In the past three days, Xia Ziheng stayed outside the yard of Lu Yin’s residence without vividly, and Wu Yao kept wanting to go in and talk to Lu Yin. The two sides were deadlocked, and Lu Yin thought they would fight.

Looking back at the Cold Immortal Sect mountain gate, Xia Ziheng said to Lu Yin, “What conditions did Wu Yao offer? Do you want to join Cold Immortal Sect?”.

Lu Yin nods, “They put forward a lot of conditions, such as the Tribulation Crystal Pillar to break the three barriers.”

Xia Ziheng is coldly snorted, “Cold Immortal Sect has it, I have Divine Martial Heaven same, but we have, they, haven’t”.

This sentence is obviously talking about Tamagawa.

Said, Xia Ziheng stare Lu Yin, he wants to determine Yuchuan’s position in Lu Yin’s heart.

The result satisfied him. This sentence made Lu Yin’s face a lot ugly, and he did not want to talk to Xia Ziheng again.

Xia Ziheng’s tone was softer, “Yuhao, no matter what happened, you will always be the son-in-law of my Xia Family. This will not change. As for those who have harmed you in Xia Zhitong, we are already locked up. After worshipping the ancestors, it’s up to you.”

Lu Yin makes a fist, “Do whatever I want?”.

Xia Ziheng nods, “This is to promise you what conditions Cold Immortal Sect can give you, I am Divine Martial Heaven, Same is OK, don’t go the wrong way.”

Lu Yin is silent.

Xia Ziheng suddenly remembered something, “Last time I said I asked you to invite Heavenly Master Gu Yan to watch the ancestor worship, How is it going?”.

When Lu Yin eye light moved, he forgot about it, “I’m thinking of how to say”.

Xia Ziheng frowned, “Can’t you speak?”

“Master hates Four Way Balance, you guys don’t know it”, Lu Yin indifferently said.

Xia Ziheng stared at Lu Yin, “But I heard that Heavenly Master Gu Yan has changed his opinion on Cold Immortal Sect”.

Lu Yin was confused, “Is there any?”.

Xia Ziheng and Lu Yin looked at each other and wanted to see through Lu Yin, but Lu Yin had nothing but confusion in his eyes.

At this moment, the God of Cookery came, “Xia Ziheng, I heard that you were intercepted on your way? Who was it?”.

Xia Ziheng retracted the eye light and talked to the God of Cookery.

Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief.

Xia Family’s attitude towards Lu Yin is different from the other three. In their impression, Lu Yin, Yuhao’s identity, is always a member of the Xia Family, and happens that many things, the attitude towards Lu Yin only will have One, if you don’t join, you die.

At present, it seems that Wang Family is the most sincere. Wang Fan is also the first Four Way Balance Old Ancestor to talk to him, and one of the Nine Mountains Eight Seas. Bai Wangyuan came to him purely because of Heaven Beyond the Heaven. The refining is completed.

The distance from Cold Immortal Sect to Divine Martial Heaven is not close. Lu Yin used the retreat as a pretext to avoid meeting Xia Ziheng. It didn’t take long for him to complete the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and no one would have any doubt on this ground.

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