Star Odyssey Chapter 2278


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Mu Shang was taken aback when he heard the words inside the door, and then laughed and laughed happily, “It turns out that this is the reason why my husband does not want to meet with me. Well, as my husband wishes, you and me, I stay here and wait until my husband is confident to challenge me. I’ll be waiting anytime. As long as my husband has the ability, he can take away the name of the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master in the world.” After finishing speaking, he turned around and left. Did not say much.

On the paper boat, everyone was silent.

Bai Weiwei looked towards the cabin, and the worship in her eyes became stronger.

Nong Siniang muttered to herself like a nympho.

Everyone didn’t expect to see Mr. Haoyu’s challenge to Mu Heavenly Master today. It was Mu Heavenly Master, the youngest Origin Formation Heavenly Master in history. He was challenged today. They believe that this scene will definitely happen in the future. It is recorded in history, and this battle will definitely appear.

They saw Mr. Haoyu showing his fangs.

Haven’t people suspect that the Yuhao inside is a fake. Who can replace the two Half-Ancestor in front of one’s eyes?

In the cabin, Liu Shaoge expression is calm.

From the moment Mu Shang appeared, he figured out how to deal with it, just like before pretending that Yuhao was at the same school in the academy. For him, these are all trivial matters.

However, he looked at himself in the mirror. The people outside admired him, and even caused Yu Hao, Lu Yin, whom the Origin Formation Heavenly Master took the initiative to meet. Did he act a bit too enchanting? The gap is really getting bigger and bigger, too big to be seen.

A few more days passed, and the distance to Divine Martial Heaven was getting closer and closer.

Beyond the distance, Lu Yin finally waited for the opportunity to continue shaking dice.

Since the name Forgotten Ruins God was used to bluff Four Way Balance and lure them to gather the Star Union people once again in the same place, Lu Yin already shakes the dice many times, and also shakes to six o’clock, but Just failed to integrate into any Star Union cultivator within the body.

This really can only fight luck.

Lu Yin raised his hand, dice appeared, a finger pointed, and watched dice slowly stop. In the end-two o’clock, meaningless.

Disappointed exhales, come again.

The second time-four o’clock, Static Time Dimension.

It’s not wasteful to shake to four o’clock. Although the cultivation of Starry Sky Technique is far away, it is always close to Perfection.

The third time I shook it to a point, a token fell out, and it shattered with a touch, it was useless, Lu Yin sighed, this time the adventure left the paper boat, the luck was so bad, I hope the last time I can shake it to six o’clock Right.

Looking at dice stopped spinning, at six o’clock, Lu Yin was overjoyed and finally came.

With the darkness in front of him, he saw through his consciousness a bright ball of light not far away. All around there was a ball of light hot that made him panic. Doesn’t this mean Ancestral Realm?

Lu Yin didn’t dare to approach, but merged into the bright ball of light closer to him.

As the consciousness melted in, a very uncomfortable feeling spread throughout the body, Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes, into the eyes, it was a dim and desolate earth, a long and distant, numb crowd like dead corpses, and a glorious and magnificent distance. But the temple is full of silence, and the top of the head, two familiar pieces of land, that is, the top realm and the Central Level Boundary.

Here is the star of Starry Sky Tree?

The memory keeps pouring in, Lu Yin stood there, his face changed, and it took a while before he came back. He knows where it is. This is the outside world, one of the seven main stars-the ugly star, also Known as the Og world.

This is a very strange planet. Everyone can only enter and not exit. The planet is on the haven’t vegetation, haven’t flowers, birds, fish, insects, some, it’s just endless silence, just Houses built of sand and gravel, similar to Doomsday are repeated here all the time. Star Origin and Star Energy continue to raid and destroy everything they touch. An endless cycle of disasters takes place. Underground poison insects, cruel creatures swallow the ground at any time. , Anyone is impossible to stay in one place for how long.

This is like a cursed planet, a planet that ordinary people never want to touch.

Outside the world, Lu Yin had heard it before and didn’t care about it. However, after Cold Immortal Sect completed the Heaven Beyond the Heaven trial, he learned a little bit for the first time, Bai Sheng, just outside the world, Four Way Balance, In other words, Starry Sky Tree has some little-known Ancestral Realm powerhouses, which are also outside the world, and there are so-called places.

It’s a pity that Bai Sheng hasn’t said too many.

The person that Lu Yin is involved in has been in the Og Star since he was born. He has hadn’t leave, and it is also impossible leave. He has hadn’t knowledge of the outside world, but he knows the Oggle very well.

Through his memory, Lu Yin also learned a lot about the bad world.

There is obviously Star Origin and Star Energy here, but it cannot be cultivated. Star Origin and Star Energy here are full of violent, once cultivated, it is easy to be shredded, so people in the bad world do not cultivate Star Origin and Star Energy. What they cultivate is a power called the power of Og. This power belongs to the Og world alone. It is not absorbed from nature, but from creatures within the body of Og world, such as underground poison insects. For example-people.

The person Lu Yin blended into was named Thyssen. He was a cultivator of the evil force, and he cultivated to the sixth level.

The people here don’t know the contrast between the power of Og and the power of Star Origin, but by comparing the brightness of the light ball, Lu Yin can determine that the power of six stages of Og is equivalent to one million combat power cultivator, which is six origins. Tribulation expert.

Thyssen is definitely an expert in the Og world.

The memory keeps pouring in, Lu Yin looked towards the tall and fortified temple in the distance. The creator of that temple is the master of the Og world, known as the Og Ancestor.

You guessed it right, it should be a little-known Ancestral Realm powerhouse, Starry Sky Tree haven’t his record.

Huh? Suddenly, a familiar silhouette appeared in my mind. Is that –Jiu Hao?

Lu Yin saw Jiu Hao in Thyssen’s memory, and he quickly checked Jiu Hao’s memory.

After a while, Lu Yin has exhales. Did the Fifth Continent limit the performance of Heaven’s Chosen?

In the Fifth Continent, although Jiu Hao is listed in Ten Decisions and has the qualifications to compete with the top Heaven’s Chosen of his peers, compared to Qiu Shi and other New Universe strongmen and Starry Sky Tree Wang Yi, they have no advantage. Not to mention the comparison with the four Young Ancestor.

But in the Og world, Jiu Hao experienced confusion and re-cultivated. Up to now, she actually cultivated the power of Og to the fifth stage.

Know that Thyssen’s 6-dan Og’s power can be comparable to six Origin Tribulation cultivation bases, 5-dan Og’s power, at least equivalent to Star Envoy, although I don’t know if Og’s power is strong or weak against Star Origin. , But at least prove that Jiu Hao already has the strength to fight Star Envoy.

Wu Taibai, as one of the Sixth Continent The Three Heavens of Taoism Origin, is also an expert of Divine Martial Heaven, and has the same name as Xia Taili, and hasn’t breakthrough Star Envoy until now. Xia Shenfei is just an Origin Tribulation. The Ten Decisions of the Fifth Continent are still in place because the Star Origin universe is swallowed, but Jiu Hao is already reaching this level, she is at least one level of Xia Shenfei.

Not only that, because of the outstanding innate talent, Jiu Hao was accepted as a discipline by the Ogzu ancestor, and became the Saintess of the Og Temple, a Saintess who was always drunk.

Through Thyssen’s memory, Lu Yin is weird. Even at Og Star, Jiu Hao is always drunk. Not to mention, Og Star can make wine, but it uses poison insect to make wine, which is also loved by Jiu Hao.

Lu Yin stood there for a long time, until the faintly discernible streaks appeared in the sky, he was sober.

Thyssen doesn’t know what kind of stripes are. He’s already used to it, just like Earth people are used to rising and setting sun, but in Lu Yin’s view, it’s not a normal phenomenon, it’s more like an artificial arrangement. It is absolutely abnormal that it cannot be used.

If Star Origin and Star Energy will like this, Eternal Clan will not try to devour the Star Origin universe.

It’s very abnormal here.

He withdrew from fusion, and his consciousness returned to within the body.

The situation in the Ugly World is not his current concern, and he will definitely come into contact with it in the future.

The last chance to shake dice was also used up. Lu Yin had no choice but to ask Ancestor Wu to take him to the paper boat.

Four Way Balance has its own characteristics in each region. Wang Family continent aloof and remote, like his surname – Wang, overlooking the world, White Dragon Sect mountain range is endless, resembling a dragon, full of elegance, and Cold Immortal Sect It is unfathomable, because of the relationship between the clouds, it is more like Fairyland, and the Divine Martial Heaven that I see today is full of hideousness, especially the incomparable gigantic, sufficient prisoner that covers the starry sky, bringing it to the students who saw it for the first time The shock of incomparable.

Lu Yin looked at him in shock. He has blended into Long Ke, a lot of Starry Sky Tree cultivator within the body, and saw Divine Martial Heaven in their memory, but it’s the first time that he really experienced it. Divine Martial Heaven, domineering, cruel, and nasty, full of Qi of Slaughter, shows everyone the invincible power.

An incomparable gigantic broken knife pierced the prisoner’s tail deeply into the ground, trapping the prisoner’s, showing its terrifying power.

“This, is this the legendary prison firefighter?” Qingfeng was shocked. Although he was apprentice to Qing Chen, he hadn’t been to Divine Martial Heaven. This was the first time he saw the prison firefighter.

Bai Weiwei’s eye light flickers. Every time she sees the prisoner, she is shocked. Legend has it that this prisoner possesses terrifying power and once ravaged the starry sky. The Ancestral Realm powerhouse was helpless, and was eventually broken by Xia Family Old Ancestor. Imprisoned in Divine Martial Heaven with chains, Eternal Life cannot escape forever and shines for Divine Martial Heaven. This is the dominance of Xia Family.

Whoever comes to Divine Martial Heaven will first be shocked by the prison scorpion, and secondly, the root thorns of the earth. Whether in mountains or rivers, there are root thorns hanging down, and endless spikes are filled The sharpness will be shredded by the touch of ordinary people, like a sharp blade, deterring everyone who comes to Divine Martial Heaven.

Lu Yin was standing on the paper boat, looking at the prison flood above his head, looking at the nine huge chains. Is this chain the same as the prison lock recorded in the Cold Immortal Sect Yunlin Pagoda?

Is that prisoner still alive? What kind of combat power does it have? Lu Yin eye light is strange.

“You should be proud. This is Divine Martial Heaven, the power behind you.” Xia Ziheng’s voice sounded.

Lu Yin retracted the eye light, “The power behind me?”.

Xia Ziheng stare Lu Yin, “You are the son-in-law of my Divine Martial Heaven. You are now and always will be. Next, my Xia Family will sacrifice to the ancestors. When the time comes, you will stand in the forefront and everyone will see To you, I know that you are my Divine Martial Heaven person”.

At this moment, in the distance, a silhouette tears the void out, causing Divine Martial Heaven to be jealous.

Xia Ziheng looked back, and the complexion changed, “Wu Yao? Did you follow me?”.

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