Star Odyssey Chapter 2277


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The paper boat steadily headed towards Divine Martial Heaven. Below, Lu Yin watched the paper boat far away. His eye light swept across the valley. He must hurry up to shake dice. With his current fame, he will reach Divine Martial Heaven. One day in Ansheng, he was at the same Cold Immortal Sect. The only time he could truly be free was the way from Cold Immortal Sect to Divine Martial Heaven.

Naturally, someone on the paper boat replaced Lu Yin. Precisely Liu Shaoge, with the help of micro power cover, so that God of Cookery and Xia Ziheng could not detect his disguise, but they were only in a closed state. Once Liu Shaoge approaches them, it may not be I can hide it.

This is the haven’t way, Lu Yin can only take risks.

At the speed of Ancestor Wu, you can take him up when the paper boat approaches Cold Immortal Sect.

It has been at least half a month for the paper ship to reach Cold Immortal Sect, that is, eight chances to shake dice. I hope that eight chances will allow him to integrate into the Star Union cultivator within the body, only eight times.

As the paper boat disappeared, Lu Yin stopped thinking, took a deep breath, raised his hand, and dice appeared. Yuhao’s identity will not last long. I hope good luck, think, a finger pointed, as the dice slows down Slowly rotate, at three o’clock, two layers of light curtains appear.

The first time Lu Yin shook to three o’clock, the second time to five o’clock, the third time to four o’clock, and the fourth time, he shook to one point.

Quite helpless sighed then said, bad luck, did not shake at six at a time, can only wait ten days.

On the other side, the paper boat moved towards Divine Martial Heaven flying. It was originally peaceful. Even if it encounters some powerful creatures, it was scared away by Half-Ancestor. On this day, a silhouette stepped out of the void in front of everyone’s vigilant eyes. The face appeared under the light.

Bai Weiwei exclaimed, “Mu Heavenly Master?”.

Everyone was shocked. Heavenly Master is a specific title. Only Origin Formation Heavenly Master can be called that way. Looking at the Starry Sky Tree, everyone knows only four Origin Formation Heavenly Masters, and the last name is Mu. There is only one, who is known as the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master in history-Mu Shang.

Speaking of Mu Shang, unconsciously reminds people of the former Seven Heroes and the current Bai Xian’er, because they are all Legendary, the Legendary of an era.

Mu Shang’s Language of Interpretation innate talent, from the moment he was discovered, until he became the Origin Formation Heavenly Master, has always brought awe and can’t think. No matter his peers or seniors, his impression of him is only four words-omnipotent, In the Language of Interpretation, even Heavenly Master Gu Yan once said that Mu Shang is a sufficient genius who has surpassed the times, and it’s the language of Interpretation genius who is the most it’s possible to catch up with Ancestor Hui.

Be aware that the other three Heavenly Masters, Heavenly Master Gu Yan owns Half-Ancestor cultivation base, Li Heavenly Master also owns Half-Ancestor cultivation base, Heavenly Master Qiu Ling is younger and owns Star Envoy Peak cultivation base, only Mu Shang, only six Origin Tribulations, his age is far less than Heavenly Master Qiu Ling, only a few dozen years older than the original Seven Heroes, can be regarded as a person in the Seven Heroes era, Bai Xian’er said He is Mu Ge.

Mu Heavenly Master, is the superb genius of the Starry Sky Tree record history, even if the Half-Ancestors like God of Cookery and Xia Ziheng face him, they can only be regarded as peers.

He is the object of crazily adoration by countless people.

Mu Shang has long, slightly blue hair, his handsome face is full of fortitude, and his eyes are smiling. He slowly approaches the paper boat.

Xia Ziheng’s eye light is vigilant, Mu Shang is from Cold Immortal Sect. In order to compete for this person, both Lu Family and the other huge monsters almost tore their faces, and eventually they were snatched by Cold Immortal Sect. I know why Mushan chose Cold Immortal Sect instead of Lu Family, who controls the stars, but he now represents Cold Immortal Sect.

The God of Cookery does not have a deep impression of Mu Shang. Mu Shang belongs to the Language of Interpretation. He has been on the back battlefield all the year round. He has never been to Evoking Virtuous College and has never been to Wangyu. He still sees him on the back battlefield. I have been to this person once, but I have heard many legends.

Mu Shang approached the paper boat, stopped a thousand meters away from the paper boat, and saluted the God of Cookery and Xia Ziheng, “Younger Mu Shang, I have seen the God of Cookery Senior, and I have seen Xia Ziheng Senior.”

The God of Cookery admired and looked at him, “Although I have only met you once, I have heard your name many times.”

Mu Shang said modestly, “Xiaoxiao’s name is not worthy of Senior’s memory.”

“Mu Heavenly Master, what are you doing in front of you?” Xia Ziheng asked, not very polite.

Mu Shang is the Origin Formation Heavenly Master. He has an incomparable innate talent in the Language of Interpretation, but it does not mean that this person can become Ancestral Realm. For example, Heavenly Master Gu Yan is the first Heavenly Master in Starry Sky Tree today, but The chance of him becoming Ancestral Realm is minimal.

For Mu Shang, they respect, but the latter Yuhao is different. After completing the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, as long as it does not die, it is almost Ancestral Realm powerhouse, and also possesses the extraordinary Language of Interpretation innate talent, which is evaluated as It’s possible to surpass Mushan’s genius. This kind of character naturally exceeds Mushan’s value in their hearts. Of course, it’s also because Mushan represents Cold Immortal Sect. If Mushan is a free man and loose cultivator, their attitude is not Would like this.

Mu Shang looked towards Xia Ziheng with a smile, “The younger generation heard that the Central Level Boundary has produced a Language of Interpretation genius. It just happened to be here, so I would like to take a look. It will not be inconvenient.

Xia Ziheng frowned, “It’s really inconvenient, Mr. Haoyu suffered some injuries because of the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven, and he is retreating.”

Mushang looked towards The God of Cookery.

The God of Cookery said, “It is a pity that if it were not for retreat, Mr. Haoyu talked with Mu Heavenly Master, it would only be good for him, and he could get the guidance of Mu Heavenly Master. I believe it is what he wants.”

Mu Shang’s eye light crossed the two people, looked towards the paper boat, and saw each and everyone the students who showed admiration, and also saw Lu Yin’s retreat, “Mr. Haoyu is injured, the younger generation has the best here Healing Qiguo is obtained from a strange parallel space called Yuelanguo. I wonder if Mr. needs it?”.

“Yuelanguo? The Qiguo that can be cured quickly even if Half-Ancestor Inner World is injured?” Xia Ziheng was surprised.

Mu Shang said with a smile, “precisely, after so many years on the back battlefield, the juniors have also gained some military exploits. They exchanged this moon orchid fruit, but now they can’t use it. It happens to be used by Mr. Haoyu. Mr. Haoyu completed Heaven Beyond Trial of the Heaven, in the Language of Interpretation, there are extraordinary talents. Such talents are what we value most, and we can’t make a mistake.”

The God of Cookery and Xia Ziheng looked at each other. People even took out the miraculous fruit that Half-Ancestor coveted by Yuelanguo. It seemed that there was no reason to prevent him from seeing people.

Mu Shang laughed, stepped out, came to the paper boat, passed the God of Cookery and Xia Ziheng, step by step towards the Lu Yin retreat.

He walked very slowly, with a smile on his face, and his long, slightly blue hair fluttering. He looked full of chic and freedom, and many of the girls who watched had brilliant eyes.

If you look at the appearance alone, Mu Shang is not better than Yuhao, but in terms of temperament, Mu Shang has the decisiveness that he has cultivated on the back battlefield for many years, and he also has a chic air, which is not comparable to Yuhao.

“Mr. Haoyu, can you see me?” Mu Shang walked up to Lu Yin’s retreat and spoke.

The God of Cookery and the others weirdly looked towards inside the paper boat. It stands to reason that Yuhao should have come out. Now standing in front of him is one of the four Origin Formation Heavenly Masters, and he gave him Qiguo, whether it’s polite Still respect, he should take the initiative to visit, rather than close the door.

But haven’t moved inside the door.

Mu Shang’s eye light flashed, the expression remained unchanged, and once again he said, “I heard that Mr. Haoyu was injured, and there is a Yuelanguo here. It is Mu Mou’s condolences to Mr. on behalf of the Language Interpreter, can you see me?”.

Everyone looked towards the door quietly.

Someone dissatisfied and said, “Mr. Haoyu is too big, Mu Heavenly Master is the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master in history. Both the cultivation base and the realm are far superior to him, avoid meeting somebody.”

“Mr. Could it be that he was seriously injured in the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven?”.

“it’s possible, the trial of Heaven Beyond the Heaven is so weird, the seven classmates either cannot move the cultivation base, or are not humanoid, maybe Mr. Haoyu is also having a problem.”

Mu Shang was about to speak again, and a voice came from the door, “Haoyu, I have seen Mu Heavenly Master.”

Everyone was surprised. If you are injured, you can understand if you don’t go out, but listening to the voice looks like Haven’t hurt, so it would be too much to not show up.

Mu Shang was haven’t angry, “Mr.’s injury is serious?”.

“Not heavy, no injuries.”

“Can you come out and see you?”.

“Why did Mu Heavenly Master see me for?”.

Mu Shang smiled lightly, “Naturally want to see the current Language of Interpretation genius. I heard that Mr. Haoyu doesn’t need to take action, and he can let people who don’t know Language of Interpretation arrange Origin Treasure Formation by just relying on guidance. This is a real method. Strange, I asked Heavenly Master Qiu Ling and Li Heavenly Master specifically, they all said that it may not be possible.”

Mushang’s words shocked everyone. Even the Heavenly Master is impossible. Mr. Haoyu can do it. Is he already a Heavenly Master?

Bai Weiwei was shocked, she already overestimated this Mr. Haoyu, but in the end she found out that she underestimated it. How could ordinary people bother the Heavenly Master to come out in person and deliver the miraculous fruit that Half-Ancestor coveted.

With the Language of Interpretation talent of the Comparable Heavenly Master, how good is Mr. Haoyu after completing the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial? Is this something his age can reach?

Xia Ziheng is breathing fast, and his eye light is getting hotter and hotter. This child must stay in Divine Martial Heaven, even if he pays a high price.

“Heavenly Master is humble. My teacher once said that I am still young and have a long way to go. What you experience, see, and do is just a passing scene.”

“Heavenly Master Gu Yan is really humble. Through Mr. Haoyu, I am more looking forward to the Language of Interpretation cultivation base of Heavenly Master Gu Yan. When I return to the back battlefield, I must find the opportunity to discuss with Heavenly Master.” .

“Why don’t you talk to me?”.

Mu Shang raised his eyebrows, and everyone who heard it was surprised, including God of Cookery.

Haoyu has always been meek and courteous in the impression of everyone. Apart from has a different attitude towards Xia Family, and has never been prosperous to other people. Now facing Mu Shang, he is provocative. This is not his personality.

“Mu Heavenly Master, I can meet you, but I didn’t meet, separated by a wall, not only the first side of you and me, but also what my master once said, just a passing scene, I hope to see Your first side can challenge you. That is the first side you and I should really meet.”

A group of people looked towards Mu Shang, this is a challenge, a challenge initiated by the Boundary Origin Formation Master to the Origin Formation Heavenly Master.

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